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  • Summary: Birdee Calvert (Bullock) seems to have it all. She's been married for years to her handsome high school sweetheart Bill and has a brilliant and sensitive child. But when her picture perfect life comes crashing down around her, Birdee must start over. With no place else to turn, the former beauty queen heads back Smithville, Texas.  (Fox)
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  1. The ordinariness of the material gives way to the winning personalities of the stars.
  2. Bullock, Rowlands, Whitman, and others in the cast -- most notably Harry Connick Jr. -- acquit themselves as admirably as the pedestrian script allows.
  3. Hope Floats, which often resembles a rosy commercial, does indulge in too much awkward slow motion, and in occasional embarrassing romps that are meant to signify family fun.
  4. Reviewed by: Sarah Kerr
    Forest Whitaker directed with a slow, sugary touch -- and, one suspects, an eye toward the home-video market.
  5. 40
    Director Forest Whitaker, who appears to have been typed as a female-friendly director in the wake of "Waitinh to Exhale's" runaway success, drags out the already painfully slow proceedings with syrupy dissolves, slo-mo sequences and redundant flashbacks, underscoring it all with an intrusively obvious country soundtrack that matches lyrics to emotions with cringe-inducing exactness.
  6. Hope doesn't float in this film so much as it rises to the surface and then stagnates.
  7. 20
    Hope Floats comes lumbering along, scourging all in its path with saccharine sentimentality and bogus emotions.

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  1. HarleyF.
    Nov 12, 2007
    Me and my family loved the movie they did a great job.