Koch Lorber Films | Release Date: July 18, 2007
Summary: Dora (51) is the maid of Mrs. Beba (59) and has worked and lived with her for 35 years. Beba used to be a well-to-do socialite but successive economic and personal crises have worn her out, reducing her to a purveyor of decadence. Nowadays she finds herself forced to sell door-to-door beauty products. And she owes Dora six months of salary. Dora, tired of listening to Beba’s promises of payment, is now determined to resign. Beba asks her for more time to get the money together. Dora accepts. During this period Beba tries to mine the confidence of Dora, discouraging her not to venture into a new phase of her life. Though doomed by class prejudices and abusive power codes there is also a bond cemented by mutual love from three decades of living together. Finally, Beba gets the money to cancel the debt and offers some cash in advance to make her maid stay. But Dora has already made up her mind. (Aqua Films)
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Runtime: 83 min
Rating: Unrated
Production: Aquafilms
Genres: Drama
Countries: Argentina, Spain
Language: Spanish
Home Release Date: Dec 4, 2007
Director Credit
Jorge Gaggero Director
Writer Credit
Jorge Gaggero Writer
Cast Credit
Arturo Goetz Invitado En El Country
Claudia Lapacó Perla
Eduardo Rodriguez Luisito
Elsa Berenguer Sara
Harry Havilio Cast
Hilda Bernard Cast
Marcos Mundstock Víctor
Marina Wollman Anfitriona Del Country
Monica Gonzaga Irma
Nelly Prince Cast
Norma Aleandro Beba Pujol
Norma Argentina Dora
Raul Panguinao Miguel
Susana Lanteri Memé
Producer Credit
Diego Mas Trelles Executive Producer
Marina Zeising Assistant Producer
Natalia Nuñez Assistant Producer
Verónica Cura Executive Producer