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  • Summary: A romantic road film, the story focuses on Daniel, a shy and naive physics teacher trying to get from Hamburg to Istanbul in 7 days in order to meet Melek, a woman he's fallen in love with. His wild odyssey is shared by Juli, a young woman hungry for life who predicts Daniel will soon find his one true love. On his way East, Daniel discovers a new self and learns to truly fight for his happiness. (Film Philos) Expand
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  1. Everything you might want in a road movie: an off-the-cuff sense of adventure, a winningly scruffy charm and a whip-smart sense of humor.
  2. So unambiguously good-natured it feels like something fresh.
  3. 80
    Every time the pace starts to flag, it coughs up one hilarious left-field interlude after another.
  4. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Sweet little crowd-pleaser.
  5. Reviewed by: Carla Meyer
    A picture so infectious it almost seems original.
  6. Mr. Akin pursues his happy, silly love story without embarrassment, and In July is ultimately more endearing than irritating.
  7. Reviewed by: Ed Park
    A nimbler approach to border crossing, German-born director Fatih Akin's In July resembles a shaggier "Serendipity," with a similar moony conflation of coincidence and destiny.

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  1. Apr 28, 2011
    An overly pretentious movie about two hicks going nowhere. Not much else needs to be said except that this movie is not as great as plenty of other movies i could name which not only exceed it, but just outright leave it trailing in the dust. Go watch Indiana Jones, don't waste your time here. Expand

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