Film Movement | Release Date: February 4, 2011
Summary: On a desolate island in the Arctic Circle, two men work at a small meteorological station, taking readings from their radioactive surroundings. Sergei, a gruff professional in his fifties, takes his job very seriously. His new partner, bright eyed college grad Pavel, retreats to his MP3 player and video games to avoid Sergei's imposing presence. One day while Sergei is out, inexperienced Pavel receives terrible news for Sergei from HQ. Intimidated, Pavel can't bring himself to disclose the information. When the truth is finally revealed, the consequences explode against a chilling backdrop of thick fog, sharp rocks, and the merciless Arctic Sea. (Film Movement)
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Runtime: 130 min
Production: Koktebel Film Company
Genres: Drama
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Director Credit
Aleksei Popogrebsky Director
Writer Credit
Aleksei Popogrebsky Writer
Cast Credit
Artyom Tsukanov Stas
Grigory Dobrygin Pavel
Igor Chernevich Sofronov
Ilya Sobolev Volodia
Sergei Puskepalis Sergei
Producer Credit
Aleksandr Kushaev Producer
Andrei Murtazaliev Line Producer
Mikhail Kolodyazhny Supervising Producer
Roman Borisevich Producer