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  • Summary: Alan (Grenier) is a Harvard student indulging in all of life's more interesting vices - illicit sex, drugs and high-stakes gambling, with a little Heidegger thrown in for good measure. (Cowboy Pictures)
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  1. 80
    In a summer of clones, Harvard Man is something rare and riveting: a wild ride that relies on more than special effects.
  2. Adams sparkles with quick-mindedness and verbal agility. This is a worthy and underused talent.
  3. 75
    Toback's films deliver a lot of bang for the buck. He's one of the few serious and original directors who can mix group sex and talk of existentialism; a fast-paced basketball sequence cut with scenes of Mafia members plotting a hit; and an in-class philosophy lecture stylishly edited with Alan's memories of a contradictory in-bed discussion.
  4. 50
    Toback has taken a distinctly '60s-ish personal experience and done his best to transplant it into the current, vastly different, cultural milieu. Harvard Man is a semi-throwback, a reminiscence without nostalgia or sentimentality.
  5. A characteristically engorged and sloppy coming-of-age movie from the filmmaker (''Harvard '66'') who, in his body of work, indulges his fantasies as fetishistically as other men finger their cigars.
  6. 40
    Sure, sex and drugs can take you to a higher plane. But not if a movie crushes your will to live first.
  7. Reviewed by: Phil Hall
    An astonishing mess.

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