Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
  1. 88
    Fresh comic thinking spices up this smart cookie of a satire from director-writer Paul Weitz (About a Boy). He makes it sexually provocative and subversively hilarious.
  2. Grace and Quaid imbue what could have been caricatures--with heart, intelligence and great comic timing.
  3. The denouement of the movie is as preposterously happy as a children's fairy tale. But the moral is ageless.
  4. A smart, savvy and satisfying Hollywood comedy.
  5. Reviewed by: Olly Richards
    Clever, original and terrifically witty.
  6. The film is ultimately so extraordinary because it deals with something so ordinary: the desire to be better than we are, without knowing how to do it.
  7. Genial, generous-spirited and unmistakably entertaining.
  8. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    A smooth mixture of satire and sentiment that owes an obvious debt to "The Apartment," not to mention "Jerry Maguire."
  9. Weitz's dialogue has sparkle and snap.
  10. 75
    In Good Company is a rare species: a feel-good movie about big business. It's about a corporate culture that tries to be evil and fails.
  11. Lively acting and timely humor are the main assets of this garden-variety comedy.
  12. 75
    Engaging and enjoyable.
  13. An amusing and unusually compassionate look at today's corporate culture.
  14. 75
    A star is born in In Good Company, which showcases Topher Grace.
  15. While Weitz's story is diverting, the performances cut deeper than the film.
  16. A richly satisfying and darkly funny movie.
  17. Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    Gives Dennis Quaid one of his best screen showcases.
  18. 75
    Has two strengths to recommend it: strong character interaction and a viciously accurate depiction of the modern corporate philosophy.
  19. The comic spirit in this type of picture is wonderfully democratic, and so is the result.
  20. A modest movie full of decent pop songs, three-dimensional humans and sharp observations about the male mind. It's also full of funny little ironies.
  21. Weitz gives all his actors room to shine.
  22. Reviewed by: Don R. Lewis
    The guy (Grace) simply steals the show here. He's at once goofy and hammy, yet so lost, sad and sensitive you buy into his performance from the get go.
  23. In Good Company lacks both the emotional sting and the bright pop-culture snap of "About a Boy," as well as Mr. Hornby's carefully cultivated irony, but it makes for an agreeable solo directing debut.
  24. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    It manages to be funny and charming while capturing a lot of disturbing things about the way we live now.
  25. Reviewed by: Richard Schickel
    Leaves a quiz show's quantity of unanswered questions. But it has the optimism and determination of a corporate whistle-blower. It makes us believe, for a moment, that it's possible to end-run the spirit of Enron.
  26. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    An often lively comedy-drama that lands some nice jabs at the mega-corp ethos, In Good Company makes for pretty good company until going soft when it counts.
  27. How, then, does "In Good Company" turn out for the better in spite of itself? No mystery at all. Whatever the fate of old media, or new media, for that matter, winning performances are here to stay.
  28. Isn't scintillating, but it's sort of embraceably funny.
  29. 70
    A missed opportunity, though as usual Quaid is dazzling.
  30. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Cheerful and easy to watch but surprisingly inept in the telling.
  31. Weitz has done one remarkable thing in "Company" that doesn't strike you until later: He's given us a functional family that overcomes difficulties with patience and effort.
  32. 60
    The scenario is stale but the actors are faultless.
  33. Reviewed by: Glenn Kenny
    The movie has some pleasures, but can be heartily recommended only to those who like their entertainments equally inoffensive and inconsequential.
  34. Has its heart in the right place, and could have been an insightful rumination on corporate shortsightedness and mid-life obsolescence. Instead, it's another one of those Hollywood films whose feel for the workingman's life seems to come exclusively from other movies.
  35. 50
    If the movie overall had the bitter brio of Malcolm McDowell's brief turn as Globecom guru Teddy K, a Franken-mogul stitched together from bits of Richard Branson, Barry Diller and Rupert Murdoch, it would be a pointed black comedy.
  36. 50
    It's "Rain Man" with ageism substituted for autism.
  37. 50
    Only when it wraps up all its loose ends with a feel-good sitcom conclusion does it finally reveal itself: It's an interesting failure rendered all the more disappointing for veering so close to success.
  38. 50
    Good points aside, In Good Company is a bland, occasionally phlegmatic pastiche of cliches and dull encounters.
  39. Grace and Johannson's courtship has all the heat of a wet wipe and, worse yet, leaves Quaid offscreen for long stretches.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 102 Ratings

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  1. Dec 9, 2013
    Somehow, In Good Company hits all the right notes for me. It's funny and uplifting yet also extremely sad. The characters on offer here are not the usual rom-com black and white; they all have their own shades of grey. Impressive writing and acting also do their jobs well and (thankfully) the whole thing wraps up without shmaltz or over-sentimentality. In Good Company is a vastly underrated film and one I never seem to tire of. Full Review »
  2. Sep 17, 2014
    Topher Grace and Dennis Quaid are really good in their role.Meanwhile there is some awful characters like the wife of Quaid's character.The movie has one of the most simple story and simple scenario,but somehow the movie is not so good. Full Review »
  3. Oct 1, 2014
    One of the best comedy-dramas of 2004. It is very realistic with a terrific cast and a wonderful story.
    Full Review »