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    Not once does this ruffled sweetness seem like Hanson’s natural terrain. "Wonder Boys" took emotional risks, daring to suggest that with age comes not wisdom but confusion and crummy robes, whereas everything in the new film is designed to slot together with an optimistic click.
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    It's absolutely the classiest big-screen version of chick lit we're ever likely to see. But it still has all the lasting flavor of a Chiclet.
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    Artificial in both its dialogue and its construction, the film only works - on those occasions when it works - because of the sincere performance by the underrated Toni Collette.
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    Diaz and Collette are believable as sisters, but their performances rarely surprise -- in a more interesting movie world, they'd have switched roles.
  5. A bungled mess that spends an hour creating two characters whose lives are about as believable as a successful ambush set by Wile E. Coyote for the Roadrunner.
  6. Emotions too often get ladled unconvincingly.
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    Overlong, undercooked drama.
  8. The people who made this film -- particularly the ones responsible for the story and the dialogue -- should look no further when trying to understand why In Her Shoes lands with such little impact. The characters seem authentic -- until the chick-flick template distorts them.
  9. Although much of the bloat can be traced to the script, via the Jennifer Weiner novel, let's not absolve director Curtis Hanson from his fat share of the blame.
  10. Reviewed by: Michael Ferraro
    For you guys out there stuck with a lady-friend looking for that "Beaches" replacement, here it is.
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    The whole exercise feels hopelessly shallow and artificial. In Her Shoes is basically a double-date romantic comedy, in which not one but two women find themselves and learn to live and love again, etc. etc., and while it's well-acted on most counts, it's also as plodding as it is obvious.
  12. The movie's a bust in myriad ways, especially because almost every scene possesses the oily feel of manipulation and condescension.
  13. Ultimately, it's too self-conscious of its role in the marketplace and too hamstrung by its source material to risk being honest at the expense of being liked.
  14. There'd be nothing wrong with this if the film 'fessed up to its kitschy soul. Instead, it pretends to be the high-minded drama it's not.
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  1. KenG
    Sep 25, 2006
    One of the most annoying chick flicks we've had in awhile. I'm a guy, but I enjoy well done "chick flicks" like "Ghost" and One of the most annoying chick flicks we've had in awhile. I'm a guy, but I enjoy well done "chick flicks" like "Ghost" and "Working girl", and others. But this was hardly well done. In the early part of movie neither Diaz nor Collette comes off as a complete person. Diaz is the irresponsible, insensitive sister. Collette is the drab, dull one (who apparently never had a "real" boyfriend before the one she gets in the film, despite the fact that she's in her 30"s, so I'm assuming there's this whole lesbian past movie isn't telling us about). Diaz learns how to be a responsible, caring grown-up, who knows what's really important, and Collette learns how to be true to herself, and have fun. Diaz goes from a somewhat interesting character, into a dull one. Collette starts of as a dull, drab one, and never becomes interesting. Throw in the fact that MacLaine is the guilt-ridden grandmother, determined to strengthen Diaz out, and you're wondering couldn't filmmakers have thrown all these clichés into one character. Still, their is nothing wrong with Collette's to good to be true boyfriend, other then the complete lack of a personality. (Did they really get engaged after about three dates. It certainly felt that way) Full Review »
  2. nicka
    Sep 9, 2006
    Okay for some this might be a chick flick but what
  3. MartineI.
    Mar 23, 2006
    This film thoroughly suprised me ('made do' with it on a long flight). It is all too easy to just dismiss as a 'chick This film thoroughly suprised me ('made do' with it on a long flight). It is all too easy to just dismiss as a 'chick flick' but this tag misses the tenderness and poignancy that comes through in the telling of this story. A stellar cast and fine acting raises it well above the norm. Possibly the finest use of an e e cummings poem you may ever come across. One for the girls undoubtedly, but secretly the boys could love this too. Full Review »