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  1. Jan 5, 2014
    A very well-done movie, and a very original idea. I like the creation of this world with buying and selling time, and how this idea soon gets corrupt. Very intriguing movie.
  2. Sep 24, 2013
    I dont get it bad reviews? Did you really see this movie? I think not.
    This movie is incredible. I usually dislike guys who jump all the time on the scene like Justin Bieber, but Timberlake was awesome. He played his role almost perfect. Concept like time is money is unique and holding deep thought as we all wasting our time in real life using money. I also enjoyed the music. This is not
    like sci fi movie, there is no cyberpunk, this is mostly action. I strongly reccomend anyone to watch it. Expand
  3. Sep 18, 2013
    In Time focuses on the future, where the world has decided to remove the gene that causes people to age. As a means to control this, you stop aging at 25 years old and they you will leave one more year unless you earn more time. Time though is also the currency of this era buying things such as coffee, hotel rooms, and meals. Overall, I loved the concept of In Time and was intrigued from the very beginning. While the concept is very interesting, there are a number of flaws which while not a deal breaker, frustrated me as a viewer such as in a world trying to avoid anarchy, the simplicity of transferring time by touch seems a bit to...simple. Maybe that's just me though. In addition, a few questions are raised that are never answered, and secondary character development is lacking making what could have been a fantastic, robust and believable world a bit cold and confusing. With that said, I enjoyed the premise and the movie. I just wish that more time had been put into it's crafting to take full advantage of the great premise at hand.

    While the film suffered from a few issues, the technical aspects of the film were nice when presented on Blu-Ray. The movie's colors and representation of fleshtones, clarity, etc. were all spot on for the environments the characters were in. The night scenes featured a nice amount of detail on the buildings and in the shadows, lending to the believability of the film.

    The soundtrack, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, was nice and took advantage of all of the speakers. Great off camera cues, spatial dimension and subtle effects made this an overall involving audio mix. The film took advantage of the subwoofer occasionally to create solid, deep, and powerful bass. While much of the film did not require this, it was well done when used. The dialogue was solid and at a good volume in relation to the other effects.

    Parents, I would personally peg the movie for a 13 year old, depending on the family. There is some profanity (f word, some s words, etc.), some sexual content involving skinny dipping, There is also plenty of violence, some suicide, and more. While much of this is bloodless, it is something to consider if violence is a concern. There is also some drinking but there is not any use of drugs.

    Overall, I really enjoyed In Time. While it suffered from plot flaws and basic premise issues, the film was fun and brought a new concept forward that differed nicely from the average sci-fi film. I wish more time had been spent on this and developing the other characters, but all flaws considered, I would happily watch the movie again as I feel it plays a nice commentary on modern day america, the constant struggle for life, and the class structure. Personally, this wouldn't be a movie I would purchase though, instead I would recommend renting.
  4. May 25, 2013
    In Time is set in an alternative universe in which, for reasons that the film never explains, humans stop ageing at twenty-five and then have only a year to live unless they can continually ‘top-up’ their eternal body clock. The worlds population is divided into distinct zones by wealth, not terms of money that no longer exists, but by how much time they have left. The elite are free to enjoy their, almost eternal, lives knowing they have thousands of years to spare while the majority struggle to earn enough time just to stay alive. When factory worker Will Salas (Timberlake) is given over a century of time from a suicidal tycoon he decides to use it to take down the unjust system.

    Andrew Nicol, who brought us Gattaca and The Truman Show, has an excellent track record when it comes to adapting interesting sci-fi premises for the big screen but, while In Time is certainly an entertaining watch, it has far too many problems to be considered alongside his best work. Chief among these issues are the way the movie continually contradicts itself in order to progress to its finale, the use of the central time premise to artificially create tension (why does everyone cut everything so close?) and a lack of any real chemistry between the lead duo.

    In Time is not a bad movie but you can’t help feel it could have been something more.
  5. Mar 24, 2013
    Although the screenwriting wasn't quite the best, the overall idea of the film was great.
  6. Mar 23, 2013
    In Time is a muddled mess of a movie. Among it's problems are notable continuity gaffs (only 2 hours left to live at night... and suddenly it's daytime with 30 seconds still on the clock), huge unbelievable coincidences, stupid plotting (exactly how does Justin Timberlake's character suddenly switch from a simple factory worker into a super assassin?!) and weird character logic (anyone who can fathom the motives of Cillian Murphy raise your hand now). In Time is a nicely designed but ultimately dud effort from the director of the excellent Gattaca. Expand
  7. Feb 28, 2013
    In Time is not a bad science-fiction thriller, it gets quite a few things right such as half-decent acting, good scenery and a very, very good concept. Unfortunately, it also gets quite a few things wrong and it starts with the half-decent acting, why on earth would it pop in anyone's mind to ask Justin Timberlake to star in a movie? To me that looks a lot like asking Vin Diesel to orchestrate an orchestra. Don't get me wrong, Vin Diesel is an awesome actor but that's what he is: an actor. Justin Timberlake can barely be considered a musician, let alone an actor. Anyhow, regardless of my personal dislike of Justin Timberlake I have to say that he didn't do a bad job at portraying the protagonist but it's really his female counterpart Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried) that steals the show with her stunning 90's outfit. The other actors are all so-so, A lot of people are supposed to act much older than they look since people stop aging at 25 in In Time but only a few actors pull it off convincingly. The technology used to transfer time from one person to another is never explained and we have to settle for a 'it's just the way it is' at the start of the money, never learning how the system came into place or why it seems like everyone and everything is permanently stuck in a 90's setting. Many say this movie is a critique of Capitalism. I believe it is more than that, I believe it to be a critique of time itself. However it fails to properly materialize this critique and ends up being just an interesting action-thriller with a whiff of science fiction that invokes a sense of familiarity in us because we all know we're being cheated, lied to and forced to waste our lives for power-hungry demagogues. A sort of modern day, cinematized Bonny and Clyde, if you will. For those truly looking for solid critique on Time, turn to John Zerzan's Time and its Discontents. Expand
  8. Feb 26, 2013
    Worst movie. I can not understand the storyline and the end of the film. The girl main character said that people should live with their time but in the end, why that she went into the bank and rob it to have more time to live. Can not understand. But the movie is still interesting with people who don't appreciate time
  9. Feb 22, 2013
    Time is money and money is time in Andrew Niccol's epic, In Time. In this film, human beings are genetically engineered. At the age of twenty-five, your clock starts ticking and your goal is to work in order to survive. The wealthy are immortal, while the poor die at a young age. The story is refreshingly unique and the film is done very well. Justin Timberlake stars, and shows that he's come a long way in a short time. When I heard he was starring in this film, I thought it would be another great idea destroyed by a cast of good looking people who can't act, but I was wrong. Timberlake shows he's got definite potential to be a big action star and that his n'suck days are way behind him. Cillian Murphy is also terrific as the timekeeper. What I love about Murphy is even when he's a good guy, he's still the guy you're rooting against. His personality makes him the perfect adversary in just about everything he does. In Time, is original, unique, fast moving, and intense. In a Hollywood full of re-makes, sequels, and uninspiring ideas that mimic one another, In Time is a breath of fresh air and was one of the most enjoyable and original films I've seen all year. Expand
  10. Feb 7, 2013
    This film is better than average but not excellent. It contains many socialist ideas and as such conservatives will hate this film and those on the left will enjoy it more. However the casting was not great the two leading actors are not the best that could have filled these roles. The allegory of the film meaning that the wealthy stomp the poor and exploit them for their labor is magnificently developed. Hollywood should make more films like this instead of producing the week to week poopfests that they produce to keep the masses ignorant and complacent. Expand
  11. Jan 8, 2013
    The story to this movie makes me wonder what life would be like and gets me very philosophical but then I realize what I am watching and I want to blow my brains out.
  12. Nov 20, 2012
    On the performance front, I thought Cillian Murphy and Amanda Seyfried stood out with Justin Timberlake lacking the required screen presence to carry it off (IMO). I thought Michael William Freeman who had a small role as bad guy Nardin did a good job of playing a very believable loathsome thug. With virtually everyone on screen being around the same age (25), barring the occasional kid, I found this one quite odd to look at (even a bit ageist! Expand
  13. Aug 18, 2012
    This movie is incredible. Negative reviews about this movie just reflects how much people can't enjoy life for one second. This movie is very rich in profound values. Without spoiling anything, I can definitely tell that the relationship in the movie between the rich people living forever at the cost of the poor people's life is a direct reflection of our world's rich people making millions/billions while paying ridiculous salaries to their employees. In the end, the movie simply illustrates that humans should enjoy every second of their life to the fullest and to not hold back on anything because life can be taken away from you anytime. Expand
  14. Aug 18, 2012
    In Time tells the story of Will. Will lives in a world where you stop ageing at 25 and time is currency, we each have our own personal clock, once that clock is up we die. The world is split into 12 districts each getting poorer as you go up, Will lives with his mother in District 12 the poorest district. Will and his mother wake up everyday with barely enough time on their clocks to make it through the day, their huge hours of working shifts help to keep them alive day by day. But when Will saves one of the richest people on Earth from some thugs he is given the mans remaining time as a gift, 100 years. Will decides to move to the richest district in hope of a new life but instead gets caught up in a fight which his father started with a man with over a million years on his clock. With the man's daughter will and she must try to survive with only hours on their clocks and give the man's millions to the poor. The story is enchanting and mesmerising, even if it lacks in certain areas of detail. The casting is unlikely but works well and gives a very varied cast. However great this film is, I cant help but think this would have been better as a TV series rather than a film. Expand
  15. Aug 12, 2012
    An interesting concept that started well but quickly diminished into a muddle of unbelievable characters, plot holes and Deus ex Machina that left me feeling more than a little disappointed.
  16. Aug 6, 2012
    The movie was okey i guess, but however the movie failed Drama, visual effects, and the movie does a couple things too easy like(at almost the end when they drive through the district gate witch is made of tree when all the other stuff around the district gate is made of concrete witch do not make sense.
  17. Aug 1, 2012
    I liked the movie. First of all ---- it is original. Always when there are hundreds of remakes, a movie like that shines. And even Mr. Timberlake did not manage to make it bad. I have always loved what-it`s-like-in-the-future flicks, so "In Time" definitely gave me some entertainment. A story of people being genetically engineered to die in 26 years time is a little over the top, but still tries hard to be based around believable circumstances. I appreciate that the story did not bombard with star-trek mumbo jumbo explanation of things. It just gets in the way and wouldn`t enrich the movie. Ofcourse, the plot is a titanic-like nonsense but that doesn`t ruin the whole picture at all. It has a message too ----- time in it is just another concept of money ---- which is a way for the elites to control and manipulate societies. Doesn`t really differ from what we have now in the world. I could criticise the ending but it`s pointless since the story is well, on the light side. Expand
  18. Jun 26, 2012
    I noticed several strong similarities between this movie, In Time, and the movie Vanishing Point made in 1971. Both Movies used the 70 Dodge Challenger as main vehicles. A white 440 Magnum in Vanishing Point, and a bunch of flat black ones in In Time. In the movie In Time, they even showed the Pistol Grip Hurst Shifter, just like the one in Vanishing Point. In Vanishing Point, the white Challenger races an older Jaguar, which ultimately wrecks off an embankment and flips into a ravine. In Time shows an older Jaguar of the same body style, driven by Justin, running off an embankment and flipping into a ravine. I would like to know if these similarities were intentional, or are they just coincidence. Expand
  19. Jun 2, 2012
    excellent premise, but flawed execution. i was really excited to see this movie, and the first third of the movie was really good but then it when downhill. hat could have been a really great political satire film ends up being a bonnie and clyde spin off set in the future. it never felt like any of the actors phoned in their performance, but the dialogue can be really corny and stale. and the worst part about it is that Andrew Niccol who wrote and directed one of the best scifi movies of the 90s Gattaca and who wrote The Truman Show. Expand
  20. May 4, 2012
    This movie is not going to get any awards, but it is an interesting movie that is worth seeing. This is also a star-studded cast, but do a good job with it
  21. Apr 18, 2012
    "In Time" is a 2011 film directed and written by Andrel Nicoll, and which stars Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried in the lead roles. The story is about a dystopian future where people live to 25 years, stopping the aging process by this age, but that is the limit age of life and they may live only another year after that. When they turn 25, by some means of biotechnology, a fluorescent green marker appears on the right wrist, that shows the remaining lifetime. In this future (which is similar in part to our own world), instead of money, the exchange of lifetime between the people is used to buy things, pay salaries and everything else. There are a kind of police in this future, called Time Guardians who control everything, and investigate cases of theft of time: this is necessary, for the world and cities (in case a version of Los Angeles), are divided by time zones, which divide the poor citizens of the rich (and the amount of lifetime determines this). Will Salas (Justin) is a resident of the city's poorest area, who lives with his mother (Olivia Wilde), and is always a altruistic person, giving time of life for those in need, remaining with 24 hours - he ends up meeting a stranger in a bar, with more than a century of life, which passes to him his lifetime... from these point and other events, the story unfolds. Raymond's mother dies and he wants revenge for it, going to the richest district, to try to change the system, where he get to know Sylvia Weiss (Amanda) - but the claims of life gained by him are being investigated, and he is suspected of murder and chased by Raymond Leon (Gillian Murphy). The film presents an interesting approach to the plot, which has appeared in other films by the way, but the future of this film is different: it is interesting to see how everything has a price advertising that is marked in minutes or hours instead of money, a very nice feature that the production did well. The rest of the movie is set in suburban neighborhoods and some locations in the center, with large buildings, but everything else has a "clean" and artificial look - the vehicles of the future, are modernized versions of classic cars like Mustangs and Shelby Cobras. Also the streets are generally very empty, and is even stranger in a dystopia future. The acting in the movie is very good, but only by the protagonists. The great problem of the movie is that from two-fifths of it forward, the story fades, and begins not have much logic basis, dealing only with the consequence of the initial events, without other repercussions, in addition, the "Bone and Clyde" duet that main actors become do not have much logic... for example, banks in the future has no security at all? Anyway, the movie contains an interesting plot in the beginning that promised a interesting movie, but it dissipates during it, which is partially saved by the performance of Justin Timberlake. I finished the movie disappointed, hoping that would have been different in the way it was conducted. My score: 5.5 / 10.0. Expand
  22. Apr 6, 2012
    This was a very original concept: a world where money is actually time: the time you have to live. It seems a great play on words. The actors were much better than some, not as good as others, but all in all, a very enjoyable movie.
  23. Mar 28, 2012
    I love this action film, is amazing, but have some mistakes. The trama is amazing. Use the time like money sound interesting, but the development of the history is so strange, and in some parts you say: what? for example the scene in that the character of Alex Pettyfer kill a guy, and after watch the anounce of Wanted, you ask: what is the reason for kill the guy?. Now the cast is good or excellent. but some performance like Amanda don't be amazing, be acceptable and do that the film don't be interesting. And for other part is like a new Bonnie and Clyde, with all the theft scenes. In no much words IN TIME is an interesting experiment, have some mistakes and you say, the movie can be better. I think that if this movie have a sequel, the studio can correct the mistakes of this film.But for me is great. Expand
  24. Mar 28, 2012
    In Time is a really fun entertaining, once again Timberlake is annoyingly good, the other key cast members are also very good, in particular Cillian Murphy, some of the bit part players struggled a bit acting wise and were a bit cheesy but on the whole this is a great entertaining movie with a fantastically original concept.
  25. Mar 27, 2012
    Enjoyable thriller from the writer of The Truman Show, Andrew Niccol. Set in an age when time is the global currency and all humans are given only one year to live from their 25th birthday with additional time having to be earned or collected. This inevitably results in an imbalance between the time-rich and the time-poor who cling to every second they earn. Justin Timbalake is likeable as the lead character and strikes a good chemistry with Amanda Seyfried, who plays the Bonnie to his Clyde. Ultimately, the film falls short of delivering a truly great experience that the intriguing concept could warrant but is definitely worth a look. Expand
  26. Mar 25, 2012
    I thoroughly enjoyed the concept which is an extreme version of capitalism. The rich live longer and the poor die young. The concept is the only thing that I would call great, besides the sexy girls. There are a few points in the story where I was like well that doesn't make much sense so the script is a little off. But overall I was entertained because I enjoyed the idea it put forth.
  27. Mar 13, 2012
    it's been called 'too obvious', but that often is an unfortunate necessity when appealing to a mass. there are many clever moments.

    the female protagonist develops through the film, but her development often was dependent on the male lead. this can be off-putting to a female perspective.
  28. Mar 12, 2012
    One of the most original sci fi films you will ever see. The plot was incredibly interesting and worked out very well through out. Although they could have shown people with less time struggling to live day to day, Sort of build an emotional connection to them in a way. The cast was ok but Timberlake was a terrible lead. Not terrible as in bad acting, He was actually pretty decent through out but he just didnt sit well with me. Id have prefered someone else as a lead.

    Still, Its a pretty good and original film. Definently worth watching imo.
  29. Mar 9, 2012
    In Time was a decent enough movie, you're not wasting your time here. It borrows alot from Logan's Run, Bonnie & Clyde, gangster films, and Atari game cartridges. And it features alot of familiar faces, Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, and "White Collar" star Matthew Bomer which no one mentions at all. The film is full of social policy statements but it's harmless stuff, material you've seen and heard countless times before. It's just packaged in a slightly different way than the very similar Logan's Run. I watched it at no charge via Dish's Blockbuster@Home so I'd advise the same or RedBox, don't spend pay per view prices on this. Expand
  30. Mar 2, 2012
    one of those few movies that I think deserves a sequel. The movie has a unique idea that I would have never been able to come up with. Great story, okay action.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 36
  2. Negative: 4 out of 36
  1. Reviewed by: Kimberley Jones
    Nov 2, 2011
    They have some fun playacting at class warriors on the lam – and Seyfriend, it must be said, rocks a killer bob – but it's all just big-budget dress-up in a futurescape that reeks of phoniness.
  2. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Oct 31, 2011
    It's a great idea that Niccol can't translate into a great movie.
  3. Reviewed by: Melissa Anderson
    Oct 29, 2011
    A pleasing, often rousing movie for the 99 percent, In Time is not without flaws.