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  1. Aug 11, 2014
    This ranks up there with one of the worst comic book adaptations I have ever seen. Id rather watch some of marvel's early failures like Daredevil and even the fantastic four series than this garbage. Pretty much it all hinges on wether you think it was funny that an Iron Man staple villian is used as a big punchline on punking the audience. This comes in Marvels ineptude of creating good villians, something that I feel most DC movies have a one up on them. I felt like walking out of this one as I waiting for some great scenes with a great actor playing an interesting villian, instead you are treated to is a monty python type comedy sketch that goes on way to long. The rest of the movie didnt really matter to me cause I start to not take any of it seriously. Expand
  2. Aug 8, 2014
    My least favourite MCU Film. As usual the best aspect of this movie is Robert Downey Jr., he does and has always done a great job as Iron Man, but the film did not feel cohesive and often felt dull for the most part. This was a lot more character driven than previous films, which is by no means a problem but with the lack of underdeveloped villains, it really does not balance it out.
  3. Jul 8, 2014
    definitely worst movie ever, dont watch this piece of **** the only thing that was good in this movie was robert downey jr as tony stark/ this movie Destroyed Iron Man, The Mandarin, advanced idea mechanics. iron patriot
  4. Jun 6, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. HAHAHAHAHAAHAAH . . . no. No, Shane Black and Robert Downey, I didn't find this 130-minute over budget inside joke between you two hilarious. No, I did not find Downey's excessive jazz hands in order to summon his armor hilarious. Were those really necessary or some signal towards the so-called illuminati? Either way, you looked like you were speaking in sign language to your boyfriend Shane. No, I did not appreciate Downey attempting to turn this film into Iron Man: Tropic Thunder. The only good thing about this film was the "House Party" protocol. Otherwise, shane and robert went full retard on this one. Expand
  5. Feb 1, 2014
    La película para mi es una completa mierda, para retrasados mentales, una basura. La verdad no se como hay gente que le gusta, todo porque tiene esa ilusión de no romper un sueño, como la película fue tan esperada,porque sacarle mierdas, porque sacarle defectos, es asombroso lo mala que es esta película.
  6. Jan 28, 2014
    Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) Is back after the events of The Avengers. This time he will fight with his arch enemy terrorist ringleader organizatsiiDesyat Rings Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and the commander of the militants extremists "People bombs" Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce).

    Directed by Shane Black tried to lodge Iron Man, as The Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan, but the gloom at the
    moment forgotten more innings is not funny jokes. Robert Downey Jr. decides excellent role Stark. Almost the entire film, even in scenes Stark was without a suit.

    But despite the great special effects, good cast and sometimes funny jokes in the film has a few flaws. Characters silly villain Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and the template shows us a classic villain Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) was simple. Standard plot and characters are stupid and templates, as well as silly tantrums. Tony Stark does not change and is not adjusted for the film. He continues to behave stupidly. Iron Man 3 appears to us a typical adaptation of the comic book is not nothing remarkable film. I am very disappointed when watching Iron Man 3 .

    Bottom line: the worst of the trilogy about the iron man. Rating C +
  7. Dec 29, 2013
    If you haven't seen this yet, and you want to see it because you think a movie with the Mandarin in it will be cool. STOP. They've completely f*cked his character up. Do not watch this if you've read any of the comics involving the Mandarin. the Director completely pisses all over his character and expects you to laugh about it. Imagine if the director of the next Superman movie turns him into a gay guy to make some sort of "modernization", or the next Batman movie involves Batman having a secret My little pony obsession to "show his soft side". I pray to God that directors out there read these reviews and realize that you can NOT take an established character and completely f*ck him/her up and turn them into something completely different without angering people that are even mildly interested in the lore surrounding said character. STOP f*cking things up to prove some sort of point. A point that get's lost anyway because people are just to shocked to believe what is happening in front of their eyes. Iron Man isn't some sort of freaking art-house indy BS pile of crap that you can do whatever you want with without repercussion. It is an established story involving characters that have set personalities/powers/etc. Marvel seriously f*cked this one up. Expand
  8. Dec 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Winner of the least thought out film of 2013. Award for the most disappointing villains. From the directer of the Overrated Avengers comes this offensive sequel to the popular Iron Man films. In this film comes the Iron Man that you would never want to see. Im not even joking, the director takes the advantage of The avenger towards this film. Tony Stark was just sad all the way and towards the end you just have to close you're eyes. This not even Iron Man this is just Tony Stark. The special effects were just terrible and also used from the overrated Avengers. I just like to say that fans of Iron Man will not even or should i say should not even watch at all and just say the film never existed. For other people who want to watch a good film also do not watch this film if you have a brain or even a interest in a story of a film. Expand
  9. Dec 15, 2013
    It's unpleasant, irritating, has ridiculous moments. I feel like I had spit in her face, I cheated with the entry. That bastard sos Disney. Bastards people!
  10. Dec 10, 2013
    Lousy movie, it will fall with such a silly little comedy and ridiculous that I was ashamed, and the decision has no forgiveness Mandarin. It is truly a waste.
  11. Dec 10, 2013
    Terriblemente mala, terriblemente ridícula, una decepción total. Lo del mandarin fue lamentable pero en lo principal del por que es mala es por un exceso de comedia impresionante.
  12. Dec 8, 2013
    Lousy god, humorously goofy child. Slowly destroying the movie goes and turns in the show Tony Stark. Well this movie is extremely bad, rubbish and certainly the worst of the 3.
  13. Nov 29, 2013
    That movie so bad, not only the choice of Mandarin, but the whole movie is a mess, is ridiculous and stupid moments with silly humor unfunny. This between 5 Worst Movies of 2013.
  14. Nov 23, 2013
    Meh. This movie started good, I wanted it to be good, but it wasn't. The first hour or so was really interesting, i liked Tony Starks panic attacks. Then, the second part..... They over did the humor and ruined the movie.
  15. Nov 15, 2013
    so yeah, this one was terrible, it seems as if they shot each scene alone and forgot that all the scene are going to come together at the end and should make sense
    and the movie start off very lame as RWJ as the narrator who have no idea what to say relying on his ego
    and then he made a joke 5 seconds after his girlfriend just fall off 2000 feet and should be dead ?
    and you have a
    terrible performance from Guy Pearce who apparently can't Starr in a good movie recently,
    and the director trying so hard to bring himself on the screen in pointless scenes who add nothing to major all clusterfu**
    just stop this series already.
  16. Nov 10, 2013
    A fun but terrible, cliched, and action packed ride. The only part that saves this movie is Robert Downey Jr's acting and the action in the final scenes A ton of cliched parts and terrible acting potrayed, knew that I was watching a Marvel Mess. A disappointed since I went in from watching the Avengers which was an amazing action movie.
    Overall, a lackluster action movie with terrible
    predicted scenes and terrible acting. Expand
  17. Nov 9, 2013
    Iron Man 3 seems to be a tired echo of its predecessors. The scenes were bland and the fast, and unusual, pace of the movie, compared to the previous, made it unbearable to watch. 15 minutes into the movie I very munched missed the former director. If Iron Man 3 is a taste of what is now to come from Marvel studios, I will no longer be the devoted movie goer I have been in the past. I have a feeling Disney is interfering too much in the production process now. I hope this does not carry over to the upcoming Star Wars movies or I will not be watching those as well.

    We need character depth and devolpement. Fast paced action is for Michael Bay teeny bopper fans. Blah. Waste of money.
  18. Nov 9, 2013
    Watching the trailer for Iron Man 3, I was very excited for the movie. I had thought that it was going to be the best Marvel movie yet. However, when I had finished watching it I was very disappointed. Once again with another movie that came out this year, I feel angry because the trailer makes the movie seem so much better than it actually is. I'm not that bothered by the fact that the Mandarin wasn't "real but even with all of Tony's suits, I still feel as if there wasn't enough Iron Man action. The jokes and comedy were OK. For me this is a sad and frustrating over-rated film. I also thought the ending was stupid. Seriously, Pepper (looking weird in only a bra and yoga pants, and glowing red) defeats the Killian?

    If you like this review, read my other work on a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and videogames and mark this review as helpful. Remember, every vote counts!
  19. Nov 8, 2013
    This movie has the whole pack: comedy, action, plot, characters, etc. Unfortunately, it spreads too thin and a lot of it is felt forced (particularly the excessive jokes).
  20. Nov 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ironman 2 was an entertaining movie that failed to live up to its predecessor. Ironman 3 is a slap to the face. Most of the movie chronicles the adventures of Tony Stark, who has set aside his intellect and technological mastery in favor of idiocy and laughable ineptness. What was once an invincible piece of machinery becomes a joke, continuously malfunctioning, and being destroyed by anything that touches it. But that's just the parts where Stark is actually IN a suit. For most of the movie, typically for no good reason, Tony Stark is running around with a handgun. This is like watching a spiderman movie where he only shoots web in one scene. Or a Superman movie where he doesn't fly. The "amazing plot twist" was easy to see coming, and left us with a villain who is entirely bland. Pepper Potts steals the show by beinf better at using Ironman's armor than Ironman himself. The president is caged up in War Machine's armor for reasons never revealed. And Tonys decides the best way to fight a man made of magma is a fistfight. Its not until pepper gets the suit that she decides to fire a missle and easily defeat the big bad guy. Are you kidding me? Expand
  21. Oct 19, 2013
    This is probably the worst iron man movie of the three.. Sure it's action packed and all but the story is terrible. If this was based on a Comic book it shouldn't have been put to a movie I mean Pepper getting powers. What the hell! The Mandarin probably was the most interesting villain in iron man but what they did was made a joke out of it! even pepper was the one who beat mandarin. I mean this is just stupid. Iron Man sucks! marvel is going down the drain. Expand
  22. Oct 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Never before have I felt so cheated by a movie like Iron Man 3. The film is a colossal failure in my books and could arguably be my worst superhero movie of all time; that doesn't mean to say it isn't good in some parts.


    The first act itself is a great piece of cinema and gave what the trailer promised; easily the best part of the movie. It showed a much more stellar and well paced point in the movie that I myself actually applauded at, especially the scene where the helicopters blow up the house; but even the first act had flaws. For example, WHY DID HE GIVE THE MANDARIN HIS HOME ADDRESS??!! or how about WHY DOESN'T HE ACTIVATE THE 40 OTHER IRON MAN SUITS THAT ARE IN HIS BASEMENT WHEN THE HOUSE IS BEING ATTACKED??!! GOD!!!! But I digress, the first act was fantastic and really stood out to me promising more as the film went on.

    And then it started to deteriorate with the second act, and who do I blame for this? That god damn kid! He had no other involvement in the second act other than to anger me to my boiling point! I know that Shane Black probably wanted a more child atmosphere to it but you didn't have to make him that annoying. All he does is piss Tony off, causes him an anxiety attack and then gets captured....WHAT?! This kid was one of the major hiccups in the film.

    However, the biggest hiccup was the Mandarin himself; yeah you all knew I'd mention this. The Mandarin was the biggest and best feature about the trailers that were shown, he looked menacing, he looked frightening! This to me screamed: MOVIE OF THE YEAR! Sure his alien rings were gone but he still became a threat in the story and you could sense his presence. And then you get to his mansion and you meet him and......who the f*ck is this? The Mandarin was a phony! He was an actor! BEN KINGSLEY WAS PLAYING HIMSELF IN THIS MOVIE!!!!! WHAT THE HELL, SHANE BLACK???!!! This made me infuriated that if my girlfriend wasn't with me at the time, I WOULD HAVE LEFT THE THEATER!!! What was he thinking, did he just wake up one day and say: "I don't care about The Mandarin now, let's make him into A GOD DAMN JOKE!!" For me this is what ruined the movie for me, it was just so ridiculous and so insulting to any comic book fan who had detailed knowledge of the character.

    And speaking of insults, the ending is just ridiculous. To sum it up in short words: Killian is the "Mandarin", Pepper kills Killian, Tony explodes all the Iron Man suits and gets the shrapnel out of his heart claiming he is a "changed man". That is the worst ending ever....THIS MOVIE SUCKS!!!

    To sum it up in one word I would say "MESS", it is downright insulting to the comics, it's characters are bland at most points, it's development is pathetic and I hate it. The only good points that deserve the 2 points go to 2 separate things.
    1. The acting is spot on and Robert Downey Jr nails it as Stark much like he has done in the past films. There is not one actor who is off in this film and that is fantastic to see.
    And 2. The first act is mind blowing, it's what the trailers showed and that's what made me gravitate towards the film at first, even if it has flaws now and again. Truly great cinematography.

    But is this film worth watching? I'd say yes, it's still an Iron Man movie and every movie with Iron Man in is usually a blast to sit through. It doesn't save it from my experience but maybe you'll find something better in that steaming pile of dog sh*t.

    +Acting is great
    +Downey Jr nails it
    +First act of movie is amazing!

    -Act 2 and 3
    -Insulting and badly paced as the movie went on

  23. Oct 12, 2013
    Unfortunately I am in the group of people who really wasn't a fan of this film, I went into it with the buzz of the avengers still going months down the line and it was all going quite well at the start, that was until about half way through the movie. I wont spoil anything, but it was disappointing for me, and I'm not even a fan of the comics. It feels to me like the film was written be to many different people with conflicting ideas, and was a product of that. I still have high hopes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. looks like the beginning of the end for me as a fan of this series. Expand
  24. Oct 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a movie watcher, I enjoyed Iron Man 3. It is action packed, it's pretty, RDJ as Iron Man/Tony Stark is as always one of the best casting decisions for any comic book adaptation ever.

    But as a fan of the comic books, I feel disgusted and betrayed. The Mandarin, and Extremis- two of the best things to ever happen in the Iron Man universe- aren't even shadows of what they were in the comics. They're completely unrelated to their comic book source material, in fact. Ugh. I held off watching the movie, avoided seeing it in theaters, because I knew the Mandarin couldn't be handled properly in our politically correct world, and I disliked Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. Even though the trailer seemed to imply he'd be imposing and bring to the role his usual mastery.

    The trailer was an outright lie. This movie took THE Iron Man villain, and made him a fraud. It showed the ten rings, for all of a second, and they turned out to be props. So awful. So disgusted, I want not just my money back, I want my time back. The Mandarin was one of Iron Man's most formidable enemies, and this movie made him a fake, played by "a stage actor" who's got a British accent and a recreational drug problem. REALLY?!?!

    And Extremis. Let's talk about Extremis, one of my all time favorite story arcs and I have literally read almost all of them. This movie was written by someone who'd heard the word and thought it was a good idea. Aside from the fact that Extremis is unstable and can aid regeneration, nothing from the original masterpiece storyline remains. So if you watched Iron Man 3 looking forward to seeing the Mandarin's ten rings and the suit of armor Tony built into himself, you're out of luck.

    Despite the fact that those two things are what the words "Mandarin" and "Extremis" promise.

    This is by far the worst mainstream comic book adaptation. I wanted to love it. I really did. If they had called the Mandarin literally ANYTHING else, it would not have altered the storyline one iota, and yet they had to use "Mandarin"? WHY?! Same goes for Extremis, for that matter. If the serum had been called it would not have altered the storyline one iota.

    It's like Shane Black and the other mongoloids who are responsible for this storyline WANTED to piss off fans. It's like they specifically made these choices in the writing of this film to piss on the greatest Iron Man villain and one of the greatest Iron Man storylines of 50 YEARS of the character's history.

    While writing this review I have gotten even more angry than I was already, and the score dropped from a 5 to a 0, because the more I think about it, the more I realize that there is no reason for this shameless butchering of canon. Pathetic attempt to sell a comic book movie by someone who has no love and no concern for the comic book. Bottom line if you're looking to enjoy an action movie with Iron man, watch Iron Man or Iron Man 2 or the Avengers. Don't give Shane Black a dime of your money, and don't waste your time. I could pick apart why this movie doesn't deserve a solid rating, but the real reason boils down to the fact that the movie's creators pissed on their fans so thoroughly and shamelessly.
  25. Sep 30, 2013
    This movie was extremely mediocre. Tony seems somehow way less intelligent than what he used to be and they had to throw some annoying kid into the movie as well for no real reason. I't just left a bad taste in my mouth after watching the whole trilogy.
  26. Sep 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. terrible with blaring mistakes. the scene where tony meets the boy in his garage for the first time, the boy quickly realizes who tony is, showing him a newspaper saying that the world thinks he is dead. at the end of that scene the boy asks who he is. anyway the movie sucked. 1 out of 10, the 1 goes to Kingsly Expand
  27. Sep 26, 2013
    Iron Man 3 was colossal: a colossal disappointment. I was squirming in my seat from the idiotic script and terrible direction. This fil practically ruins the francise and degrades the product. Jon Favreau did a wonderful job directing Iron Man 1 and 2, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Do us a favor: keep Shane Black far away from these properties! He alters Tony Stark's personality with this pointless anxiety quirck. The FX was stupid and seemed to be thrown in to patch the poorly written and conceived script. The Mandarin character could have neen developed into something great in the hands of a capable writer and director: instead it is willfully forgettable. Awful, awful awful from every perspective that made Iron Man 1 and 2 so great. I am sorry for the great talent in this film which was mismanaged. I wish I could have previewed it and not bought the blu ray, which I thankfully got at a big release discount, but I think anything over $2.99 for. The blu ray is a rip off. Expand
  28. Sep 23, 2013
    The worst movie from Marvel Studios yet! What a cop out with the Mandarin. Never have I witnessed a movie in the theater where people were booing at the end instead of clapping.
  29. Sep 23, 2013
    The film was pretty much predictable. You would really know what will happen in the coming seconds or the next scene. I hate predictable movies. And pretty disappointed by the Mandarin to be a total bum. Could've been a badass villain.

    Film contains too much action, no real emotions or anything.
  30. Sep 19, 2013
    I hate this movie is such a boring, overrated piece of ever made and the worst superhero film since Batman& Robin they ruined the mandarin who are suppose to be the greatest villains and the portrayed as idiots
  31. Sep 5, 2013
    Boring action, terrible screenplay. Another Disney/Marvel movie aimed at milking the audience money.
    This is not a movie by a long shot but some product made just to be watchable enough so people pay money.

    Happy that I did not see that at theatres and I downloaded it by torrent. This movie absolutely did not deserve any money. I give it a 3/10 and not 1/10 because "some" Tony Starks
    lines were funny, because "Blue" of Eiffel 65 at start. Expand
  32. Aug 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. IM3 was a jumbled mess that screwed canon like a in heat. The writers clearly had no idea what the hell they were doing, turning Iron Man's deadliest villian into a bubbling comic-relief (and turning Ben Kingsley from the best villian to the worst in one HORRID scene I might add), completely raped the Extremis plot and left it dead in a ditch, and ONCE AGAIN completely ignored War Machine for the vast majority of the film (a war crime in and of itself). This was a waste of time, money, and 2 hours of my life, and I personally want it back NOW! I don't much care how much money this film made, it was mostly seen by your general public (i.e. people who had no real idea what they were watching and more interested in a action flick than a real comic book film). A crime was committed here. Murder of a (before this abomination) great film series. R.I.P. Iron Man, you made Robert Downey Jr. a very rich man, and nothing more. I hope you are proud of yourself. just sayin.... Expand
  33. Jun 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ten Reasons Iron Man 3 was an absolute disappointment. Ranked in no particular order.

    1) No AC/DC

    2) Replaced Tony's Alcholism with Anxiety Disorder

    3) Mandarin was fake and was completely misleading in the trailer

    4) Apparently the suits no require a "charge" rather than pulling energy from the ark

    5) Tony destroys all his suit because his grilfriend says so...

    6) Kills Iron Man, Tony removes the ark and scrapnel from his chest, that apparently could not be done in IM 1 or 2, even though the entire second movie was about the ark poisoning him...

    7) Extremis Goons could apparently more easily destroy Iron Man armor than the god of Thunder

    8) Should have been called "Tony Stark 1 I can't do anything I use to do and barely where my suit."

    9) 70's Spy Movie Montage for Credits

    10) Bruce Banner unknowingly making commentary on the terrible movie by falling asleep to Tony'y retelling of it.

    This movie is a terrible conclusion to one of the best franchises. Just don't see it.
  34. Jun 21, 2013
    After the massive disappointment of Iron man 2 and the avengers this movie had to be good but once again it didn't deliver. Since Iron man 1 the series has gone on a crash course. To say the least this was a mindless action film that had no heart at all and I saw the plot twist coming from miles away.
  35. Jun 21, 2013
    Unfocused in its purpose, plot, and characters, Iron Man 3 is ultimately a disappointment. Perhaps its only highlight was the action and explosions, typical of most action blockbusters. It does get credit for framing the tale in a manner that explores Tony Stark's issues in balancing his superhero persona and normality. Otherwise, the jokes are stale and the characters one-dimensional. Neither the villain (The Mandarin) nor Tony Stark seem to have a legitimate motivation or back-story to make the conflict legitimate. In the end, it becomes apparent the movie was made only to make money. Expand
  36. Jun 20, 2013
    Far worse than the other two. Only our boozehound and drug addled hero actor offers any value at all. Much better off hiring the first one again. nuff said.
  37. Jun 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Once again, the superhero genre has released yet another faulty movie. The brilliant original Iron Man is nowhere to be found. Instead, we get a lot of what we saw in Iron Man 2 which was also pretty bad. The things I will most remember from this movie:

    1. Iron Man armor can fit anyone, no matter their height or weight
    2. Apparently all the villains in the Iron Man world rival his strength
    3. Anyone can be a superhero and save the day
    4. Tony Starks character arc is a one trick pony
    5. The (seemingly indestructible in previous films) Iron Man suits double as fireworks
    6. Tony Stark didn't need to discover a new element or keep the electro-magnet in his chest at all, he only needed to have surgery and he could have been free of his "struggle"

    I'm always baffled at how movies can start out so awesome in the first iteration only to end up worse as they go on. Time to retire this character until Marvel can write a compelling story.
  38. Jun 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm pretty easy to please, and tend to like movies most others don't like, and movies most people do like. This was not one of those movies. They completely ruined the Mandarin, and the fact that Ben Kingsley was a complete hoax aside what was originally portrayed in the trailers reinforces the total disapointment that is Iron Man 3. They shouldn't have cast Ben Kingsley and his version of the "fake" Mandarin all together, and just ran with the burning orange bio-energy wielding Guy Pearce as the Mandarin instead. It would have had a cooler, less misdirecting feel with a better movie adaptation of a super villain.

    The other, just as much if not more of a let down what how WEAK Iron Man was portrayed as in this movie. I know it's a typical comic book adaptation movie, where the hero deals with a new situation, gets the crap beat out of him/her, comes back and wins/saves the day/world. The whole movie Iron Man and Stark were like a joke, going through suits like toilet paper and getting crushed like tin cans. This is the SAME HERO that took on an ALIEN ARMY and a NORSE GOD, yet some freak science experiments are able to crush his suit like it's nothing?? This was all very underwhelming for what, in my opinion, wasn't even close to what an Iron Man movie should be like.

    I hope he is better portrayed in the Avengers too, and my apologies to those who actually liked the movie, as I'm just stating my personal opinion in this review.
  39. Jun 15, 2013
    Too rated, boring, low action scenes. Only good is Robert and special effects. This is the point when MARVEL have to stop with this franchise. Could be better with a reboot.
  40. Jun 14, 2013
    Complete garbage of a movie. This is a movie in which hollywood completely is milking the franchise and is just literally a set up movie for the avengers. No real thought into the main villain while destroying the mandarin which pretty much ruined this movie for me. I get the spin on mandarin but he is essential to the Ironman series, making a mockery out of him was a big no-no for an Ironman fan. The only reason why I didn't give it a zero is because of the suits and rdj. ALL IN ALL I'D RATHER WATCH PAINT DRY ON A WALL FOR 2 HOURS Expand
  41. Jun 14, 2013
    Tony Stark spent about 15 minutes total wearing the suit. Marvel needs to stop letting the actors walk all over them with the "I want people to see my face" thing. This movie was called Iron Man. If I wanted to see some guy using gardening gloves modded with junk he got at Home Depot I'd watch "Home Depot Modded Gardening Gloves Man." The only reason I gave this a 2 and not a zero is because the honor of being the worst movie ever goes to Superman Returns. Expand
  42. Jun 10, 2013
    Worst Iron Man ever! While special effects is still great as ever, story sucks. There's no sense of epic-ness in the whole story. Machine against man? Unthinkable mere flash & blood can battle Iron Man. I was pretty much bored throughout the film. Star Trek Into Darkness is way better than Iron Man 3.
  43. Jun 5, 2013
    Hands down worst movie Marvel has ever villains, plot holes, I could go on. They tricked people into thinking it was good through media manipulation and even worked over the critics in some of the sites...but as a fan of movies with over a thousand movies ranging from Citizen Kane to Casablanca, I can tell you I usually give movies a fair chance...and this movie completely sucked!!! What's worse is they made the villain, who is supposedly an iconic enemy to iron man, a joke...they even removed the shrapnel that makes him iron man at the end (why they didn't do this two movies ago...oh yeah, cause he couldn't). All this was a total slap to any kind of genre or iron man fans, although they will try to cover the bs by calling it "artistic"...and to top it off, even the vice-president is in on the super-secret group, And the avengers or other superheroes never show up. Oh, and Tony Stark runs around the whole time trying to get a new suit (even has a boy sidekick who is able to repair space-age technology in his barn).

    This movie was a complete joke and those who made it should apologize to the comic and movie fans!!!

    What's more troubling is that so many people liked this pile of crap...guess the media still has the power to manipulate...I have good taste in movies, and this was tasteless. Pure junk and worst Marvel movie ever made!!!
  44. Jun 2, 2013
    Just 3D colors and animation, no real movie or scenario, full kiddy movie. No actor did grasp the screen except the fake terrorist Ben Kingsley. A commercial movie, box office filled by tickets the parents buy for the youngsters. The iron man saves the US presidents from a maniac somebody, scientist? Not likely. Old story told in hundreds of movies. If you some other choices, skip this movie.
  45. May 29, 2013
    I saw Iron Man 3 last night, and first of all; it’s really disappointing to see a film series that started out so strongly reach to the unenviable level of mild entertainment, if even so. "A piping hot mess", as Tony Stark would put it. The tonal shifts, absurd plotting and the sheer level of disrespect for the source material (for all the geeks who care) made this summer blockbuster a piping hot mess, indeed. Our new director on board is Shane Black and I must admit he did pretty good job in the way of characterizations in the first half of this flick. Tony's post traumatic stress disorder, from the events of 'The Avengers', was developing well. But, as the second half rolled in, things drastically change from being a character-centric event to a bloated non-stop action fest, which, mind you, wasn't even creatively staged. There seems to be a belief that more plot equals better story, but that bombardment of ineffective plot twists only regressed the story at hand. Being so focused on surprising the audience, I don’t think the writers were ever fully capable of telling a solid story and polishing the muddy motives of our paper thin villain. And I can’t leave here without mentioning those perennial bursts of “humor” which only functioned to pull the audience out of key dramatic moments. Overall the movie relied so heavily on build up but ultimately undid itself in several ways. This really showed how hollow this shiny hunk of metal really was. Expand
  46. May 28, 2013
    Disappointing. Has the least action of all 3 movies, a confusing plot (something to do with regenerating limbs and exploding bodies), a generic villain who's only saving grace is its portrayal by a very good actor in Guy Pierce. But the worst part of all is the portrayal of The Mandarin, they marketing made it seem like he would be the main villain, its only a ruse however, it is revealed that The Mandarin is not the bad-ass, alien ring bearing super-villain, and rather then delivering the epic battle the trailer promised, we are treated to a half realized and rushed sequel. Cannot recommend. Expand
  47. May 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This movie was horrendous. It's sad too because ironmans portrayal in the avengers movie gave me hope that the 3rd installment would rebound back after a disappointing sequel to the ironman series. Expand
  48. May 26, 2013
    If your looking for an entertaining movie then this isnt a bad choice.....that being said. This wasnt a superhero movie it was a "hollywoodized" mess. They let a writer direct his second movie ever and it realy shows. Without giving any spoilers out there the writer/director made some decisions and it was a huge mistake. If they ever let this guy direct another Marvel or DC movie again, they will simply be committing suicide. My reasoning for 0/10 rating is simple bad script/direction so much so that it fails the whole movie. Everything else was good to great but this shouldnt have been an "Ironman" movie change some the names and call it something else then it would deserve a higher rating as for now it gets what Ive given it. Complete disgrace to Marvel. Expand
  49. May 24, 2013
    Personally, I think the plot could have been better and not so thin on the ground. I love the cast. They are great actors and actresses but that does not mean it makes a good movie.The plot has to be good like in the Bourne series so it catches ones' attention. Because if one see a good movie with famous people and a descent plot, then one will remember it as being a good movie like the "Not Happy Jan Add," simple, yes but, effective because it was catchy and stand outish like a good plot should be. Expand
  50. May 22, 2013
    I went into the theater with high hopes for the movie, but came out of it feeling devastatingly disappointed. It was like one of many movies which try to build up to a climax of senseless fighting. As to filling in the gaps in the remaining time, I guess the director Shane Black had a tough time deciding what to insert. I wasn't just a little disappointment by how boring the movie was as a whole. I practically slept through the first quarter of the movie, and even after trying to concentrate on the movie, all interest faded out quickly.

    There was barely any character development, and even for the supposedly exciting parts of the movie, I wasn't very impressed by the senseless fighting either. The whole plot just didn't seem to make any sense. Tony Stark dared the villain to come look for him, and even revealed his address on television. Yet, when the villain came, he wasn't even prepared for it in the least. How much sense does that make? Not a lot.

    Well, fine. I shall give a little credit to the sub-standard climax since it actually got some adrenaline coursing through my blood for the first time. But the movie, which seemed to be trying to attract crowds with its violence and special effects, left my blood running cold. A fresh batch of troops arrived, boasting several other iron robots in its arsenal. This defeated the whole idea of a special "Iron Man", didn't it? After that, it was a chaotic flurry of blasts everywhere, and the movie ended at last with the robots exploding in mid-air. While watching it, my mind instantly reeled back to the point where the first suit exploded. That time, it was a big one. So, I was surprised when Tony and Pepper escaped unscathed from all the suits exploding around them. But fine, I can see that the director wanted to create more dazzling displays of special effects, and I applaud him for his effort.

    To sum it all up, it is an 'ok' movie at best, and I don't see it surviving the cut-throat competition in the movie industry. Give it a few more years and who knows? Iron Man might turn from iron to rust.
  51. May 18, 2013
    There are so many things that went wrong with this that I suggest you read spoiler filled reviews if you want to watch it. That way you wont have to watch it and I will have saved your life. Worst movie I've seen since Bratz: The Movie. Infinitely horrible. I want my money back. I also want apparently-retarded-Stark to build me a time machine so I can go back and never pay for this piece of sh*t.
  52. May 17, 2013
    Poorly done,sloppy, indulgent, often boring.
    Special effects instead of script, plot or dialogue.
    Too much action, too many sub plots, too many explosions.
    for $200,000,000 dollars worth of budget, they should have hired
    $2,000 worth of writing.
    Hand Iron Man 4 over to totally green, inexperienced, hungry film school graduates next time & you'll get a better result..
    DVD if your really bored
  53. May 17, 2013
    I've never felt so cheated after watching that trailer. I realise that a trailer is not an abridged version of a film, but when I seen the trailer to Iron Man 3 it set a certain expectation for the Mandarin, for Tony Stark but it totally does not deliver at all, and to be completely honest I almost walked out at the end such was the ridiculous finale. When I got home I watched the trailer again and it;s like it was made for a different film. Expand
  54. May 16, 2013
    Iron Man 3's trailers showed an epic Mandarin and a personal story. What we got, however, was an empty story with boring characterdevelopment and the most useless and disappointing comicbook villain ever brought to life on the big screen. As e supposed and definate ending to the Iron Man trilogy, it was unmemorable. You forget about the story, characters and ending, not only because it was uninterresting, but because you're better off forgetting than remembering. Expand
  55. May 16, 2013
    There are many many logical fails in this terrible movie. Tony Stark always had more than 30 suits AND NEVER USES THEM TILL THE END!! ABSURD!! Mark 42 And Iron patriot were a big fail. The extremis soldiers destroys the armors like they was made of paper ¿iron man is garbage now? (also Pepper detroys one with 1 single hit) The Mandarin............well the mandarin. Many logical fails, many many disappointments, we never saw what we expected to see; this movie sucks, Iron Man was my favorite avenger, i hate the ones who made this movie. I give it 5/10 Expand
  56. May 12, 2013
    Never seen such a boring movie. If you don't want to waste away money and time don't see this one. He's not even good for a family raining evening. I can't understand whot think is a good movie. He's annoying like Tony depressed. NEW YORK! And Stark screaming. Hate the way they ruin the Mandarin
  57. May 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Found this to be a hollow, soulless venture. I didn't laugh at any point, nor smile, nor be anything more than 'slightly entertained'. The Mandarin's true identity half way through diffuses any tension or sense of threat, and the ending is ridiculous and utterly without any sense of danger.
    For a movie about Iron Man, he doesn't spend much time in the suit.. And the fact that Pepper Potts deals the killing blow to the villain was just.. stupid. Last I looked this wasn't called 'Pepper Potts: The Movie'.
  58. May 11, 2013
    This movie was an extreme disappointment to me. The quality of the Iron Man movies is dropping. While watching it it was great, but as soon as it finished and I got some time to think about what I just saw and I felt some sadness. The story was weird, the bad guys were weird and the whole movie felt off. Hadn't I seen the first two movies, I'd have given it a 7, but I know they can do better.
  59. May 10, 2013
    hated it!!!!!!!!

    motivation for bad guy were weak... he started an evil terrorist group and kills people because he was ignored at a party by tony stark in 1999.... what they did to the mandarian character is unforgivable.... the post credit scene was horrible, wasn't entertaining nor funny and didn't further the anticipation for any upcoming marvel movies.... marvel had a good run but
    this was nothing but a money grab and pandering to the chinese market... the mandarian was originally chinese but you couldn't tell in this film.

    atleast superman is around the corner- i guess iam switching over to dc movies from now on
  60. May 10, 2013
    They ruin Iron Man franchise and they did'nt even care. Even Joel Shumacher could make a better version of the Mandarin. This movie totally suck and Guy Pierce is less expressive than Kristen Stewart
  61. May 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A lot didn't seem to click with this movie, as with the previous Iron Man films. The villains are always so underdeveloped or underused to the point of asking, who is Iron Man fighting? After ruining Whiplash who was perfectly cast, they completely ruined Mandarin. I'm not a huge comic buff but I know enough to realize it was done poorly. That doesn't make the review though, the movie as a movie just wasn't good regardless. The run time of two hours and fifteen minutes felt like four hours and thirty minutes. There were a lot of parts that just didn't seem to matter. Additionally, there was a lot of screen time of Iron Man not being Iron Man. Where Tony Stark would sneak around like beloved secret agent 007 but I felt it really didn't fit the character. Especially since it didn't make any sense as later in the film we discover he had fifty Iron Man suits waiting under his house. Instead he decides to fix up the 42 and fight the baddies in human skin. The reason I disliked him being out of the suit is because we know he isn't trained like Batman/Bruce Wayne, Iron Man is the suit. On the topic of things not mattering, Mandarin attacking Iron Man's home. We all know he has a huge ego and endangered those he loved but of course being a super hero movie, nothing significant happened. We see that suits are blowing up but later in the film Jarvis commands like fifty more that are unharmed. The hero of the movie is Jarvis, his AI Jeeves. And this begs the question, if those suits were dormant underneath his house, why didn't he just call upon them while he was stranded in Tennessee? I guess there wouldn't be a movie then, right?
    As far as the humor goes, I definitely found myself laughing at parts which was nice but it also took away from the overall weight and depth the movie might have been going for. Instead of trying to save a president who is dangling high above ground or his girlfriend from evil clutches, jokes are being made about being shot at, etc. Thankfully though, all the bad guys suffer from stormtrooper syndrome. So Iron Man, basically Jarvis though, can save the day woo hoo! In the matter of Pepper, her purpose was to be injected and dropped into the fire so that she could live the drop and the fire haha. Saw that one coming but seriously, I hated that. I guess I just want a movie where a bad guy doesn't keep the hero's GF around as a trophy or doesn't give a long speech about how they're the best and just shoots them. Anyway, I'm a bit upset I spent a whopping $25 for two tickets to a movie my girlfriend and I were just begging to be over so we could go about our merry way. For whatever reason, I thought this would be different from Iron Man 2 but I don't know why I thought that. If you look at it with total disregard for comic canon, reality (i know it's a super hero movie), and sense; it can be kind of fun. Definitely a rent in the future and not worthy of the shelf!
  62. May 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have been a huge fan of the iron movies and marvels phase 1-2 movies. I was eagerly anticipating this movie and i was massively disappointed. this paragraph will not have any spoilers, but the next will. I get what the director was trying to do, he wanted to show that the man makes the hero- not the suit; but in that endeavor the director and script writers have gotten truly lost. the movie suffers from an over exploitation of cgi like that of the star wars 1-3. the movie is all over the place and has no focus.
    Any fan of the mandarian was looking for a stellar performance from ben kingsley, will be disappointed. the motive behind the creation of a bad guy who leads an international terror organization is inspired by the occurrence of being brushed off/ stood up by tony stark at a party some 16 years earlier. he was so deeply hurt that tony didn't stop what he was doing to acknowledge him that he created a terror organization and killed a bunch of innocent people...... are you kidding me marvel, the company seems to have such a bloated ego after the success of the avengers that it is not even trying any more. Marvel also treats us with an either awesome post credit scene or reveals a new bad guy, well the post credit scene SPOILER) was just tony rambling about his feelings to a dr. banner hulk), who keeps falling asleep on tony. plus dr. banner is fully gray- beard and all, he seriously looks like he aged 20 years in about a one year timeline. the post credit scene was useless. plus at the end of the movie before tony is even really sure if the bad guy is dead, he blows up all his suits, and gets his chest piece surgically removed. so lets recap- you blow up all your suits, your home and lab are blown up with now way to build a suit, you remove your iconic chest piece and then you end the movie saying you are iron man" just after you destroyed anything that proves it.
    all in all i want my money back, this movie blew up the box office and marvel is sitting at a desk right now thinking they did an awesome job when iam so disappointed right now!!! For a company that did a magnificent job on iron man 1-2, thor, cap america, and the avengers- they dropped the ball on this one. Now all of the other movies that are in the works and post production that i have been waiting to see, I am very worried as to what they will become. My confidence in marvel has diminished greatly. I know that even if i read any bad reviews i would have to see the movie for myself and judge it for myself, but if you feel the same way that i do about the movie- voice your opinion this is the first movie review i have ever done, it was that bad in my book).
  63. May 9, 2013
    Look, I am a comic book fan from years ago. I know the story of the Extremis that was done and Marvel did make a motion comic of it. However, the plot is way off from the original Extremis material, the Mandarin is treated as a joke. Now, hats off to Ben Kingsley for the excellent acting, but come on...really, an out of work actor. That is the best you have Marvel??? Are you trying to ground your movies with some air of "realism" because let's face really can't ground these stories. But...let me start by making a point I Aldrich Killian was really the Mandarin. So the Ten Rings that was mentioned in both previous movies were all his doing??? The plot hole is big enough for the Hulk to walk through. Let me summarize the point....Tony Stark created Aldrich Killian Mandarin by dissing him at a party and in turn, Aldrich Killian Mandarin creates Iron Man in the first movie by capturing Stark. Really doesn't make sense to me either. So, that being said, let us look at the action. Some of the action sequences were fun and the humor was nice. But, the point to an Iron Man movie is for Iron Man to be fighting right??? Since when did Tony Stark get all bad ass and could fight that well without the suit. It was a nice attempt but really did not work on the level that it needed to. Now, the finale...Tony Stark had the shrapnel removed. I don't understand the logic of why if it could have been done then why hadn't it been done.

    So to summarize this movie...which is only slightly better simply due to the action sequences than IM2, this movie is lacking. Plot holes, horrible character development, removing the traditional comic lore from the movie and a crapstastic ending.
  64. May 9, 2013
    The cast is great although i was not initially sold on Ben Kingsley as Mandarin. I am still not. The story itself was generic and blah. I get the concept of the movie of making Tony Stark vulnerable but the story itself doesn't work and is sluggish and boring to me. Seeing it in 3D is/was a waste in my opinion. I honestly think that they could have stuck more to the comics and made a better movie.

    From a comics stand point. They made Mandarin into a womanizing drinking soccer fan. Rhodes should have never been in the Iron Patriot armor that should have been worn by Norman Osborn. Rhodes should have been in the War Machine Black and Grey. Combining the Extremis and the Mandarin was a bad idea. Given that this a series of events after Captain America/Thor/ The Avengers the characters have dealt with gods and an alien race. A script could have easily been written that made a closer resemblance of how Mandarin should be and just had Mandarin vs. Ironman without it being too cheesy.
  65. May 9, 2013
    About one quarter of the way through this movie, it became painfully obvious that Robert Downey Jr's contract with Marvel was complete after Iron-man 3. He basically sleep-walks through the part and yes this movie disgraces the character The Mandarin. So much potential was seemingly thrown out the window on this one. Gweneth Paltrow said in an interview that Robert ad-libbed many scenes in the first two movies but stuck mainly to the script on this one. You can tell. I took my son to see this and he left saying,"Now I hate Iron-man." Just an FYI- Robert wants 105 million to resume the role for Avengers 2. Studio is halting production due to salary talks. Lets hope they can fix this ego issue, cause I'm a big Downey Jr fan. Iron-man three was terrible. Expand
  66. May 9, 2013
    Xmen 3 of Iron Man movies. Bring in a new director, take characters from the comics and completely change them, make commercials seem like its a different movie. Gimp out Iron Man for no real reason...
    Horrible movie from start to finish. Highly disappointed.
  67. May 8, 2013
    Although this movie is a mess,there is a way to get the real Mandarin in next Iron Man movie.But however this is still a very useless Iron Man movie.Although now Iron Man is an 'A' superhero, this non-existing plot is a very poorly written 'B' story.Not much positives from this movie,so i intended to forget this!
  68. May 8, 2013
    It seems more a parody than a movie of Iron Man. The characters are portraited as parody of their original comic-book counterpart. Feel so disappointed.
  69. May 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Very disappointed, the actors do well with the story they are given, sadly that story is just terrible. My kids fell asleep and they are absolutely hooked on the Avengers characters and all things Marvel related.
    I heard they wanted to give the characters more screen time but you have to make an action movie about action.
    The showdown at the end was about all the action Iron Man fans could take away from this slow and painful butchery of the Mandarin, Iron Man and War Machine characters.
    No one wants to see glimpses of the empty suit wandering around the mansion or the Mandarin turned into a flame throwing yuppy with a grossly overblown grudge.
    Shane Black is clearly the most destructive villain in this movie, Iron Man 3 is Tony Stark destroying his previously well defined role as a super hero. I expected the final scene to be Stark paying restitution and making public apologies after destroying all the suits and quiting so he could have more quality time with Pepper.
  70. May 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mannnn, this movie stunk! Is Stan Lee going senile or something? How much money did Hollywood pay him (or drug him) to allow them to wreck the Mandarin villain like that? The plot drug on too much in the beginning, the PTSD thing Tony Starks suffers from blows, and the villain twist was just lame. This comic-book hero movie has for the first time made me hope this trendy movie fad dies a quick death now. Downey looks old and tired and I liked him as an actor in the first Ironman and others, but they need to weld the iron door shut on this series for good my goodness. Anyone saying this movie is good must be easily entertained. Expand
  71. May 7, 2013
    In comparison to the originality of the first movie, IM3 falls short, not just on story, but direction and editing. It looks like Paramount just threw a bunch of things into a stock pot and assumed because it revolved around the Marvel franchise, that we would automatically accept it. This is greed and laziness on the studios part, even Avengers was way better, IM2 has a momentum and dynamic, it's weak in parts but aside from Rouke's character being campy, is still watchable. The true test of time is when these films materialize on FX cable years later, I can never get tired of watching IM1, but this last installment was blah, overdone, and hokey, Kingsley role as the villain was left to being a laughable Buffon of a joke. When will Hollywood treat the legacy of these series with more respect, sure IM3 is going to make a ton of money, it's was budgeted in at about 200 mil, but who really cares, when they slapped together, a half baked, shoddy finale to a very interesting super hero..... Expand
  72. May 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. it's ok until about 3/4 of the way in....then a "plot twist" that renders the whole movie lame and and ending of epic fail proportions. (army of suits? puh-lease). Expand
  73. May 7, 2013
    Actually left the theatre during watching this awful awful excuse for a comic book movie. Whoever came up with the "twist" at the end I hope lost their job and their house.
  74. May 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First: I've always liked comics but I'm not a fanboy. So you will never hear me complaining about following the source material, how characters differ from the original,... Iron Man 3 however, is simply a bad movie.

    First, it doesn't seem grasp the concept on how human interaction works. "Hello, I'm Tony Stark, a brilliant, rich playboy who speaks only in sarcastic one-liners. I have emotional issues because of what happened with the Avengers. Please care for me." This part doesn't work at all as it slotted in between silly jokes and mediocre action.

    But hey, I could forgive them for that but the action is lame as well. Not one great scene to be found.

    Furthermore, the is no coherence in the universe. The suit Iron Man used to fight powerful aliens gets trashed by a truck. His mansion get's trashed by a guy in a helicopter. Quite disappointing that a brilliant, rich playboy with the most high tech suit in the world forgot to put in a simple defence system in his own home. And don't get me started about the McGuyver part in the movie, the plot holes or the end.

    The acting is... Let's keep it at: I'm happy that Guy Pierce got a bigger role because he was once a good actor but this kind of performances won't get him back on top. Robert DJ is acting like his suit: on autopilot. The only one that stands out is Ben Kingsley who is over the top yet hilarious as he should be in a comics movie. But if you are a fan of the comics, what they have done to the Mandarin as a character is an absolute insult to all fans.

    Overall a big failure in all aspects: Story, characters, action, ...The first one was quite OK. The second one was bad. This one is no better.
  75. May 6, 2013
    Whoever reviewed this movie high should in one simple expression never be allowed to review a movie again. I am sorry, but Iron Man 3 is in one word a "betrayal" of loyal comic book fans! period. How dare they completely ruin the mandarin.....sigh...So far, part 2 sucked, now part 3...when will it end? oh and the end credits? wtf was that
  76. May 6, 2013
    This is a very entertaining movie. It may not follow the comic book story as much as people (fans) wanted it to but as far as an entertaining action packed summer movie is concerned, it actually lives up to the hype. Iron Man was better and obviously so was Avengers but this is definitely a huge step up from Iron Man 2. Most people will love the movie but i can see why fans are disliking it a bit.

    Overall for most movie goers, it is money well spent. Cant wait for Man of Steel in Imax though lol
  77. May 6, 2013
    i only subscribe in this page, to comment that the film is and absolutely dog excrement, i am a marvel fan and a comics collector and i know the character, but this is the worst film i see this year with no dude, just pathetic

    no argument, no action, bad jokes, bad god, sure the director was drunk or worse when he made it....
  78. May 6, 2013
    such high hopes for the third installment of the franchise, but the disappointments never letting up from beginning to end, left an even more sour taste in my mouth. The treatment of the characters was not only non-entertaining, but fell very flat. Jon Farveau handled the terrorist angle brilliantly in the first film with Obadiah Stane, here The Mandarin character while decently acted by Ben Kingsley, might have worked as a ‘bait and switch’ if he had been replaced with a more interesting and menacing character other than what turned out to be the failed scientist Aldrich Killian. The plot is thin and muddled with Tony Stark suffering from anxiety attacks (he only NOW gets to that point?) again, this might work, if the movie actually showed him caring about the supposed love of this life Pepper. Instead, it trots along, not giving any real human connection between any of the characters. I end up going where I never thought I would with Tony Stark not really caring what happens to him. Which makes me sad the more I think about it. Even the coined humor of the armored avenger seemed forced and often times mean and ill-spirited. If The Avengers taught us anything, it was that you can take a plot about unbelievable things and make a well thought out, believable movie out of it. Iron Man 3 suffers not just from choosing to go a less entertaining, less thought provoking route, but also because it took a step back with tired, worn, overdone concepts. Such a shame really with the wealth of material the comic world has to offer in the way of Iron Man, material Iron Man 1 & 2 took full advantage of. Expand
  79. May 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't know why Hollywood seems to feel the need to make the villains in movies, such as Iron Man, so terrifically dumb. In the first movie it was Iron Man against a bad guy that tried to copy his suit. Which was good. The next one is Iron Man against a couple dozen copies. I guess I can go along with that, but the so heavily used on-screen holographics really killed a lot of that move for me. Then it's a guy that is basically the human embodiment of a dragon. Really dumb. The storyline was just OK. Couple laughs here and there, but all-in-all it was a waste of time and money. I guess I'm glad they are done with the I.M. movies. The snarky Tony Stark character is about as fun to listen to as this last movie is to watch. Expand
  80. May 6, 2013
    Overall disappointing. Slim plot and low level acting without any chemistry. The film will make a huge profit. I truly hope Iron-man IV, V and VI are better. My granddaughter, age 19, loved it. I hope Hollywood learns to make their movies as good as the comic books from where they take their "fresh" ideas.
  81. May 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'll tell you why everyone is hating on Iron Man 3 (also known as "The Adventures of Tony Stark, The Mechanic"! Worst interpretation of a super villain!!!! (yes, even worse than Bane in "Batman & Robin") I wanted to see an Iron Man movie but instead I got a wanna be 007 meets Lethal weapon 5 with no character development. So many holes in the Script. You know it's bad when a series introduces a child actor for comedic relief. Just an example of the numerous holes here is one: When Tony Stark was fighting the main Villain at the end who is powerful because he injects some fluid into his body that was made to regenerate and just so happens to also give you super strength and 3000 degrees body temp.and the ability to blow up, Tony goes through about 3 sets of armor and then fights hand to hand. Ok no biggie. But almost dies. Only to find out that he had about 60 more suits of armor he could of wore that he decides to blowup for no real reason. Also, apparently Stark Towers no longer exists in this world or other superheros. because no one else could rescue the president or save air-force 1. I want the movie the trailer shows us, not this piece of crap......... Expand
  82. May 6, 2013
    Saw it when it was called Iron Man 2. It was predictable and the over acting made it another useless movie. Don't waste your brain cells on such a movie.
  83. May 6, 2013
    Probably the biggest disappointment I've ever had with movies. The story and plot are absolutely horrendous nothing makes sense and is only done to get to the movie's climax. The big "twist" is not only hilariously bad, but also a slap in the face of viewers we expect a great classical villain and instead get fooled. Simple put boring
  84. May 6, 2013
    Awful movie that made a complete mockery of the franchise. I really liked the first movie (loved the first half of the first movie). I was okay with the second movie. But this third movie was I've never seen a major villain ruined so thoroughly like they ruined The Mandarin. To quote Stark/Rhodes on The Mandarin, as a way to paraphrase the movie "It's embarrassing." The Mandarin has been effectively turned into a joke. The big "reveal" with "The Mandarin" has to be my least favorite Marvel film moment ever. The Mandarin is supposed to be to Iron Man what The Joker is to Batman, what Lex Luthor is to Superman. He's THE arch-villain... What happened, Marvel? You just had to go and make Iron Man 3 into a big budget spy spoof buddy film with as much slapstick and sophomoric humor you could squeeze in. Lame. DISAPPOINTMENT. Expand
  85. May 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I only need six words to describe Iron Man 3 and how awful it is: The Madarin is a drunken actor. So, Ironman's #1 nemesis isn't really a nemesis, he's an actor impersonating his nemesis hired by another nemesis. Just awful. Its like finding out the Joker isn't really a bad guy, he was a circus clown hired by the Riddler to throw Batman off the scent of a less threatening evil plot. Just awful. Expand
  86. May 6, 2013
    First of all, If you have seen all 3 of the major trailers for the movie. You have essentially seen the show. Honestly, I don't know how you could rate this movie that high. Anyone doing so, hasn't seen good movies. I am, by no means, snobby about the shows I watched. I liked Avengers. I enjoyed Thor to an extent. Don't get suckered in by this one. The plot divergences aside that other users have mentioned, the movie just isn't good..
    Like many movies Crappywood produces, the marketing department gets a hold of it, makes the hype and have trashed what could have been decent movie. All action sequences have been shown in the trailers. Every one. Even the big 3rd Act action sequence and resolution. Knowing that, the plot is entirely predictable.
    A couple of Pro's about the movie, is that they gave Tony Stark some realistic problems and motivations, but then the execution turns to crap. Sprinkle in a obligatory little kid to try and and get audience relation points (which seems entirely forced to me). The product placement is entirely over the top. It should read Sun Oracle's Iron Man 3.
    The dialogue can get down right corny at times, even worse than most of the other Marvel movies (minus a Nick Cage clumsy delivery). Add in one of the "superhero" characters being totally inept at an attempt of off comedy humor, and the product just looks silly.
    The product had potential, but then it seems like they just said "screw it, let's just make mass media that people will eat up." In my opinion, this is the worst of the Iron Man/Thor/Avengers/Capt. America combo. It's a step up from the Ghost Rider movies, but that isn't saying much.
    I didn't care about the other fan-boy crap mentioned about Mandarin that you may have read. I've read comics back in the day, and it doesn't bug me the divergence from the historic norm. Most of you average viewers won't care. Honestly, don't pay full price to see this in the theater. 1$ movie it, or wait for a Rental Service to get the disk product. Don't validate Marvel/Disney in producing this type of product. Seriously, don't do it, or they'll keep turning out this type of crap.
  87. May 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The special effects and superb performances within the film did not help with a poorly executed story. The character of Aldrich Killian played by Guy Pearce begins with a weak character suffering from a physical condition then develops into a stronger one. A true villain will always remain stronger than the hero in order to raise the threat level. Meanwhile the Mandarin began as a threat then was reduced to a method actor. Iron Man 3 would have been well served if the villains were major threats to begin with rather than comic relief characters. Expand
  88. May 5, 2013
    If you are not a fan of the comic-book genre, I think you will not enjoy this film. Here, nothing in this movie lifts it above even the average comic-book genre film (you know, utterly predictable while being completely independent of its own logical premises). Heck, I thought I might as well be watching The Dark Knight Rises.

    On a separate note, I saw this in 3D, and I do not believe
    3D added anything worthwhile to this move. Expand
  89. May 5, 2013
    This Movie is Terrible, It is by far the worst superhero movie every made. This movie has single handedly destroyed the franchise. How did anyone sign off on this horrible script?... I've never been so pissed about a movie being deceptive. Give me my money back!
  90. May 5, 2013
    Very sadly disappointed with this film, as the first two had made Iron Man one of my favourite superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film dragged on for too long that I was actually getting bored whilst every serious, tense or exciting moment was 9/10 times ruined by a silly gag or one liner. I know nothing about Iron Man outside the movies but even I think the Mandarin thing was dumb and from that point on I began to hate the movie, combined with cartoony fire people that are never explained and the severe lack of the Iron Man suit itself.
    I still give it a 3 because I was enjoying the film for the first half or so, as some parts were generally funny and the attack on Stark's mansion was pretty thrilling to watch.
  91. May 4, 2013
    This movie was such a disappointment. First, the entire story, despite a few moments, was very loose, cliched, and cheesy. Second, it was jam packed with political propaganda. And third, so many pointless and/or unlikely things happen, that they distracts from whatever the story is/was supposed to be.
  92. May 4, 2013
    Same old sh*t.I hate this movie,i went to sleep on the twentieth minute. I feel sorry for Robert and i wish, that he wouldn't be shooting in Iron Man anymore
  93. May 4, 2013
    Slow and dull a number of times. Ben K worst roll and a true insult to his acting ability. A tired script doomed 1000 times. Too much RDJ out of the suit and really stark has pds I'm sorry he's been through hell numereous times now he has anxiety breakdowns aweful. Good action but terrible script.
  94. May 4, 2013
    I've never felt so cheated after watching that trailer. I realise that a trailer is not an abridged version of a film, but when I seen the trailer to Iron Man 3 it set a certain expectation for the Mandarin, for Tony Stark but it totally does not deliver at all, and to be completely honest I almost walked out at the end such was the ridiculous finale. When I got home I watched the trailer again and it;s like it was made for a different film.

    If this is our first look at Phase 2 I'm concerned. Iron Man 3 shows franchise fatigue, it felt stretched, rushed, basically like a Brett Ratner film. Expect something more like Rush Hour than an Iron Man film.

    Credit to Marvel for at least trying to concentrate on Tony Stark's inner demons, the problem for me was how the film presents that. Instead of intertwining the action and human (Stark inner demon) elements into a finely crafted whole film it is more like each element is fighting for screen time, at odds with each other. There is another problem with the parts where Tony is trying to get over his experience in New York (Avengers), Robert Downey Jr has so many wise cracks and laughs the serious bits come off as funny, and not in a good way. I think these problems are less about RDJ's acting and more with how Marvel has marketed Iron Man from the first film; as family friendly entertainment, not the darker exploration of an alcoholic come hero from the comics (but hey they can always reboot right?).

    Now on to what they did with the Mandarin, I have no idea how they got Marvel to sign off on making one of Iron Man's greatest villains into a joke. I read that the Mandrin is to Iron Man what the Joker is to Batman, but after watching this you would never know that. I've never witnessed such a disregard for a property and disrespect than what Marvel has done to this character and fans about what Fox does to X-Men? This is on another level of insult lol

    A sorry excuse for a super hero movie, more an action comedy (Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour etc).
  95. May 4, 2013
    For general audiences: This movie is not worth the money unless you desperately need something to do over the weekend. The special effects are mediocre at best. Character development is weak. The jokes are incredibly lame, even for a superhero movie. If you can get past lack of plot and the visual mediocrity of this one, there are some suspenseful moments here and there. At 2 hours and 15 minutes though, I got bored halfway through.

    For fans: The Mandarin Ruined.
  96. May 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think Iron Man 3 is better than the second, but its not enough to beat the first. I was hoping more from the director, but I like the special effects. But, the story is not that good. It has too many humour inside it. I didn't like how Tony Stark make a joke or something, it makes the audience this film is a humour film instead of action film. Especially it makes me disappointed when I was waiting for the extra scene of this film, i wait until all the credits all end! But what, the special scene only consists about Stark telling his life story to the psychiatrist which are not real psychiatrist at all.
    That's not my only disappointments. Mandarin! Yes mandarin! The Iron Man's enemy!!! Which a idiot plot by the director when I know that Mandarin actually is a fake enemy! Mandarin is created by Aldrich Killian. Which is really disappointed me, because there are no big deal of Iron Man defeated Aldrich with his fire power.
    It sucks so many scene, like the US President who dies because of plane explodes, Maya Hansen who betrays Tony, Colonel James Rhodes who still be War machine or now called "Iron Patriot".
    But every negative critics, there always the positive ones.
    Like harley keener which is genius in that age. I like him. He has helped Tony for a big way.
    Though i have a lot disappointments, I hope it will be repaired in the next film of Iron Man.
    Hope for the best in Iron Man 4.
  97. May 4, 2013
    Wish I hadn't seen it. If Iron Man 1 The Dark Knight, then Iron Man 3 Batman & Robin. That's how bad it is. Words can't even begin to describe what an epic fail Iron Man 3 is. The entire movie was complete nonsense. Completely unfaithful to the established Iron Man lore.
  98. May 4, 2013
    My heart is successfully broken. Waiting to see it at midnight at the El Capitan, I watched with anticipation as director Shane Black took the stage to introduce, joking about the silliness of the Fantastic Four films. I now see the irony. Did they spray excrement all over The Mandarin? Yes, but that pales in comparison to everything else wrong with this film. Huge plot holes, failed character motivation/development, and just downright bizarre and/or silly pointless choices are all factors. Worst yet, it also somehow manages to nullify the very theme of the previous movies. I'm not sure how the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would ever recover from this slaughtering of tonal continuity.

    One word comes to mind: Why??? It's as if Shane Black decided to insert Iron Man characters into an old 90's action thriller comedy script he happened to have lying around, throwing in silly, plastic dumbed-down "bad guys" from G.I. Joe and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. So many of the characters are pointless or have terribly weak, if any motivation for behaving like they do. Even the magical bravado of RDJ couldn't save it, and that's saying a lot. Of course there are funny and clever bits and some slick and cool action, but when a film has all that and loyal fans are still sitting there not caring or invested at all whatsoever, it's a problem. In any case, Black clearly doesn't get it, and apparently no one saw fit to help him out.

    I suppose it's possible you could enjoy it if you are able to look past all these flaws and can watch it absolutely out of context from the comics, the other Iron Man movies, and entire Marvel/Avengers franchise. If's painful. Needless to say, I walked away with nothing to think but "What the hell did I just watch?" "Was this FOX's interpretation of Iron Man?" "Whedon, WHERE WERE YOU??" Unfortunately, we now know nothing is truly safe, not even in the hands of Marvel Studios themselves. It really is a shame. Feige and the Marvel gang have a lot of explaining to do.
  99. May 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm more than irritated by this movie. I felt let down in a huge way. Cheated. Betrayed. The twist was a complete lie and The Mandarin and his rings of power would have been an amazing threat for Tony, but Savin ended up being the "big villain" and although he was a nuisance, as villains are, he was just not what I cared about and because of the twist I was just more annoyed with him than anything. He keeps driving his armor remotely and after an amazing hero moment wrecks it once more (for like the 8th time.. which got real old) The whole movie was just an ongoing comedy. It was funny, but because I was let down by the twist the comedy lost it's effect on me and I just sat there stewing. The one liners got old and the snarkiness got irritating. The movie felt rushed too with no rise and falls of drama to build anticipation and the ending just felt like "and then this happened and then this happened and everything's ok now, ok bye" I wanted the real Mandarin and I want the chaos I foresaw in my mind this entire last year. And I didn't want Pepper Pots being a mutant and then suddenly not. I felt like Tony didn't use his suits to their full potential. It was all about "Oh look this new tech allows them to attach to me and whiz around all over and that's real cool" but he didn't use his on suit gadgetry hardly ever it seemed. One shot with a point blank uni-beam is not enough for me sorry. Arm repulsors were very underpowered from what we're used too. I just don't get it. The formula that's worked the past 3 movies and has built all this hype led to this... this... movie I'd rather not consider part of the Iron Man universe. And Iron Patriot might as well not even been shoehorned into this movie as a friend put it. War Machine isn't Iron Patriot anyway, Osbourne is... and his presence in the movie was purely novelty. And where's Nick Fury and his contact with Shield in any way, shape, or form. If the president's life was in danger, they would of had a huge impact on that.. Well, all the Avengers would have for that matter but they are nowhere to be seen. I get it's not Avengers 2, but more reference to what they were doing would have been nice.

    Deep breath.... sigh. Better luck next time.
  100. May 3, 2013
    Watched the movie with my cousin 10 years and my uncle, both left happy movie, I went out thinking the movie because of the cool action scenes and some jokes "genius, billionaire and philanthropist" Tony Stark, because the rest I did not like. Fun, perfect word to summarize the film "Iron Man 3". The somber tone and tense past by trailers not passed print, the film follows the same tone of other films, providing just more drama and personal problems to Tony Stark. On the positive side the film has the great action scenes, much improved compared to predecessors, and has a villain in an armor of Iron Man, but since it is something positive, we have seen this before, and jokes and Tony company, which even forced and coming at a bad time collaborating pro film look good "popcorn" (sit and have fun). Negative, first, the story seems to force more situations like the scene in which it appears in the trailer (not really a spoiler, but for the most conservative that they would not watch the trailer not to spoil surprises mark it as spoiler) Spoiler: Stark calls Mandarin to fight personally handing her his address before reporters, without thinking of the consequences and that just having your house destroyed by helicopters. Besides containing poorly explored characters like character who is the former relationship Stark and the boy that helps. The story does not have much content there and inexplicable things and many, many loose ends. I think choosing Shane Black as director was a mistake, he learned to drive the action scenes but did not know how to fit the jokes in some of his movies that were in perfect time. Something very negative, not for the film but for the Marvel universe in film, is the way the film ended, leaving a large cucumber to solve Joss Whedon (director of Avengers who will direct Avengers 2). MANY SPOILERS below: Spoiler: Dude! What was this close? Not the end of the movie, but what became Iron Man simply resets the franchise, making Stark without armor and without direction, one of the biggest was that Tony removed in a surgery any energy to their chest inexplicably, from what I understand it should have used this technology to remove extremis, from what I understand, because in no time as he relates in a simple surgery he was able to take, just stating why you did it so enigmatic, and what will be Pepper now has the extremis in your body? How this will influence the next stories. The film closes as if it were no more having movie Iron Man, but everyone knows that will be The Avengers 2. And boy! what they did with "Mandarin"?! Okay it's time to know that he was just an actor stoned and see how it really is, it was hilarious, but the image of him that built trailers, the anxiousness of seeing outside the Mandarin tv screens where it appears in the film, was all printing, felt betrayed by the dozens of trailers as well as I hoped this "villain" would be the highlight of the film, the film was all but has space for funny dialogues, which does not always make us laugh and could not be in the film along with the story to put more of the best, the action, especially if it is equal to the end. Gone is the time that movies meant everyone had to have only excuses for wild action, but if it is to have a story that only serves as the background, this would be the best way, and that tinkering with the universe of Man Iron in the cinema was very radical.


Generally favorable reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 44
  2. Negative: 1 out of 44
  1. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    Jun 11, 2013
    Iron Man 3 builds on the first film's political cynicism by suggesting that politicians and arms dealers dream up foreign policy crises to consolidate power and make money, but it doesn't develop this notion in detail, because if it did, the audience would tune out.
  2. Reviewed by: Peter Rainer
    May 3, 2013
    The action, directed by Shane Black, ranges from passable to interminable. The plot goes from clang to bang. Downey Jr. is still the best thing about this series.
  3. 70
    At least this time "Goopy" Paltrow gets to perform a few superheroics herself, along with enduring some heavy-duty torture that’s bound to please her haters — for whom the sight of the top of her face being peeled off in "Contagion" was like Christmas in July.