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Summary: Moscow 1955. Stalin has been dead two years, but not even Khrushchev!s thaw can prevent Komsomol shock troops from hounding hipsters, fans of American jazz, culture and fashion. The student Mels, a Komsomol member, meets Polya, a hipster, while conducting a raid on a hipster hangout. Mels falls in love with Polya while his Communist comrade Katya,harbors romantic feelings for him. Mel ingratiates himself into a Polya!s group of hipsters who meet up on “Broadway” and he begins adapting their extreme fashion and lifestyle. Soon, Mels is a hit on the dance floor and starts learning to play the saxophone. He is expelled from college, changes his name to Mel and has the beautiful Polya for a girlfriend. Katya tries to dissuade Mel from the hipster lifestyle but fails. Polya becomes pregnant and the couple!s hipster lifestyle is threatened as members of their scene start abandoning their wild ways. (Leisure Time Features)


Runtime: 125 min
Official Site: http://www.leisurefeat.com/hipsters/
Production: Krasnaya Strela
Genres: Drama, Romance, Musical
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Home Release Date: Feb 19, 2013
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