King of the Corner


Mixed or average reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 15
  2. Negative: 1 out of 15

Critic Reviews

  1. 88
    King of the Corner is not plot-driven. It's like life: just one damned thing after another
  2. 75
    A witty and wise midlife comedy, not only represents Peter Riegert's debut as a feature director but gives this gifted veteran performer his juiciest big-screen role in quite some time.
  3. A warm, unexpectedly moving portrait of a man on the verge of what could either be a dreadful or delightful second chapter.
  4. Moments of this film reminded me of Alexander Payne's great library of male dysfunction -- "Election," "About Schmidt," "Sideways" -- not because King of the Corner actually reaches Payne's plane, but because I wish it had tried.
  5. The mild but affable story of an ad man's midlife crisis, King of the Corner is an actor's film in every way.
  6. Riegert and his cowriter, Gerald Shapiro, breathe some fresh air into the material with their credible characters.
  7. 60
    I've never quite figured out what the poker-faced Peter Riegert does as an actor, but his matter-of-fact minimalism is always funny and affecting.
  8. Warm and wise comedy of middle-age malaise.
  9. It's all pleasant but fairly unimportant, and then -- POW -- comes the great scene, almost out of nowhere.
  10. Reviewed by: Dennis Harvey
    Lacks the stylistic attention to psychological distress that might have lent it maximum impact. Instead, the pic is amiable, kinda charming, visually routine, and incisive in individual sequences.
  11. 50
    An average film starring an average character actor, but maybe that's the point. This is a story about the benefits of just showing up. Even at its most sentimental, Riegert's pet project possesses a lived-in integrity that nearly offsets the staleness of the material.
  12. King of the Corner has been adapted from Gerald Shapiro's "Bad Jews and Other Stories" and suffers from an odd, disjointed quality.
  13. Peter Riegert's is a labor of love film where you feel love much stronger than you feel the film.
  14. 40
    It's a low-key actor's showreel, harmless and toothless and sleepy. It'd go pretty well with a glass of warm milk.
  15. But look up the word "slight" in the dictionary and you could find a still from this film.
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  1. JayE.
    Aug 30, 2005
    With the exception of Jake Hoffman, who needs a lot more time in regional theater, even if Pops can get him Hollywood parts, the acting is With the exception of Jake Hoffman, who needs a lot more time in regional theater, even if Pops can get him Hollywood parts, the acting is first rate; and a couple of scenes (the opening, the hero's impromptu funeral oration) work nicely. But hasty under-editing quickly exposes an extraordinarily weak screenplay (appearing in person at the showing I watched, Peter Riegert refused to provide any explanation for the hero's gratuitous and cruel betrayal of a former high school crush). The lighting was terrible, the print grainy, the theme confused -- a drama whose comic relief was so heavy-handed and improbable, it descended into satire.The most lasting impression I took from this sincere effort: no matter how talented, one guy, with an ultra-low budget and some pals working for scale, cannot make a worthy feature film. Sadly, the distributors who turned Riegert down were right. Full Review »