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  1. Positive: 23 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25

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  1. At its slowest, the film has value as a historical document. At its best, the film gives a human face to stories of unimaginable suffering and unexpected triumph.
  2. 100
    A marvelous picture and a highly unusual journey in and around the Holocaust.
  3. Chicago Tribune
    Reviewed by: Marc Caro
    Has moments of profound poignance, though it lacks the overall dramatic impact of "The Long Way Home."
  4. 88
    There have been many documentaries about the Holocaust in recent years, but this one really stands out.
  5. USA Today
    Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    Proves there are Holocaust stories still to be told.
  6. Philadelphia Inquirer
    Reviewed by: Desmond Ryan
    A powerful and moving contribution to the cinema of the Holocaust.
  7. Harris brings into focus a nearly forgotten success story, filling in another blank in the ultimate mosaic of the 20th century's greatest tragedy.
  8. 88
    A fitting tribute to these displaced children because it so simply and elegantly personalizes their place in the most horrific chapter of 20th-century history.
  9. The dramatic power, though, comes entirely from the eloquence of old people, shot in medium close-up, barely moving as they remember things.
  10. Reviewed by: Ernest Hardy
    A heartfelt documentary.
  11. Fascinating and engrossing on every conceivable level
  12. Time
    Reviewed by: Richard Schickel
    This moving tribute to a handful of candles flickering in the darkness has the power to summon us--one prays--to our better selves.
  13. To my taste, the only serious drawback to this absorbing film is Harris's unimaginative adherence to documentary convention, which obliges him to "illustrate" the voice-overs even when the material matches the narratives only in fictional terms.
  14. Reviewed by: Emanuel Levy
    Heartbreaking yet truly inspirational.
  15. L.A. Weekly
    Reviewed by: Ella Taylor
    A haunting tale of the physical survival and emotional confusion of children who were simultaneously required to build a new life and hold fast to the memory of an old one, in the hope of resuming it after the war.
  16. 80
    It's worth shelling out to see this doc on a theater screen: The enthralling archival footage of Germany in the 1930s is rare stuff indeed, of superb photographic quality.
  17. Because Into the Arms of Strangers is as much a story about childhood as it is about the Holocaust, it's an especially moving and effective piece of work.
  18. 78
    Unfamiliar to most these days and it goes without saying that Harris performs a great service in the eyes of history with his film.
  19. San Francisco Examiner
    Reviewed by: G. Allen Johnson
    Misses some creative opportunities to really drive this story home, but it's a naturally haunting story nonetheless.
  20. Boston Globe
    Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    Movingly recounts a hitherto untold story in the voices of the people who lived it.
  21. Miami Herald
    Reviewed by: Sara Wildberger
    Documentary of riveting personal stories.
  22. Both informative and intensely moving.

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