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  • Summary: Inspired by true events, Loggerheads tells the story of an adoption "triad" -- birth mother, child, and adoptive parents -- each in three interwoven stories in the days leading up to Mother’s Day weekend, and each in one of the three distinctive geographical regions of North Carolina: mountains, Piedmont and coastal plain. (Strand Releasing) Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Beautifully acted, structurally sophisticated heart-tugger.
  2. Kirkman is shrewd enough to coax a wistful performance out of pretty boy Kip Pardue.
  3. 75
    This movie takes its sweet time wrapping together three related tales set in various regions of North Carolina -- to ultimately devastating effect.
  4. 60
    If Loggerheads sometimes feels too forced, it features some unforgettable performances, especially by Hunt, an accomplished comedienne who makes an impressive debut as a dramatic lead here.
  5. Full of compassion and good intentions, but Kirkman never spins the stories into compelling cinema.
  6. 50
    It's all in the telling, and Loggerheads practically aches with its own heal-the-world earnestness.
  7. Reviewed by: Bob Westal
    As impatient as I was with Loggerheads, I can't hate it. The sincerity of its performances is too real; its compassion for its characters is too strong. On the other hand, I haven't mentioned yet that the loggerhead is a species of turtle.

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  1. PhilA.
    Jan 30, 2006
    For me this was a personal story. It was set in the area I grew-up. It tells an interesting story that many will find hard to believe, but I believed it could happen. These characters are "everyman" in the area. I liked the way the story progressed as three stories and did not find it at all hard to follow. In fact I thought it was very well done. I found the movie both happy and sad and was surprised by the ending. Collapse
  2. BrookE.
    Oct 21, 2005
    I'm sorry, but to me this film felt so very forced in its attempt at pathos. Plus, its annoyingly chopped-up timeline makes its plot details frustratingly hard to sort through in order to reach any satisfaction about the ending. I really could not understand why the majority of the Sundance audience I saw this with seemed to like it. I did not. It reminded me of my experience with another maddening film, "The United States of Leland," wherein the filmmakers offer no real insight into the subject and themes upon which they are ostensibly trying to shine a light. See it if you're in the mood for quiet contemplation with no real possibility for transcendence. Expand