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  1. 100
    Chow's savagely funny cinematic love letter places Hong Kong legends Yuen Wah, Leung Siu Lung and former Bond girl Yuen Qiu in well-cast pivotal parts, establishing Kung Fu Hustle not only as an endearing homage to a genre's history, but an astonishing piece of cinema in its own right.
  2. Reviewed by: Phil Hall
    Kung Fu Hustle is something you rarely encounter in theaters: a genuinely original comedy.
  3. Reviewed by: Andrew Sun
    With a delirious mix of the sublime and the silly, Hong Kong comedy king Stephen Chow Sing-chi has taken the kung fu comedy genre to new heights of chop-socky hilarity.
  4. 100
    The movie refers glancingly to dozens of Hollywood classics, from "West Side Story" to "City Lights," but at heart it is a debt of honor richly paid by Stephen Chow to his martial-arts forebears and to the traditions that shaped his sensibility. His gong fu is the best.
  5. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Moviemaking doesn't get much smarter, funnier, handsomer, better than this.
  6. 100
    It's a short, sharp, shock to the cinematic system that's virtually impossible to dislike, and if you don't leave the theatre grinning your face off, then buddy, movies just aren't for you.
  7. All of Kung Fu Hustle is like that: You don't just watch it, you ride with it, laughing all the way.
  8. 91
    It's a visual feast that only a crack director could provide, and it's mounted within a story and setting that, played utterly straight, might still have made a good movie.
  9. Brilliantly choreographed and shot, Kung Fu Hustle is often grisly, visually spectacular and unabashedly silly, sometimes all at once.
  10. 88
    Gut-Bustingly funny moves are pretty rare, so hustle over to Kung Fu Hustle, actor-director Ste phen Chow's exhilaratingly hilarious and affectionate send-up of Hong Kong action flicks.
  11. Raymond Wong, who has become Chow's favorite composer, iced this cake with music that sounds like Beethoven, Henry Mancini's jazz and all the James Bond themes run together in a blender.
  12. Reviewed by: Aaron Hillis
    Guaranteed to deliver more innovative eye candy and smarter fun-per-second than most of this summer's fare, and that one-two punch ought to knock you off your seat.
  13. In a farce like this, where the story is merely a string of martial-arts movie cliches lined up to be parodied, that has its own rewards.
  14. Half-amazing, half-ridiculous, thoroughly exhilarating.
  15. 80
    Its crowd-pleasing, action-packed brand of frenetic parody promises to spread Chow's mythos even further.
  16. 80
    Chow manages to have his cake and eat it too: Kung Fu Hustle is a kung fu parody that's also a terrific kung fu movie.
  17. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    Defies all laws of gravity in its pursuit of thrills and laughs—and it's so disarmingly eager to please that only a stone-faced kung fu purist could object.
  18. The inspiration appears to be equal parts "Looney Tunes" and Capcom video games like "Street Fighter II." All the energy that was missing from the recent "Mask" sequel is here, and then some.
  19. It won't be long before you feel the compulsion to watch again. There is too much to appreciate in one sitting.
  20. Reviewed by: Simon Crook
    Kung Fu Hustle pummels "The Matrix" trilogy into a puddle.
  21. 75
    Viewers will discover that the film has something to offer nearly everyone, whether they are a novice or a black belt in kung fu cinema.
  22. 75
    Does the plot spin out of control? You bet. But dumb fun this smart is a gift.
  23. 75
    For all its excitement Kung Fu Hustle is mostly a marvel of comedic ingenuity and mile-a-minute creativity run wild. You've never seen anything like it.
  24. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Hustle's approach to a simple good-vs.-evil plot is eccentrically exuberant.
  25. 75
    Kung Fu Hustle is to "House of Flying Daggers" what "Blazing Saddles" is to "Unforgiven."
  26. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Like a meal prepared by an extreme chef, ''Hustle" is more than a bit of a mess. It still tastes like nothing you've ever had before.
  27. 75
    This is the kind of movie where you laugh occasionally and have a silly grin most of the rest of the time.
  28. Vivid and madcap but fails to connect on any emotional level.
  29. A celebration of Hong Kong action cinema that mocks gravity, both emotional and physical.
  30. For all its punches, kicks, whacks and thumps, the movie does not have much impact, and for all its affectionate nostalgia, it produces a strange kind of amnesia. It knocks the sense right out of your head, and its own as well.
  31. 70
    Chow depends way too much on jokey computer graphics that make the whole thing feel like a superhero comic, instead of athleticism or charisma or good storytelling, and that Kung Fu Hustle wears itself out long before it's over.
  32. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    At times, the picture evokes such stylized musicals as "The Band Wagon"; at others, it seems to whirr every kung-fu movie ever made into the most luscious action smoothie you'll ever imbibe.
  33. Reviewed by: Kevin B. Lee
    Chow's newfound patience and attentiveness to stasis, tinged with nostalgia, are promising indications of where he's taking his art as he attempts to influence the commercial cinema that's long influenced him.
  34. The upside: Chow has energy and invention to burn. The downside: He doesn't know when he blisters his audience.
  35. 60
    A giant leap forward in Stephen Chow's ongoing assault on Jackie Chan's status as reigning balletic clown-master of martial-arts mayhem, this extravagantly nutty crime comedy is a work of some kind of genius. Not everybody's kind of genius, to be sure.
  36. Reviewed by: Derek Elley
    Devoid of genuine inspiration or involving character development.
  37. The overly broad martial-arts comedy Kung Fu Hustle was obviously made with skill and affection for its many cinematic sources, yet I found the tone, timing and emotional involvement off by just enough to irritate rather than enchant.
  38. 30
    For all its stylishness, verve and moments of visual poetry, the relentlessly punishing slapstick and overall cruel tone left me cold.
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  1. Nov 16, 2013
    Another great film from Stephen Chow. "Kung Fu Hustle", as the title suggests, is a well choreographed combination of martial arts and humor.Another great film from Stephen Chow. "Kung Fu Hustle", as the title suggests, is a well choreographed combination of martial arts and humor. The plot is silly, but when there are so many hilarious scenes, you really just don't care anymore. Oh, and don't expect any character development, there's no time for that. Full Review »
  2. AK7
    Jul 30, 2013
    There aren't many good comedy movies, everybody knows that. Buy sometimes you find a gem, guess what this is a GEM. Kung Fu Hustle is such anThere aren't many good comedy movies, everybody knows that. Buy sometimes you find a gem, guess what this is a GEM. Kung Fu Hustle is such an unique comedy movie, you won't find this anywhere else. Form the beginning of the movie till the end of the movie I genuinely laughed my @ss off. A comedy with good acting, really funny scenes, a ridiculous plot and martial arts? That is a 10/10 ALL DAY LONG! Full Review »
  3. Jun 11, 2014
    This might be my overall favorite movie of all time, ( although I don't watch much movies). It had everything, comedy, horror, action, and isThis might be my overall favorite movie of all time, ( although I don't watch much movies). It had everything, comedy, horror, action, and is extremely good in each of those categories. With a epic villain and a entertaining story to boot with a excellent supporting cast to go along with it. The show didn't take itself too seriously, but there were some tense moments and kind of action packed. Very Epic and entertaining movie 10/10. Full Review »