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  1. Dec 17, 2011
    With it being the longest book and shortest film they had a lot of work to make this not rushed and boy did they do fantastic. Strong performances, beautiful visuals, great action, thrills and some heartwarming moments. I give this movie 92% of a good film.
  2. Mar 21, 2011
    My personal favorite of the movies, the one I believe is most faithful to the books (while taking into consideration the changes made in the previous movies as well). The final battle between Voldemort and Dumbledore is one of my favorite moments fom the whole Harry Potter franchise.
  3. Oct 3, 2010
    In my opinion, this is the second best made Harry Potter film to date (behind Half Blood Prince). The films are getting darker and more exciting and the storyline is brewing along nicely as we get closer to the great finale. Voldeemort remains one of the greatest movie villains of all time, and the young ensemble cast prove that they are maturing into fine young actors. Imelda Staunton is terrific at Professor Umbridge as well. The storyline is well adapted from the book and the production is stunning. When David Yates took over, these films just started to get better. Expand
  4. Nov 22, 2010
    Director David Yates takes control of the currently one of the world's most successful franchises, and he does it well. Well written, great acting, amazing production, and a moving emotional plot that fans will be pleased with. It wasn't perfect, but it's the closest movie in the entire franchise up to this point that was close to perfection. As for every Harry Potter movie, every character has a unique role and every actor plays their part well. The film like all the others, has a natural tendency to not be perfect. David Yates has put the franchise where it needs to be, and where fans want it. He has adapted the 5th book in the best way possible and with the technology that stands as of 2007, the effects are impressive. This movie stands out more than any other film up to this point, and I hope the fans feel the same thing. Expand
  5. Nov 26, 2010
    good game:)
    I love the ability of being able to walk all over school-grounds.
    nice way to cast spells:) I think it is attached to the storyline of the book.
    mute-button for Hermione?

    Score: 10.0
  6. Jul 11, 2011
    Order of the Phoenix is definitely the breakout film in the Harry Potter series you'll come across because of how this goes from beginning to end. The performances are top notch here and the story sticks to the main plot if the book. The visuals are amazing, especially near the very end. With everything mentioned beforehand mixed with the magic of Harry Potter, you get an above average addition to the series. Expand
  7. Jul 16, 2013
    It was always going to be difficult to adapt the longest book in the Harry Potter franchise, but new director David Yates and screenwriter Michael Goldenberg have managed to inject some nostalgic feel to the fifth entry, while also making it quite a real and standalone film, and also the longest book to the shortest film.
    We could be safe in assuming that after the events of the fourth
    instalment, the wizarding world would be in turmoil after the return of Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). But it’s in fact quite the opposite, the Ministry of Magic, the governing body of the magical world, deny the Dark Lords return, and have therefore branded Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) liars.
    But from the opening scenes of the film, it’s clear the Ministry are very wrong indeed, Dementors are roaming the Muggle world, and Harry has been called for a jury within the Ministry, the same one smearing his name, for using magic to defend himself against the horrific creatures.
    Other than that, Harry has quite the ordinary build up to Hogwarts that has been missing in previous years, until he meets Ministry-influenced Professor Dolores Umbridge, played with a love/hate aura of elegance by Imelda Staunton, who not only causes problems for Harry, but for the rest of Hogwarts as well.
    But this is very much a journey for Harry, who is the real centre of everything going on, he’s having bad dreams but is also being recognised for all his near misses across the years, to the point where he asked by an abundance of students to help them defend themselves.
    The title comes from the organisation who attempt to fight against Voldemort and his Death Eaters, consisting of the likes of Dumbledore, Snape (Alan Rickman) and Sirius Black (Gary Oldman), forming the Order of the Phoenix.
    As a more singular film, this is a welcome adjustment to the tone of the franchise, and with spectacular effects, especially a battle between two powerful wizards, this is one of them most visually pleasing entries to date. The children or teens really have their moment to shine in the fifth instalment, taking matters into their own hands not only to protect themselves, but to protect Harry as well.
    Love continues to be in the air, Harry and his friends truly are growing, and being around the same age as the actors I can’t help but look back at the fact that I’ve grown up with them.
    In terms of the book to film discussion, more and more sacrifices have obviously been made to cut the book down dramatically to adapt it for the screen, but Yates and Goldenberg have did the almost impossible.
    Many questions have yet to be answered but we are left with the tragic knowledge that things can only get worse for the Boy Who Lived.
  8. Nov 22, 2011
    I have given every Harry Potter movie up until this review a 10. But what dropped a point here? Well, the mood is set magnificently and the characters have matured considerably. But, the story seems too scattered. This is more of a movie to set the story near the end than an actual adventure. Other than that, another Harry Potter film done very well. David Yates has crafted this with outstanding craft. Expand
  9. Jan 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was easily the best movie of the set to this point. They changed a lot from the book but almost all of them worked well in the scope of the film. The acting was the best it's been yet, the plot developed really well, and the darker cinematic vibe was perfect for how Harry was feeling throughout the book. Honestly, there was really only one negative and it's something they changed from the book so if you haven't read it you might not mind at all. As I said before, "almost all" of the changes worked well. This particular change, however, did not. In my opinion, the most intensely emotional and dramatic sequence in all of the first five books happens in Dumbledore's office after they all returned from the Ministry of Magic. In that moment, the emotions of what took place at the ministry almost literally pour out of the pages. The director felt, I suppose, that this gut wrenching portion of the book was sufficiently covered in a mere 30 seconds of filming where Harry and Dumbledore barely scratch the surface of what occurred in the actual book. I think this scene should've met the book completely. Only then could they have done it justice. Without that flaw, however, the movie would've been darn near perfect. I hope the movies continue to get better and better. Expand
  10. Dec 28, 2011
    Often described as the worst of these films, I found it to be one of the better ones. Everything important in the 800+ page novel is captured near-flawlessly in this adaptation. I was perplexed by the somewhat surreal series of vision throes that Harry has during the film's climax, but after re-reading the book it makes sense to me now. (It's Harry's mental combat with Voldemort, who is trying to take over his thoughts.) But Evanna Lynch's portrayal of Luna Lovegood was the real highlight of the movie. She was perfect for the role. Expand
  11. Mar 28, 2012
    Other great movie Potter, but not excellent, is some boring, but the movie is amazing, have much incredible elemnts, but I think that can be better. This Harry Potter film is great, but not the better of the saga.
  12. Jul 12, 2012
    David Yates is such a great director and he does terrific with this film. What was most impressive about this one was the ending battle sequence. The plot is also very interesting and mysterious. Harry is definitely grown up now, and that's a good thing.
  13. Dec 24, 2012
    I love all of the Harry Potter Franchise, and this is my favourite movie out of all of them.
    Dolores Umbridge is perfect. Harry, Ron & Hermione are perfect. Everything is perfect.
  14. May 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Adventure and danger packed movie with more epic scenes and magic but with a lot more danger! Expand
  15. Mar 15, 2014
    While it was a bit too fast paced, I think the filmmakers did an awesome job of taking a 900 page book and turning it in a tight, psychological thriller. The acting was top notch, especially from Imelda Staunton and Daniel Radcliffe, who gives a powerful, emotional performance. This is a film that leaves you wanting more, which is both criticism and praise. Bring on the Half Blood Prince, Mr Yates. Expand
  16. Jul 14, 2013
    While it is the worst of the film series, the film is still a great film adaption of the largest book in the series (they stay pretty faithful to the source material given the length) and the film has great visuals, direction, music, acting and set designs and the fantastic action sequences at the end of the film are eye poppingly unforgettable.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. "Phoenix" might go down as the problematic film, full of plot but little fun.
  2. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    Considerably grimmer and grittier than the previous pictures.
  3. 88
    It will hook you good and keep you riveted.