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  • Summary: When a jet crashes on its approach to Kennedy Airport, three souls will not simply intersect, but collide, initiating their inevitable dance with the divine. (Michael Phelan)
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  1. 50
    The result is 93 very long minutes' worth of admirably committed actors putting themselves through the emotional wringer to very little end.
  2. Phelan makes nice use of the New York locations, but all the trees in Central Park can't make up for a clich├ęd script and characters who speak entirely in platitudes.
  3. Even if it ends on a hopeful note, this is a feel-bad movie that leaves a bitter aftertaste.
  4. 25
    A painfully sincere indie drama that isn't content to evoke only the misery of 9/11 -- it has to reference TWA Flight 800 for extra grief.
  5. 10
    At least Into The Fire can't be accused of misleading audiences. From its overwrought opening narration to early shots of an empty Ferris wheel, it promises to be a dour, pretentious, humorless time-waster, and it doggedly makes good on that promise.
  6. Reviewed by: Peter L'Official
    If there's an element of Into the Fire that isn't rank and offensive, I've failed to find it.
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  1. MA.
    May 5, 2007
    Into the Fire is a serious attempt to depict the effects of tragedy on some ordinary New Yorkers. I found it convincing and quite moving. The acting and direction were brilliant. The bad reviews this film has received seem to me a cover-the-eyes avoidance- response to naked reality. Expand
  2. MarkR.
    Aug 20, 2006
    Boring pretentious drivel. A complete waste of time.