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  1. Reviewed by: Derek Elley
    Makes engrossing viewing for much of the way...but stumbles dramatically in its final leg.
  2. 60
    Winterbottom and screenwriter Tony Grisoni were clearly motivated by conscience, but I can't help thinking that Stephen Frears's "Dirty Pretty Things," a much more conventional and contrived movie about third-world refugees, will have a greater social impact than this murky art-house item.
  3. It's of an odd genre: a formally scripted (by Tony Grisoni) feature with a musical score that adheres totally to journalistic accuracy and willfully ignores formula, melodrama and uplift. It's a real down-lift.
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  1. Dec 24, 2013
    Based on the true story of two young Afghan refugees and their journey towards a best place on the earth for their better future. This,Based on the true story of two young Afghan refugees and their journey towards a best place on the earth for their better future. This, documentary style adventure-drama of a British movie about illegal migrants from various refugee camps from middle-east chronicles as theirs lifetime voyage begins. From the director of Angelina Jolie starer 'A Mighty Heart', once more time he portrayed the people of middle-east who wants to escape from their poverty. He managed to extract the best from the non-professional actors and made it a one of a best movie of all time about illegal human migration.

    Jamal and Enayat are two Afghan refugees from the camp located on the Pakistan border. The Enayat's father decides to send him to London from his war torn country. Jamal joins him as their voyage to modern world commence. During their journey they have to cross many countries between two continents to reach their destination. They meet other people like them who traveling different directions seeking a fresh life to begin. With all the hurdles would they reach their destination or not is the remaining tale to explode.

    We have heard many stories like this but this movie gives you a real experience with almost the realistic images in front of you. The only minus point which I hated the movie in the initial stage due to the slaughtering scene. Since I saw this movie I could not erase those images from my mind. It was very cruel, so it is not suitable for kids and adults who love animals. But the rest of the movie is indubitable. Like the French movie 'Welcome' about a boy who want to cross the English channel, this movie briefs longest journey within 90 minutes with a fine pace. This is a good example movie about after effects of war where innocents only suffer more than between two fighters.
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