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  • Summary: Handsome Harry is a psychological mystery about lost love, forgiveness, and the stifling effect the “code of silence” has over men and their relationships. Each encounter both clarifies and further clouds the truth that haunts Harry. But can Harry confront that truth? Can he ever attain forgiveness and regain a love he believes he has already destroyed? (Paladin Pictures) Expand
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  1. Gordon's way with actors and with screen storytelling is as impeccable as ever.
  2. 75
    The story quietly builds to a rueful and fraught climax in which Campbell Scott does his usual exceptional work
  3. 75
    Handsome Harry has some shakily staged scenes and erratic acting, but it also has wonderful moments.
  4. A powerfully acted but strident road movie.
  5. A slight story with little action, this rueful dissection of male bonding builds to an undeniably emotional last act.
  6. As in the films that precede it, the mysteries--and terrors--of desire also propel Handsome Harry, which reunites Gordon with Luminous Motion's Jamey Sheridan, here in the title role.
  7. Reviewed by: Eric Hynes
    Harry’s haunted by his own identity crisis, but that breakdown translates into nothing but smeary, slo-mo flashbacks. Forget about insight into the macho mind-set.

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