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  • Summary: If I Didn't Care is a Hitchcockian film noir/thriller set in the exclusive resort community of The Hamptons. The film tells the story of Davis Meyers' ill-fated attempt to produce an heir that leads to infidelity, murder and tragic consequences. The film captures the picturesque setting and watering holes of the Hamptons to create the feel of a classic film noir in the style of the ‘40s and ‘50s. (Artistic License Films) Expand
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  1. 50
    So low-key that it verges on unconsciousness.
  2. Reviewed by: Staff (Not credited)
    There's murder, deception, cruel twists and plenty of scenes at night in If I Didn't Care, but writer-directors Benjamin and Orson Cummings lack the fatalistic glue of true film noir to hold it all in place.
  3. Reviewed by: Aaron Hillis
    With their unrelenting, nostalgic clutch on old-school noir rules (a girl and a gun, plans goes awry, an easily spotted macguffin), the Cummings boys paint themselves into the proverbial corner with a cop-out ex machina ending--at which point there is no longer a need for the title's "If."
  4. Reviewed by: Ronnie Scheib
    Featuring a strong central perf by Bill Sage, a raincoated detective turn by Roy Scheider and the upscale autumnal serenity of the Hamptons, If I Didn't Care remains a stylistic exercise in elegant gratuitousness.
  5. The movie itself is a shell. The characters, especially the unstable Hadley, barely exist. And even by the loose standards of film noir, the mechanics of the murder plot, and the story’s jolts and twists toward its abrupt surprise ending, are unconvincing.
  6. 25
    Remember how "Double Indemnity" featured smart criminals and a smarter investigator? The indie film If I Didn't Care, with its dumb criminals and dumb cops, is a sort of "Double Stupidity."