Jason X


Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 23
  2. Negative: 17 out of 23

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Critic Reviews

  1. Jason X conjures up more giggles than scares, assuming you make it through the first 15 minutes.
  2. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    A moviegoer's only defense against Jason is to avoid theaters showing this gruesome and derivative movie.
  3. 38
    There's a hint of nostalgia toward the end, with Jason encountering two nubile female campers in a virtual reality Camp Crystal Lake -- but it merely serves as a reminder that the franchise should have quit while it was ahead.
  4. New York Daily News
    Reviewed by: Jack Mathews
    If the 10th "Friday" sounds like the first "Alien," it's strictly intentional. Todd Farmer's script rips off that classic sci-fi horror film, replaces the acid-based monster with the hockey-masked Jason, adopts the self-mocking attitude of "Scream" and lets the heads, arms, legs and torsos fall where they may.
  5. This time the action takes us out of the usual campgrounds and girls in underwear into the realm of outer space, where no one can hear you screaming "Enough already."
  6. Reviewed by: Scott Foundas
    Further proof that titular antagonist Jason Voorhes is ready for retirement -- to videostore shelves.
  7. A protracted and only sporadically imaginative menu of ways to be murdered.
  8. 30
    Even the imaginative gore can't hide the musty scent of Todd Farmer's screenplay.
  9. 25
    Too much of Jason X plays it straight, and that means boredom. Murder and mayhem of this sort quickly becomes monotonous.
  10. Despite the futuristic setting, which relies so heavily on GGI effects that it looks like a feature-length production concept painting, this film is painfully predictable.
  11. 20
    The kind of a moron movie, which is built to be watched by people who haven’t even seen the other nine.
  12. It will come as no surprise that the movie isn't scary. But here's the real damn: It isn't funny, either.
  13. 12
    The only chills to be found are courtesy of your theater's central air, and the suspense will come from the wait to see which disappointed kid in a hockey mask will be the first to slash the screen.
  14. 12
    Jason X sucks on the levels of storytelling, character development, suspense, special effects, originality, punctuation, neatness and aptness of thought. Only its title works.
  15. 10
    Here suspense is abandoned, and Jason is on-screen so long you get sick of seeing him -- and sick of the poorly staged slasher-film tricks.
  16. Like a dinner-theater version of the "Alien" movies without the good grooming.
  17. 0
    It had a little originality, unlike the other sequels, but not much.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 141 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 45
  2. Negative: 20 out of 45
  1. Nov 5, 2012
    Incredibly underrated imo. I really don't know see why people hate it so much. The acting is weak but what makes up for it is that it's soIncredibly underrated imo. I really don't know see why people hate it so much. The acting is weak but what makes up for it is that it's so memorable and Uber-Jason is a complete bad-ass lol. Full Review »
  2. Jul 31, 2016
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. This movie IS NOT a movie to be terrified of. People who hate this movie seemed to be from a viewpoint that it was intended to be a masterpiece in the F13th Franchise. However I view it as a self aware title that is amazing. The kills are out right ridiculous and allow Jason to do things that we haven't really seen before as an audience. Of course there are stupid things like "I think he's mad give him back his machete" but to me it is the studio being aware that counselors commit stupid troupes. How many times do we see the counselors about to get frisky and *bang!* Jason is there to stop that sh*t like he was a Catholic mother. If anyone has seen Jason goes to hell they will know how stupid and ridiculous this movie series can get. How we got from a sack-head killer taking revenge on his experiences at the camp following his dead mother, to a black cannibalistic cop will forever be a mystery to me. That being said I believe they all bring entertainment value.

    The overall costume design is not bad but more of a silly thing where they re-shine his mask and add a cyborg element to him for some unknown reason other to say "Hey we're in the future guys isn't that cool?"

    The movie has some smart ideas in it as well not that many but some need to be recognized. One of which is a hologram of camp Crystal Lake used to try and confuse Jason, (After all the man is well over the average life expectancy and has literally been dragged to hell, drowned at the bottom of a lake, had a boat telepathically dropped on him, stabbed numerous times,and hung) so for him to be tricked shouldn't be that unbelievable. The film also uses it's environment in a way that makes sense. Air locks can be a blessing and a curse and you feel like the poster should say "In space no one can hear you scream".

    So in summary its one of those movies that you can laugh and scream at (whether that was the intended reaction or not) alone or with friends. Be open minded and maybe, just maybe you will have a very pleasant movie experience. Thanks for making it to the end of this and this is Reactions signing off.
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  3. Apr 25, 2015
    Once you get over the absurdity of the premise you can see the potential for a good film here. A slasher film set in space sounds awesome.Once you get over the absurdity of the premise you can see the potential for a good film here. A slasher film set in space sounds awesome. While we technically already got that with 1979's "Alien" this movie had the advantage of having a legendary horror villain to use that could have set it to greatness. However the results aren't as satisfying.

    In it's best moments it can seem like a low-budget version of Alien. In it's worst the intentionally self-aware sense of humor cranks up the absurdity dial and pulls you out of the experience. Not that it was that great of a movie anyway. As always with this series the scares are non-existent and the appeal is just on watching characters get killed in brutally amusing ways while maybe getting to see some boobs in the process. It's mindless, but entertaining.

    You think that the jokes would actually end up adding some value to the experience, but they actually just end up bringing it down. Self-aware doesn't always equal funny. Sometimes the jokes can just be cringe worthy. However the only times things get bad is during an intentionally goofy showdown between Jason and a one-liner spouting android. That whole scene is just awful.

    I think the film would actually have benefited if it had taken the serious tone of the earlier Friday the 13th films. The idea would still be out there, but at least we would have avoided the bad jokes. As it stand though there is some entertainment to be had here. It can be quite fun and it's pretty cool to see Jason cutting down space marines. Your enjoyment depends on whether or not you can get behind the premise, as well as how big a fan you are of this series. As far as I'm concerned it's far from Jason's worst killing spree.

    I give "Jason X" a 6.5/10.
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