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  1. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Nov 21, 2012
    I wouldn't recommend Hitchcock to cinephiles seeking a bold new take on the master's life or work, but if all you want is to while away the afternoon in the company of some excellent actors in plummy period costume, Gervasi's film is not without its pleasures.
  2. Reviewed by: Charlie Schmidlin
    Nov 21, 2012
    That feeling of utter disposability pervades throughout the film, underlining the missteps of Gervasi by aiming for breezy entertainment while forgetting to pause and inject some genuine emotion in there as well.
  3. Reviewed by: Karina Longworth
    Nov 20, 2012
    The change in title from book to film is instructive: Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho is about a filmmaker and the making of a film; Hitchcock is a half-ass attempt to demystify a larger-than-life man who put himself front and center while remaining enigmatic, a master at revealing a little in order to conceal a lot.
  4. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    Nov 12, 2012
    Hitchcock is a diverting but dramatically insipid account of how the Master of Suspense took his biggest gamble and delivered his greatest success with "Psycho."
  5. Reviewed by: Peter Bradshaw
    Feb 9, 2013
    A disappointing excursion into movie history.
  6. Reviewed by: Keith Uhlich
    Nov 20, 2012
    Too-cutesy conceits such as Hitch's imagined conversations with serial killer Ed Gein (Michael Wincott) feebly attempt to ground the story in psychological terra firma, while horribly on-the-nose dialogue flatters those viewers who prefer to keep their sense of cinema history on fan-mag frivolous levels.
  7. Reviewed by: Wesley Morris
    Nov 23, 2012
    This is all a long way of saying that the best way to better understand the man who made those and dozens of other movies is simply to see them. There's no case to be made for a mangy shortcut like Hitchcock. It's all surface and formula.
  8. Reviewed by: Rene Rodriguez
    Dec 6, 2012
    Hitchcock spends too much time off the set of Psycho, where the real story was, and focuses instead on incidental matters that feel like outtakes. Mother would not have been pleased.
  9. Reviewed by: Andrew Schenker
    Nov 16, 2012
    If you've ever seen Psycho, or even if you know anything at all about the film, Sacha Gervasi's Hitchcock would like to congratulate you on your savvy.
  10. Reviewed by: Joe Morgenstern
    Nov 23, 2012
    Hitchcock rings false from start to finish.
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  1. Jan 13, 2013
    Sacha Gervasi's "Hitchcock" title comes off a bit misleading, suggesting that the film to be a definitive biopic; an extensive, in-depth look into the life and career of the of one of the finest directors ever. However, the movie is really just a dramatization of the making of Hitchcock's "Psycho," where in historical facts are accompanied by embellishments and simplifications that serve to add humor and conflict. "Hitchcock" centers on the relationship between director Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) and his wife Alma Reville (Helen Mirren) during the making of Psycho, a controversial horror film that subsequently became one of the most acclaimed and influential works in the filmmaker's career.
    Anthony Hopkins is superb the title role, fitted with impeccable makeup and prosthetics, and Mirren is equally as impressive. This makes for a reasonably enjoyable watch for the audience, but viewers are unlikely to learn anything new of consequence about the Master of Suspense. I wouldn't suggest that you spend $10 on a ticket for this one, but a fine film to rent in a couple of months.
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  2. Dec 25, 2012
    Anyone who can resist Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren at the top of their form is a better man than I. There are subplots during which the film tends to lose impact and focus, but it's not long before Hopkins and Mirren resume their master class in screen acting. Their eyes convey more than speech. Full Review »
  3. Dec 4, 2012
    Great acting by Mirren and Hopkins . Full Review »