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  1. Nov 19, 2010
    By far the best film of the franchise, and the darkest in tone. Long gone is the light, cheerful score of John Williams, being replaced by Alexandre Desplat's haunting adult, haunting score. Basically all the characters and the spells has been layed out in the six previous movies and The Deathly Hallows straight away picks up where it left off in The Half-Blood Prince. To be honest, when I heard that the movie was going to be two and a half hours I was really worried that it'll drag on and on, but not suprisingly David Yates proved me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it didn't feel like 147 minutes at all. It's definitely a stand-out than all the other Potter films as there's no Hogwarts in sight. The sense of security the trio had before inside the four walls of Hogwarts and under the watchful eye of Dumbledore has been torn down. Instead, they have to face "the real world". Being hunted down like fugitives and the feeling of anxiety that anyone can pop up anywhere, and if they're not alert, they're done for. It definitely takes it's toll on all of them. My favorite scene was one that wasn't in the book, after Ron stormed off, Harry and Hermione were dancing to Nick Cave's O' Children. All the gloominess was slightly and briefly lifted by a few of the lighter bits of the movie, but basically it's all doom and gloom. The cinematography was absolutely brilliant, the best looking movie of the franchise, Exceptional acting by all three of them, a stand-out performance by Emma Watson. Part 1 ended with the death of a friend and a minor cliffhanger. What a way to kick-off the long emotional inevitable goodbye and I trust David Yates to knock it out of the park on July 2011. Bring it on. Expand
  2. Nov 19, 2010
    I am the first one who write the review, because at this time (GMT +7), a lot of people in my country INDONESIA (Bali & Java is in INDONESIA), have already watched the International Release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. This movie is fantastic, phenomenal and thank god, this movie not using (converted) 3D. I am a true fans, so my score (10) is reasonable enough. Recommended ! because this is the final chapter of Harry Potter and friends Saga, I will miss the characters and I 'm looking forward to see Part 2 next year. Expand
  3. Nov 19, 2010
    Un-be-lie-va-ble. This'll easily remain in my top 10 of the best movies of the year. Easily. Every single thing about this was just...perfection. The ensemble, Yates's direction, Serra's cinematography, Craig's production design: A+'s all 'round. Keep watch for one of the most memorable scenes of 2010 in an exquisite chase that's sans any musical soundtrack. The editing is just on. point.

    Oh, and while I'm at it: I'm currently putting it in the running for a Best Picture nod. When it inevitably makes 50 bajillion dollars at the b.o., audiences & technical guilds eat it up, and reviews are at the very, infinitesimal least "positive," it'll be on the Academy's radar.

    I mean, The Blind Side did it.
  4. Sep 23, 2011
    Boasting with surprising maturity and good direction from director David Yates, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" is a good start to the ending of the Harry Potter franchise.
  5. Nov 22, 2010
    Are you one of those Harry Potter fans who constantly compare each movie to the novel? Then I don't think you would be disappointed by this film as it included all the major events. However if you haven't read every book before you watch this film, good luck trying to understand everything. This movie is only really for the fans of the novels. It doesn't quite make as much sense as the novel and doesn't quite follow the wand lore of the novels, but each event is still there from the beginning 'til the ending point of this film. It is definitly one of the more somber and darker of the series but still altogether entertaining. While it is not the best movie I have ever watched, I recommend it for all Harry Potter fans who have read the books. Expand
  6. Nov 20, 2010
    It is genuinely difficult to evaluate only half of a movie; How can one fully know what to think of a movie when there is practically no ending? This is the same notion I had after watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1. While some directors (i.e Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Series) have succeeded in filming parts by making arguably standalone films, director David Yates creates a film that seems more of a commercial ploy than a full epic.

    Lets set aside this relevant ramble and actually evaluate the part of The Deathly Hallows that audiences can watch. As you may know, The Deathly Hallows is the seventh and final film of the "generation-defining" series of wizards and magic. In this final film, Harry Potter and his friends, the Order of the Phoenix, attempt to find parts of Voldemort's soul in order to destroy the villain once and for all. From the opening moments of the film, to the screams of the death eaters to the scene where Hermoine is erasing her existence from the Muggle world, it is obvious that the film is the darkest and most mature of the series. From the introductory point where Harry Potter escapes from Voldomort's gang, the film basically focuses on the gang as they travel one place to another searching for the vital "hockruxes".

    Since the film's focus mainly depicts the gang traveling far away from Hogwarts, much of the series's literal and figurative magic is lacking in the film. The film drags on with dreary character development (even though it's the 7th film) and plot exposition rather than the magic that the film is known for. There are some standout scenes, such as the exciting infiltration into the ministry of wizards, that are splendid, but the charm of the entire film is limiting. Moving on to more technical aspects, the beautiful cinematography seen in The Half Blood Prince is obviously absent in this film. There were many shots and environments that really stood out in the prior film, and The Deathly Hallows has a lack of those moments.

    While this review might sound like it is deriving from a snobby and pretentious critic, it is understood that Harry Potter is for the fans. So will the fans enjoy the final conclusion of the film? Yes, The Deathly Hallows stays true to the series. Several moments of the film are exciting, suspenseful, and ultimately entertaining. Although it is dull at points, there is a certain suspense that keeps the audience hanging on for more, and that is where the film exceeds. The exhilaration that is created by some of the standout moments is worth a watch and makes The Deathly Hallows almost the epic it wants to be.

    Overall, if you are willing to pay full price for half of a film, then Deathly Hallows will somewhat deliver. Much of the film is splendid and exciting, while some of the portions seem as if they were just added in order to unnecessarily extend the film (you can say it "stays true to the novel" if you please). It does not match the excellence of last year's Half Blood Prince, but it is still a quality entry for the series. Even though there are some complaints, the Deathly Hallows executes well enough for the audience to come back. Just to repeat my heed of warning, The Deathly Hallows is an incomplete film, primarily only true fans will be fully content with their ticket purchase. The rest will probably feel "jipped" and unsatisfied. Grade: C+q
  7. Nov 19, 2010
    Fans will love this film. It's action packed and very emotional, and is the perfect appetiser for Part 2. Non-fans may be confused, but it's so well filmed that it should be appreciated nonetheless.
  8. Nov 19, 2010
    This one is quite easily the best of the Harry Potter movies. I think they really nailed it with this one. The acting was right at oscar worthy, the cinematography was spellbinding, the music was great, they really got the mood of the book right, that nowhere was safe and they couldn't trust anyone. Now I am uber excited for Part 2.
  9. Nov 19, 2010
    As a massive fan of the books, I always look upon the films as a chance to see J.K. Rowling's characters and universe come to life. The films are by no means perfect, but in comparison to all other films in the fantasy genre (LOTR not withstanding) they are truly entertaining and visually inventive. This latest adaptation is no exception - funny, thrilling, beautiful and touching - I eagerly await part 2. Expand
  10. Dec 17, 2011
    Heartwarming, emotionally depth, and visually appealing, this is greatly positioning the second part to be a fantastic film. Definitely one of the best of the Potters. Ha they all are great. I give this film 93% of a good movie.
  11. Dec 16, 2010
    It's hard to comment when so little happened. This entire movie starts with a bang and then quickly turns into a slow, gray sky creeping along the horizon. Dull, lifeless, incredibly depressing and long-drawn out scenes that serve only as filler in an attempt to milk Harry's final and 7th act as much as possible. Rather than being subjected to drawn out landscape scene one after another it'd be nice to see what's going on with the other characters or at Hogwarts. Sure we get some hints through Harry's perspective, but man, I can't recall a movie this long featuring so little plot, dialogue or action. Expand
  12. Nov 19, 2010
    This is a beautiful movie, and I enjoyed the vast majority of it. The complaints about the camping scenes (in the book and movie) mean nothing to me, as I loved them. The only thing I did not like about the movie is how unfinished it is. The ending was so bad that I like the movie considerably less because of it.
  13. Nov 21, 2010
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,Part I is a "cup of tea" of my coolness and actually a very good movie. They split between two parts before the new Part II will come out in July,but the movie keeps on. Harry,Ron and Hermoine returns back to the seventh movie and they acted like young adults,no longer becoming as a kid or a teenager at the same time,now they're acted like spies now and that's awesome. The scenes are pretty good,I like the action scenes for me,my favorite part is the motorcycle chase,when the Death Eaters starts attacking in the sky with multiple Harry Potters,but it's more compelling to the other three films like Sorcerer's Stone,Chamber of Secrets,and Order of the Phoenix. The screen is changing back to the same effect like the Order of the Phoenix (Sometimes it change the screen all the time with each scene that turns bright,dark,blue,and happy,when I saw Harry Potter films. I don't know? It's why they set up too much,if you feel happy or depressing while you watching.) It has some scary scenes that made me scare the whole time and it's very emotional that every movie got killed by those beloved characters and I won't spoil it for you,it's really sad. The story is very good and it needs some time when the new one is coming by for the finale of Harry Potter must face against Voldemort. The seventh movie is really done well and it's a great film that they show Harry is becoming as an adult and he could actually be a brave guy,that's really important for us that we watch the entirely films that what we read entire series. Expand
  14. Nov 20, 2010
    I think what "Deathy Hallows Part One" does more than any other HP movie is proves how successful this series is. This isn't a great movie, but it's a good one, yet because its predecessors were so fantastic we see it as a disappointment. People may not like "Deathy Hallows Part One" that much because it has a cliffhanger ending and it doesnt do much in a rather long running span, but give it this; this movie is rarely dull (I only checked the time once; near the end of that long camping trip) and it's quite beautiful at times with some really tender moments. I believe it's best to wait until Part Two comes out in order to properly judge Part One. Remember, many people disliked Kill Bill Vol. 1 when it first came out, until Vol. 2 came in and blew everyone away. Expand
  15. Nov 20, 2010
    Honestly, the movie went farther than I expected. While there really was no actual climax, it's kinda expected by David Yates. I think they should have shown more of Harry pondering over Dumbledore than just the two five second periods they gave him.
  16. Nov 19, 2010
    If they had split each of the fourth, fifth, and maybe even sixth books into two movies i would have commended them, for a lot of key scenes and a lot of the plotline of these 2 books was left out of the movies. However, in my opinion, splitting the final book was a big mistake. Reading the seventh book i was nearly bored out of my mind during the first half as Harry, Ron and Hermione spent the entire time on the run, and very few things of interest occurred, which is exactly the same as the movie: extremely dull with very little happening in a large amount of time. While it does seem like a ploy to rob viewers of more money, it should definitely make for a thrilling conclusion, as the best part of the deathly hallows occurs in the 2nd half, at hogwarts. While this film was a huge disappointment, i am looking forward to the 8th and final installment in the harry potter movie franchise. Expand
  17. Nov 27, 2010
    I'm a massive HP fan and didn't like this movie, my friend has never read the books but loved this movie. It's not a film for fans of the book, you'll spend most of the movie disappointed that they skipped over important or interesting scenes from the book, and the portrayal of the story is much different. I didn't like how this movie was set up. Camping scene, Action scene, Camping scene, Action scene........ It doesn't flow and feels jerky. The best thing about this movie is how funny it is in parts, whether on purpose or by accident, there are some truely funny lines! Also, the animation of the deathly hallows story is superb Expand
  18. Nov 21, 2010
    I think that this is a great movie. It isn't my favourite Harry Potter film, but it was definitely a great film. First I'll actually start off with what was bad about it. Since I'm someone that hasn't read the books and has only seen the films, I found this a tad confusing at times. This is partly because of the way that the film is paced. It dives straight into an action sequence right at the beginning, the rapidly slows down throughout the rest of the film, with another brief action scene at the very end. This slow pace did make it drag on a bit at times, but strangely I felt that the movie went along fairly quickly despite being almost 2 and a half hours long. Now onto what was good about this film. The CGI is definitely the best it has ever been. Some of the scenes looking pretty stunning. Also, the acting is as solid as ever. Daniel Radcliff and co put on an excellent performance once again. The main positive though is the atmosphere that was built. It did a great job in building a dark, but well rounded (unlike Half Blood Prince) atmosphere to the film. This is definitely a great film to see if you are a fan of the franchise. Expand
  19. Nov 19, 2010
    I found the movie quite tedious in parts and strung out over all, splitting the story into two movies was unnecessary and was obviously done to rake in the cash on a very successful series.
  20. Nov 19, 2010
    As a person who loved the movie series and books And as a person who knows that a movie and a book are two different Things. This proved to me that money speaks louder than words or film This was the worst movie of maybe all times!!! Just because they have Entertained me in the past with what was a great series in both forms They cannot pawn off this movie even as a movie. Just because of it long Sweeping shots and LOTR type cinematography that did not make the lack of a movie behind In any sense of the word bearable to watch, I could no express the feel I felt as only to say not only wanted my money back, I want my time back For a half move they stretched into what will be two films And Ed Wood film is a masterpiece of film compared to this Dont wasted your life on this insult of Intelligence... Expand
  21. Nov 20, 2010
    This is easily the most boring movie of the year. Choosing to split this movie up into two parts, the first part a murderous crawl, was a horrible idea.

    Words cannot begin to describe how much I hated 'Deathly Hallows.' The movie is wrought with the labor of a convoluted setup without any sort of retribution. It doesn't even feel like a movie. This is one of those rare movies where the
    boredom illicited in my body transforms into crippling excruciating pain. Yes. Pain. This movie caused me physical painful discomfort just watching it.

    First off, the movie is two hours long. Read the title of the movie. Deathly Hallows. PART 1. It has taken this studio two hours to tell only THE FIRST HALF of a single book. You may say it's to compensate for all the detail and character development that was packed into it. But that argument is complete and utter nonsense, and anybody who dares use it KNOWS IT. This movie wasn't long for all the plot. I was sitting there BEGGING for plot to be bombarding me. No, anybody who uses that cop-out is lying to you. Lying!

    I am not kidding, the characters spend 75% of the film time walking. Walking! And VERY SLOWLY! Not talking, not progressing the plot, just walking through the woods. I'm betting some publisher intervention materialized somewhere down the book's authoring, because J.K. Rawling's original title was probably "Harry and Friends go Camping." You can tell they were trying to stretch this one out to make it seem longer; like they wanted to give it a three hour viewing time so the casual onlooker would think it was a phalanx of constant plot development. You'd think it! It would make total sense going into the movie!

    But this movie ripped me off!

    It wasn't that case at all. If they cut out all the empty staring into outer freaking space, the dreadfully exasperated pauses between lines of dialogue, and walking sequences at zombie speeds, this movie would have been just shy of an hour.

    Do it right. Just read the book.
  22. Nov 20, 2010
    A truly insulting affair by all accounts, a blatant money grabbing effort intent on exploiting the massive fan base for every last penny it can wrangle. Disjointed, tedious, misplaced innuendo and titillation and a barrage of location placement make for two hours of unadulterated misery. Any hint of malevolence suggested in the opening scene is absorbed into the prevailing drabness of the visuals and repetitive 'jump at screen' climax of the action sequences. Daniel Radcliffe delivers another solid wood performance as the worlds most uninspiring and useless hero, leaving the viewer devoid of emotional contact to the point of just not caring, if you really want to experience pain for the chap you should view his rendition of the elements song on youtube. Expand
  23. Jan 21, 2012
    You guys are crazy. This movie was boring as hell it was just a simple chase film and there were so many boring and stupid moments I hated this film for being a chase film. They should've just combined part 1 and part 2 and create a 3hr masterpiece but no, they splited it 2 movies you were forced to watch both movies to understand the story rofl nice job marketers.
  24. Jul 8, 2011
    This movie is very very stupid i realy hate myself of spending 2 hours of my life watching it and i dont know how it got such a hight score here because harry al he does in this movie is shoot a couple of spels ( of course he misses) and when he meets lord vol... they just fire a laser one at other what kind of face off is that ? how could some people think tha this movie is good
  25. j30
    Sep 20, 2011
    The movie feels like a money grab with the slow pacing and contains unfulfilled sequence of events. I know it's part 1, but the film is all tease. I see how the movie is necessary, but to rate this part as a film by itself feels empty.
  26. Jul 12, 2011
    Part 1 is definitely a rather good film. One of the better ones of the franchise. With a well balanced storyline, the writers have managed to make an exciting, yet reasonably paced and well-explained part of the Potter films. The visual effects have been improving from film to film, with some of the most amazing effects we've witnessed. The biggest surprise for me was the acting - it was actually pretty good! Daniel Radcliffe was actually acting well, which is rather refreshing. Overall, it is a rather interesting and smooth transition into the last film, which seems to be very promising!! Expand
  27. Nov 19, 2010
    Arguably the best of the series, this penultimate instalment of the Harry Potter saga is dark, exciting and adventurous, and despite the verbose and somewhat confusing expository scenes, they will surely make for a continuation youâ
  28. Dec 30, 2011
    Perhaps the most boring Harry Potter movie ever, if only the book hadn't mentioned the boring parts in the middle. Despite splitting the movie into two parts, it should have merged this one with part 2, eliminate the tedious scenes and maybe create a over 3-hour epic finale as one movie. Even the time setting shouldn't be in months, but should be in days.
  29. Nov 22, 2010
    As long as Rowling's books capture mainstream culture, the Potter films will always be judged by a different set of criteria than other movies. Though undeniably derivative of the novels, the film series by now has developed into another pole of imagination, between which the fuller landscape of the Harry Potter universe has been stretched from--even as it shapes--the books themselves. Large portions of the last three books feel as if Rowling was writing with cinematic consciousness. In this sense, each new movie is judged by the way it shapes the imaginative realm in which an astonishing amount of human beings live. How does Deathly Hallows impact this cultural world? It evolves it considerably. Even more than Rowling's book, this movie shifts tone (not just scenery), matures themes, and simply expects more from all its players. The result is a movie that startles in its distinctive approach, most notably its willingness to visit extremes of loneliness and chaotic terror from scene-to-scene. It's not an easy movie, but it's by far Yates' best addition to the franchise and improves on Rowling in many ways. For those who criticize its financially beneficial half-ing, it must be said that, if anything, the movie suffers from being too concentrated--especially for the first hour--rather than being too drawn out. As a reference point, only Azkaban deserves (and probably slightly eclipses) placement in the same realm of filmaking quality. The Deathly Hallows is a moving experience in more ways than one; those who are disappointed probably simply need time to catch up with how far this movie has advanced the imaginative world our real world has inhabited for a comfortable decade. Expand
  30. Dec 18, 2010
    I.m not by any means a huge fan of the HP series, but I have reluctantly watched the movies. But this movie was generally pointless. I do not mean the plot but it was alot of wizzing around from one location to another for 2.5hrs, to have the critical point of the movie dwindled down to a 30 minute explanation and some dark music. I honestly think they should have made a 3hr or 3.5hr movie and have everything in there. I think you can give this one a miss, watch it at home and watch part 2 at the theatre. Expand
  31. Nov 21, 2010
    One of the best movies of this year, and one of the best movies of de fanchise. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows have action, good actors, good soundtrack and perfect effects. The movies is not good as the book, but is awesome.
  32. Nov 19, 2010
    This movie Excels in every sense: Acting, Plot, Adaptation, Visual and Special Effects. Best HP Sequel to Date! Go see it yourself. Don't let others tell you what to think!
  33. Nov 20, 2010
    It's not maybe the most remarkable movie of the year but it's fun and truly entertaining one. Despite, the hole world's belief that the movie is just a try for more money and that the movie will not be able to stand alone, I think that this one proved that everyone of us was wrong. The acting from the trio was truly mind-blowing, all of the three have proved that they grown up to be more than great actors and even better than some aged ones. The tone of the movie was a lot "brighter" than usual but my conclusion is that the movie was more entertaining than expected and it greatly prepares the viewer for the grand finale. Expand
  34. Nov 20, 2010
    As someone who was really disappointed with the movie version of The Half-Blood Prince, I was wondering whether this movie would go down the same path. Thankfully, it hasn't, and instead, is now one of my three favorite Harry Potter movies (the others being Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix). All I can say is, the magic is back with this movie! Can't wait for Part 2!
  35. Nov 22, 2010
    Definitely the best Harry Potter film so far. I'm really disappointed that the other films weren't this accurate to the book. The Half-Blood Prince totally destroyed the original story, which they are paying for now, because fans that have never read the books are like "I don't get what's happening" in places. If you've read the book's this is the Harry Potter film we've been waiting for, it captures the book's atmosphere and the character's feelings really well. I can see alot of negative reviews from people who have never read the books, which is a shame. I think the film automatically made more sense to me because I've read the books, and because the story is so close to the books my mind sort of just automatically linked the missing things. Expand
  36. Nov 21, 2010
    First up: I am not a HP fan. Never read one of the books, but have seen all of the movies. To me, they've been going downhill. This one puts the three leads on a quest to save Harry and prepare for the ultimate battle, but the complexities of the plot and characters were lost on me. While some of the magic is fun and the first hour is promising, the long periods hiding in the woods slow the pace and the personal drama is not compelling. Expand
  37. Nov 19, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't know what "DearDear" is thinking. This movie was amazing. It's been a while since I've seen the first six, so I can't say it's the best in the series, but it's got to be right up there.
    The first scene, where Hermione has to modify her parents' memories was actually shown, while it is just mentioned in the book. It really shows how dedicated Hermione is to this cause. The chase scene with the 7 Harry's was chaotic and hard to follow, but that's how it was described in the book. A particularly cool moment followed when Hagrid looped the loop in the tunnel. I couldn't stop smiling. Mad-Eye Moody's death was barely mentioned. Nobody really shed a tear about it, and I was disappointed by how little they spent on it. Bill and Fleur's wedding was supposed to be a happy moment in the darkness (until Kingsley's patronus shows up,) but in this movie even that seemed a bit dark, due to sound effects. Nearly nobody was smiling.
    The movie had some funny parts to break the tension, but mostly the tone is dark. I'd say even too dark. But I still loved the crap out of this movie, and can't wait until July to see part 2!
  38. Dec 26, 2010
    Entertaining and certainly well-crafted, but I couldn't help but look at this solely as a build-up to the final film. I wish this was better able to stand alone as a story, but I'm sure it will play very well to all Potter fanatics. On the bright side, its cinematography was unexpectedly beautiful and almost poetic. at times.
  39. Jul 5, 2011
    Harry, Ron, and Hermione leave their homes to find and destroy the horcruxes as they are being hunted by Voldemort and his dark forces while reuniting with old friends and allies before they realize that their friendship is being torn apart and must stay close together as ever. Caught the screening of this in November six days after it came out and enjoyed it. Now for my opinion. I am really entralled at how brilliant this installment is. The storyline was well-paced it tried everything it can to get to the cliff hanger, the acting was brilliant, the fantasy action was dark, yet very amazing, and the soundtrack from Alexandre Desplat (The Golden Compass, The Twilight Saga: New Moon) was epic and very emotional. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is a satisfying epic entry of the series and will be concluded with part 2 in only 10 more days left.

  40. Nov 20, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. the deathly hallows was different then i thought coming in into it. There was alot of down time then i execpted, but that is fine cause they filled it with some good conversations and diologe. also movie i though it would go very slow cause of the 2:30 min run time but supriseingly it went pretty fast. The acting was great, and the dark tone was a nice touch it made me really feel for the characters exspecaly at the part where herminny was getting torcherd it really made me sad for her. Expand
  41. Nov 20, 2010
    This movie was disappointing. I had hoped it would be more entertaining but, the whole camping trip for 60% of the movie bored the life out of me. I must say that the way they filmed it such as how amazing the lighting is, and also filming alot of it on location instead of all green screen. But bottom line I hope the next one is better
  42. Nov 19, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This film comes as a tremendous disappointment after Half-Blood Prince, which succeeded in turning the least action-oriented Potter book into a compelling film by combining great pacing with the perfect balance of wit, poignancy, and suspense. The pacing of Deathly Hallows: Part I drags due to its slavish faithfulness to the source material. I'm an avid fan of the books, but, realistically, not everything J. K. Rowling wrote can be translated well to the silver screen. There's so many scenes in this film that could have stood to be reduced in length or cut entirely: Bill and Fleur's wedding, Harry and Hermione's visit to Godric's Hollow, the camping, Dobby's death and burial. None of these scenes are integral to the story, and it honestly seems as if the only reason they were included was to pad the film's running time, thereby justifying the split into two parts. We could have had a single tightly-paced three-hour epic, but instead we are being given two halves that can't stand on their own. The combined viewing experience will always be equal to the sum of its parts.

    In addition, some of the performances seem phoned-in, particularly Nighy and Ifans. The whole film is pervaded with a sense of let's-get-this-over-and-done-with. It's a sad conclusion to a series that went nearly a decade without producing a dud.
  43. Nov 21, 2010
    This movie was great, thrilling (especially if you do not know what is coming) and emotional.
    I do not understand how ANY Harry Potter fan could be disappointed with this movie. Nonetheless there are still a minority sooking and complaining about stupid little things. The fans of the books finally got what they want; the perfect adaption yet there are still fools having a whinge.

    it is just the fact that people imagine the books different when they are reading , expect too much from the movie and then simply cannot like them.

    Emma Watson steals the show and bloody hell she has gotten very very attractive. She is especially good at the malfoys her screams are very believable and will give you chills.
    It is action packed with death eater attacks and threats every 10 or 15 minutes giving the sense that danger never alludes the trio. The movie is also emotional especially the opening when Hermione is erasing her parents memories. The ending is also saddening. I would say one of the best in the series but i would not recomend it to anyone with no harry potter knowledge. It would be impossible to follow.
  44. Nov 25, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Walking, camping, angst... mix and repeat. The first half of the book was boring too. All I could think at the end of the film was two and a half hours and all they did was find one damn horcrux. The I guess part 2 will be, as they say in the biz, "action packed." Expand
  45. Mar 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As Harry races against time and evil to destroy the Horcruxes, he uncovers the existence of three most powerful objects in the wizarding world: the Deathly Hallows. Expand
  46. Feb 10, 2011
    Excellent addition to the Potter franchise and a huge step up from the Half-Blood Prince which lacked so much!

    The music is disappointing with Desplat's promise of using John William's themes as they have been so unused in the last three films but he broke it and the actual Harry Potter theme had more or less of a cameo during the traditional sky writing title credits.

    The visual effects
    are at their best since Prisoner of Azkaban, the art direction is fab and the cinematography is good too! Expand
  47. Jun 19, 2011
    This film is perfect , it gives a feeling of the calm before the struggle, the characters are fighting for themselves to survive against the difficulties. Every calm scene, the beautiful locations, the action, everything is fueled by an huge emotional scale. I personally enjoyed the film because it turns to be more adult, with more intricate and challenging conflicts for the characters. It's a perfect 10 to David Yates. Expand
  48. Apr 11, 2011
    This was my favorite out of all the Harry Potter movies so far and the best movie in 2010 in my opinion. I saw this one twice. Once at a midnight premiere, aka, thursday night/friday morning and i saw it again a couple weeks after. This movie has it all. I really like the actors and I'm glad that they chose to split the movie into two parts.
  49. May 20, 2011
    Prisoner of Azkaban is still the only HP film i liked from beginning to end. This one is another average attempt and book->movie conversion. It ssems to me as the cast are going all "twilight". Yes, bad things are happening around them fair enough, but there is still only so much teen angst I can take, and this has far too much. Looking forward to the second part as that looks promising, but, I won't get my hopes up. Expand
  50. CRL
    Jul 28, 2011
    Part I is the best since Azkaban, and shows how great David Yates can be when he's paying attention to the source material instead of doing his own thing. Atmospheric and amazingly detailed, Part I paints the new and oppressive version of the wizarding world with almost macabre beauty, and some of the series' best acting creates one of the most immersive films I've ever seen. Part I doesn't skimp on the emotion either, and sometimes it even delivers a laugh or two. Also, the cinematography was some of the best of the series, and I still can't figure out why it missed out on an Oscar. In the end, the only thing that let Part I down was lack of an ending, but even that doesn't take away from its greatness. Expand
  51. Aug 9, 2011
    The only Character driven Harry Potter movie and it was a very good set up for the climactic final installment. The performances by Radcliffe and Grint but mostly Watson were the best in the series
  52. Sep 4, 2011
    I get the feeling this entire film was made to give the screen time that Harry, Ron, and Hermione deserve with one another. It is one of the darkest and most emotional films in the series and really does a great job leading up to the conclusion. It is beautifully filmed and acted and happens to be very faithful to the novel. My only warning is that if you've never read any of the novels, the film will be hard to understand at some points. If you haven't read the book, do so. It tells the story better than any movie ever could. Expand
  53. Nov 16, 2011
    The movie was even more amazing if you had read the book. Absolutely stunning. Although there wasn't a lot of action in Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows, it was still a movie worth watching - well, obviously, otherwise you wouldn't have a clue of what's going on in Part 2. The entire Harry Potter saga is one of my all-time favorites.
  54. Dec 8, 2011
    I was suprised that I liked it as much as I did, I didnt like the earlier HP films but I did enjoy the HBP. I think the film was solid through out - Good acting, Good action, and it stayed true to the book for the most part. I think that the entire time they were on the run could have been a bit shorter though, I felt that it was a little too dragged on. Still, Its a good film.
  55. Jan 31, 2012
    It started off great (the Snape meeting with Voldemort scene was perfect and hands down the best scene in the film) and it did have its few moments but I was pretty disapointed with it. I think it was far too sappy and corny for my taste and the first half of the book did a terrible job working out on the big screen.
  56. Aug 14, 2012
    Harry Potter is back and better than ever. The war has consumed all and it hasn't even got going yet. The story to Deathly Hallows is the darkest and most unforgiving of all the Harry Potter stories making it one of the best as it never holds back. Most of Part I is the trio running and hiding from the dark lord Voldemort but it really brings it close to home, makes it human once again and really fleshes out who the characters really are. Deathly Hallows Part 1 may not be an action heavy film but it is more than absolutely needed. Expand
  57. Jun 11, 2013
    One of the best harry potter movie. Had action and great fantasy .The plot was good and the actors as usual great.
  58. Nov 26, 2010
    Part 1 of Deathly Hallows is a total Potter package. Fans will love the enthralling score, enchanting visuals and impeccable story-telling. It's refreshing to get a great flick in the theater, and one that has no 3D support at all. The directors knew they didn't need three-dimensional pops to make a magical night at the movies, and I was amazed how well the overall package turned out.
  59. Dec 6, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Guauuu ... a very complete movie with a great script and a fantastic interpretation and fantastic special effects ... very advisable. It does not have 10 for my part for lack of action .. but equally harry's sixth movie is for already very well. Very advisable they do not lose it. Expand
  60. Dec 4, 2010
    After spending 6 movies of keeping the film within the same boundaries over and over, this prelude delivers slick animation, plot exploration, and war-like action that all give the audience the sensation of stretching your spine after getting out of bed.
  61. Dec 5, 2010
    Really enjoyed this chapter of the Harry Potter series. Superbly made and beautifully shot, this is a film for adults and older children alike, though you would be very confused if you haven't followed the books closely. Skantea, you are clearly far more intelligent and mature than the vast majority of people who watch this film. I applaud you for taking the time out to alert us all to this fact.
  62. Jul 13, 2011
    Saw this a few hours ago, and i loved it. i am not a die hard fan im just a guy who thinks its really good. i love how the series just gets darker yet is still funny at times and entertaining. effects were really good and i love voldermorts character! -1 point cause it can always be better and for the **** that wouldnt shutup in the theatre.
  63. May 22, 2011
    harry potter and the deathly hallows, is the pen ultimate installation of the series. dividing into two parts was considered since it has lot to say explain and deliver the things. the first half here explains the situation is getting worse. dark lord rising and awaiting for an occasion to find harry potter and kill him. meanwhile the whereabouts of the people are getting worse. some attacks at every instant reflects that it is no longer safe to be here. so where do they go? definitely one place, the order of phoenix headquarters. there they find a clue and things move on here. but sooner or later, jungle enters into life and emotions touch their lives and characters split apart and harry desperate to finish this off. in his quest, he finds the sword of griffindoor and something unexpected happens. a real turn back here and some regular touches and revealing a riveting climax. of course the loss of one dearest friend. take a seat back and relax for first 10 min till the proceedings begin. no sooner , one will hook up straight from then till the end of first half. of course some anguish, jealousy would reflect that it is taking a wild turn here. but sooner the qualities disappear and it builds up for riveting climax. the last 20 minutes has lot to see and stick to the seats. no where to relax. direction and screenplay takes a next level in this franchise and reflects the best filming here with everything at appropriate levels. opening scene and last scene are surely stunners and way to begin and end. lead cast performances by daniel radcilffe emma watson and rupert grint are always the best. they are matured and emotions oh my god!! that is really good here. ralph fiennes as deadly voldemort is good and grint evil smile surely will do the sayings oh he is the bad guy here! rest characters are supportive and useful for the narrative. there was some confusion for non book readers about the film, but surely the second half has answers for everything. the chase, the initial sky battle and the infiltration in the ministry are the best action sequences one can never get. the camera work is way too fast here, but it is required for the action to build up. cinematography is awesome here. every frame is dark, bright and of course darker. some visuals are stunning here. during action scenes, you would enjoy the work surely. editing was a bit problem in first 30 min with sufficed scenes that might bore a bit. but the later part picks up and gives a spine ride. dialogs are good and sometimes commendable too. overall we got here a perfect drama set up in the cities and dark forests, rich with colors and action performances and darker with deadly death eaters. one of the best in the harry potter franchise. i am waiting for the last part!!! Expand
  64. Dec 18, 2010
    I've never been a fan of these series and i don't know if that changes my opinion, but i did not like it. Except for some funny little jokes here and there, the movie was terrible. The plot simple and uninteresting, the characters were not well developed(except for the sense of humor they all seem to poses) and the graphics were average, not bad, but average. Maybe if i was a fan of the series and knew the whole story, maybe then i would've liked it, but i'm not, and the movie disappointed me. Expand
  65. Jul 13, 2011
    this is the most boring movie in the series, but i don't know ; something about it made me watch at least 15 times ! the movie follows the book greatly, the first and final scenes form the best parts of the film..ii should've focused more on the action scenes ,but it still gave me chills when i watched it !!
  66. Feb 2, 2011
    They should have called this movie Harry Potter and the Camping Hallows! What a waste of our money to split up the book into a camping trip and then an action packed part two. The camping portion could have been a 10-15 minute section, not a 1 hour affair. I did enjoy how the three struggled through this darkness, but this wasn't worthy of a part one. It is almost as bad as retrofitting a movie for 3D and charging as much as they did for Clash of the Titans and all the other failures of 3D. The next debacle will be splitting the short Hobbit book into two movies to gouge us even more. No wonder so many are pirating movies these days. I look forward to seeing the end to the Harry Potter films!!! Expand
  67. May 12, 2013
    This is really depressing because I want to say that this was an awesome movie. It’s a great story and the best in the series. The director does a good job of recapping the story getting rid of anything that is not too necessary. However, this is his biggest flaw. Because everything is to the point nothing is really developed because everything that made the book good and created tension isn’t there. Nonetheless, there are some good moments in it but once again they are very brief and don’t last long. In short while Deathly Hallows Part 1 is good movie it suffers because of the very nature of tale it is trying to retell. Expand
  68. Dec 4, 2010
    The biggest insight one can get from Deathly Hallows Part I is that this did not need to be two movies and it was split up so that the studio could make twice as much money on the last film of the franchise. I'm sure they're disappointed they didn't think of this earlier. The film is good, but bloated and poorly edited. There are many unnecessary scenes, such that this movie could have been an hour and still told the story. That being said, it has a great melancholy and brooding atmosphere and is a welcome rebound from the last installment, which was so fixated with high school romantic melodrama that it was quite frankly the worst film of the franchise. It jumps right into action that is sadly not consistent. There is a lot of waiting. But for a fan of the characters and story, one cannot miss this and we are left with an obvious cliffhanger and half a year to see this to the end. Expand
  69. Dec 24, 2010
    I think the only way to enjoy this, or any of the Harry Potter films is leave the book at the door when you enter the theater. As a huge fan of the books, that only seems to limit the enjoyment you get out of each and every film. If you are able to do that, you will notice that the Potter films are a huge amount of fun, mixed with a great cast of actors (the minor characters, played by classic British thespians are always the best. This film is probably the biggest departure from the rest of the series, and does a good job at creating a world that is so palpable and magical. You would think leaving Hogwarts would be a problem for the filmmakers, but I think the film thrives outside of Hogwarts doors. As always, it is probably one of the best times you could have at the movies, and delivers on all levels. Expand
  70. Dec 15, 2010
    This is how you do a Harry Potter film. After being completely disappointed by the mess that is Half-Blood Prince, the first part of the Harry Potter finale is a must see. Its more carefully paced, more well acted and its as dark as it can be. This film will completely make you wait in agony for the second part. It's that good.
  71. Dec 6, 2010
    I really enjoyed the movie and thought that it was well done. I think that if I was a Harry Potter fanatic and read the book series, I would have enjoyed the movie a bit more. It was a great escape movie and one that my entire family went to see together. One thing for sure is that the movie was applicable to all age groups.
  72. Dec 7, 2010
    this one really kept to the book and i like that. actually made me feel like i was reading the book again XD. overall i really enjoyed this movie, and i cant wait to see part 2.
  73. Nov 27, 2010
    If you read the book, you will appreciate the attempt made to include as much as possible from the source material. The only problem isn't this movies fault, prior books did not do a worthy job of establishing the mythology. Many of the movies before it were too short for their own good and had to pass over the history and culture of the wizard world. So while some characters seem like a convenient filler for a plot hole, people who read the book will be thrilled to see all the little things that made them cherish the book included. I think its the best one so far, even if it is a little slow. But the slowness pays dividends as it makes the more tense scenes all the more nail biting. July is a long time to wait though, for what is sure to be the most thrilling Harry Potter yet. Expand
  74. Nov 30, 2010
    Even though the world is always an abnormally grey color and there are a couple parts that are a bit weird (i.e. a silver Harry/ Hermione make-out illusion), "The Deathly Hallows" is put together very well and doesnt have many problems with itself, but in all, it just drags out the franchise and adds more fuel to the fire for the wait of the final conclusion.
  75. Nov 24, 2010
    Overall, Deathly Hallows isn't terrible. If you are a die hard potter fan, then you will love the movie. I'm a moderate fan of the series, and "Hallows" would have been great, if it wasn't for one thing. The movie drags on and on. There is absolutely no reason this had to be made into two movies. They could have cut out the boring stuff and had one great movie, but they didn't. The characters are roaming around for a large chunk of the movie, not really accomplishing anything. For me, this was a real disappointment. Now, if you don't mind movies dragging on a little too much, then this is for you, because everything else is fine. Acting is good, and the scenes that do have something happening are terrific. But unfortunately the movie is brought down by that one fatal flaw. Expand
  76. Nov 30, 2010
    This is unlike any previous HP movie. If you have not see the others, I don't recommend this as your first. That said, the emotional depth and character defining moments in this movie make this more than just your standard adventure flick. This movie is much less about wand waving, special affects with a dash of humor. There is some of that, but it is about the isolation, angst and cost of persevering in doing what is right, when it seems that everyone has deserted you. It left me feeling depressed, which is exactly how I expect the characters feel. I am hoping for a triumphant ending this summer. Expand
  77. Jul 12, 2011
    Very well done. Although, they seemed to drag on in certain parts almost as an excuse to make a "part 2". But altogether, this movie is probably one of the closest adaptions of the book in the whole series. I can't wait for Part 2!!
  78. Dec 23, 2010
    Of all the Potter films, this was the most dissappointing for me. I thought the film started great, but the middle of the film is SO boring when they are camping in their tent and going from place to place around the globe to avoid their attackers. The film really slows down at this point. Even so, a mediocre Harry Potter film is still better than the average film out there. I really missed the Hogwart school in this one. My friend who I went with is a huge Potter fan, and he did not like this film. I liked it better than him, but some of the wonder of the preceding films is missing in this one. Expand
  79. Dec 25, 2010
    By far the best film in the series to date. They did the one thing I wish was evident in ALL of the Harry Potter movies: they took the risk of taking their time to explain the storyline, and to give the characters time to develop, instead of everything happening within days of each other. The traveling scenes, the vast landscapes, really touched me; they separated the three teenage wizards from the world, as they were in the books. I also love the Three Brothers sequence; one of the coolest things I've scene in the Harry Potter movies. Why people say this movie wasn't good is in no way apparent to me; it was incredible. Yeah, a little slow, but that's the point: to build the feeling of isolation and loneliness, to distance the audience from the rest of the wizarding world, and focus on the three main characters and their own personal challenges. CANNOT wait until the last movie! Expand
  80. Nov 22, 2010
    One of the best films from the Harry Potter series. Prisoner of Akaban is my favorite but Deathly Hallows comes in at a close second. Action sequences were amazing and David Yates is able to give you more emotional depth with the three main characters. Deathly Hallows Part 1 will make you fall in love with Harry Potter.
  81. Nov 22, 2010
    Is it me or are the films of this franchise getting better? I don't claim to be a fan of the series (actually I don't really care about the books in the slightest), but as the years go on, the movies are becoming more enjoyable for me. This film won't appeal to as many people due to the dark tones, but I feel that it fits the mood very well and does something that many mainstream, big-budget films fail to do: the tone and mood of the characters fits the severity of the world/situation that they are in. This is by far the most gloomy/depressing one yet; with Harry and his friends slowly descending into the darkness with each moment as all their hopes begin to fail. To me this is reminiscent of The Empire Strikes back (my favorite of the Star Wars movies) which leaves you with a somber feeling at the fact that the heroes don't come out on top, but manage to just scrape by. Of course this is all setting up the finale for a "come back", but that's pretty much to be expected. The journey there is very meaningful; although there are moments that are weak here and there, but that could also be that I'm not aware of their significance to the past and current events of this very long series. All in all this movie kept my attention and I'm glad that it didn't try to soften that harsh reality of their situation, which makes me live for the day when they hopefully mete out some much needed justice to Voldemort and the somehow eviler Belatrix. I'm definitely looking forward to the finale... Expand
  82. Nov 30, 2010
    I'm not sure if I even have the right to comment as this film isn't even in the same universe of what I normally pay to see. However as someone who enjoys films where the point is NOT to turn of your brain and escape but to turn on your brain and enjoy the herculean efforts of fine artists at their peak, I may as well impart an opinion for those of you who were similarly dragged to see it (or will be).
    First, It's a kids movie. Don't let adult fans tell you different. If they need an excuse to regress to a child like state, let them have it but don't walk in expecting the 'magic' to work for you. Similarly, don't expect to understand it if you haven't read the book - it doesn't really matter as the plot is just a mish-mash of a dozen things you've seen a dozen times. Many holes you'll see will be glaring and unexplained, while at other points the set up will be so ham handed you'll see the twist coming from well before mesmerized audience surrounding you. Try not to laugh as something so obvious to you causes others to gasp and tear up. Bottom line, it's sometimes cute but mostly dull, uninspired and overlong by about 45 minutes (one movie stretched into two to double the profits - Smart!). If you find yourself nodding, you can try amusing yourself by marking the consistently odd tendency for the 'spells' to be monstrously difficult when doing something easy, yet simple as breathing when attempting the monumental.
  83. Nov 19, 2010
    Harry Potter, like most film or book franchises has it's own rabid fan base. The people who will go to see Deathly Hallows are people that have fallen in love with the series as a whole. David Yates and company have made a film for the fans and it is beautiful. If you have spent the last over a decade invested in the story that is Harry Potter. If you have read every book and seen every movie again and again because you can't get enough then you will love this film. If you have never jumped on the bandwagon that is Harry Potter and never considered yourself a fan then quite honestly, you will never understand. Anyone who has read the book knows that it is full of bleakness and raw emotion. It's the kind of book that can ruin your day after reading a few chapters and this is pulled off perfectly on screen. The film pulls on your heartstrings and plays with your nostalgic mind the entire way through. The battle between good and evil has truly reached it's highpoint and you can actually feel the character's struggles while watching these events unfold. The acting from this veteran cast is, as expected, superb. The music matches the mood perfectly. The slower scenes in the movie are in some way just as tense as the action scenes and that is a very big compliment. So what you have is a movie that was made for a very loyal fan base and as a fan I can say that we got exactly what we wanted. And just to address the point that this film feels unfinished, that would be because it is. And when Part 2 hits us next summer i'm sure we will be just as happy with the conclusion. Expand
  84. Nov 22, 2010
    This movie is pretty fantastic. It might just be the greatest Potter film yet. It's very well-made, with great acting, cinematography and incredibly creative touches throughout. Of course, it feels like reading half of a book, but never have 2 1/2 hours rushed by so fast. Bring on part 2 now!
  85. Nov 20, 2010
    We are huge Harry Potter fans: however, the latest movie has none of the charm of the earlier stories or movies. Gone are the byplay with fellow students & teachers; absent the interesting magic lessons, goodhearted adventures and youthful infatuations. Gone too are the fresh-faced engaging young child actor wizards we came to know and love, replaced now with their own grown-up mediocre adult actor selves... too glum by half, and far less charming, in a story more worthy TV's "The Seeker" than the amazing J. K. Rowling. We will absolutely be there for the final installment of H. Potter the movie... Sadly though, we undoubtedly sorely miss the youthful Harry, Hermione, and Ron... and the lively halls o' Hogwarts, now transformed into barren cold sere rocky heights and damp dingy woods, with many fiends and few friends along its path. We know it's the story, as written, but it makes a glum end to a dazzling series of stories. Expand
  86. Dec 5, 2010
    Yet again they essentially just filmed a bunch of scenes from the book and threw them together without taking a single moment to think about how they interact to form a cohesive movie. And Dan Radcliffe still gurns his way through things and passes it off as acting.
  87. Nov 21, 2010
    If your a Harry Potter fan, your gonna like this movie ! If not, you will hate it. Of course, there's a lot of details from the book (for those who had read the books) that weren't in the movie. But the main parts from the story where their, which is good. The drama between the characters was perfect. For those you give a bad review of this movie is that they only saw the movies and had never read the books. I recommend to read the books before seeing the movie, because you will understand even better the film and sometimes, the books give more information. I tough it was a great film. Expand
  88. Jan 4, 2011
    There's very little to describe about this movie even though it's a 2 and half hour film, because almost nothing happens. The best way to say it: it's a boring waste of time. The movie seemed to drag on forever and after I finished my popcorn (having to be in a line for 1 hour, I finished the popcorn during previews), I was twiddling my thumbs, shoving up caffeine injections, and wondering which came first; the chicken or the egg? Basically Harry goes with Harmonie and Ron out of hogwartz looking for hucruxs while beginning to hate eachother. It's a pathetic adventure, they go around like mopping little dwarfs, and slit their wrists while trying to communicate with each other in whispers. Ron gets a tantrum, and Harry and Harmonie bang eachother, big deal. JK! Anyways, nothing special. Skip the rent and watch paint dry, it will be much more entertaining. Expand
  89. Nov 22, 2010
    "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" does exactly what it is meant to do--develop characters and create tension in anticipation for the great climax that will be coming in less than a year.

    Is there some action? Yes, but only enough to create more tension. The core of HP 7.1 revolves around our three young heroes (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) and their dynamic relationships with
    each other and the world at large as Voldemort steps into the driver's seat to create a kind of world/empire not unlike the Third Reich.

    Moviegoers should already have a strong grasp on the franchise and its characters by this point, and you assuredly will not be disappointed. Those who are not familiar with the characters or what a muggle or a horcrux is are better off skipping over this one.
  90. May 18, 2011
    My favourite film of last year and arguable the best in the franchise while the film is essentially a fetch quest David Yates and the rest of his crew turn it in to a wonderful movie which visits tonnes of beautiful locations within great Britain the acting is phenomenal the actors have matured greatly in the 10 years and so have there acting abilities.

    This one is worth anybody's money
    buy the Blu-Ray and enjoy the magic over and over again. Because you will definitely want to after you've watched the movie once.

    Deathly Hallows part 2 will be a fantastic finale and I can't wait to see it!
  91. Nov 21, 2010
    By far the worst HP film yet! Way too much exposition. Lets take five minutes to focus on HP getting a hair cut. I guess they spent all of the budget on SPFX, as they clearly could not afford an editor! I could have chopped the film down to 20 minutes, if not less. The last film should have been one part, not two. The idea to ake it two parts was clearly a studio idea to make more money.
  92. Nov 19, 2010
    You will hate this film or love it. As you can tell by the giant 10 I loved it. The movie is long and emotional, though there is not as much action as there is dramatic exposition when the action is done it is by far the best in the series. It is certainly dark but I loved this because the first parts of the book were extremely dark as well, though this might through a few people off. Yates filmmaking is beautiful and even when the three are just sitting there it's a joy to look at. This is a great movie for those who want to enjoy it, please don't listen to those who say it's boring in the middle, they just don't understand the plot enough to be drawn in. This is first and foremost for people who have actually seen the previous movies, so if you haven't... why not? Expand
  93. Nov 19, 2010
    By far... it is the best movie of the harry potter so far. The story of harry potter has at last, reached its climax! The Boy who lived is going to risk his life....
  94. Nov 23, 2010
    The biggest issue with the 7th movie is the stupidity that it needs to be split into two. The filmakers were just stalling for the entire film until Voldemort found the object he was desperately trying to find. It was long, the plot had an inconsistent pace, but was otherwise decent. It was hard to appreciate the beginning of the end for the series, and how the movie's "epicness" was overdone and quickly overated. Although, I do expect part 2 to compensate for the overwhelming "epic" tone and a faster paced, more intelligent plotline that the filmakers lacked in this one. When fans who haven't read the book view this, I expect them to focus on the plot and the mysteries that unfold. As far as i'm concerned, this one became a slight dissapointment as they tried to make it feel big with a lack of a dark score, overdevelopment of characters, which made me feel uneasy. I do expect to give a perfect review for part 2 because of the plotline set in place. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are no longer in Hogwarts. They are on the search for the horcruxes, and time is closing in on them. Expand
  95. Nov 19, 2010
    This is a piece of genius. Nothing short. All the scenes in the movie looked exactly like they did while I was reading, or better. That's magic. Perfect blend of humor and tension. The parts left out, don't bring the movie down at all. Not a disappointment. Twilight joke=win
  96. Nov 19, 2010
    As a HUGE fan of the books, I'm shocked that my score for this movie is as high as it is. My expectations were consistently lowered from movie to movie over the years due to key characters being left (older Weasley brothers, Dobby removed from all but one movie, etc.) and the omission of key moments from the books (Dumbledore's funeral, blah blah blah). But I have to say, they did not do a bad job! Sure, if you want to sit back and nit-pick, you'll have your chance. But most of the liberties taken with the story are in the action department and I would much rather have an action scene embellished rather than a major plot moment glossed over, ignored or changed into a warped version of itself. The movie is well directed, the casting is near-perfect and each member of the cast turns in a solid performance. The pacing is handled incredibly well with scares, laughs and tears sprinkled throughout. If you're a fan of the book and immediately wanted to stab yourself in the throat with a wand after seeing the train wreck that was The Goblet of Fire, don't be so quick to write this one off! If you approach it with an open mind, more often than not you will find yourself pleasantly absorbed in this film instead of sitting on the outside staring at it with scorn. Expand
  97. Nov 19, 2010
    Finally we have a Harry Potter movie full of dark enviroments and situations like all we imagine in the books. This new Potter movie is a great mix of sentimental and tragic moments with Ron and Hermione relationship and with the fury and power of Lord Voldemort, in this part Harry, Ron and Hermione takes the lead in the movie, this is a movie of his adventures to find the Horrocruxs, nothing more nothing less, the exciting final part is coming (8 months) and i enjoy this part like no other in the series. The technical information like the score is awesome always adaptable according the situation of cou rce with the base of John Williams original score. The movie running time is nice (146 Min's) you are not going to be bored, Photography, Special Effects nice like always in the series. Not everything is perfect i miss some parts of the book but im pretty sure that this part is the best book-adaptation in the series, now we have to wait 8 months to see the epic final battle Potter vs Riddle Expand
  98. Nov 19, 2010
    A thrill ride from the very first scene. I laughed, I shed a tear; this is not a movie to miss, especially if you're a fan. For me, the disappointment from movies 5 and 6 were vindicated. This is it. This is the film us Muggles have been waiting for for a while now. Its here. Go see it!
  99. Nov 20, 2010
    It's about time that they decide to make a movie that stays true to the book. As a huge fan of Rowling's entire series, I absolutely loved this movie. I will admit it did feel dreary around the middle, but it was supposed to. It was a long and frustrating journey they embark on to find the Horcruxes. Cannot wait to see the thrilling conclusion in July.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 42
  2. Negative: 3 out of 42
  1. Reviewed by: Andrea Gronvall
    Dec 8, 2010
    The best portion is an animated story-within-the-story, supervised by Ben Hibon, that recalls Lotte Reiniger's filigreed shadow puppets as it sets the stage for armageddon.
  2. Reviewed by: Kenneth Turan
    Dec 8, 2010
    To be fair to Deathly Hallows, the filmmakers have tried hard to fill the proceedings with battles and chases and debilitating curses. Genuine filmmaking excitement, however, is harder to provide.
  3. 50
    I hope that in Part 2, Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves give Fiennes a better send-off than Dame J.K. did in her less-than-wizardly climactic wandathon. Having made us sit through two and a half hours with no payoff, they'd better not go all Muggle on us. Next time, we want magic, people.