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Generally favorable reviews- based on 22 Ratings

Summary: The latest film from iconoclastic independent filmmaker Gregg Araki, Kaboom is a hyper-stylized ”Twin Peaks” for the Coachella Generation, featuring a gorgeous young cast. A wild, witty and sex-drenched horror-comedy thriller, Kaboom tells the story of Smith, an ambisexual 18-year-old college freshman who stumbles upon a monstrous conspiracy in a seemingly idyllic Southern California seaside town. Kaboom shares key touchstones of Araki’s early films, including scatological and absurd Valley-inflected dialogue, elements of campy gore and Araki’s troupe of arrestingly sexy guys and girls. With his sophisticated synthesis of various experiments in tone and cinematography, Araki has reached a new level of artistic maturity. (IFC Films)

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Runtime: 86 min
Production: Why Not Productions
Genres: Sci-Fi, Comedy
Countries: USA, France
Language: English
Director Credit
Gregg Araki Director
Writer Credit
Gregg Araki Screenplay
Cast Credit
Andy Fischer-Price Rex
Brandy Futch Drug Fairy Nymph
Brennan Mejia Oliver
Carlo Mendez Milo
Chris Zylka Thor
Haley Bennett Stella
James Duval The Messiah
Jason Olive Hunter
Juno Temple London
Kelly Lynch Cast
Natalie Alyn Lind Cult Victim
Nicole LaLiberte Red-Haired Girl
Roxane Mesquida Lorelei
Thomas Dekker Smith
Producer Credit
Andrea Sperling Producer
Beau J. Genot Associate Producer
Gregg Araki Producer
Jonathan Schwartz Executive Producer
Pavlina Hatoupis Line Producer
Sebastien Lemercier Producer
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