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  1. Nov 9, 2014
    Life of Pi is a wonderfully delivered adaptation of Yann Martel's novel, enriched with gorgeous visuals, strong performances and an emotionally moving story.
  2. Aug 20, 2014
    Legendary movie 10/10. And like all the best movies ever, is based on a book. But considering not reading the book, the film itself demonstrates something about faith. Big message about religion. If you are devote, you may probably feel at some point offended... just because it is flat and direct attack to all religions worldwide (or could be interpreted like so).
  3. May 18, 2014
    I loved this movie and I didn't think I would. When people told me it was amazing I wasn't believing them because I thought it would have been boring with pretty much only 1 actor for most of the movie, but I was wrong. It was amazing the acting was great and an amazing storyline from beginning to end. The special effects are what made the movie what it is. Knowing that the tiger was all computer animated was awesome as he looked so real. Also a couple other really cool scenes which special effects made awesome. A deserving winner of the Oscar for best special effects. Expand
  4. Jan 18, 2014
    A visually breathtaking film with a rich storyline. The film is crafted wonderfully thanks to Ang Lee's impeccable direction. Watching it makes for a great experience.
  5. Dec 31, 2013
    Well, one of most expected movie of 2012 by me. It was not a colorful visual movie like 'Avatar' which was bluish Or 'Hugo' which was orangish except in few scenes that too come in night shot though IMO you should not compare it with above two. Many part of 3D sequences were just awesome.

    It could have been more violent and sentimental story that ever told on this theme but not, the
    director cleverly blended the humor with character emotions very nicely, thats why it was just ratted PG where children are allowed with their parents approval, but it is common for them to see an animal to kill another in Animal Planet, so its not a big deal i think. The CGI animal(s) were looked so clean and good.

    I must say the movie don't offer what you expect from its trailer, in movie it was totally different than any movie in the world except Waterworld Cast Away Castle in the Sky Life Of Pi, i am not comparing it to other 3 but saying got similarity in some parts.

    I did not like the end much, I mean the way it ended was not proper, I thought it still had something to go far away then realized it happen only in commercial movies.

    My question is can this movie do good business which got no big names and cast!? Indian cast, Taiwan's talent, American product and a great effort of various technicians from around the world is equal to LIFE OF PI in Pacific ocean over 227 days. Hoping it gonna grab couple of awards in Academy award. Worth watching it in 3D, Someday in future you can say that i was in there when it came out when it called epic like what we call some of classical movies today.

    You could see better and beautiful India in beginning few Minutes than any Hollywood movie which deal on Indian subject. people from in and around Pondicherry can feel proud, why not whole Indians can. The images from the movie will remain in our eyes for some time even after you left the cinema hall specially may be you won't forget the name Richard Parker.

    And now i go for 9 outa 10 saying must see specially we Indian coz we cant make movie like this at least for right now in our own but we can watch this western piece of Indian art carved Ang Lee.

    There is a chance it gonna replace 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' as his (Ang Lee's) best, i said may be so lets see. Might be i am little excited for seeing it in preview show lets see what happens later days and what others say.

  6. Dec 17, 2013
    The directing of this movie is amazing. The visuals and the scenes are so realistic. Amazing Ang Lee! So many complications and especially the climax!
  7. Dec 14, 2013
    When this film finished, I cried for about next 20 minutes after the credits rolled. Who knew a CGI tiger could break your heart into a million pieces?! Life of Pi is quite simply stunning film-making, packed with jaw dropping performances and an abundance of meaning.
  8. Dec 13, 2013
    Life of Pi is a wonderfully delivered adaptation of Yann Martel's novel, enriched with gorgeous visuals, strong performances and an emotionally moving story.
  9. Sep 23, 2013
    Pi tries to explain his name early on as a child, deciding full name given my his parents was more of a hindrance than anything else, these early moments outline a normal child in a normal situation, but this miraculous film finds its stride as Pi and his family must take sail from India to Canada to set up their failing zoo, this alone sets up a decent tone for the film but natural causes come about when a massive storm throws everything into chaos as Pi ends up stranded on a lifeboat with an unforgiving tiger. The film opens in a colourful fashion with bright things and wonderful visuals, a film this good-looking hasn't been around since Avatar and these visuals are truly masterful, there is nothing quite like the spectacle when Pi, played for most of the film by Suraj Sharma, is attempting to survive on sea, witnessing many creatures of the deep while also keeping an eye on his fellow survivor, but survive being the most important part, the sea can be harsh, but a tiger whose only wish is to eat you can be so much deadlier. Director Ang Lee tells a lifelong story as an older Pi (Irrfan Khan) depicts his adventures, he does this in such poetic and beautiful fashion, showing an uneasy but necessary partnership between man and animal but still showing that animals can truly be unforgiving. Much of the film is Pi's attempt to train the tiger, named Richard Parker, their co-existence proving vital as the film unfolds. The film takes much of its spectacle from a study of faith, as we learn that Pi is intrigued by the various forms that a spiritual being may take, he often speaks to God, and also accepts that his life may soon be coming to an end. Miraculous occurrences and anomalies could suggest he may indeed be playing a part, some of the scenes where Pi shouts to the sky are quite breathtaking.
    The winning formula of the film not only comes from the spectacular fantasy of the visuals, but from a very touching, tragic and a moving piece of colourful mastery that combines two unlikely companions while also dealing with many lifelong issues that Pi faces in a short space of time, he must overcome these insecurities if he wants to survive. It's quite a dream and quite an adventure, with an ending that questions what exactly is true and what isn't, it's left up to the viewer, pave it out for yourself, a magnificent achievement and a landmark in storytelling and visuals. Not only one of the best looking films of the last few years, but a story that couldn't be told better or in a more colourful fashion.
  10. Sep 11, 2013
    I liked this movie alot. I really enjoyed the acting and all the characters. The setting is depressing at times, but the overall meaning and symbolism is amazing. I recommend this movie.
  11. Aug 5, 2013
    Loved it from the start to the end. I recommend it to every one!

    What I really like about the movie is the original story and the character development. After the movie you keep on thinking about it, what I really like. It's based upon a book, which I read (after I saw the movie). The movie is well based on the book, although (like in all the movies based upon books) they don't put the
    'details' into it. Which seems to very hard to really put all the 'details' in it.

    Watch it!
  12. Aug 3, 2013
    I see a lot of reviews attacking the movie on the assumption that the writers are trying to make you believe in god. The symbolism of the movie is obviously lost on such viewers. I'm not very religious or spiritual, but I still found this movie to be incredibly compelling on a introspective level. Even if you don't care about spirituality (or lack of), the movie still invokes strong emotions from displaying the triumph of the human spirit. A very powerful movie indeed. Expand
  13. Jul 30, 2013
    It is a GREeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAT Movie
    one of the best of 2012
  14. May 28, 2013
    Master Director Ang Lee and Cinematographer Claudio Miranda deliver the most visually-stunning, beautiful film since...Never. Never has there been such a beautiful, fantastically written picture that draws both the eyes and the heart of its audience. While some compare this film to James Cameron's Avatar, I completely disagree. Life of Pi excels in the one area where Avatar was lacking: It has a plot. Another clear difference is Pi's sheer beauty. The fact that Life of Pi's visuals are more believable than Avatars' in addition to its lack of bloody war scenes, clearly makes it the most gorgeous picture ever made. Expand
  15. May 21, 2013
    I delayed watching this film for a long time, thinking it wouldn't live up to its hype. Stories set at sea seldom interest me. Although the film takes no time taking us to the sea, the buildup to it was done pretty good. I even forgot we would be taken there momentarily. Life of Pi is about life, faith, and holding onto your beliefs in the face of hardships and tragedy. The allegories were amazing. You have to watch the film to know what I mean. But I found the climax a bit lackluster. I think its unforgivable especially for the visual medium to ignore the 'Show don't tell' principle. The impact could have been many times greater. Expand
  16. May 5, 2013
    First I taught the movie was very stupid because off the trailer, but it isn't a stupid movie, this movie is actually one of the best movie's of 2012. Life of Pi is a well made movie from one of the biggest directors of all time: Ang Lee. Ang Lee created an excellent work for young and old. The writer did an excellent work to. Really the best family film of 2012, I am sure about that.
  17. May 3, 2013
    Life of Pi is an amazing peace of visual and dialogue storytelling, cinematography, acting, and directing. Life of Pi is one of the most memorable films of 2012, and one of the most fun. Ang lee does a fantastic job directing on a visual and dramatic scale, I find this one of his best films he has made. Suraj Sharma doses a great job as Pi and really carries the film as the leading actor and does a amazing job with showing real emotion with his character. The one drawback with the fill is that most of this happens on a bout at times the setting can drag on but I was always entertained with the visuals and the tension between the animals and Pi. Over all this is a wonderful film!!! Expand
  18. Apr 27, 2013
    EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC MOVIE! This is with TDKR, my favorite film of all time. Ang Lee, THANK YOU so much for this film, i will never forget it
  19. Apr 13, 2013
    how did argo win best picture instead of this? Life of Pi is waaaaay better. Featuring beautiful effects, character relationships you can care about, and an amazing survival story, I feel that you cannot go wrong with this film.
  20. Apr 11, 2013
    This is everything I want in a film. The story, visual effects, acting, and music were all incredible, combining to keep me interested and alert from beginning to end. There was suspense and consistent, subtle foreshadowing. It was unique, portraying other cultures and putting the protagonist in situations I have never thought about before (and making the protagonist respond believably to those situations). The protagonist was designed to be distinctly different from everyone watching the movie, yet simultaneously relatable on many levels. On top of all that, Life of Pi made the viewer ponder deeply personal questions after the credits rolled. Expand
  21. Apr 1, 2013
    Terrific movie. Those who don't like it is because they don't understand it. Take a course in Buddhist philosophy. The movie is filled with spiritual depth. Your worst and best friend are one and the same.. the human mind.
  22. Mar 30, 2013
    If you can get past the over-long prologue, this movie is thought provoking, emotional, funny, and filled with some of the best special effects out there. Great movie.
  23. Mar 30, 2013
    This movie starts out slow, there is no doubt about that...and the beginning is rather muddled with some medium to poor script choices. But once the movie gets going, this build up makes you genuinely care for the character of Pi as you hear his incredible story. The acting and visual effects were fantastic, and the movie is just bigger than life. This movie is a once in a lifetime movie, it's so good any faults it has become irrelevant by the end. Expand
  24. Mar 16, 2013
    Hating myself for not checking this out in theaters. Purchased it on Blu-Ray today and I must say, It's the best looking film I have ever watched on Blu-ray. Literally watched the entire movie with my mouth open in complete awe. It's an emotional roller coaster ride. Easily one of the best films of 2012.
  25. Mar 11, 2013
    I cannot overpower my very own purist’s paranoia, I watched this film in theater a few days earlier in dubbed Italian (my Italian level is so-so), I could not reckon that any film has been officially “viewed” until I have watched it in its original form, so thanks to the latest BluRay copy, finally I am able to hail LIFE OF PI as my current favorite film of 2012! Although the film literally is the biggest Oscar winner this year (4 wins out of 11 nominations) and Ang Lee now is up among the pre-eminent echelon of a multi-times BEST DIRECTOR winner, the unfulfilled appreciation (from the prim Academy) still seethes inside, the BEST PICTURE/BEST DIRECTOR division has stuck Ang Lee and his teams twice is unprecedentedly jaundiced. Back to the film itself, I am pretty oblivious to Yann Martel’s source novel, but Ang Lee and his crew has deserved every single accolade because the outcome is simply astounding and mind-blowing, from the exotic Indian zoo, the palette of liveliness and quietude seeps directly to viewer’s mind curves, then, the visual stunts take over, the minutiae are constructed into an inconceivable kaleidoscope of sea survival (ship-wrecking, heaven-like sea surface, carnivore island).

    The allegorical storyline which can be laconically recapitulated as “the story between a boy and a Bengal tiger floating on the sea”, also goes beyond one’s mundane imagination, the liaison between Pi and Richard Parker the tiger has gone through a minute incubation-to-transition cliffhanger (technically it is not a cliffhanger since we all know the ending beforehand, but the two-hander just conjures magic spell upon us, which is mesmerizing, eye-popping and heart-warming), with the brilliant first-time actor Suraj Sharma interacting viscerally with the green screen (an almost entirely CGI-germinated tiger heralds the auspicious retirement of all the animal cast, as long as money continues investing, leave those poor animals in peace and so are the ever-engaging animal activist). Both Suraj and Irrfan Khan (the adult Pi) deserve more recognition from their meticulous and soul-searching performances. Being an agnostic, Pi’s eclectic belief in all disparate religions doesn’t register enough contention to me, and also it is claimed to be “a story could make one believe in God”, the film is marvelous in keeping its ambivalence so determined that either of the interpretation could find its recipients piously and without arousing any palpable repulsion even we all know how parochial people could react as far as “religions”is concerned. The film is a flawless eye-candy and soul-remedy, multiple viewings are highly-recommended, it is a conscientious masterstroke to corroborate Ang Lee’s versatility in mastering his universe of filmmaking (no genre boundary at all), commixed his oriental philosophy with western first-class craftsmanship and esprit de corps, Ang Lee can swagger further on the path of a true auteur, not only among his peers, even for a holistic view in the film history, his trail can be indelible.
  26. Mar 10, 2013
    Beautiful movie! Intelligent, funny, philosophical, visually beautiful beyond!! I had to ask at the end if the animals were real or not. Brought the book to life, loved it!
  27. Mar 2, 2013
    everything work in this movie ang lee truly achieved the impossible by bringing the story to life such an emotional story flawless writing, amazing cinematography and a magnificent score i really enjoyed it
  28. Feb 26, 2013
    Super, one of the best film i have ever seen. The story has a lot moment, the movies show that animal has feeling too. But i had read the book, the movies has missiong some imprtant part. But the movies is still good
  29. Feb 16, 2013
    One of the few adapted novels which actually rivals the book; in fact I enjoyed it more than the book. This is a truly spectacular film in the real sense of the word. It is breathtaking to watch, especially in 3D and on the big screen. It was rich in colour and beautiful in composition. The main character is compelling and the story flows along in an engaging fashion which allows you to almost taste his oncoming madness, his frustration and even boredom, without feeling them yourself. The film stays reasonably true to the novel, but omits some things and adds others. The result is, however, a beautiful work of art that left me, at least, feeling overwhelmed in the best possible way. Expand
  30. Feb 16, 2013
    There is no fault for the Life of Pi, as it is truly incredible and impressive. It shows off amazing special effects best seen in 3D. I was so close to crying by the end of the film, it's moving as well as action packed. I love how this film has a great moral/message to it, as it lets you think over the film after it's finished. It's an emotional and exciting movie ready to be seen by anyone who has the urge to watch it. Life of Pi portrays an epic adventure in film pretty much perfectly. So I give this film... 9.8/10! Expand
  31. Feb 3, 2013
    a movie that any person above the age 6 should see cause it pretty much has the meaning of life in it. i recommend it to everyone to go see in Imax not no regular theater
  32. Jan 28, 2013
    I went into this movie without knowing anything about it, one word sums it up: beautiful. The story was very good and just the right amount of heartwarming, the acting was also good. But the real star of the show here was the effects, which were completely out of this world, very vibrant colours really brightening the screen and brought to life in breathtaking 3D, which is the only way to watch this film and truly appreciate it. The soundtrack is forgetful, but the story and visuals are most definitely not. It was hard to watch at times, funny and sad, I really feel strongly for Richard Parker, perhaps the star of the show. Amazing, 90/100. Expand
  33. Jan 26, 2013
    i loved this movie, when you get out and you are in shock ,well that doesn't happen that much, i saw it in 3D it was well worth it, i highly recommed it and well a definite must see.
  34. Jan 26, 2013
    One of the most gorgeous and imaginative films I have seen in a long time. It should get the Academy Award for best director for Ang Lee for the remarkable job he did with a very challenging subject. I liked just about everything about this film except the message, but, hey, you can't have everything.
  35. Jan 24, 2013
    Life of Pi is a visually stunning film with a beautiful story about an unlikely partnership between a boy and a tiger. Ang Lee directed this gorgeous film, and as soon as I discovered he was making this film I knew this was going to be a winner. Lee has always been able to make emotional and innocent films; for example films like Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon have been a huge influence in cinema and have shown me what a great director he is. This new film has shown that he is able to go places he has never gone before as a filmmaker, and it really is a movie that makes you look at life in a completely different way. This movie has themes that stretch from the belief in a higher power, survival when there seems to be no hope, and how our challenges in life will test us. This movie has some brilliant character development; as we almost instantly love Pi and we see how this great experience changes him. Lee gets the audience to quickly relate to Pi and feels sympathy for him at even the worst times. Pi is that kind of protagonist that an audience can relate to and really enjoy, and he is one of the main reasons that this movie works so well. His bond with Richard Parker (which is the name of the tiger) is truly a beautiful thing and shows how without each other, neither of them would've survived. Lee really makes us feel like we are stranded in the ocean with them, and it makes us feel the same dangers that Pi feels. Ang Lee could've take the novel written by Yann Martel and made it a huge mess, but luckily thanks to his talents as a director he was able to make an emotionally satisfying and beautiful movie. This is that kind of film that really makes you think about what kind of challenges our life has gone through, and how they will shape the rest of our life. This movie is a great experience, and really is one of those movies that could change your life. Expand
  36. Jan 24, 2013
    Undeniably almost flawless, Life of Pi (2012) is a melting pot of entertainment formula. This film is the one to beat in cinematography and visual effects. Excellently created, magically translated for the silver screen, thought-provoking.
  37. Jan 22, 2013
    Storyline: Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) is a young Indian boy living in his fathers zoo. He has a great imagination and is always seeking out new meanings he thinks will give him the ultimate truth in religion but his father has financial problems so the board a ship with the animals and head for Canada but the ship hits heavy weather and an adventure begins.

    Acting: This film had no weak
    points but if there was one thing where it could have been improved on was with the cast but perhaps it's not a valid fault as there was a certain charm that went with the role of Pi as played by Suraj Sharma. OK I just looked and see it's his first acting role so..... Anyway, this also had Irrfan Khan who was also not bad but I have seen much better from him. The rest of the main cast were CG animals and they were astounding.

    Direction: Ang Lee did well and his film deserves all 11 nods from the Acadamy. Where this film betters Avatar is that it deals with our own planet and is all there in the real world to compare this with. His creation was as perfect as can be with our current technology (I do 3D CG) today.

    Production: $120 million for this visual delight sounds about right. I could see where the money was spent and to me thats what counts. I don't know where reality and CG are mixed and that's so important. The tiger was stunning it was so good. It's the best lifelike animal I've ever seen and hope others will strive for this type of detail in future. The make-up was also awesome and again was realistic.

    Conclusion: While this is a great story that transferred well to the screen it could have been even better. Like if you were to read the script for this and Castaway this would win but Castaway was told a bit better, know what I mean? Because of the cinematography and sound on this film it is almost perfect. Highly Recommended Score: 8.5/10
  38. Jan 18, 2013
    The plot kept me engage and the visual effects lived up to the hype. Was puzzled why many people told me the it was too long. Luckily that didn't stop me from going. Then again I was a fan of Slumdog Millionaire, not sure if that has anything to do with it. Bottom line, loved it.
  39. Jan 17, 2013
    This is an extremely entertaining film. Some strange themes are explored but it's all encapsulated with the most wonderful visuals. Some of the artsy scenes are beyond phenomenal - you might even forget some of the storyline just because of the overwhelmingly beautiful art and CGI. Don't be put off by the trailer -- this is a film you should not miss.
  40. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A beautiful film; the cinematography is exquisite, with the score by Mychael Danna only adding to the ethereal and dream-like quality that this entire film evokes. This film is designed to give the audience more food for thought than a definitive ending as regards the film's integral aspect of religion. If you want a film for casual entertainment then this is not the film for you. It is engaging, both visually and in terms of the plot, with a sudden twist at the end offering a fresh perspective and certainly providing more discussion on the way home. The film is relatively slow-moving, however, this should be unsurprising as it centres on a boy lost at sea for 227 days- something which would hardly be the most adrenaline-pumping of events, even with a tiger on the same raft. Yet this is not a hindrance to the film, but a further example of what this film is really about, though it does rule out those simply seeking action and thrills, as this film's focus is predominantly elsewhere. It is an awe-inspiring and yet deeply humble film in that despite the flash visual effects, they are done in trying to capture the same stunning beauty of nature itself, which they certainly do. The strength of Pi in his desperate attempts to survive make this film touching and not simply a piece of art. Expand
  41. Jan 14, 2013
    A totally satisfying film - I went with my son (15) and daughter (12), and it's the only film we've all really liked, for differing reasons. I think that says a lot - you can just enjoy it as a gripping and beautiful spectacle, or be engaged by it on a different level. But you are almost certain to be moved by it. I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who would find this film boring, and is unable to appreciate the beauty and humanity of it. Expand
  42. Jan 13, 2013
    This movie is definitely profound in several aspects. It also makes me think by metaphorical way about my own life. I believe that people from different backgrounds (life experiences) would obtain different impacts by the expression of this movie. As long as you have soul, heart and good perceptiveness, you will know about yourself more or discover your inner latent power. Ang Lee is truly a genius! Collapse
  43. Jan 12, 2013
    Having not read the book but hearing rave reviews about it and being compelled to view the film on the strength of these reviews alone, I went into the cinema not really knowing what to expect. But I am pleased to report that this was a wonderful film filled with beauty and emotion. Hardcore animal lovers may find it difficult to maintain dry eyes at some points but this is a stunning film that expresses the enchanting bonds between human and animal and the strength of the human spirit. Expand
  44. Jan 9, 2013
    This movie is extraordinary. The effects, the plot, the acting, the drama, the humor, "the everything" is perfect. To put this book on the big screen is a difficult task but Ang Lee tried and he succeeded. I recommend this movie to every living soul out there!
  45. Jan 8, 2013
    This movie is a absolute pleasure! The usual survival movies never can make it look like Life of Pi. The pretentious movies like the horrible "Anaconda" movie, Every movie should not be set in USA and finally someone has taken the message. Life of Pi has great graphics and should not be anticipated to be a bad movie.
  46. Jan 7, 2013
    Life of Pi is stunning! Not only in a visual way, but in the storytelling also. The story of a young boy being lost in the Pacific with almost no hope left, except a tiger with him is remarkable. It is not only a story of how Pi's life at sea is, but much more about things that all human can relate to. The feeling of being alone, the strong faith and the hope that almost gets completely dragged away. The use of symbols and flashbacks is extraordinary. I won't spoil anything for you, but I have to say that you absolutely need to watch this movie.

    The visuals seems to be from another world. This movie shows that 3D has potential and can be used in ways other than making more money. The vast landscapes and the huge scale of everything is mind-boggling. Watch this move! It a proof of the art that a movie can be art!
  47. Zal
    Jan 4, 2013
    This film blew me away. Everything from the culture to the spiritualism to the story of survival were told expertly. I think the best thing about this movie is that it's universal. It's a story about human nature told through the experiences of an Indian boy and a tiger lost at sea. I loved every single moment of this movie and I hope to see it again soon.
  48. Jan 4, 2013
    This film is without a doubt the most beautiful release of the past months, every still could pass as a work of art, perhaps due to Ang Lee's masterful manipulation of light to create atmosphere. Furthermore the production team have done a spectacular job ensuring that the (very impressive) special effects heighten the drama rather than distracting. This film is pulled off with precision.

    On the story side of things Life of Pi is a little on the over-sentimental side of things, and to an extent I also find the framed narrative bitty and excessive. (I would have preferred to stumble on the philosophical questions myself than have them shoved in my face! - also if the film had been linear I believe it would have had more direction?) But that is a minor complaint, and the action on the boat grips the viewer right to the dying moments. The acting is very convincing, especially seeing as the animals to whom Pi is supposed to be reacting are (exquisitely done) CGI, and obviously therefore weren't there during filming!
    A terrific job, and a must see film.
  49. Jan 4, 2013
    "Life of Pi" is a visually resplendent, emotionally prismatic and aptly constructed film that successfully carries the provocative conceptions from the novel it is based on. Brilliantly acted and simply beautiful, "Life of Pi" is the shining example of a successful novel- film adaptation. Richard Parker continues to philosophically challenge us in the most wonderful ways, allowing a film with multiple interpretations, something that one of the greatest directors, Nolan, would have been proud of. Expand
  50. Jan 2, 2013
    Academy Award winner Ang Lee's Life of Pi is a stunningly beautiful film. Supposedly an 'unfilmable' novel, Yann Martel's book gives Lee ample opportunity for great visual imagery, an opportunity Lee and cinematographer Claudio Miranda grab with both hands. Whether its shots of Pi's boat floating adrift on a sunrise-reflecting ocean, of an island inhabited by a thousands of meerkats or of close-ups of the tiger, the visuals are unrivalled. Lee dedicates enough time either side of Pi's incredible journey, with an adult Pi narrating his story to a writer (Rafe Spall), to give meaning to Pi's emotional ordeal. Although perhaps because of the nature of live action, in particular with facial expressions of the actors, some of the ending's ambiguity may have been lost in translation to the big screen.

    Newcomer Suraj Sharma gives a fantastic performance as Pi, playing the role against a fully CGI tiger in what must have been a difficult filming environment. The other true star of the film is Richard Parker the tiger, the special effects for which really are outstanding.

    In not staying true to the book, I was slightly disappointed that the writers felt the need to give Pi a love interest at the film's start, I don't feel that this added anything to Pi's character or to the story once the family set sail. Did the writers didn't want anyone to think he was gay or something?! Anyway, I also felt that Pi's gradual blindness from dehydration which for me was one of the most harrowing parts of the novel, could have been featured to add some more despair to Pi's journey, not that it needs more! However, my grumbles about how the film relates to the book count for little.

    I had incredibly high expectations for this film after reading the book and seeing the trailers and thankfully Lee's adaptation lived up to those. Life of Pi is a beautiful film of a boy's unbelievable journey and how he finds a home for it among his eclectic religious beliefs.

    Bring on the Oscar nominations.
  51. Dec 30, 2012
    This movie makes me proud to be a 21st century movie-goer. Finally I see a film that has special effects which are used so appropriately and brilliantly. Of course, not only did the special effects make me love this film, but the adapted screenplay and cinematography did as well. No, I don't really believe that this film is a 10 out of 10. Perhaps it is more of an 8 out of 10. HOWEVER, compared to other films that have been released in recent years... it would definitely seem to be a 10 out of 10. I loved it!! Expand
  52. Dec 28, 2012
    Perfectly adapted. I read the book back in the day and recommended it highly to friends and family. Actually really enjoyed the 3D version. I thought it was beautifully adapted and carried the spirit of the book to the screen which I highly doubted entering the theater. Understandable that some people would not like it. It is not a flash bang picture. It is a journey to the heart of man and you have to be in the mood to take that journey. Expand
  53. Dec 28, 2012
    This isn't your average movie. This movie isn't something I normally would go Watch. That is why I just needed to share my experience with all of you, so you also can go and Watch this great movie and experience something new. The movie starts out a bit slow and I wished that I had never put my foot in that Cinema at the begging. As the movie progressed I got more and more excited about how Pi develops on his amazing journey for the most precious thing that he owns - his life, even though he struggles to do so. The movie moved me so much emotionally that I almost dropped a tear (I know, I know, not very Manly). The Visuals are also worth mentioning, everything feels vibrant, alive and real. IF you're a blood hungering action fan or a comedy fan WHO loves to laugh then you should still go see this masterpiece. I'm giving this the highest rating because how it made me feel, it made me feel that life is the greatest thing we have been given and we should remember that, when we're feeling that life giving us a hard time. Expand
  54. Dec 28, 2012
    What an incredible film. From the direction to the acting to the other worldly visual effects, cinematography. From start to finish i was memorized by the this movie. All ages can see and be effected by what is put on the screen. Life of Pi is my favourite film of 2012.
  55. Dec 28, 2012
    A fantastic film. See it for yourselves and go with an open mind, especially if you have not read the book. In my opinion this is one of the best films I have been lucky enough to see at a cinema, it has been given some unfair reviews on this website and anyone who cannot see the visual beauty of this film is ignorant. Added to that, the story and the questions that are asked are quite brilliant. A must see film. Expand
  56. Dec 24, 2012
    A brilliant story line that had me gripped throughout the whole film. It's mix of intellect and adventure made the movie a must-see. The movie was timed perfectly, without getting tiresome but at the same time without making you bored. I'd recommend it , any day.
  57. Dec 18, 2012
    The most beautiful film, especially because the treatment on the story and the image is so delicate, it's a jewel and a metaphoric journey. Ang lee leads us into a dream and dangerous world. The film remind us the price of the life, animal or human . Thanks for putting Pi and Richard Parker on the screen It's was a marvelous gift for this end of the year.
  58. Dec 17, 2012
    In a rare matrimony of visual triumph and mythical storytelling, Life of Pi is a fantastic allegory of faith and struggle for life. Stories of beasts and men have intrigued people for years, admittedly the possibility of a man surviving a shipwreck with a Bengali Tiger is romantically over the top. While it's not exactly the colorful journey underneath, Life of Pi never becomes dark or brooding despite its heavy content. It's brilliantly told with simplicity, comedy and accessibility.

    It starts lightheartedly as adult Piscine Molitor Patel (Irfan Khan) retells his journey to a novelist. The adult Piscine is a great narrator, telling the story in his own pace and nonjudgmental feel. The topic of religion is a sensitive one, it's an accomplishment that the story not only presentable to large audience, it's also comedically inviting without undermining its values. A journey to find faith is universal, albeit the paths might differ, the series of tribulations Piscine has to endure is metaphor for the bumps in the road. At some points, doubt sets in and he admits his unknowingness, which is highly relatable.

    Graphically, in case you haven't seen the trailer, Life of Pi is astonishing. Using technological progress not only as gimmick, but also as an actual appeal. Colors are plenty and they are not invasive, it seems the scenes change so naturally, it's like seeing sunset and sunrise fast-forwarded. Details of the animals, especially the tiger, are very attentive. The shots are edited well, sometimes even continuously done. Ang Lee managed to give a sense of desperation from the smallness of man in contrast to the near endless realm around him.

    Credit goes to the young Piscine (Suraj Sharma) as he's the one who actually got cast away in the middle of the sea. Since the bulk of the movie is him alone, he has a heavy task to make it entertaining and believable. He does deliver a great performance against the artificial beast and screen effect. One of the things which might be unpalatable for some is the use of faith and religions. I personally think it uses faith as a medium of storytelling, a mature and modern interpretation of faith without imposing one specifically. The movie doesn't force audience its beliefs, it merely retells them like a poet from bedtime story, eloquently and elegantly. It makes the audience thinks, but leaves the decision in a private manner. Life of Pi is a rare beautiful use of 3D and an incredibly told story, which would be a shame to miss.
  59. Dec 15, 2012
    It was an out-standing movie! It is now my favorite movie of all time which before today was "The Grey". I encourage everyone to see this movie, unless you hate suspense.
  60. Dec 15, 2012
    Life of Pi, is one of the best films to be released in many years. The story and visuals are beautiful, I shed a few tears and left the theatre touched and moved. There are very few movies made these days with true heart and soul. Life of Pi is a rare gem and it is worth seeing on the big screen. The 3d was tastefully done and enhanced many of the films visual moments. The music, acting and writing was all spot on. To be honest I really did not want to see this film after I had seen the trailer. I think this film was very hard to market and the trailer was horrible. Thankfully the film is nothing like the trailer. The film is incredible. See it for yourself and prepare to be moved. Expand
  61. Dec 13, 2012
    What Lee brings to the screen here is nothing short of visual brilliance- Life of Pi takes you on a sort of magic carpet ride created by brilliant imagineers. But this magical adventure did mis the
  62. Dec 12, 2012
    Even if this movie starts really slowly, the main story is awesome. It does what only a few recent movies does: it teaches us a lesson about life and friendship. It's great to see a movie that isn't trying to lean towards the action genre for once! I recommend it!
  63. Dec 9, 2012
    A spellbounding, mind-blowing and a wonderful experience with the strong and compelling storytelling and slight innovation of 3D technology, based on the novel of the same name written by Yann Martel and directed by Ang Lee, Life of Pi is easily one of the best films of this year. I am quite surprised by the fact that a supposedly "unfilmable" novel turned into an epic film and an astounding experience. Hats off to Ang Lee and his team, first of all. As we all know that this film is about a boy named Pi, who survives a disaster at sea where all of his family members get killed and he gets stuck on a life-boat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker and other animals consisting of a zebra, an orangutan and a hyena, and is set on a unusal adventure and learns so much along the way that his way of thinking changes. Pi is a very unusual character, who spends all his childhood in finding a right belief and for that, he is introduced to several religions including Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Played by Suraj Shurma (young Pi) and Irrfan Khan (Adult Pi), both of them give strong performances especially Khan, who also narrates throughout the film. His character seems so believable and his younger self is also quite strong. The best things about this film are the direction, incorporation of 3D technology which is way more than brilliant and the way of storytelling. It may have a simple storyline but it is still so strong and thought-provoking and teaches you a lot about finding your true self and believing in yourself. When you finish watching the film, it all depends upon you that what do you really want to believe. What is your opinion about Pi's story. What were you beliefs before watching the movie and what are your beliefs now. I believe in God with all my heart and soul, and I know what I want to believe and my faith is strong. It may not touch you spiritually but it really makes you want to believe in inspiring film-making and the real power of cinema and storytelling.
    Ang Lee's vision is so powerful, I have no idea why he picked this novel but I am really glad that he did and he made it so beautiful that every frame of the movie seems worth appreciating and with that, Yann Martel's imagination, which is really strong and quite fascinating how it is penned into the novel. A few of the scenes in the film are shot so beautifully that you want to feel everything that's happening in the movie, you feel like touching the water, you want to get on that boat with Pi and continue the epic adventure.
    Honestly, I'm not a fan of 3D technology but I can proudly say that this is the first film that made me actually believe in the entire 3D experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has actually set a bar for upcoming 3D films. Sadly, I wasn't able to watch James Cameron's Avatar in 3D and I'm still upset about that but Life of Pi has impressed me enough that I can stop being sad about not watching Avatar in 3D and quite frankly, the whole 3D technology has finally got a new fan.
    Clever cinematography, beautiful background score, freaking brilliant visual effects and 3D experience, compelling, inspiring and spiritual storyline and screenplay, great performances, and outstanding direction. These are all the factors that make this film so wonderful that it turns into an epic experience. I easily tag Life of Pi as one of the epic and most wonderful experiences of 2012.
  64. Dec 8, 2012
    The bottom line: Great suspense, best special effects and a great story. I got my money's worth this time. Apparently this review has to be 150 characters long so you can stop reading anything past the first sentence if you want. Go watch the movie - if you can read the book first. I should check out the negative reviews. I don't get that. Some people wouldn't know a good movie if it bit them right in the old keester. Expand
  65. Dec 8, 2012
    I'm still mulling through the writer's and director's meaning for this film. I was spellbound by the cinematography, the acting, and the story.
    Without the 3 D, it would have been just as wonderful.
  66. Dec 8, 2012
    Ang Lee delivers a 3D masterpiece, a story about boy, tiger and boat have never been this compelling. Life of Pi told us about God and faith, but for me it is total grand entertainment.
  67. Dec 6, 2012
    Movies that try to convey religious material, are more often than not duds for me, because they rely on the belief of that religion. It
  68. Dec 6, 2012
    The Life of Pi was pretty emotional for me, as I am a cultural Hindu rather than a theistic follower. The storytelling was pretty spectacular in a sense of theological alternation and digital captivation. As "Pi" tries himself to be pluralistic about 3 major religions in India.
    Its quite a beautiful film! I highly recommend watching it.
  69. Dec 4, 2012
    The most compelling movie of 2012. Life of Pi dares to cross boundaries in religious exploration, while remaining visually stimulating and action-packed. It transcendes genre and could easily be enjoyed by any audience. Outstanding performances by all cast and crew. If this film doesn't sweep award season then I have no faith left in the film industry.
  70. Dec 3, 2012
    Brilliant use of 3d technology,
    A miraculous achievement of storytelling and ,
    A landmark of visual mastery.....
    Overall,,,,One of the best movie of the year.....
  71. Dec 1, 2012
    Fascinating! On the surface, it appears the movie is just a show about a boy and a tiger. But upon reconsideration, it is far, far deeper and darker than first thought. Yes, we SEE a boy and a tiger, but what we hear is different than that. The boy is on a boat, cast aside from a ship disaster, and on it with him is a tiger--at least that's what we see. But the underlying story is about how he survived without food or water for 2/3 of a year. If one is to really review this, it has many literary devices in it--irony, foreshadowing, flashback, imagery, just to name the fewer, simpler ones to recognize. This is a masterpiece of a film. If a person is to figure out the symbolism involved in the story, it is gruesome to consider. But it seems realistic when one does consider it.

    This is a fun story for the kids, but it will also be a fascinating story for those of you who enjoy deep, deep symbolism and an underlying story inside the story that is told.

    Fascinating movie. One of the better ones we've seen in a long time.
  72. Nov 30, 2012
    Every now and then comes a movie that changes you in some way -- this was it for me -- A total rollercoaster that could have not be done better a lovely story to be enjoyed by all.
  73. Nov 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I honestly didn't expect to say this again in the current calendar year but "this is probably the best movie I have seen this year". Yes, I think this is probably even a better movie that The Dark Knight Rises which I was all but certain would be my personal Picture of the Year winner. Life of Pi was simply amazing. The story is incredible and the way the film is delivered couldn't be better. You truly go on this story with Pi Patel and Richard Parker. The acting by Suraj Sharma is surprisingly fantastic as well. Some people will surely call this movie boring because it has a slow pace to it but Tom Hanks' Castaway film was also on the slower side and as that movie showed, if a film is well done the slow pace allows for more emotion and connection to the characters. Shoot, I got watery eyes when Hanks' character lost Wilson and that was a stinking volleyball, lol. This movie plays along that same style of a slow paced story of survival but is done even better due to the incredible cinematography that rivals Avatar in terms of magnificence. Another thing Life of Pi did remarkably well was end without disappointment. By that, I do not mean that the ending isn't sad, I mean that the ending lives up to the film. Again, take Castaway for example. That movie was great but its ending was quick and left a lot to be desired. The ending for Life of Pi throws a subtle twist that is sort of a mind blowing moment. That subtle twist leaves you pondering the events of the film well after it ends. Expand
  74. Nov 29, 2012
    I absolutely loved this movie! There were parts that I wanted to cry at and the movie at parts that really moved me! The end was amazing and I'll never forget that movie! I recommend the movie to anybody and everybody!
  75. Nov 28, 2012
    I've read the book and surprisingly, found Life of Pi to be one of the few examples where the movie stands out over the book. Wonderfully shot/directed, well acted, spectacular visuals and a real emotional (philosophical even) movie. To top it off, I thoroughly enjoyed this film in 3D (it's not overly done or contrived for 3D - the story still drives everything). There is a particular scene where we go through the universe (visually) into the ocean from the Tiger to Pi and it truly was one of the most cinematic moments I've ever seen. Just beautiful. Highly recommend seeing it in 3D in the theaters! Expand
  76. Nov 28, 2012
    Can not wait to see what to see what marvelous director Ang Lee offered to hungry worldwide public.The book is masterpiece,you just travel through the pages,squeezing each as you just learned to read.I'm starving,let's have masterpiece for dinner!
  77. Nov 28, 2012
    This is a stunning film in two ways. As a cinematic tour de force, the computer generated work is remarkable. As human drama and narrative art, it boasts a superb performance by a young unknown actor, and tells a story of survival which can be read in two ways--for the second way, you must maintain attention to the very end. You will be rewarded.
  78. Nov 28, 2012
    Great movie, great visual effects, great story with a twist at the end, but even during the movie. Keeps you interested all through the movie and many emotions arise from different scenes. The story progresses and makes you think about the human nature and animal instincts, and gives hope in different situations. A+
  79. Nov 27, 2012
    Life of Pi was great and even better in 3D, definitely worth the trip. I had to read the book for college literature class, The movie follows the book in near every manner. The only differences I saw other than being more interesting and easy to get in to than the book was. Is the story is told to a reporter in Pi's home verses a coffee shop. And there was no blind man/survivor. Go see it!
  80. Nov 27, 2012
    Ang Lee is a genius who can reach the kernel of every culture he has ever touched. By making "Sense and Sensibility" he convinced the Brits that he has an English heart. By making "Broken back mountain" he convinced the cowboys that he has an American mind. So far all Indians I have met say that they don't see any obtrusive and alien in this "Life of Pi" movie. It's just like a movie made by a native Indian director. (I'll skip all the Chinese movies Ang Lee has ever made, because he was born as a Chinese). In addition, even when we talk about technical parts instead of the culture parts, James Cameron, the 3D movie maestro, has given fully positive comments to Ang Lee's first 3D movie. So far nobody on the earth except Ang Lee can cover such a wide spectrum in his/her film-making experience. Looks like it is not very controversial to claim that Ang Lee is the No.1 versatile film-maker in the world.

    Well, now I have to talk about a hidden truth in this "Life of Pi" movie. The movie is actually an artistic film-making practice which depicts the 1st story told by Pi Patel with imagination and fantasies he had to fabricate during his unbearable sea drift. Underneath this surface story, the 2nd story with cannibalism should be the truth: there were 4 people on the boat, the uncouth cook (corresponding to the hyena in Pi's fantasy), the nice sailor (corresponding to the zebra in the fantasy version), Pi's mother (corresponding to the orangutan in the fantasy version) and Pi (corresponding to the tiger in the fantasy version). The Pi person in the fantasy version (the 1st story) corresponds to the incarnation of Pi's faith. The entire sea drifting experience (after the other 3 people died) was a struggle between Pi's animal side and Pi's faithful side. Once the boat landed on Mexico seashore, Pi returns to the civilized world and his animal side goes away. Think about the fact: if the 1st story (the fantasy version) is true, then lots of the movie scripts are redundant and useless. It is hard to believe that a maestro like Ang Lee will commit such ostentatious mistakes.

    I typically rate A.O.Scott @ New York Times' movie review highly. But this time A.O.Scott fails to read Ang Lee's subtle messages embedded in the movie. He just fails to understand the story. What a disappointment!
  81. Nov 26, 2012
    This film was truly "movie magic". Some of the visuals are astounding, and you will constantly ask yourself "how did they do that?". The film is well written and acted, and the 3D is the best I have seen in a non-animated film. Do yourself a favor and see it on the biggest screen possible and definitely in 3D. It even has an unexpected twist ending that I wasn't expecting (I didn't read the book). This is the best film I have seen this year and I go to the movies a lot. Expand
  82. Nov 26, 2012
    I like this movie so much. I watched the 2D, but I want to watch it again in 3D. You must see it once on the "BIG" screen. It's so beautiful in my eyes, in my mind, and in my heart. I also want to buy the DVD when it's released. Can't wait.
  83. Nov 26, 2012
    I thought life of Pi was a very beautifully written script, and the characters did a magnificent job in acting and cinematography. Wonders how a movie can go from pure carnage to true trust and friendship in the boy and the meat eating ferocious tiger. The boy learned a lot from the tiger as well as the vicious animal from the boy. I also thought it was really sad when Pi lost his entire family in the shipwreck and the only thing that kept him going on strong was his true faith in God and the friendship of the Tiger Paco. I love this movie, because it teaches me so much about the cultures and daily lives of Asian Indians. The movie kept me so involved in the screen because it never losses it real meaning at what it want to take you at. I also saw by the giant well in the movie, because I thought it was all apart Pi's imagination and a real hallucination. The meerkats were such fascinated creatures as well and very clever little ones. The journey had taken Pi a very long mile away to a island where he had landed on with thousands of meerkats. He discovered that someone had already been on the island but didn't make it off, because the water carried a poisonous toxins at night had he saw marine life floating around dead. He also saw the tiger rushing back to the boat, because the animal had the instincts that the place wasn't saw and no real survival will sustain life there. Pi knew he had to make it out alive, so he can share his unbeliveable survival and friendship with Paco. I give this movie 5 stars in all Expand
  84. Nov 25, 2012
    On top of the amazing special effects, breath-taking scenes, Life of Pi is also a thought-provoking, spiritual-inspiring, soul-touching film. This movie is not something like "what you see is what you get." It is not like the movie that we normally see and say "oh, yes, it's great" and then we forget all about it after a while. It's a movie that lingers in your mind and every time when you think back the movie, it moves you, touches your heart, gives you profound impact to your soul. It makes you think and wants to explore the deeper meaning of life. That's what makes humans different from animals because we think. If anyone cares about good movies, this one is a must-see film Expand
  85. Nov 25, 2012
    My expectation of the movie was that the whole thing was going to take place on the boat we all see in the trailer and it would be a bit boring for the most part. What I got, and hopefully what everyone else got out of it, was a tremendous story and beautiful imagery. The story and emotion put into it was top notch, something I haven't seen in a long time, let alone this year. The 3D effects are alright, nothing to write home about, but they are there. The movie really thrives with emotion and all the actors involved we're great with portraying all the right emotions at the right time, making the movie as a whole powerful, meaningful and realistic. In the running for movie of the year, there's no doubt. Expand
  86. Nov 25, 2012
    Life Of Pi has the best director, picture, cinematography, visual effects, production, actor, adapted screenplay,and music. The movie is just beautiful
  87. Nov 24, 2012
    Certainly the most beautiful film of 2012 while not sacrificing emotional propulsion and riveting storytelling, 'Life of Pi' marks a successful voyage into 3D for director Ang Lee that is filled with awe and wonder. It faintly reminds me of another highly-visceral, faith-based movie from 2011, 'The Tree of Life' and I'm glad to say that 'Pi' is the more accessible and enjoyable film. The colors pop, the tale is emotive and equal parts entertaining, the effects are seamless, and it features a roaring tiger by the name of Richard Parker. So, basically, it should please all audiences. I will admit, the film is stunted slightly by bits of occassional flimsy dialogue and an attention placed more on effect than religious contemplation. Otherwise, 'Life of Pi' is a jaw-dropping, life-affriming moviegoing experience that stands as one of the best films of the year, hands down. Expand
  88. Nov 24, 2012
    My wife had read the book (twice, she told me after we saw the movie last night, and those who saw "Sixth Sense" will realize why) and insisted on seeing the movie, although I was somewhat less enthusiastic. I am terribly leery of movies produced for critical acclaim but are utterly either incomprehensible or boring for the average viewer. "The Tree Of Life" is the best example. I was fearful Pi was a similar genre. It was anything but. A beautifully filmed and acted movie, from beginning to end, with extraordinary, yet transparent and quite believable special effects. The twist at the end of the movie adds an entire new dimension and I will absolutely go see it again, with this new perspective. The second time will be in 3D, which the reviews suggest is better deployed than in "Avatar" which is the only 3D movie I have thoroughly enjoyed, where the 3D added to, rather than subtracted from, the viewing experience. Please do see this movie. Expand
  89. Nov 24, 2012
    You've probably seen the incredible footage of a young man and a tiger trapped on a lifeboat. That' the crux of this magical, magnificent film brilliantly brought to the screen by Ang Lee. The philosophy-laden run up and the mystical follow up must be endured to get the whole story, but it's worth the effort. The struggle for survival is spellbinding and Lee has created some imagery that's astoundingly beautiful. Where the real animals end and the CGI begins is seamless. The 3D doesn't really add that much, but most theaters don't give many alternatives. Whether or not you appreciate the metaphysical aspects, Lee again demonstrates that he's one of the great modern masters of cinema. Expand
  90. Nov 23, 2012
    I have not read the book. Therefore, I went into the theater not expecting anything. I came out stunned. What a beautiful film. It is a masterpiece and it is my favorite movie of the year so far. Life of Pi is visually breath-taking. It is definitely an adventure with much symbolism and you will leave the theater speechless. What a rewarding film. One of the most enjoyable experiences I have had at a theater for a long time. Ang Lee is a master. Spectacular! Expand
  91. Nov 22, 2012
    This was my favorite movie so far this year. While it may not convince you that God does exists it certainly tells a riveting allegorical (or possible allegorical) tale of survival. The music and visuals are sublime and there are moments of real emotional turmoil through the film and exceptional moments of hope. It may not be for everyone but i was certainly willing to go along for the spiritual and philosophical ride. Expand
  92. Nov 21, 2012
    Life of Pi and the Utility of Religion:

    It will be fascinating to hear the discussions about spirituality following the film Life of Pi, directed by Ang Lee and based on Yann Martel

Generally favorable reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Reviewed by: Olly Richards
    Dec 17, 2012
    To produce a coherent film from Martel's tricky novel would be achievement enough, but Ang Lee has extracted something beautiful, wise and, at times, miraculous.
  2. Reviewed by: David Denby
    Nov 26, 2012
    Life of Pi, at its best, celebrates the idiosyncratic wonders and dangers of raw, ravaging nature, and Lee wrings more than enough meaning from the excitement of that spectacle; we need nothing higher. [26 Nov.2012, p.86]
  3. Reviewed by: Matt Mueller
    Nov 25, 2012
    A riot of saturated colour and delirious imagination, Ang Lee's adap radiates spirituality. But it's also a simple, thrilling and gently uplifting tale of a boy, a boat and a tiger. Take the plunge.