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  1. Oct 18, 2014
    Johnny English Reborn is funny and inventive with another hilarious performance from Rowan Atkinson. Not as funny and memorable as it's predecessor but still a riveting time.
  2. Aug 24, 2014
    Johnny English, the best of MI7 (how he accomplished that, I will never know) is returning to line of duty after trying to find his inner warrior, and gain some peace after a disastrous mission in Africa that put both him and his agency in shame.

    When he returns, Pegasus (Gillian Anderson) takes him at once under harsh scrutiny - yet not harsh enough, it would seem. Much as I liked to
    see Agent Scully (X-Files reference) in another movie role, her part did not feel as complete as I would have hoped.

    All in all, I find "Johnny English Reborn" failed in much the same way as the original movie; there was comedy, but mostly it was for the sake of the comedy itself. It wasn't really funny, although it made me laugh; it was not clever, or new, or even refreshing.

    The plot was a bit shaky, but the attention keeps being pulled away from that by the chaos that goes on. A good movie, if you're a fan of Rowan Atkins, but otherwise they are cheap laughs.
  3. Aug 9, 2014
    All I expect from Rowan Atkinson is comedy. And I have to say he totally EXCEEDED my expectations. Although at times the jokes were corny, I couldn't help laughing. It was pure brilliance.
  4. Jul 23, 2014
    While I think this is a slight improvement over its predecessor and ,sometimes, it provides a few laughs, Johnny English Reborn nonetheless isn't quite refined as the other comedy movies.
  5. Mar 8, 2014
    Perhaps slightly better than its predecessor, this sequel still remains mostly dull. It tries to be an intense spy movie, but all we're getting is a silly, tired spy comedy.
  6. Dec 18, 2013
    I found this to be a very disappointing sequel. It still manages to provide some laugh out loud hilarious moments. Unfortunately it's nowhere near as funny as it's predecessor. Much of the humor ends up falling very short of the mark. The plot just ends up being filled with familiar twists that we've seen time and time again in the serious spy movies. All in all I don't recommend this for a watch, even if you were a fan of the original. I found myself saying "wow that was stupid" way more than I was saying "wow that was funny". To me that's the sign of a lackluster comedy. Expand
  7. Aug 2, 2013
    Johnny English Reborn is a hilarious and action filled film, but isn't as good as its predecessor. The film begins well and hilariously (and cringe-worthingly), but the film slowly gets slightly worse and worse, until the climax around the world where the quality and hilarity of the film reaches its peak. Rowan Atkinson does a great job as Johnny once again, and the other actors do pretty well playing their roles. This film isn't lacking action, as it's like an explosion spread across the whole film; and it certainly isn't lacking comedy either, the comedy is best described as a huge nulear bomb being let off during the start, then letting of funny gas this 'funny gas' reaches its peak of 'hilarity' during the climax. The story of this film is just as silly and great as its predecessor's. It's just that the gags and action frills of this film didn't make me laugh anywhere near as much as I did the first time I saw the first film.
    So I give this film a... 86/100!
  8. Feb 8, 2013
    A disappointing sequel to Johnny English, the plot and the jokes are weak. The movie is so bland and is trying to be serious from time to time, sometimes too serious so it ends up getting awkward. The jokes in this movie aren't funny at all they are just cheap and stupid. The same goes for the new characters in this sequel, they are not humorous just boring and serious. This movie should never have been made. Expand
  9. Jan 28, 2013
    Far better than you'd expect it to be. Watch it as a double feature with a real Bond movie - but don't watch Reborn first or you won't be able to take Bond seriously. A very funny film. I don't like the first movie that much, but Reborn is very good - just like Bean 2 was better than Bean.
  10. Jan 22, 2013
    Johnny English Reborn is a very funny, action-filled, great story, a sense of mystery film. Really funny and very nice combats. This movie is the funniest movie I have seen so far. I would definetely give it a high score.
  11. Jun 24, 2012
    Recommended to watch together with children under the age of 10 years old. The jokes will be very much up their street and their heartfelt laughters will invariably make a difference to your outlook on this film. If you have no children or cannot borrow some for an hour and a half, don't bother.
  12. Apr 28, 2012
    Johnny English Reborn is a silly yet fun spy comedy that will appeal to fans of James Bond, Mr. Bean and the first Johnny English film. The film will make a great time if you are watching it with friends or family.
  13. Apr 19, 2012
    Johnny English is a great movie,it is one of the the funniest comedies I have seen this year.It is totally better than the last one,although there were some little errors in the movie it is still fantastic.
  14. Apr 9, 2012
    The story is somewhat unorganized, but it makes up for it with great humor. The acting is mostly convincing. It could have been better storywise, but its a fun little treat.
  15. Mar 12, 2012
    An absolute horrific film that fails on every single one of its ambitions and thats not very much to begin with. English is a unfunny horribly acted directed and written. Im agonizing while righting a review on this film because I already lost an hour and a half of my life watching it so I wont go into full deatail of it's awfullness
  16. Mar 1, 2012
    Jhonny english reborn is a good film but not that good it was a huge dissapoint compared to the first one which was full of comedy. This one however was not I found it had good moments and bad moments and every now and then it had boring moments. If you expect this to be as good as the first one or better ,which I did, then u r most likely to be dissapointed.
  17. Feb 16, 2012
    This film is super funny!!!!! I'm sure you cannot stop laughing till the end of the movie. I do recommend you this movie. It's not long movie like 2 hours or more, so if you have time little, you can enjoy this movie!!!!!!!
  18. Feb 15, 2012
    I love Rowan Atkinson. I love his style, his acting. Obviously I find Mr Bean and Black-adder to be great programmes. Then Johnny English came in 2006 and I found it amusing, however, it was a bit too silly. I watched Johnny English Reborn with an 8/10 in mind and after watching it I think it deserves that. It did start to drift somewhere in the middle of the film but there were some truly epically funny scenes. After watching the deleted scenes, I think that they all should have stayed and if they had then I would have definitely given this film a 9/10 Expand
  19. Feb 4, 2012
    I watched the movie in a cinema during it's premiere with my family.
    When we watched, I can literally say everyone, including me in the cinema cracked up. We couldn't stop laughing. This is certainily a great sequel and I loved this film.
  20. Jan 12, 2012
    Johnny English Reborn is all about the amazing Rowan Atkinson . He was as amazing he always is and super funny . Without him This film would get 0 . Except Rowan Atkinson most of the things in this film sucks . The Story was so bad . Except for Rowan most of the Actors wasn't good at all . Oliver Parker should stay with St. Trinian's . Soundtracks was 50-50 . So Overall Johnny English Reborn is Rowan Atkinson Rowan Atkinson Rowan Atkinson . Expand
  21. Dec 12, 2011
    I enjoyed the first movie. It was just the way I imagined Rowan Atkinson as a "spy'.
    The sequel is a mistake, though. 3 or 5 laughable moments just aren't enough. It's the same thing all over again. I just didn't buy it. Just as I wish I hadn't bought those damn tickets for "Johnny English Reborn". It just wasn't worth it.
  22. Nov 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This movie was decent. The chinese lady made me lol. I havent seen the original so I dont know how this compares with it. But in the context of all action movies this is good. Expand
  23. Nov 9, 2011
    Before I started to watch the movie I knew it was not going to be as good as Johnny English 1. I wasn't surprised. Some laughs, but nothing hilarious. Not disappointing as I wasn't expecting much.
  24. Nov 7, 2011
    There's laugh out loud moment and also the corny ones. Funny, how this movie works. The movie itself undeniably awful. Not Rowan Atkinson fan? You should forget it.
  25. Nov 5, 2011
    I am a massive fan of the first film but disliked this one. It is more in the vein of Daniel Craig's Bonds rather than the old Bonds, (which is what the first film was based on, since it came out in 2003). As such it has to include a lot more complicated elements, which means there is more time devoted to plot twists and ergo serious moments, rather than a simple story which leaves a lot of room for comedy (as the first one did). In addition, the comedy seems quite lazy and I did not find it very funny. The is mostly due to the fact that in this film Johnny English is actually good at combat, so it means there's not much room for the type of physical comedy Atkinson is great at. Expand
  26. Nov 4, 2011
    Entertainment wise it is good, nonetheless the story is repetitive like the first film; good thing is I intended to have a very low expectation about this film, so I'm impress and entertain. You''ll laugh at almost part but the story is not as good (structure) as the first one. I am not saying it is bad, what I am saying is that is doesn't compare to the first movie. There is no sequence between the movies, but there are no time line errors, which is very good. Overall, this film is very flat and dull. Granted the humor is good at points, and some of the special effects are fun, but more often than not you're given boring dialogue, ridiculous story with many plot holes and flat acting that is uninspired and just not humorous; but I'll still entertain and happy what I've spent in theater. Expand
  27. Nov 1, 2011
    JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN is wildly entertaining and a hilarious yet stupid sequel that is funnier than the original. This film is good old stupid fun and is fun for the whole family.
  28. Oct 29, 2011
    He's back... and better than ever. The plot is interesting. Rowan Atkinson is brilliant, as his character is both funny and fascinating (to see what next blunder he'll make). I love it how he fits perfectly as an alternate James Bond, if he would have that extra of bad luck around him. If you loved the first movie, any Mr.Bean movie or anything that just involves Rowan, go watch the movie right now! You'll have a blast. Expand
  29. Oct 29, 2011
    I really loved this movie, with classic humour. You gotta love it. The chinese cleaner that comes back all of the time is also very funny. This movie is an absulute 9.
  30. Oct 28, 2011
    This film is so godlike. There's so many references to James Bond, and it's got great comical value. Truly, the role of Jonny English couldn't have been played by anyone other than Rowan Atkinson. It's definitely funny and not story-heavy. They could've done more to make it an even more hilarious parody but it's certainly a good laugh. The only thing lacking is story, which in a film is arguably the most important aspect. Expand
  31. Oct 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I thought it was fairly funny in some bits. A lot of the funny bits however had already been shown in the trailers. Otherwise it was fairly funny but not funny enough that I would watch it that many more times. It really depends what your type of movie is. If you really liked the first Johnny English you might like this but it not better than the first one. If you did not like the first one you will probably not like the second one either. I liked the first one but this one was just ok, so liking the first one does not guarantee that you will like this one. It still was entertaining but nothing close to a master comedy or master film. Expand
  32. Oct 24, 2011
    Johnny English Reborn - is exactly what you expect in case you have watched its predecessor. Its fun, its both smart & silly simultaneously, it doesn't put too much pressure on your brain and ... it has Rowan "Mr Bean" Atkinson! The first part was funny, but still was lacking the Clouseau or Get Smart effect. However, this part adds the missing edge perfectly and puts Johnny in the race with Austin Powers & fellow Spy spoof-ers (though not a close one yet!) successfully.

    Rowan is excellent as the over-confident dumb-wise Spy. The movie doesn't make you laugh continuously, but it has its moments, a lot of them! Johnny is on a Shaolin or similar monastery, refining himself both physically & philosophically, when he is called back by MI7 to prevent the predicted assassination of Chinese Premier. While investigating that (and failing miserably), he finds out that this has a connection with his last mission in Mozambique, which was a disaster and the sole reason for his suspension. Can Johnny figure it out before the Premier gets killed? Is Johnny wiser than before? Does Johnny know what he is doing, at least a little more than before? Watch the movie to find out - won't be a terrible loss, I promise.
  33. Oct 23, 2011
    Johnny English Reborn is a love it or hate it movie. Some people won't like the humor, some people will. Personally, I almost couldn't stop laughing. Johnny English and Johnny English Reborn are one of my favorite movies of all-time. Yes the jokes are predictable but that's what makes them so funny in my opinion. I rate this movie a 9/10 because the first movie was better, especially the interaction between Johnny English and Bough made it so great. This movie is a bit more over-the-top and sadly Bough is missing here. Still a 9/10 is a good score and this is a must see movie for all Johnny English fans. Expand
  34. Oct 22, 2011
    Honestly This Is A Good Movie, But It Wont Win Movie Of The Year! I Think The Whole Movie Was Good, No Scenes Really Made It "Bad" The Acting Was Really Good! :D
  35. Oct 21, 2011
    This is the funniest movie I have ever seen! It is original with its skits and everything, and there is one point in the movie that I think I will remember for all of my life. Please watch this movie, its so original.
  36. Oct 21, 2011
    Johnny English is back and unfortunately not for the better. I found the the original surprisingly funny therefore its a great shame the sequel is a massive disappointment. Since the first film English has been dismissed from MI7 after a disastrous mission in Mozambique but is brought back to MI7 to prevent a group of international assassins from killing the Chinese Premier and causing global chaos. The original was far from the funniest film ever made but provided some genuine LOL moments. Sadly, Reborn rarely has you break into laughter or for that even crack a smile! Don't get me wrong there are some, very few, infact they are few and far between funny bits but it fails to sparkle and fizzels out to be a dreadfully dull movie. The fact is the film tries to be funny and provide funny moments but its just an epic fail, simple as that. For any fans of the original trust me when I say stick to that because Johnny English Reborn isn't a patch on its predeccesor and even that wasn't the funniest of films, tells you everything you need to know. As a fellow reviewer said; painfully unfunny, and that sums this film up to a tee! Collapse
  37. Oct 21, 2011
    Johnny English Reborn - Skip-it - New This Week - Unless you are a die-hard Mr. Bean fan (which is a whole other issue) you will think this Rowan Atkinson spy comedy is painfully unfunny.
  38. Oct 21, 2011
    Worst comedy ever. Stupid jokes, people falling... Really pathetic evon for Johnny English standard. There are so many better comedies out there that its a pitty to watch this one

Mixed or average reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 20
  2. Negative: 8 out of 20
  1. Reviewed by: Roger Moore
    Oct 26, 2011
    "English Reborn" isn't terrible and is certainly seriously harmless.
  2. Reviewed by: Matt Singer
    Oct 21, 2011
    An incredible physical comedian, Rowan Atkinson would seemingly do anything for a laugh except one crucial thing: hold out for a better script. This sequel to 2003's Johnny English has a few inspired gags, but most of the material is on the level of English getting kicked repeatedly in his thunderballs.
  3. Reviewed by: Joe Williams
    Oct 21, 2011
    For anyone expecting the second coming of Clouseau, Johnny English Reborn is a karmic catastrophe.