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  • Summary: The movie Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 is, on one level, about a football game. Director Kevin Rafferty allows fifty of the players from he game to tell the story. On another level the film is about 1968—Vietnam, SDS, birth control, fate, class, tear gas and sex. (Kino International)
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  1. 100
    This may or may not be the greatest instance of college football ever played, but "Brian's Song," J"erry Maguire," and "The Longest Yard" notwithstanding, Rafferty's no-frills annotated replay is the best football movie I've ever seen: A particular day in history becomes a moment out of time.
  2. Reviewed by: John Anderson
    How many thrillers could put the outcome in the title and still provide as many white-knuckle moments as Harvard Beats Yale 29-29?
  3. Both an irresistible human story and as fine a documentary on football as "Hoop Dreams" was on basketball.
  4. The film isn't much as cinema, but it doesn't really matter. The final half-hour, in particular, generates the sort of suspense you rarely get in a sports documentary.
  5. 75
    An engaging chronicle not only of a memorable game but also of an era that seems at once more innocent and combustible than our own.
  6. 50
    Nor does the movie try to use the game to make some larger point. Here's one: Even at its best and luckiest hour, Harvard can aspire only to equal Yale.

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