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  • Summary: Adapted from the internet novel "Beijing Story," this is the story of a young gay student and his relationship with an older man set against the uprising of Tiananmen Square. (Strand Releasing)

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  1. 83
    This is a beautiful, moving picture about a love affair between two very different Chinese men.
  2. Assured, vital and well wrought, the film is, arguably, the most accomplished work to date from Hong Kong's versatile Stanley Kwan.
  3. At times too restrained, yet there are moments it captures the erotics of intimacy in a way that makes most American love stories look downright unfree.
  4. Reviewed by: Chris Gore
    This delicately observed story, deeply felt and masterfully stylized, is a triumph for its maverick director.
  5. 60
    The connection between Hu and Liu seems more scripted than real, founded on musty allegorical clichés about innocent country folk and corrupt city slickers.
  6. For all of its careful realism, Lan Yu is constructed around clichés, plummeting toward a modestly heroic sacrifice and a tearjerking act of fate. But Kwan is a master of shadow, quietude, and room noise, and Lan Yu is a disarmingly lived-in movie.
  7. 50
    Deserves high marks for political courage but barely gets by on its artistic merits.

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