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  • Summary: After a gang murder, a detective force of seven men must hunt down the killer and leader of a massive drug cartel.
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  1. Reviewed by: V. A. Musetto
    The entire film is a feast for the eyes that brings to mind the work of Hong Kong ace Wong Kar-Wai.
  2. Lee pushes this joyride into stimulation overdrive, playing with colors and film speeds and surfaces and shadows until it makes perfect sense that a movie should be all about energy, rather than -- well, about anything else at all.
  3. For all his mastery of his medium, Lee is no less effective in directing actors than in creating images.
  4. 60
    Images about imagery can be diverting, even insightful, but this painterly 1999 feature piles up studies in elaborately choreographed motion that are their own reason for being.
  5. 59
    The first 15 minutes of Nowhere to Hide rock, and after that it's got nowhere to hide from its own excesses.
  6. The characters are uniformly repulsive, the cliche-ridden script builds no real tension or psychological interest, and the bottom line is that Lee's innovative but ultimately tedious and even ludicrous MTV-style visuals add absolutely nothing to the story dynamics.
  7. 40
    Lee's trickery is dazzling in flashes but also monotonously strenuous -- the derangement factor is high but there's little evidence of authentic lunacy.

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