Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 36
  2. Negative: 14 out of 36

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  1. 67
    It may be mindless and sexless and humorless, but Jumper jumps.
  2. 63
    Liman applies the same frenetic approach to action scenes that made "The Bourne Identity" such an engaging and exciting affair.
  3. Reviewed by: Olly Richards
    It’s Liman’s least charismatic action movie and the least developed, but it still packs some cracking action into its brief running time and lays foundations on which a great franchise could be built.
  4. I'll say this much for Jumper – it's got a great premise. Or at least the beginnings of a premise.
  5. 50
    It's a feature-length teaser for a never-to-be sci-fi franchise.
  6. Reviewed by: Stina Chyn
    The major weakness in Jumper is the piling on of action and narrative in the last ten to twelve minutes. It's as though the editor was rushing to meet a deadline and did the best he could with too much footage.
  7. Jumper proves disappointingly inert. All the state-of-the-art visual effects in the world can't compensate for spotty plotting and bland characters that prevent an intriguing premise from going the distance.
  8. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    Director Doug Liman churns out a serviceable sci-fi thriller/videogame template that plays like "The Matrix Lite" and, finally, isn't nearly as cool as its trailer.
  9. Liman, for all his craft, doesn't have enough FUN with the premise.
  10. 50
    The whole production does reek a bit of origin story filminess, but even so, it's light sabers beyond Christensen's sad, revengeful fate in "Episode III" and does offer a nice view of the top of the Sphinx's head no less than three times.
  11. The best thing -- maybe the only good thing -- about the expensive sci-fi movie, Jumper, is its high-concept premise, which gives its hero the power of teleporting himself anywhere on the globe in the blink of an eye: from the Coliseum of Rome to the North Pole.
  12. The film LOOKS great, but at a brisk 88 minutes, there's no time to fill in back story, from the epic history of paladin persecution to the deeply personal mystery of David's mother, and the cliffhanger ending is so abrupt that the movie seems bizarrely truncated.
  13. Woefully short on script, the picture ends up disappearing down the wormhole of its own premise.
  14. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    It doesn't help that the performances are bland (particularly those of Christensen and Bilson) and that what comes out of their mouths is uninspired. Short on imagination and anchored by a wan hero, Jumper is a flight of fancy that never fully takes off.
  15. 50
    Though dazzled by its ultra-modern wizardry and the high gloss of its production values, one can also feel the globalist double standard roiling underneath the adolescent-kid fantasy plot. Jumper tells us that Americans fantasize about getting rich by stealing and going everywhere they want without restrictions; that they are materialistic, disrespect foreign antiquities, and remain blind to their own and to world history.
  16. 50
    Jumper is all high concept with little invested in characters or story.
  17. There's enough kinetic energy in Jumper to light a thousand houses. Unfortunately, there's no one home in any of them.
  18. 50
    But what can you do with Hayden Christensen? He's as close as we have to an android actor. It's all a chore for him. He never looks sufficiently scared, impressed, or surprised by any of this.
  19. Fast is a good quality in an action/adventure. But there is lightning-paced and then there is warp speed. Doug Liman's Jumper is the latter, a not-so-good quality in an action/adventure for the simple reason that the audience can't figure out what's going on.
  20. 50
    It's difficult to know whom to root for.
  21. 42
    No exciting action can cover the film's profound shallowness and repulsive attitude toward everyone but Christensen.
  22. Jumper, the film, goes everywhere and nowhere.
  23. Director Doug Liman and a trio of writers eventually forget the rules they set up and hurl combatants to places they could never have seen or even known about: Who'd willingly project himself into the middle of a Chechnyan war zone?
  24. Deep into Hollywood's Dumb Season comes one of its dumbest offerings.
  25. Reviewed by: Glenn Kenny
    These site-shifting extravaganzas sometimes reach an exhilarating level of near-abstraction. So it's too bad that just about everything surrounding the action scenes of the picture is such unmitigated cr--.
  26. 30
    The result is more or less a remake of the great scene in “Sherlock Jr.,” where a dozing Buster Keaton dreams himself through a shuffled sequence of backgrounds. Jumper is ten times as brutal, maybe a thousand times more costly, and eighty-four years late, but it’s a start.
  27. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Jumper is so lame -- undernourished in its characterizations, stillborn in its action scenes -- that it inevitably leads the idled mind to wondering how this movie got past the pitch stage.
  28. Jumper is so in sync with the language of modern action movies that it’s possible to look past its soullessness and go with the quantum flow.
  29. A barely coherent genre mishmash.
  30. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Jumper not only makes the rules up as it goes along; it neglects to tell us what those rules are, which is both unfair and unfun.
  31. 30
    Like so many other CGI behemoths, this dull action fantasy ultimately squashes rather than inspires one's sense of wonder.
  32. 25
    The best stuff in Jumper comes early, while the movie is still busy explaining its scenario. It's only when all the pieces are in place and the story actually kicks in that things start to fall apart, and quickly.
  33. 25
    A totally ridiculous and incoherent sci-fi adventure.
  34. 25
    Talk about disappointing. Director Doug Liman exuded style and cool in "Swingers," "Go" and "The Bourne Identity." He lost his way in the star bloat of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and now his mojo is buried in this amped-up sci-fi chase flick.
  35. Jumper, based on the novel by Steven Gould, re-defines -- downward -- the notion of dreadful. It does so by dispensing with everything a movie needs for a shot at being merely awful. Dramatic development? None. Entertaining dialogue? Ditto. Internal logic? Puhleez. Intriguing characters? No characters, thus no intrigue. Interesting performances? Essentially none, though with an asterisk.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 381 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 107
  2. Negative: 41 out of 107
  1. May 19, 2011
    I think the movie was quite enjoyable. What I sometimes do not understand are the casting choices. There was a chick he picked up in a bar inI think the movie was quite enjoyable. What I sometimes do not understand are the casting choices. There was a chick he picked up in a bar in London, she should have played the main female character. A hundred times more attractive and hot than that small ugly chick they finally selected. Special effects were great, I did not feel the need to zap away or take a nap once, and that says a lot ! Full Review »
  2. Apr 19, 2014
    Jumper is a good sci-fi/action movie.I agreed the acting is not that good and the scenario is bad but the CGI effects are good and there is aJumper is a good sci-fi/action movie.I agreed the acting is not that good and the scenario is bad but the CGI effects are good and there is a good cast (Hayden Christensen,Jamie Bell,Samuel L. Jackson). Full Review »
  3. Aug 18, 2013
    Jumper is a very underrated movie with an interesting plot. The nerd community hates on Hayden Christensen so, with this movie being more inJumper is a very underrated movie with an interesting plot. The nerd community hates on Hayden Christensen so, with this movie being more in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, it really didn't stand a chance. However, he's a capable actor and the support of Samuel Jackson, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell, and other cameos gave this movie a solid cast. As I said, the plot was pretty interesting and original as well. The only real problem I had with the film is that it was only 88 minutes, which didn't really give it time to fully develop the concept of "jumping" and the relationship because them and the Paladins, an organization that hunts down jumpers. With more development I think this would've been a great movie. Full Review »