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  1. Aug 3, 2014
    Hit & Run is a wild ride that never should have worked, but surprisingly it does. The story doesn't appear to be deep or complicated, and just when you think they've come to the end, a whole other angle begins. The film is further helped by a large cast and a whole bunch of interesting cameos, that help take it to another level. Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard) is happy living in a small town with his girlfriend, Annie (Kristen Bell), but things are about to change. When Annie gets offered a job in L.A., Bronson must decide whether or not to go with her, which also means leaving the safety of the witness protection program. When a jealous ex learns of the plan, he finds out who Charlie really is, and thanks to Facebook, connects with the men he's hiding from, making the trip to L.A. a dash for safety, across California. Dax Shepard is not an actor I find to be very funny, but this was the first time I've seen him play a character as deep as Charlie Bronson, and he was terrific. He is being perused by Bradley Cooper of all people, who I did not see as someone who could play the bad guy. His good looks and charming personality, don't exactly lead one to believe he'd be believable as a bad guy, and while he wasn't the toughest bad guy I've ever seen, he does more than an adequate job. Hit & Run isn't an award winning film, it may not even be all that memorable, but it is extremely entertaining and an edge of your seat thriller ride. The perfect film for those who want to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Expand
  2. Jun 17, 2013
    There are some really big laughs in this film, the best being the scene with the old swingers because it was so unexpected. Definitely a LMFAO moment. Laughs are aplenty in Hit & Run and the movie's strengths lie in the characters and dialogue as well as the chemistry between Kristin Bell and Dax Shephard.

    I would also have loved to see this movie as a crime drama because of its plot
    and especially Bradley Cooper's Alex Dmitri. I thought his whole dog-loving criminal attitude was a breath of fresh air from the usual movie criminal personality.

    That being said, my favorite character was Debbie, the MILF (at least she looks like one) that gets Annie the interview. She was great and hilarious. I also think Kristen Bell is an absolute star. Dax Shephard has a sort of commanding presence onscreen and and it's why I'd like to see him in something along the drama/thriller/psychological horror genre.

    Some other notes: The scenery on the drive from Milton to LA was lovely and I thought it was a great idea by the moviemakers (you and your partner, I imagine) to film that one scene in the orange grove. Where were those road trip scenes? Central California Coast? Great scenery there.

    My only criticism really is that I thought some of the violence was a little too violent for a comedy but that's just me. All in all, I thought it was a very funny & entertaining movie. I think the Shephard/Bell chemistry definitely comes across on screen and it'd be nice to see them in another movie together.
  3. Jun 2, 2013
    I thought Shepard was a pretty solid lead with Bell playing back up. The rest of the cast was solid but it was Cooper who really stole the show, He was awesome in this movie and his character seriously need more screen time then what he had gotten. The racing scenes were ok, Nothing really special about them but at least they were bareable ya know. The plot was ok but it's rather generic when compared to pretty much any other action film ever made.

    Overall, It really wasn't that bad of a movie. I wouldn't go as far to say that I liked it but at least it was watchable.
  4. May 25, 2013
    Hit and Run is nothing more than a painful comedy, if you can call it that. The racist and homophobic jokes they try to use isn't just unfunny but completely desperate. The movie is absolute garbage from beginning to end.
  5. Mar 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I never thought I would give a movie a zero, but this stink bomb will be my first. The dialogue in this movie consisted of a bunch of race and gay jokes that missed the mark horribly. I don't mind controversial dialogue or comedy if done right, but these jokes come off as just mean. From the scene about jail rape where Dax Shephard goes through all the races to find the rapists nationality to putting a dog collar on a black man and treating him like a dog because he buys the wrong dog food this film sucks. I didn't care about any of the characters and to compare this to Tarantino like dialogue maybe the biggest joke in this movie. This is the worst movie of 2012. Expand
  6. Jan 25, 2013
    Dax Shepard, who serves as co-director, one of the several producers, writer, and star of Hit and Run, appears to be heading in the right direction for actors-turned-directors with his off-kilter debut film. It would seem that all Shepard wanted to do was knock this little project off his bucket list, and round up several recognizable leads and just have a good time making what seemed to be a good film. It certainly isn't a bad film, interesting is more like it, and Shepard's sophistication behind the camera and on-camera is likable enough to warrant a small, controlled recommendation if anything.

    The story we're given is loose and all over the place, with Shepard assuming the lead character role as "Charlie Bronson," a former criminal getaway driver who now has settled down with his girlfriend, Annie (Kristen Bell, Shepard's real life girlfriend) in a small town. He is constantly being watched by the inept U.S. Marshall Randy (Tom Arnold), and is constantly reminded of his old job and how he has let many of his old friends down to make life better for himself. When Annie gets the call that she scored a job in L.A., Charlie agrees to drop everything and take her there, even though she feels that she'd rather stay in their current home rather than leave him. Charlie believes that this is a grand opportunity for her and talks her into accepting the job.

    Along the way, Charlie and Annie are pursued by Annie's obsessive ex Gil (Michael Rosenbaum), who has some dirt on this "Charlie" character he desperately wants to expose and Alex (Bradley Cooper), one of Charlie's old crew-members who he claims was shafted and thrown to the side so that he could make his life better for himself. All of this is happening under Randy's watch, who is supposed to be helping protect Charlie and Annie, but can not seem to get his gun and sexual orientation under control long enough to formulate a plan of action.

    There have been far more coherent and plot-based films than this, but for the most part, that's not my true problem with Hit and Run, if I had one. The main issue I take is the comedy in here, which feels forced and taken from the notebook of a twelve-year-old obsessed with fat, nude swingers and sequences possessing an unnecessary mean-spirit. Consider the scene when we are first introduced to Bradley Cooper's Alex and his girlfriend, in a store buying some items when a large, ominous black man appears with a bag of cheap dog food for his dog that is waiting out front. Alex confronts him about buying cheap dog food, about it's extremely unhealthy for the pet and that a few bucks more on quality dog food isn't hurting anyone. The man responds by saying, "he's lucky I feed him anything at all." Alex and his girlfriend leave the store and in a short time, so does the ominous man who find his dog off his leash, staring at him. Before he can question, Alex wraps the dog's leash around neck, drags him across the sidewalk as his exposed flesh from his wife-beater scrapes the rough concrete sidewalk, and finally force-feeds him the dog food admitting it's terrible. Had this man been a dog abuser, this scene would've worked so much better and would've held a good level of satisfaction for not only the Alex character but for the audience (especially myself, who faithful readers know, I consistently question and condemn animal cruelty in almost every film). But that's not what we have here.

    The whole scene reminded me of Super, a film that went on to be marginally forgotten, starring The Office's Rainn Wilson as a depressed, mentally ill man who went around town in a tight leotard acting a superhero fighting crime by punishing random acts of disobedience that went unnoticed by the corrupt law enforcement. This was all for comic effect, of course, but when I saw a man have his head beaten in by a wrench for cutting in line at a movie theater I winced and never truly recovered. That's a punishment fit for surviving mass-murderers of pedophiles. Not the insubordinate public.

    Hit and Run, however, works well as an action romantic-comedy, an eclectic genre of film that is clearly not overflowing with masterworks, and one could credit Shepard for merging the stereotypical "guy movie," complete with car chases and slick setups with the "chick flick" simplification of romance and love. There's something here for everyone, good or not, and while I can not say Hit and Run struck a strong note with me, it successfully maintained my interest and furthers my optimism for Shepard in coming years.

    Starring: Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Kristin Chenoweth, Tom Arnold, and Bradley Cooper. Directed by: David Palmer and Dax Shepard.
  7. Jan 11, 2013
    While the story is much better and more interesting than I thought it would be going in, the movie is still a comedy at it's heart, not a romantic comedy or action movie. Being a comedy movie, I woud've hoped for more humor. Honestly, take Tom Arnold out of the movie and it's not funny at all. The acting was solid, the car chase scenes were entertaining, and the romantic comedy element was well played. But bottom line, a comedy has to be funny and the laughs were too few and far between in this movie for me to rate it any higher. Expand
  8. Nov 14, 2012
    Really funny movie. I'd rank it with the Hangover. It's just one of those comedies that's gross funny, and really lovable at the same time.
  9. Nov 13, 2012
    Bell and Shepard are a real life couple and it's plenty obvious. They have great chemistry here in a very funny movie. Watch out for Tom Arnold as well. He's hilarious in this.
  10. Aug 26, 2012
    This movie is just plain dumb. I know they are all friends and made it to have fun, but they could have made a decent product. Anything remotely funny is in the trailers, and the rest of the movie is filled with racist and homophobic slurs. I'm an 18 year old college male and even I was offended and just bored. Skip it. In fact, RUN away (see what I did there? Cuz of the title...)
  11. Aug 26, 2012
    I don't care what anybody else says. I literally laughed my a$$ off in this movie. Maybe because i went into the theater with extremely low expectations but i definitely walked out extremely pleased. I laughed harder in this movie than i have in a very long time. Hit and Run has a perfect blend of action, comedy, car chases, and drama. I really do not understand all of the poor reviews. It certainly wasn't perfect all around, it had a couple plot holes, and it got kind of repetitive at certain points but overall though, there was laugh after laugh. Every actor/ actress was exceptional in this movie. I loved it and i think anybody who enjoys hilarious jokes with solid action will thoroughly Hit and Run. I certainly did, and i recommend this movie highly. 9/10 Expand
  12. Aug 25, 2012
    Clever, funny action packed realistic romance and great chemistry between the leads. Really what more do you want? The dialogue is great especially in the first third of the movie then the action takes over. Highly recommended.
  13. Aug 25, 2012
    It's essential that you like Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell before you even consider seeing this film. If you do, and if you keep your expectations at a modest level, it's actually pretty fun. There's just not much to it. Tom Arnold really steals the show, as he does with most movies he's in (see: True Lies).
  14. Aug 24, 2012
    Huge disappointment. The film was advertised as the comedy hit of the summer, but I chuckled only twice and the rest of the audience seemed to have a similar reaction.
    And a small point. The film was rated R for graphic nudity. It should have been rated R for totally gratuitous, unattractive nudity
  15. Aug 24, 2012
    Krsiten Bell and Dax Shepard are a real-life couple, but none of their chemistry translates to the big screen. He's in the witness protection program, but leaves it to get her to LA for a job interview. Meanwhile, the crooks he betrayed (led by Bradley Cooper) get wind of his whereabouts and set out to get even. For an action comedy, this has neither. There's only one funny joke in the entire movie (thanks to a cameo from Jason Bateman) and the endless, manic driving is just fast & dull. Shepard wrote and co-directed, so he gets all the credit for this total dud. Expand
  16. Aug 22, 2012
    I think this movie works. There is good chemistry between the two leads, the story is plausible, and the supporting cast is good. The car chases are very good. good mix of funny and action sequences, more like Beverly Hills Cop, or 48 Hours. Don't listen to the reviews.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 31
  2. Negative: 7 out of 31
  1. Reviewed by: Rick Groen
    Aug 23, 2012
    It's a rom-com, it's a road movie, it's "Cars" without the animation, it's "A History of Violence" played for yuks. It's all that and less because, really, Hit & Run is awfully hit & miss.
  2. Reviewed by: Lou Lumenick
    Aug 23, 2012
    Burt Reynolds and Sally Field they're not, but you could do worse for mindless late-summer entertainment than Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell in Hit & Run.
  3. Reviewed by: Bilge Ebiri
    Aug 23, 2012
    Hit and Run works less as a film and more as a likable, semi-documentary romp among friends. The illusion of the drama may be gone, but it's been replaced by something more authentic and adorable. And we might be okay with that.