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  • Summary: Bright, inquisitive and generous, Kit is a natural born leader. But her happy childhood is abruptly interrupted when her father loses his care dealership and must leave to Cincinnati to look for work. Kit and her mother Margaret are left to manage on their own, growing vegetables, selling eggs and even taking an assortment of boarders. When Kit’s mother and the boarders become the latest victims in a string of robberies, the Kittredges face losing their house to foreclosure. Determined to recover the stolen money, Kit recruits her friends to help her track down the culprit. Together they uncover plot that goes gar be yond Cincinnati. (Picturehouse) Expand
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  1. Preteen girls – and not just those who are already American Girl fanatics – should be entranced. And why not? Not many movies for that audience are as respectful as is this one.
  2. A smart, playful, informative pleasure.
  3. 75
    A thoroughly satisfying and engaging children's picture that never forgets those kids probably didn't get to the theater by themselves.
  4. A crime wave gives the heroine a mystery to solve and provides most of the comedy, but the film is stronger in its dramatic stretches.
  5. While the film starring Abigail Breslin as a resourceful 10-year-old is faithful to the Kit books, it's pokey where it should be perky.
  6. Has its heart in the right place and its head shoved well down into a box of clichés.
  7. The director, Patricia Rozema, has a rare talent: She gets third-rate performances out of first-rate performers with almost startling efficiency. All are bland, some hardly exist at all, and as performance, the whole thing seems a waste.

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  1. Apr 30, 2012
    The film wasn't too engaging or exciting, and had a few flaws in the execution, but it did give out an insight on 1930s history for children and kids-at-heart, without leaning so much into mindless mischief or "Home Alone"-style antics. Abigail Breslin's portrayal of Kit was also just as flat-out impressive as Bruno Ganz's dramatic performance in Downfall, or more like what Aaron Staton did in L.A. Noire, especially when Kit had to investigate a string of hobo-related robberies in Ohio.

    My two-thumbs up to this film.

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