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  • Summary: Young Harry is still dealing with the death of his mother when he joins his esrtranged father on an expedition to the Canadian Rockies to capture a grizzly. Harry gets separated from the group and must learn to fend for himself. While his father sets out to find him, the bear becomes somewhat of a companion, guiding Harry through the wilderness and teaching him how to survive in the wild. Expand
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  1. While the story and acting are the opposite of subtle, young moviegoers may enjoy the action and suspense.
  2. 50
    A series of stunts with bears and lots of stage fighting involving characters who are unambiguously good or evil.
  3. Combines old-fashioned boys' adventure with a heavy-handed modern lecture on parenthood. The film possesses a decent heart but suffers from a simple mind.
  4. To be avoided by anyone considering a vacation to anything wilder than a zoo.
  5. 38
    (Kids) are likely to reject Grizzly Falls as though it were a piece of chewed-over bear fat.
  6. Reviewed by: Nicole Campos
    When you don't find yourself wondering about dialogue that's drowned out by rushing rivers and footfalls in the brush, something is very wrong.
  7. 25
    A hapless family film that's too scary for little kids and too boring for everyone else.

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