Generally favorable reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 34
  2. Negative: 0 out of 34

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  1. Either Live Free or Die Hard will go down as the summer's best action blockbuster, or it's going to be one exceptional summer.
  2. Easily the best in the series since the first one.
  3. It's simply old-school stunts and movie magic.
  4. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Though the movie's at least 20 minutes too long, it's deeply satisfying, full of old-school buddy banter and the kind of action sequences that make you burst out laughing at their sheer audacity.
  5. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    The sheer quantity of often outrageous stunts should help overcome franchise mustiness to entertain.
  6. A slick and efficient piece of action entertainment, fast moving with energetic stunt work and nice thriller moves.
  7. 80
    Does it herald a renaissance in the action genre? Not really, but it's a welcome throwback to good old-fashioned, '80s-style lunkhead violence, and no one takes a punch, kick, elbow, or bullet quite like John McClane.
  8. 80
    Provided you don't think too long or hard about it (and why ever would you?), Live Free or Die Hard is infectious good fun, and a tremendous encouragement to the middle aged.
  9. This fourth iteration of a series that first burst upon the world in 1988 turns out to be terrific entertainment, and startlingly shrewd in the bargain, a combination of minimalist performances -- interestingly minimalist -- and maximalist stunts that make you laugh, as you gape, at their thunderous extravagance.
  10. Early in LFODH, a villain taunts our hero, calling him "a Timex in a digital world"; McClane, characteristically, takes the dig as a compliment. Two hours, countless butt-kickings and hairbreadth escapes later, we know why.
  11. The film's action doesn't disappoint; if anything, it ups the adrenaline ante considerably.
  12. 75
    Willis, who at 52 looks great in an intensely physical role and can still spit out wisecracks and insults with the best of them.
  13. Director Len Wiseman, confidently stepping up from the smallish budget "Underworld" films to mega-budget Hollywood mainstream.
  14. The action in this fast-paced, hysterically overproduced and surprisingly entertaining film is as realistic as a Road Runner cartoon.
  15. 75
    Surprisingly effective, rousing entertainment, which boasts plenty of old-school, at times jaw-dropping stunt work done the manly way.
  16. An enjoyable pop projection of post-9/11 anxiety.
  17. 70
    At a time when the action genre has come to be dominated by sleek, matte surfaces and set-'em-and-forget-'em computerized effects, Live Free or Die Hard seeks to remind viewers of the simple, nostalgic pleasures of watching stuff get blown up and bad guys get smoked.
  18. Bruce Willis is ready to earn our love again by performing the same lovably violent, meathead tricks as before.
  19. 70
    Willis' John McClane, with that sly, sideways smile, is like an old acquaintance you don't mind running into. He may be older and balder, but he's none the worse for the wear. And he can still take a punch.
  20. 67
    Superior in every way to 1995's "Die Hard With a Vengeance," Live Free or Die Hard's goofy generation-gap gambit pays off decently and proves, again, that nattily dressed terrorists are no match for Willis, the once and future Patron Saint of Bang.
  21. 63
    Gets the action job done and you better believe that Bruce is still the man.
  22. The key to enjoying the fourth installment in this testosterone-fueled franchise is accepting that it's a live-action cartoon that makes no effort to conform to the laws of gravity, plausibility or common sense.
  23. In the moments at his disposal, Smith almost steals the flick. He's so wittily government-phobic that I found myself hoping for a climax that would blow Bruce Willis away and promote Kevin Smith to saviour-of-the-free-world. Now that might be a sequel worth rooting for.
  24. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Sorry, boys. After two decades, the first film still does more with one skyscraper than Live Free or Die Hard does with an entire country.
  25. Directed in workmanlike style by Underworld: Evolution's Len Wiseman, has its share of wild stunts and spectacular carnage, but it feels pokey and predictable, too.
  26. Reviewed by: Aaron Hillis
    An unexpectedly retro throwback to '80s actioners and '90s hacker movies, totally preposterous in both its heroic near-death escapes and abstract tech-jargon explanations for how anyone with geeky inclinations can remotely override any computer system with a few easy keystrokes.
  27. I can safely say I've never seen anything as ridiculous as Live Free or Die Hard. I'm not saying my 10-year-old self didn't enjoy a lot of it.
  28. 63
    Take away Bruce Willis and this is straight-to-video material.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 401 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 9 out of 133
  1. Sep 27, 2013
    Of the last three "Die Hard"s as of September 27, 2013, this one is definitely the best. It brings back why we fell in love with the first DieOf the last three "Die Hard"s as of September 27, 2013, this one is definitely the best. It brings back why we fell in love with the first Die Hard,: jokes, explosions, and well-played out scenes. The storyline to this one is especially exceptional, as it feels very real (the third movies seemed like a stretch). If you like movies in general, you will like Live Free. Full Review »
  2. Sep 18, 2011
    "Live Free of Die Hard" is strong and crazy with impressive CGI and the good guy-bad guy dialogue. It is one hell of a roller coaster ride.
  3. Jun 9, 2013
    A rather enjoyable addition to the Die Hard franchise. Has a good mix of plot and action, The acting is pretty solid as well. I'd recommend itA rather enjoyable addition to the Die Hard franchise. Has a good mix of plot and action, The acting is pretty solid as well. I'd recommend it if you are a fan of the old ones. Full Review »