Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 30
  2. Negative: 11 out of 30
  1. Honey brings out the wholesome, affirmative side of the hip-hop aesthetic without being overly preachy, and it offers a winningly utopian view of show-business success without real costs or compromises.
  2. 63
    Honey doesn't have a shred of originality (except for the high-energy choreography), but there's something fundamentally reassuring about a movie that respects ancient formulas; it's like a landmark preservation program.
  3. A decidedly upbeat number, centered on a good-hearted character.
  4. 60
    It's a hokey heart-warmer that works.
  5. Has the shelf life of a dented milk carton. Pop-culture movies in general age rapidly due to ever-changing slang and fashions.
  6. A by-the-numbers, let's-put-on-a-show quasi-musical that has absolutely nothing going for it, except Alba.
  7. By no means is this a good movie, but it's warmed by the solar energy of its star, who surely deserves better than this formula empowerment flick.
  8. 50
    Neither hot nor square, it's as simple and earnest as any after-school special and as cameo-laden as any rap video.
  9. The last thing I want is this: Yet another instance of black culture diluting itself by imitating a white model. Hell, Honey is hip-hop by way of Andy Hardy.
  10. The story's sweet, however stale, and many performers have energy. But screenwriters Alonzo Brown and Kim Watson drain the reality out of it.
  11. Reviewed by: Scott Brown
    Despite some sizzle with love interest Mekhi Phifer, the alluring Alba ends up a desexualized mouthpiece.
  12. First-time director Billie Woodruff, a music video veteran, busts his moves in the dance scenes while the movie throbs to the beat of the wall-to-wall soundtrack.
  13. If you're in the mood for a hip-hop film with more happy faces than "The Partridge Family," Honey will divert you.
  14. Reviewed by: Angel Cohn
    Alba, constantly sporting off-the-shoulder tops a la "Flashdance," brings no depth of feeling to her character, and her average -- often wooden -- moves make it hard to believe she's a uniquely talented hoofer and sought-after choreographer.
  15. Reviewed by: Olly Richards
    With its hackneyed storyline and critical derision in the US, whispers were that Honey was to be the new "Glitter." It's not nearly that bad, which is a shame since it just skims the embarrassingly blind enthusiasm of which camp classics are made -- instead bouncing along the path of bland and forgettable.
  16. 40
    There's an entertainingly ludicrous movie lurking somewhere inside of the ludicrous, mediocre one this actually is.
  17. 40
    Cotton-candy filmmaking, all spun sugar and hot air.
  18. Certainly it exists solely to sell a soundtrack; the movie, like most made for teens, is well beside the point.
  19. Reviewed by: David Rooney
    With less than five minutes of screen time but with more humor and sassy attitude than the remaining cast combined, Missy Elliott separates hip-hop royalty from riff raff in the otherwise lackluster Honey.
  20. 38
    The dancing, while reasonably entertaining, isn't anything you haven't seen before on MTV or BET, although the soundtrack might be a worthwhile investment for hip-hop fans.
  21. Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    Hip-hoppish Honey is in the harmlessly junky "let's put on a show" tradition of "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo," minus electricity but with a budget for supporting-cast navel rings that 1984's break-dance sequel certainly didn't have.
  22. Reviewed by: Sara Brady
    Sticky, saccharine, bordering on diabetic, Honey overindulges.
  23. 30
    Hinges almost completely on the taut body and delectable beauty of Jessica Alba, but is otherwise so riddled with limp clichés that it doesn't even qualify as a guilty pleasure.
  24. Reviewed by: Ed Park
    If you doubt whether Honey can scrape together the dough, this is probably the movie for you.
  25. Honey's a little too darling for reality but, obviously, that's not what this candy-cane vehicle of a movie is all about. It's about the way Alba moves and how good she looks when she's backlighted and smiling.
  26. 30
    It evokes a warmed-over Fox TV special.
  27. Lacks even a trace of imagination. Its by-the-numbers plot is depressingly familiar, and each line of dialogue is so predictable that the script... could have been generated by a computer.
  28. There's no point complaining that Honey is a tired reworking of an old formula, because it's intended for a young audience that doesn't know the formula.
  29. It's relentlessly dumb and relentlessly humorous, and those aren't the adverbs it was after.
  30. 20
    Amid the endless stream of catch-a-rising-star movie clichés that Honey screenwriters Alonzo Brown and Kim Watson throw up and out are a few new ones, notably "skinny girls always win out in the end" and "hootchie bad, faux hootchie good."
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 38 Ratings

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  1. Oct 13, 2014
    The scenario is far from being the greatest of all, that's true. But the movie is really agreable and entertaining. Jessica Alba gives some warmth to this movie. Without her, no doubt it would have been very bad. Full Review »
  2. Jun 30, 2011
    A battering ram of cliches, bad acting, dancing that doesn't fit the music and tedious, tedious predictability. A waste of your money, time and your intelligence. Full Review »
  3. ZiftK
    Oct 28, 2006
    Wow, some actually like this garbage. Lackluster acting, story's really bad, I'd rather play around with a bunch of rocks. Jessica Alba looked nice, and that's by far the only good part about the movie. So, this 2 is because of Alba's looks, because she looked good. Sadly to say, that's not even good enough to save this abysmal movie. Some, do like it, but anyone that feels like watching a GOOD movie, I advice you skip this one and go for something better. Plus, who wants to see that Romeo guy act, let alone dance? Full Review »