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  1. Nov 20, 2014
    This movie is extremely creative and imaginative, It is also one of the nicest looking Animated movies I've seen in the past years. The beauty in all the different dragons and the scenery is amazing. The story is a bit better this time around there is more tension/drama then the first and more then you'd expect from the series.They bring back all the big voice actors from the first for this one and add a few new ones for comedic effect. All together I really enjoyed this film, I thought it captures the creativity and beauty the creators where trying to create extremely well.
    and you don't need to be a little kid to love this movie.
  2. Nov 20, 2014
    "At the first sight you may find the film boring, but if you continue watching, you'll see it worth it.
    probably DreamWorks's best animation along with the original "How to Train your Dragon", the meaning it contained was somehow political which made it even more enjoyable to watch. "Good dragons under the control of bad dragons will do bad things"
    many things just cropped up during the
    movie, in a gripping and beautiful way" Expand
  3. Nov 20, 2014
    Little bit boring....but at least it still have some funny parts of this movie...and one thing i should that is big hero 6 is much funnier than HTTYD2.
  4. Nov 10, 2014
    While it lacks the 'wow factor' as it's predecessor, How To Train Your Dragon 2 retains the emotion, fun and brains of it to spur another Dreamworks hit.
  5. Nov 4, 2014
    The storytelling in this movie is really bad, the emotional elements like loss, sacrifice etc are just dealt with on a very superficial, bad tv style level, there are a lot of plotholes. The dragons are cute, though, but I feel this is one of the animated movies that drags the genre down instead of lifting it up.
  6. Oct 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Very good film, takes a different approach from the original but continues the story of Hiccup and Toothless. I just want to say this movie is FULL of FEELS. Tense and dramatic moments that will make you saddened of obstacles that come between relationships, you may shed a tear or more, I know I did. Around the beginning the movie builds up, but ends with dramatic and large-scaled events that affect everyone, not just the main characters. I give this movie a 9/10 . Flawless animation that are fluid and charming. Expand
  7. Oct 26, 2014
    I watched it only 20 minutes but In German, It's a disaster of dubbing and in the original, the protagonist is so unlikeable!! F*ck you and your gay Haribo-dragon!!
  8. Oct 26, 2014
    Esta película no es demasiado alejada de la anterior. Hay muchos cliches y aunque quiere tener una trama mas seria, los personajes no se toman con seriedad si por ejemplo: esta apunto de llegar una guerra entre cientos de dragones. Ademas el protagonista Hipo aquí tiene 20 años pero parece muy tonto, cuando tiene un dragón enfrente que esta por matarlo el se queda quieto sin hacer nada en ves de huir, defenderse o intentar calmar al dragón. otro problema es que cosas como un reencuentro o la muerte de alguien es algo de 5 minutos para superarlo. Las emociones no son tan reales como en la anterior película. La animación es muy buena igual que como la anterior pero eso es lo único que mejoro ligeramente de la anterior. Ademas hay cosas que no entiendo como el control mental del jefe dragón, todos los reyes dragón tienen eso? Si es así, pues, como el de la primera película no uso lo mismo para evitar que los dragones escaparan para que el si comiera? Ademas al final sale un Deus Ex Machina. No me gusto tanto como la anterior. Le doy un 06/10 no supera a la anterior, es casi decente. Expand
  9. Oct 25, 2014
    This movie is great continuation of original story, if only main character wasn't so annoying.. Hiccup voice is extremely annoying, cheesy comebacks and lame dialogues do not help one bit..
  10. Oct 22, 2014
    Hated the first movie but decided to give the second one a chance and it's such a massive improvement. The story is well done and it's interesting from start to finish. Manages to keep both kids and adults entertained as well. Only complaint is that it drags on a bit too long.
  11. Oct 14, 2014
    Really enjoyable, the character designs of the Dragons are spectacular, and much like the first film the flying sequences are great and work great in 3-D. The story has a nice touch to it and works fine. Overall good.
  12. Oct 13, 2014
    A mature, richly developed story serves the beautiful animation well. Any fan of family themed animated movies will find this to be one of the best in recent years.
  13. Sep 17, 2014
    How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a rare sequel that is the same as exciting, thrilling, funny, and deeply explored or more darker in plot concept than its predecessor. What makes HTTYD2 more aimed for the YA framework is that it possesses mature tone and dramatic depth about family relationships and dragons that we don't see in the first film. Hiccup in the second film is more conscious than ever as he finds his mother; in here we see that the film is actually growing from a childish film to a mature yet darkly dramatized film. The stunning visuals have also a big contribution in making this movie a big hit for DreamWorks' second movie for the year. HTTYD2 is an eye-catching movie experience for the young and old. Recommended! Expand
  14. Sep 16, 2014
    "How To Train Your Dragon 2" Is a very emotional movie, and captures the importance of trust and friendship very well. The plot was organized and easy to follow, and the story line was creatively created. It was a great continuation from the first film, and Toothless and Hiccup's friendship grew. It was a wonderful movie, and I am excited for the third one!
  15. Sep 15, 2014
    How to train your dragon 2 is the best film ever made!! i could well can and have watched it like everyday! no where near boring i love the film, the first one was brilliant also!!! i hope for a third
  16. Sep 14, 2014
    How To Train Your Dragon 2 is a sequel that actually lives up to it's predecessor. It was what I was hoping for and more. The movies starts out with a Dragon competition with all the dragon riders. Astrid, Snotlout, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and Fishlegs. At first you have no idea where Hiccup is. Once the competition is over we are now soaring through the sky with Toothless and Hiccup. Greeted with one of the best songs in the film. People talk about this movie not having heart, but it's just as big maybe even bigger than the first film. It will make you laugh and maybe even cry. It had it's joyful moments and some sad moments too, but throughout it always was perfectly balanced. It was darker than than the first movie, but that's okay. I love that it tread on the dark side sometimes. Life has it's darker moments and that made this movie feel so real, even with dragons flying around. Toothless always brought a smile to your face, even during his vicious times. Without a cute dragon like Toothless the film might be too dark for younger kids, but since he is there he helps keep the film balanced perfectly. I say go see it as soon as you can if you even remotely like animated films. Bring your kids if you have any because they certainly won't be bored, and I don't think you will be either. Expand
  17. Sep 7, 2014
    Quite simply one the better movies I have seen in a long time. Saw How to Train Your Dragon 1 and couldn't wait for the 2nd to come out, it delivered and more.

    You know a movie is good when you root for the heroes, boo the villains, and react strongly to emotional parts of the plot. A+
  18. Sep 5, 2014
    I think that them killing of the father lowered my experience of this movie to horrible. It would have been much better movie if the king would have survived. The director needs to get fired and work at mcdonalds.
  19. Sep 2, 2014
    Quite possibly the best animated sequel of all time, How To Train Your Dragon 2 expands its boundaries while retaining the heart-warming spirit of the original. The animation quality is superb; the plot is as mature as any Lord of the Rings movie; the soundtrack is mind-blowing; and the characters are relatable human characters, complete with flaws and realistic character development. It far surpassed my expectations, and was worth the 6 month long wait. Honestly deserves the wins for Best Animated Feature, Best Original Score, and Best Original Song at the 2015 Oscars. Expand
  20. Aug 30, 2014
    Hiccup, the main character of the movie, lives in a small viking town called Berk. Thanks to his studies and constant analysis of dragons, people of Berk now a lot more about dragons and understand them better. They are living peacefully with tamed dragons until a group of dragon hunters arrive from a neighboring place. From then the story gets twisted and we unpredicted events unfold.

    Hiccup constantly pushes to solve the problems with conversation and dialog unlike most vikings in his town who are ready to fight and use violence. He relentlessly engages with the “enemies” and keeps a discourse with them. He constantly studies them and tries to understand them.

    There are two strong themes in the movie that made me love it. The first theme is the relation between humans and animals which symbolically represents the relation between any two group of adversaries: two races, two ethnicities, followers of two religions, or even two nations. Through the movie, when a group studies and understands the other group, animosities subside, mutual respect flourishes, and the common cores of both groups bind them together. In the call for understanding other groups, this movie implicitly asks us to throw away all the preconceptions and dogma and look at them, judge them, and treat them fairly and justly.

    The second strong theme in the movie is Hiccup's constant search for his identity. He is confused about who he really is and why he is different from all other vikings. But he also ceaselessly searches and seek what he wants to do with his life. He is fearless when he faces challenges and new experiences.

    How to train your dragon 2, is a phenomenal movie, the kind that you have wait years for to come and the kind that will fill you with joy whenever you remember. It is extremely fun to watch with an amazing story and unbelievable cinematography. It is a kids movie for adults. After watching this movie, all you want to do is flying and pondering on the questions that it touches.
  21. Aug 29, 2014
    I have to say, this movie was great. A few times I felt like crying, and I felt the emotion of the characters. This film was brilliant and I'd recommend it to everyone. But I went into this film knowing a big spoiler cause some idiots at school told me. But anyway, it is a great film. Go and see it!
  22. Aug 25, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Simply put, HTTYD 2 was a very surprising movie that blew my expectations away: the first movie was already very well done, so I had high hopes for it to be good. And not only it did not disappoint...but I can almost say that this was the best sequel I've ever seen, since probably Kung Fu Panda 2.

    What works in this movie is probably how the story is actually set 5 years in the future: our characters have grown up and that's already a very nice touch to the story, especially since they are also different in their behaviours, especially Hiccup being a very more reliable character and unlike the first movie, where he was more of a "passive" character, he's now always in the battle and you do feel such high respect on seeing his sense of exploration and of knowledge. The music is fantastic, the story is interesting and follows extremely well the first movie almost naturally, and all the characters are so likeable that it's hard to pick a favourite one (SPOILER: heck, my sister cried when Stoick died nearly the end of the movie: I was not expecting that to happen and all in the theatre actually cried when that happened: It's rare when a movie makes everyone cry like that)) and It's just a pleasent movie to watch and watch again.

    However if I have to pick a BIG flaw of the movie, that would definitely be the Villain.

    I have absolutely no idea who the bad guy was: we see a scene in the past where he tried to submit the village chiefs, and then we move in the future (the movie's present) where he's just bad and controls dragons. That's. It.
    Sure, we know -a- reason why he hates dragons, but he has absolutely no character growth and we basically get nothing out of him: he came as he went, and when he dies it's as if nothing happened. That was a huge flaw because it had everything except a well made villain (On this regard, I heard that in the beginning that the main villain was going to be Hiccup's mother, and as much as that idea is a lot more darker than the movie really is, I think it would have worked MUCH better than putting in a random bad guy with basically no character development).

    Aside that big flaw, nothing else really ruins it: I honestly didn't expect this movie to be as good as the original, but I'm almost sure that it's even better! Opinions may vary, but I'm definitely gonna watch this movie again, once it comes out in dvd.

    Alongside Kung Fu Panda 2!
  23. Aug 24, 2014
    A smooth continuation to the first 'How to Train Your Dragon' movie.

    The characters have grown very naturally, the story progresses, and the story arc works very well.

    There's a lot going on in the background, so keep an eye on that: a lot of cute interaction goes on in there, usually provided by the dragons, who definitely try to steal the show in this one - and that definitely
    works in the movie's benefit.

    The human/dragon relationships get portrayed in multiple ways in this one, from one extreme to another. It broadens the world that was introduced in the first movie - and brings forth a set of challenges that are not so easily overcome.

    A worthy continuation that keeps on going, with many emotional scenes, leaving lots of room to continue in the future.
  24. Aug 10, 2014
    Yes, everything I hoped for and more.. I absolutely loved the animation and splendour of the 'new world'. And the film takes no prisoners, and hated but loved it!
    Maybe the morals go a tiny bit over children's heads, don't care, I loved it.. I would never in a million years think a sequel would be better, but it really is.. But you can't have one without the other!
  25. Aug 5, 2014
    First things first: I never intended to watch this, it turned out to be the movie of choice on a family outing today & I had 0 interest in watching it since I never saw the original nor the series. With that in mind, I'll say I enjoyed every moment and was money well spent.
    The movies itself is greatly scripted with some twists and drama you wouldn't expect in a 'kids' movie, but it was
    one of the reasons why I liked it so much, and it is very well done in terms of animation and modelling (once again surpassing standards and my own expectations). I won't go on about characters and story because you probably already know them and I could spoil something.
    I think it's superb and probably one of the best movies I've seen in a while and, without a doubt, one (if not THE) best animated films of the last 10 years. I'd give it a 9.5 but since it won't let me...
  26. Aug 4, 2014
    Love the movie more than I thought I would and I like the first one, more dragons, more story. Heaps of actions and domestic comedy. All I can say is Worth Watching.
  27. Aug 4, 2014
    Decent animation! I'm not going to spoil anything! You may like it but trust me it's really not that good as everyone say. 5/10 is the only true rating for this movie
  28. Jul 31, 2014
    Well, we can't deny it to ourselves anymore. The gaping tundra of Winter is beyond us, and for that I say we are officially in the midst of the summer movie going season. Sequels, sequels, and more sequels are filling the gaps every weekend, 16 to be exact.
    Sooner or later, goodwill from post franchises are going to run out. This is not the case with the returning favorites of the beloved
    "How To Train Your Dragon". "Dragon" was a film nobody, not even myself, suspected of being the next best thing..but it was. A little film from Dreamworks Animation, that distinctly gave Pixar a run for their money. The animation was gorgeous, the story even more so. A voice cast that included Gerard Butler, Jay Baruchel, Craig Ferguson and Jonah Hill. One could perhaps argue that something is "missing" from this sequel, I would argue not.

    "How To Train Your Dragon 2" stands on its own, not as a sequel, but as an endearing story of hope, forgiveness, and courage. Our favorite characters are back in full swing. Taking place five years after the events in the first film. Hiccup (Baruchel) and his cohorts are all young adults now, serving as dragon riders in Berk. Who now are living peacefully among the towns people. The curiosity of Hiccup has grown immensely, and the world he thought he knew has opened up wider than he could ever imagine. Dealing with the added stress of being appointed his righteous father, Stoick (Gerard Butler) successor, and his tough as nails girlfriend Astrid (America Ferrera). Hiccup's curiosity eventually gets him caught by a notorious dragon warrior, which eventually turns out to be his long lost mother Valka (Cate Blanchett). Hiccup then discovers the plans of an imminent attack by the ruthless Drago Bludvist, a dragon hunter who will stop at nothing until his army is complete.

    Furthermore, the main success here lies within the brilliant character development. I recently saw in an article by Entertainment Weekly in which they compared the characters, I saw a sluggish standing, dependent Hiccup being compared to a 20 year old, one legged and tough Hiccup, and to be honest I couldn't be more happier. As with time, it evidently changes everyone. While sure Hiccup and his friends are "growing facial hair", riding on the backs of dragons like it's nothing. Hiccup has become more than a sensational character to root for, rather a Luke Skywalker for this younger generation. We also can't have this film if not for the loveable mascot and poster child; Toothless. The silly, charming and fun Night Fury dragon, that stole our hearts back in 2008.

    Equally, the story is just as good, if not better, than the original. The first one had the added pressure of society accepting dragons. Now they have but, face a greater threat than before. In the form of Drago Bludvist, who's rip-roaring voice is brought to spectacular life by Djimon Hounsou. For a childrens film; his antics are a bit darker than most villains you would see. Younger children may be frightened by his overall appearance. However, from my standpoint, I felt he was a worthy adversary for our crew of heroes. A Darth Vader to Hiccup's Skywalker. I also enjoyed the new character Erin (voiced by Game Of Thrones own Kit Harrington).

    Of course, some will likely attest that the film's characters are a bit too harsh, or deafening. Some storybook concepts will likely have to be explained to some youngsters. There is an emotional integrity to be upheld here, and director Dean DeBois keeps that formula that made it's predecessor all the more credible. Including characters we care more about, then we have had before. I found little squabbles here and there of certain action set pieces that perhaps felt out of place. If speaking figuratively it never once took away from my fulfillment and satisfaction.

    Most sequels tend to overdo it, others just wreck it's potential franchise. The old saying as it goes "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". "How To Train Your Dragon 2" is an emotionally charged, and high flying adventure. The animation is breathtaking, and better than it has every been. I find it hard looking at this film as a sequel, partially because it's so well done that it stands on its own. Which in any sequel is rare. I can only imagine what the future has in store for our lovable band of characters. I do know one thing, "How To Train Your Dragon 2" falls in that 5 percent of sequels that actually builds on their predecessor.


    By: Nate Adams

    Directed By: Dean DeBois
    Rated: PG
    Runtime: 108 mins
    Studio: Dreamworks Animation (Fox)
    Release Date: June 13th 2014

    Thanks for Stopping By ®
  29. Jul 31, 2014
    ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ is the sequel to ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ which follows the Vikings of Berk, specifically Hiccup and the Nightfury. Within this sequel dangers comes in form of a human rather than a dragon.

    I absolutely enjoyed this film since it managed to enthral and entertain, but provide a heart-warming tale and some remarkable touching moments that get to the
    audience. The sets and the scenes are mesmerising allowing for some breath-taking backgrounds.

    The characterisation of Hiccup is much more thoroughly explored which I find is the best part of this film. In the sequel we see Hiccup as a young adult, more wise and courageous, compared to the slightly accidental young teen he was within the original. This new young adult hiccup allows the story to diverge into extremely touching situations due to the maturity of Hiccup. The other residents of Berk are all delightful to watch from the other matured young adults like Astrid and Fishlegs, to the elders like Gobber and Stoick. The new cast is also a breath of fresh air with one character in particular being the highlight. The dragons from the initial film all retain their characteristics making them all original. The new dragons all have their own unique personalities which fit well within the older, already seen, dragons. The villain is extremely vile by the looks and the actions he partakes in. This causes the audience to instantly hate him and root for the heroes, especially if you’re an animal lover.
    I think it could have been improved if they showed a little more of the characteristics of the new species of dragon. Furthermore there is a specific scene that could have been the end of the film setting up for another instalment leaving a cliff-hanger. However they did not do this and did complete the film rather than leaving it at a heart-plucking moment.

    In the end ‘How to Train your Dragon 2’ is a step above its predecessor expanding and becoming more engaging. This film is a must see in anyway. Everyone will enjoy ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ since there is everything for the family.
  30. Jul 31, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. For a legendary creature lover like me, it's pretty easy to love How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) because there are all sorts of cuddly, playful dragons in this film. There are also plenty of distinctive characters, mostly adorable and hilarious in their own ways so the film is generally fun to watch!

    The animation is stunning, the plot is admirable but sad to say that there is not much authentic dragon actions (the dragons are being controlled most of the time) and it is not emotional enough. Perhaps they did not intend to make people to get emotional and tear but I really feel that deaths should, at least be given more elements or screen time to it ... I don't enjoy the fact one of the dragons that I am fond of just die (quite easily too) and be gone forever.
  31. Jul 21, 2014
    A rich, exciting and beautifully animated film, which builds upon the successes of the original. If you thought the first was good then go to the cinema and watch this.
  32. Jul 16, 2014
    This movie taught me of being a peace keeper. It feels like when I was young and I watched The Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring. Which means, it's perfect. I couldn't more grateful with this movie. I ADORE DREAMWORKS so much!!! :') So many children should be more inspired with the movie. I love the whole animation, so high-definition! And the all background with sun lights, those were amazing. I almost felt it's like AVATAR. But, as I said before, the whole movie was perfect as LOTR. It's just I thought John Powell could gave us more. The plot and the action already gave me more but suddenly it feels almost empty with the soundtrack. And, the *spoiler* proposal-song...that's so bad song. #LOL Frozen did better. Well, still, it's amazing. I enchanted with everything. The jokes and the heart-breaking scenes, truly moved me.

    Dreamworks, you are my love to you! :'))))
  33. Jul 14, 2014
    Smart, funny, visually splendid, and offering a surprising amount of emotional depth, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a thoroughly entertaining ride for all ages.
  34. Jul 14, 2014
    This movie may not have charm you the same way the first one did, but it will make you fall in love with it from its own unique identity, this is not a mere boring sequel. It is entertaining and surprising and for those who think the previews spoiled the story, trust me they haven't spoiled a thing.
  35. Jul 13, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Good sequel. Unlike the rest of the world, I think the first was much better. The movie was good, but there's one part where the movie kinda lost me, Stoick's death. One of my favorite characters got killed off. And after reuniting with his long lost wife, it defanitely made me shed a tear. There's a lot of new dragons, all cool and unique in their own ways, but there's so many new ones I couldn't keep track of them all. Overall, the CGI is fantastic, the characters are fantastic, and the plot is pretty good for a kids movie. I'll give it a 7.5, but there's no halfway option, so it's awesomeness gets it an 8. Expand
  36. Jul 13, 2014
    My family and I loved this movie. We were amazed to find that he found his mother and that she was so much like him. We all cried when the father passed away. There were surprises around each corner and the age of the main character was also on course. All of the emotions it hit with us and we would recommend it to anyone of any age. Great movie.
  37. Jul 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was very excited about HTTYD 2 and I couldn't wait about the movie. Before I saw the movie I as a fan of the franchise did watch the TV series episodes. I loved the movie. The 3D was awesome. The characters are made very cool - Hiccup's mother was very interesting person. There was a lot of humor - specially with the twins. The movie had and one very sad moment - Stoick. Anyway I loved that movie, it was better then the first and I can't wait for How to Train Your Dragon 3 and season 3 of the TV series. Expand
  38. Jul 9, 2014
    Gorgeously animated, moving, and an improvement on the original in every way, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is an animated masterpiece not to be missed, with entertainment for children and adults alike.
  39. Jul 7, 2014
    I love the movie
    It's so funny, so meaningful...
    And I love all the actor / actress casted voice for the character.
    Especially Jay Baruchel. Love him, too.
  40. Jul 7, 2014
    Best animated film ive seen since Toy Story 3, absolutely fantastic in about every why, recommend everybody to sit down and watch HTTYD 2, only downside is the fact that i felt as if the movie was 2 short, also not enough death and blood, i know its a kids movie but hell, it gets pretty dark.
  41. Jul 4, 2014
    The director and writer of this movie has respect and love for this series. The characters have not just grown up physically, but mentally, translating well with the audience. You see the characters develop in a non-intrusive way, a path very difficult to do in a 1hr. 45 min. timeframe. Speaking of timeframe, the pacing is well distributed and every scene has the right amount of time without feeling drawn out or rushed. The themes in this movie translates to both adults and kids. There are strong emotions for the adults to care about and fun action scenes for the kids. Finally, the artwork and designs of the movie are beautiful and can inspire others. The amount of character development, great pacing, strong emotions, and inspiring artwork are why I give this movie 10/10. Expand
  42. Jun 30, 2014
    How To Train Your Dragon 2, although sad, exceeded my expectations at becoming an amazing sequel. It not only showed a great change in terms of story, but a great change in the characters. The characters acted more mature, but still kept the same attitude that was very well left behind from the first How To Train Your Dragon. My recommendation is to take the whole family to see this, and if not the family, then those who are still in touch with their child at heart. Expand
  43. Jun 29, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Warning: Like the 1st movie this movie doesn't actually show you how to train your dragon

    How To Train Dragon:2 was an ok movie for children. It wasn't as good has Kung Panda. I would give this movie a 9, but my favorite character: Stoick dies. Killing him I off was a horrible choice for DreamWorks. He was basically the heart and soul of the movie. Hiccup was too scrawny to be the main hero. He could have been a side kick. On the flip side, the movie had great animation and many new exciting themes. Like Hiccup's mother being alive. The movie also was more exciting than the first in some spots. Overall if you have children take them to this movie it is good kids movie.
  44. Jun 29, 2014
    This movie is boring has no clear plot or character development it try's to cash in on the original.
    It's just a bad movie. I don't know what else to say without spoilers.
  45. Jun 29, 2014
    Beautifully animated and astoundingly designed, this is never- the- less let down by a so so story line that is unwieldy, over indulgent and finally quite boring. It's a shame because the first film was such a surprise. Alas, there in lies the key. The first film was quite fresh. This sequel may not necessarily be re-hashing events, but the spark of originality has gone. Aside from the afore mentioned pluses only the score adds any further distinction. Expand
  46. Jun 28, 2014
    Dreamworks sure have a habit of making good sequels don't they? (Shrek 2, Panda 2, Madagascar 2) It impresses me that in the midst of the beautiful animation, the scope of this world they create and the epic storyline of this film: they still manage to give so much weight to the scenes when the characters are talking; something about the pacing, dialogue and soundtrack gives the characters not only more depth but more memorability too. To me it was a crucial reason why I loved every minute of this film, DreamWorks have upped their game once again! Expand
  47. Jun 28, 2014
    This film is quite clearly a shoe-in for the best animated film of the year, if not this decade. It captures just as much charm, action, drama, and outright brilliant moments from the original, and then some. It captures the essence of what a fantasy film really is, and that's a film that makes you think; "Yeah, I want to be that guy!" or "I wish I had that." It holds up not only as a film that will enthral children, but also one that will leave those of all ages, even critics who've had their emotions locked away in a cage made of The Godfathers and Citizen Kanes gasping for breath while watching a film with damn good action, far far better action than the original. It tells the story of how someone as nerdy and unpopular as Hiccup from the original can become something so, so much more. It made me realise that our world is not just a large green rock that we have to suffer on. Its a plethora of opportunity from which any situation could spring. And so, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a masterpiece. See it if you haven't already. Expand
  48. Jun 27, 2014
    The most entertaining movie I've seen in theaters so far this year. It felt like a solid entry in the HTTYD storyline. New lessons are learned, characters deal with loss, and heroes rise to the occasion. The flying scenes are really well done and were worth seeing in 3D. I usually avoid 3D if I can but it was justified in this movie. I can' t wait to see how Dream Works concludes this exceptional story. Expand
  49. Jun 25, 2014
    This is a very good film, I 'm a real fan and really love this happy excited and make me cry.
    Create an animation very realistic, especially the most realistic eyes.
  50. Jun 25, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can't think a good reason to say this is a bad film, it's not. It has some flaws in the narrative and Hiccup kinda lost part of the magic he had on the first film, maybe to make him more mature, but nothing terrible, it gave the chance to other characters to shine.

    The heartbreaking scene of the film (Stoick's death) , it has many feelings, not only his father died, he died because of his best friend, it's so dark and bitter that they needed a "goofy" scene after it to distract kids from crying and don't get traumatized, it works great, I witnessed some examples while watching the movie, kids crying because of the scene and then they stopped, that is the point of the goofy Baby-Dragon scene). I was thinking that if this film was made by Disney or Pixar it would end up in a tragic cliché, like magic dragon tears that will bring Stoick back to life, after all,"All dragons have secrets"... right?

    A visually stunning movie with an amazing soundtrack and good new dragon designs (that could be better in some cases) will get your attention (and your kids´) every moment. Let's hope they don't destroy the magic of two good movies in the third movie.
  51. Jun 25, 2014
    I love this movie. Great visual, great soundtrack, nothing to complain about except that the pacing is way too fast. Would love to see how Dreamworks do with the 3rd!
  52. Jun 25, 2014
    Ignore all the negative chatter. I loved the first one and this one topped it. It is very rare that a fantastic movie can get better with the sequel. How to Train Your Dragon 2 built upon the foundation the first one made and was executed flawlessly. Best movie I have seen in theaters in very long time. Easily the winner of the best animated film of the year.
  53. Jun 25, 2014
    While it isn't as groundbreaking as it's predecessor, How To Train Your Dragon 2 retains the emotion, fun and brains of it to spur another Dreamworks hit.
  54. Jun 25, 2014
    This sequel takes place 5 years later, when brave Hiccup and his dragon have united their species in harmony. Then comes a villain who wants to enslave them all. The plot and dialogue are pretty mundane, the characters lack any spark or originality, but the animation is lovely. There's too much dialogue for young audiences, but enough action sprinkled throughout to entertain. Overall, an uninspired and unspecial followup. (I don't understand why several of the Vikings in this village have Scottish accents.) Expand
  55. Jun 24, 2014
    How to train your Dragon 2 displays excellent storytelling, dazzling animation and provides a dark undertone that made the movie that much better. The movie surpasses it's predecessor in almost everyway.
  56. Jun 23, 2014
    This movie basically raises the bar not only animated movie, but for movies and art in general. Not only is this movie a home-run, but it smashes the ball far over the gate/ the stands and crashes into the parking lot.

    First off, YES this movie is worth Seeing/Buying/Then watching again, because it's that damn good. The last two animated movies I saw were the Lego Movie and Frozen and
    after watching this I can 100% say this movie is completely better in every way. And just to name a few things, the emotion/character development/story and just flat out animation is far better than almost every movie I've seen my entire life, yes ENTIRE LIFE. It's a cute animation that children will love, but has a much deeper and darker story that adults can appreciate it. If you like the dark/style of the 90's animated Batman series than this movie is right down your ally. Expand
  57. Jun 23, 2014
    Just finished watching HTTYD2. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Best animated i have seen so far ___ -Visual, Best visual for a Animation I had seen so far, Every dragon has a really interesting art design, they detailed every bits of the dragon and make it look realistic. I think even better than any Pixar movie visuals yet, i think... -Story plot, though the concept felt abit same as the first one, but its still really great that every seconds count and you never want to even leave your seats for a toilet break, kids will learn alot of life lessons out of it and not only kids, but everyone too will defiantly enjoy it.

    -Voice, also quite a really good job, but i think there's still room for improvement

    -Soundtrack, Yes Yes Yes Yes, Really holy Amazing, i love every bit of it. each track works really well in their part and The ending song by Jonsi is my favorite among them all.

    -Character, Is good as always, showing every character background really well and made them really interesting to the audience.

    Overall, Best Animated yet i have seen so far, from anyone young to old, movie lovers, or everyone, its a movie that you wouldn't want to miss
    (oh the 3D is something you wouldn't want to miss )

    Score: 5/5
  58. Jun 23, 2014
    This movie builds off the original in interesting ways, if you haven't seen the first one though it'll be hard to get into. The charm of this movie lays entirely with toothless. For not having any dialogue he's the most expressive and enjoyable character. He's adorable and cleverly funny in unique ways that stick with you. It's unfortunate you can't say the same for the rest of the characters.
    Hiccup's confident attitude doesn't suit his voice anymore so his funny moments are gone. Asterid has become the annoying girl you hate your best friend for daring. Strangely enough it's the girl twin who's name you can't even remember is the only other comical relief in the film because of her infatuation with a new character.
    There are some tender moments with Hiccup's father that are heartwarming, but the rest of the plot is generally predictable. And the fights are regrettably boring because of the PG rating, making an all out war look like a nerf sword fight.
    Though it doesn't do anything unpredictable, the movie is still overall enjoyable and will have you feeling for the characters at times and laughing at how adorable it is the rest. Just don't go in expecting the imagination the first one brought you.
  59. Jun 22, 2014
    "How to Train Your Dragon 2" has just become one of my favorite movies of all time. This film takes everything that was great from "How to Train Your Dragon," and improves upon it immensely. Seriously, this movie is amazing! The visuals are amazing, the sound is amazing, the score is amazing, and the characters are amazing!
    Everything about this movie is outstanding. It's hilariously
    funny, gut-wrenchingly sad, and extraordinarily uplifting at different points throughout the movie.
    I'd also recommend that you see it in IMAX 3D, as the visuals are definitely made for this format. Without a doubt, this was hands down, THE best IMAX 3D movie we've seen all summer, and we've seen every movie that's played in IMAX 3D thus far.
    Seriously, if there's one movie that you see this summer, this should definitely be it.
  60. Jun 22, 2014
    How to train your Dragon 2 is richer, more complex and more mature than it's predecessor. It has a more emotional touch to it and visually it's just as thrilling if not more. Exploring the up's and down's in the relationship between a boy and a dragon, this is a film that holds nothing back and isn't afraid to explore the unexplored. It's a film that adults are likely to enjoy just as much as children. Although it felt a touch too long, it's undoubtedly one of this years great achievements. Is it overall better than it's predecessor? Probably, time will verify. Expand
  61. Jun 22, 2014
    For those parents growing more and more weary each day of yet another screening of FROZEN this movie is for you! This movie will be one you won't mind seeing over and over again in the theatre or at home. We are late in the game and just saw the 1st movie and loved it but 2 was thrilling, funny, pulled at your heart, the whole package. Defintely more mature story line but had just enough comic relief. I have a 3 yr old boy and 5 yr old girl and both were hanging off the edge of their seats and eyes were glued on the screen the entire time (which is a feat for them both). As a parent, one of the best kids movies I have seen in a long time. This is one you want too see on the big screen!!!! Expand
  62. Jun 22, 2014
    I loved part 2. Instead of a bland copy of the first story, this sequel continued and advanced the plot. It had complex character development and a true "coming of age" story for the main characters. It is one of the few cartoon sequels that actually AT LEAST lives up to the original!
  63. Jun 22, 2014
    Fantastic The animation is incredible, as is the soundtrack and voice acting. Unlike most animated sequels that tick all these boxes, this movie has a palpable soul. It delivers a very strong message about friendship, loyalty and commitment. You can tell that they didn't make this movie simply as a money grab. There are new ideas, new morals and new dragons! Brilliant, and achieves everything that one could hope for in a kid's movie about dragons. Expand
  64. Jun 20, 2014
    I loved the first movie, so I was excited to see what they could do with a sequel (especially when Dreamworks has been so well w/ sequels, with the 2nd Kung Fu Panda movie and the 3rd Madagascar being the best in their respective series). So I went to see this movie with a few friends, and none of us liked it. And personally, I normally like movies that everyone else hates, not the other way around- well, with the exception of maybe Frozen, but many people, I see now, agree with me that it wasn't that good.

    I mean, personally I though the pacing was awful (which was also a problem I had w/ Frozen) - I thought the mother's reveal, the villain's reveal, and even the central conflict were shown to quickly. And the villain was the worst I've seen since, well, Hans from Frozen. Actually, this was probably worse because he looked so evil and mad, but also a genius, and he looked that way, but his dialogue was very bland and kind of stupid, and his intentions were stupid and overused (seriously? Why did they have to add the world-domination part?!) and he just didn't seem...evil enough. And I really didn't like Hiccup's mom. I guess there was something about her personality that I didn't like, but I didn't like her inclusion in the movie. Her being dead in the first movie created tragedy for Hiccup and Stoik (since Hiccup had noone to support him when his dad looked down upon him, and Stoik was a single parent trying to take care of his people, but also be a good father), and gave Stoik a good reason for hating dragons. And the fact that she wanted peace between dragons and humans made it kind of Hiccup's 'destiny' to be like that, which takes away from the first movie, where HE was the first viking who wouldn't kill a dragon. Now, if it turned out that she was taken away and, over time grew to love dragons, that would be a different thing.
    Then there was the handsome british guy. His character could have been pretty good- a guy who was on the bad side but turned good? That's what made Prince Zuko such an awesome character! But he changed sides a bit too fast (going back to the pacing)- maybe if they Riders saved him, but he betrayed them, but after thinking about what is good and what isn't, then he changed his mind, that would have made me like his character more (and then, when Hiccup gave him a-certain-person's dragon, he would have earned that honor a bit more). But his character also caused for some wanna-be-funny moments from Ruffnut...I know they're teens, so jokes about a girl liking a hot guy a are pretty much inevitable, but noone in the theater I went to laughed at the scenes where she's pretty much drooling for the guy (well, maybe except for when she falls in love w/ Snottlout and Fishlegs).

    There were also a few little things that pissed me off, like Hiccup being shown as adventurous at the beginning, but everyone forgets about that. And when we found out about Stoik wanting to make Hiccup chief, it's through this odd...fake conversation between Astrid and Hiccup, which could have been cute if it wasn't for Astrid using her hands like Hiccup does and him asking when he's ever done that- jokes like that almost always feel forced imo. In fact, a lot of the jokes in this movie feel forced. And I thought the scene where Stoik and Hiccup's mom were singing could have been quite emotional, it was pretty awkward (especially w/ Gobber talking in the middle). And I'll probably be the first to say it, but I think Dragon Racing is really not fun to watch- it's like they wanted to make a cool-looking sport like Quidditch, but to make it with the least effort possible- by both creativity of the writers, and the skill required by the players.

    Even though I didn't like the movie, I did think there were some good points about it: I thought Toothless, especially w/ his interactions w/ other dragons, was pretty cute and funny, but he was also a total badass in fights, and hi struggling to not follow the Alpha Dragon was pretty awesome. In fact, all the battles were awesome (though not as much as in the first movie), and while the shots of the flying got old from the first movie, they still look beautiful- especially in 3D. And (spoiler alert) Stoik's death scene was pretty heartbreaking, especially knowing that he had been trying so hard to be good and had wanted to see his son become chief and just wanted to come home as a happy family- I swear, his death almost made me cry as much as Mufasa's, not to mention it was done by Toothless (though he was under control by the villain, which is btw the only moment when I really thought that he was an evil madman). Of course, his death was ruined when the scene right after his death, there was a scene where everyone is being goofy while struggling to fly on the baby dragons, but it was still quite a heart tugging moment while it lasted.
  65. Jun 19, 2014
    How to train your dragon 2 is amazing, one of the best animation movies I have ever seen, It will surprise you in all the ways! The movie is funny and exciting at the same time. I think I never seen a sequence of a animation movie as good as that.
  66. Jun 19, 2014
    absolutely amazing! i can't believe how much i loved "How To Train Your Dragon 2"! cause i did went into this movie excited, but i was also worried if it was gonna screw up like usual sequels do. i was so wrong! "How To Train Your Dragon 2" is everything a good sequel should be. first of all, it's absolutely gorgeous! and the best part: it takes the incredible animation of the first movie, makes it even better and takes it to the next level. the flying scenes in this movie are incredibly stunning! like they're flying around and the camera's following them, it was so beautiful and it felt like i was up there with them. and i saw it in 3D, so my mind was literally blown away. and the CGI in this movie's definitely top notch! like there's this shot of a piece of land and a ship. it's a far away shot that looked so great, i was like "It looks like live action. This looks like a live action movie". but aside from the incredible animation, deep down this movie's something even more. it takes the characters we all loved in the first one to the next level, just like a good sequel should do. ya know in the first movie, Hiccup was the boy, the boy who found a dragon. in HTTYD 2, he has to become the man, the chief of Berk. this reminded of "The Lion King" or "The Empire Strikes Back". i walked outta the movie like "This is probably "The Lion King" or "The Empire Strikes Back" of this generation". the action's exciting, the comedy's hilarious and it has fantastic emotions. i actually cried like 3 times in "How To Train Your Dragon 2". this movie's not just for kids, it's also for adults. i mean, adults are gonna love this movie, cause there are themes that really hit them, and kids are gonna love the movie cause it's a fun and exciting action/fantasy movie with incredible animation and awesome dragons. and when they grow up, they'll start to understand the darker themes and emotional aspects the movie was going for, and they'll appreciate it even more. that's what i call a good sequel! another one of the great highlights in the movie, it's the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless. to Hiccup, Toothless's a lot more than just a pet dragon. he's Hiccup's best friend and they really show how complex the emotional bond between a person and an animal can really be. it was perfect in that sense. the only small gripe i got with the movie, it's that Drago could've been a little better as the villain. don't get me wrong, he's still a great new character and the movie does make him better as it goes. it's just that, when he first showed up, i was like "This guy feels kinda weak". that's just a small gripe, it's not enough to bring the movie down. honestly, i can't think of anything bad in "How To Train Your Dragon 2". it's the best animated sequel from DreamWorks we have, since "Kung Fu Panda 2". Dean DeBlois, i really hope you win the Oscar for this movie. you definitely deserve it! you gave us one of the best sequels in a really long time. i'm telling ya, Dean DeBlois knows what he's doing in every movie he makes. he gave us "How To Train Your Dragon 1" which was amazing. now, he gives us "How To Train Your Dragon 2" which is even better. i'm really excited for "How To Train Your Dragon 3", but i don't know how they're gonna top this one. this is the BEST animated movie of the year, and probably one of the best animated movies in a really long time. so, if you haven't seen it yet, go watch it. i swear to you, you're gonna love it.

  67. Jun 18, 2014
    Bland, poorly executed, and without any of the charm of the original, How to Train Your Dragon 2 completely missed the mark. Is it darker? Sure. But does the moral ambiguity lead to interesting insight for you or your children? No, not really.

    What was the message of the film? Bad people do bad things and can convince good people to do bad things too? Dragons don't kill people, people
    kill people? It's okay to abandon your responsibilities?

    And the running gag of the love triangle fell completely flat.

    On the plus side, the 3d was well done.
  68. Jun 18, 2014
    Five years after the Viking village of Berk has made peace with the dragons, dragons now live amongst the villagers as working animals and companions. But when someone wants to control all the dragons, it's up to Hiccup and the gang to stop him. The film has been getting a TON of praise from critics, so much that I decided to finally begin reviewing animated films (Will eventually
    go to other genres). Whereas the 1st film's story revolved around Hiccup as he tries to earn the respect of his father and fellow villagers, along with developing a relationship with Toothless, the 2nd film focuses on Hiccup's family and the dangers that Drago Bludvist has on the dragons. To me, I don't see what the critics are talking about when it comes to the story being refreshing and original since it does have some problems. The story here is by-the-books: (To avoid as much spoilers as possible, I won't reveal anything important) Hiccup learns about Drago, Drago does evil things, Hiccup meets Drago and tries to solve the problem without violence, Drago does more evil things, Hiccup has to stop Drago in the end leading into a final action scene. The story here is nothing new and amazing as critics seem to say, and since this is one of those animated films that centers around its story and characters (as in their contributions to the plot) while also having a serious tone, having a cliched story actually hurts the film more than it would in something like Madagascar or Rio. In fact, the story in the 1st film to me felt better than here mostly because of Hiccup's great chemistry with some of the characters. Overall, the story is receiving more praise than it deserves. 6/10

    This is the film's biggest strength as the animation here is spectacular. The backgrounds look stunning, the textures are great, the character designs are well made, the environments vary from snowy mountains, to lush flora, to ice-y terrain, and Berk. Another impressive thing was the variety of dragons. There were at least 30 different kinds of dragons seen, and each one looks like they have their own unique feature that makes them special. You can easily make an encyclopedia on all the dragons here. But the most incredible thing about the animation were the action scenes, especially with some "Alpha" dragons fighting in the background. Definitely watch this movie in 3D or IMAX if you can. 10/10

    Characters and Comedy:
    As said, to me the 1st film made better use of the characters than here. I'll say that Hiccup's relationship with his father Stoick and his mother Valka make for some of the more heartwarming moments in the film. Dreamworks did add in some emotional scenes here as things happen to Hiccup, and it's great to see him change throughout the film because of those actions. His bond with Toothless also serves as another highlight to the film. His scenes with his family and Toothless are some of the best moments in the film. As for all the returning characters, they don't serve much of a purpose in the film outside of mere comic relief. I'm even disappointed that Dreamworks didn't expand Astrid and Hiccup's relationship seeing as how they're a couple now. Astrid just follows what all the side characters do now. As for the villain, Drago is your standard-dark dressing, eye-slashed, gritty-voiced villain who doesn't have an interesting backstory or goal. He wants to control all the dragons. So original. As for comedy, the returning side characters are mostly comic relief, so with them and Toothless, you'll find some nice comedy sprinkled here and there amidst all the action and conflicts. It's clear that Dreamworks focused more on Hiccup, his family, and Toothless more than their returning characters and villain. 7/10

    John Powell does an incredible job with this score incorporating a more "epic" fantasy feel to the film. The score ends up immersing you into this fictional world that Dreamworks created. They even added a song to the mix. It features Hiccup's mom and dad singing a song they hold dear to them, and it's a nice addition to an already incredible score. Oh, and the sound effects here are fine, especially in the action scenes. 10/10

    Acting and Casting:
    All the performances here are great but if there's one thing I have to complain about, it would be Jay Baruchel's voice for Hiccup. Watch the movie and find out why. I also feel they didn't use Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse to their full potential. But the acting is still great and the casting is fine. 8/10

    This film although great, is sort of overrated when it comes to praise. This is mostly because of the flaws in the story and some of the characters. But the animation and score are what makes this film soar over Frozen and The Lego Movie. This is my pick for best animated feature of the year.....for now.

    +1 for being a sequel I enjoyed.

    Rating: 9/10
  69. Jun 16, 2014
    For starters, “How to Train Your Dragon 2” has a very mature and rich story that is filled with emotional and dramatic depth. It grows our characters from the first film and really feels like a continuation of the series and not just some cash grab. We see how Berk has changed and how the lives of everyone on the island has become better, I really love how the film tackles darker subject matter like remorse, forgiveness, and redemption, while at the same time touching on themes of love and loss. The screenplay is filled with moments of pure heart and we really see the bond between Hiccup and Toothless expanded upon. Not only is this a great screenplay, but also Dreamworks’ best since the original “Shrek.”

    The characters and voice actors are perfect. I love how the characters have grown and their personalities have been enhanced. Hiccup takes a more proactive role in this film and we really see that he’s matured a lot from the first film. His and Toothless’ relationship is expanded on and it really is still the core emotional center of the film. The side characters like Astrid and Snotlout get more screen time this time around and they actually do more with the film. They aid with the comic relief to keep the movie a little lighter than the extremely dark tone that it’s going for. There are a few new characters introduced into the universe like Valka, Eret, and Drago Bludvist. Valka is a great character and she’s another great female addition to the roster. She has a great emotional ark and not only that, she is a strong character and a better dragon master than Hiccup that really holds her own. Eret is a nice addition to the cast as he is also comic relief, but also a interest side villain character. Drago is a fantastic villain and is really a cold hearted murderer. His method of mastering dragons really differs from Hiccups and its a great contrast that shows the different types of people that are in this world. I love how they build him up before actually revealing him.

    The animation and visuals are probably amongst the best I’ve seen from any CGI film to date. It is just breathtakingly gorgeous. The character’s movements are so fluid and each character has their own way of moving. What I found really impressive is the facial animation. There are so many intimate moments in this film that require no dialogue and we can sense exactly what the characters are thinking from their expressions. There is always something happening in the foreground as well as the background and it’s unlike anything that I’ve seen before in the medium. Characters could be taking in front of the camera, but in the background there could be an epic battle taking place. There is a lot to take in, but the director, Dean DeBlois, knows how to balance the visuals with well paced story. The layout and environment are also quite impressive. Every blade of grass, powder of snow, and water particles are just amazing to look at.

    The score from John Powell impresses again and really enhances the already great score of the series. It’s bombastic, epic, touching, and moving. There is something about the score that really makes the film so much better than it already is. I was literally left in tears because of the score and how beautiful it is.

    I’m gonna come out and say it. “How to Train Your Dragon 2” is a MASTERPIECE amongst modern films and a revolution in animation. It is a film that is going to push animation further and allow the medium to be taken more seriously. For a major studio production, it goes to places that the medium has only thought of, but couldn’t really pull it off because of limitations set by studios and audiences alike. It is almost a near perfect film and I award it the highest 5/5 that I can.
  70. Jun 16, 2014
    The first installment should have won the Oscar for best animated picture. This one should win for sure. The 3D is excellent, the animation is excellent. It's also well written and funny. The detail is amazing. An all around entertaining film.
  71. Jun 15, 2014
    The sequel is different in tone from the original, but equally satisfying. The story is a little darker, as it deals with loss in a particularly personal way. But it is visually stunning, amusing, and moving throughout. The story relies very much on the first film, so one might be a little confused without seeing these films in order.
  72. Jun 15, 2014
    Adequate sequel that matches up to the original. The only thing I can disapprove of is Cate Blanchett's voice. She's a combination of Irish and American, and she's an Aussie. Other than that, solid film.
  73. Jun 15, 2014
    Gorgeously done and exhilarating in parts. A worthy sequel. Not in my mind as magical as the first, and I thought the film was needlessly dark in a couple areas.
  74. Jun 15, 2014
    This summer movie maintains most of the splendor of its predecessor while creating more depth and shape to an interesting world full of cute dragons. It does not drag on (pun intentional) in any place and was paced extremely well. The heartfelt moments seemed down to a science and the overwhelming cheese is what kept me from giving this 10/10.

    Still, if you liked the first film this
    film will likely not disappoint unless you expect far too much from it. Expand
  75. Jun 14, 2014
    This movie is worthy of going up against a Pixar movie. yes i said it. It may even be better than a Pixar movie because while it kept to a more mature form and also still a childish sense of humor laughable at all ages.
  76. Jun 14, 2014
    After seeing some other sequels, I was ready to be disappointed for this movie. But after the credits, I couldn't leave my seat. This was the most amazing, powerful, and emotional movie I have seen in at least the past 5 years. It definitely surpasses the original, and it is a must-see for all ages.
  77. Jun 14, 2014
    I was pleasantly surprised by how great this film was! In fact, this sequel performed the rare stunt of being equally as good, if not, better than its predecessor! While it does return to some of the familiar concepts from the first, it even offers a lot of new things as well. There's more action, excitement, emotion, you name it! I was definitely entertained from start to finish! Overall, this was a very worthy and groundbreaking sequel to an already great first movie! If you loved the first, then don't hesitate to see this one! Expand
  78. Jun 14, 2014
    I really enjoyed the movie. It was fun to see these characters again and I liked the direction the story went. Great visuals as well as good voice acting and score. The How To Train Your Dragon movies are easily Dreamworks' best work.
  79. Jun 14, 2014
    Easily the Best Animated Feature of the year and Best Summer Film. Dreamworks usually takes the backseat and strides behind Pixar but with How to Train Your Dragon 2 they might have a winning formula to overcome the hurdles. What is really great about HWTYD2 are the script and characters. The script is moving and digs deep about life, death and overcoming all odds. The cinematography, score and graphics are gorgeous and helps evoke the emotions of the film. Expand
  80. Jun 14, 2014
    I didn't think that a sequel to a movie could be better than the original. I'm glad to say that I was wrong. Everything about this film works to improve on the first. The graphic design seems much more colorful this time around. The level of detail is astounding. The voice actors are just as spectacular, especially Cate Blanchet as Valka. Most importantly, the mood and emotion has become much more adult, resulting in the movie appealing to more ages. I have seen this movie twice already. I may even see it again, because it is just that good. Expand
  81. Jun 14, 2014
    It's really not a cartoon for children. A lot of smiles a lot of tears. Just go and enjoy it. One of the most upscale, amazing, exiting film I've seen this, last, many years.
  82. Jun 14, 2014
    As soon as the movie started I could tell something was off. The only character that expressed any real emotion was Toothless, everyone else seemed so lifeless. During most of the dialogue the characters mouths moved and words came out, but they were so inexpressive it didn't feel like they were actually living characters with something to say. The entire film lacked in humor and had less charm than a single frame of a Disney or Pixar film. This was disappointing because I quite enjoyed the first one. Expand
  83. Jun 13, 2014
    It's One of those DreamWorks Animation movies yet again another green range since the first, First and second Shrek, megamind and puss in boots. These Dragons and people are even funnier. Even when some other girl falls in love with a villain. Another Masterpiece by Fox and DreamWorks.! Great Job who ever director! Be sure to look out for an Special Trailer for the new DreamWorks Movie: Penguins of Madagascar! Coming Soon in 3D! Expand
  84. Jun 13, 2014
    What an incredible movie! This surpassed all my expectations. The movie was extremely funny and had a great storyline. The storyline was so original you never expected what would happen next. Soundtrack and casting was perfect! Overall a must see !
  85. Jun 13, 2014
    Amazing movie! I thought maybe the previews revealed too much but after seeing the movie NOT AT ALL. Not many sequels are better than its predecessor but HTTYD2 definitely exceeded all my expectations! It was hilarious, heartfelt, and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The storyline was original and the soundtrack was beautiful. I recommend the movie to anyone of any age. You won't regret it! Expand
  86. Jun 13, 2014
    Pretty steep step down from the original which I thoroughly loved. It's significantly darker than its predecessor and less funny. The characters, story, dialogue, and writing have all gotten worse. I took my daughter, who really liked Astrid in the original. Though a girl, she was driven in a way no other character was and outperformed all the boys with her determination. In the second book, she's abandoned all that ambition and spends most of the movie doting on Hiccup. She identifies now seemingly as nothing more than his future wife and has hardly any lines. That was disappointing. They did introduce another major female character, but she was nowhere near the inspiration that Astrid had been. Similarly, the lessons from the first movie, to see past our prejudices, are nowhere to be found. The story is muddled, and the jokes don't work nearly as well. I'm sure kids will like the action, but adults will be mostly bored. I certainly was. Expand
  87. Jun 13, 2014
    This is a very good film, but for me it lost the charm of the original. Typically, sequels to an animated movie end up being trash, but this film doesn't follow that trend. As a sequel, it has more dragons that are very interesting and cool looking. The action, graphics and overall story in the film are great as well! I'm very happy with the progress of the main characters, and it really sets up the 3rd film well. Where I was turned off, was the constant need to force Toothless into doing cute actions. In the first film, Toothless had a genuine cuteness to him, but in the sequel it was overdone and quite frankly became distracting. For example, there would be some important dialogue between characters, and then Toothless would be doing something in the background... I guess they put this is for the kiddies who could care less about what's going on in the story, but as an adult, I care about the characters and the challenges they're trying to overcome... but I couldn't focus on what they were saying with how distracting Toothless became during those scenes. Also, I really liked the rag-tag bunch of Hiccups friends in the first film. They were a ton of fun, but in the sequel, they didn't have the same impact. Astrid as Hiccups girlfriend is boring, and Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut were not really funny. Ruffnut was definitely the best of the group, but her "joke" quickly ran its course, when they used it over and over again. Other than the many distractions from Toothless and the lack of fun from Hiccup's group of friends, this movie was a fantastic sequel. I will recommend it to all families and feel like it's a great challenger to Lego Movie for best animated film of the year. Expand
  88. Jun 13, 2014
    Much, much better then the original one. That's it. YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT THIS MOVIE IS!!!! GO SEE IT NOWWWWWW!!!!!! DON'T WASTE MY TIME, GO WATCH IT!!
  89. Jun 13, 2014
    The overall fell is darker and much more mature, which is a good thing, especially with the 5 years gap. The animation, is unsurprisingly gorgeous, so is the production design. The action, by cinematography standpoint, is majestic and epic. But one has to expect, with all of those nice additions, you will get something less, especially the story and character developments. Other thing to regret, how under-mixed the beautiful score by John Powell is in the movie, makes the scene anti-climax. Overall, a nice sequel, but just that, not more Expand
  90. Jun 13, 2014
    Your ten year old will probably love every minute of it but you will just have to enjoy the popcorn. How to Train Your Dragon 2 sticks to the tradition of lackluster animation sequels. 6 points, for old time's sake.
  91. Jun 13, 2014
    How to Train Your Dragon 2 is an excellent sequel. It does what sequel should do. It takes its roots, expands them and doesn't rehash the previous film. Twists and surprises make this movie more of an adult experience than a kiddie one. Beautiful, emotional and dazzling, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the best animated film in years and puts some animated sequels to shame.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 39
  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
  1. Reviewed by: Dave Calhoun
    Jul 8, 2014
    Hats off to Dreamworks for offering some bold surprises in a respectable sequel filled with moments of humour and emotion among its ample noise and movement.
  2. Reviewed by: Helen O'Hara
    Jul 7, 2014
    At times terrifying and too tough for tinies, this is nevertheless a triumphant sequel that puts its faith in Hiccup and Toothless to find a way through dark times for man and dragon. Until we all get our own dragon to go flying with, the result is a story sufficiently thrilling to have us all airborne.
  3. Reviewed by: Bob Mondello
    Jun 13, 2014
    Director Dean DeBlois has been saying this installment is the middle movie in a How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. It's clear that he took inspiration from the first Star Wars trilogy — not a bad model for breathing new life, and yes, a bit of fire, into one of Hollywood's more nuanced animated franchises.