Cinema Libre Studio | Release Date: November 22, 2013
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Summary: "It’s Better to Jump” is a feature-length documentary film that gives voice to Arab inhabitants of the ancient walled city of Akka (located on Israel’s northern coast) as both the people and their town face a very uncertain future. As Akka undergoes harsh economic pressures, vast social change and on-going problems among its Arab populace, the present-day situation is causing Palestinian families to leave the places where they have grown roots for dozens of generations and shaped a rich culture for over a thousand years. Within their current dilemma, jumping from the ancient sea wall into the rocky waters below becomes not only an expression of extreme exhilaration, but also a matter of self-determination. “It’s Better to Jump” weaves together a magical story of an historic place, its people and the hopes they hold beyond all limitation to make giant leaps of faith in life.
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