Cinema Libre Studio | Release Date: December 9, 2011
Summary: Set against the backdrop of the July 7th terrorist attacks in 2005, London River follows Elizabeth from a small farming community in Guernsey as she travels to London in the immediate aftermath of the bombings after failing to hear from her daughter. Elizabeth is disturbed by the confusion of the metropolis and above all, by the predominantly Muslim neighborhood where her daughter lived. Her fear and prejudice escalate when she discovers her daughter was converting to Islam as she keeps crossing paths with Ousmane, a West African who has come from France to find his missing son. Although they come from very different backgrounds, Elizabeth and Ousmane share the same hope of finding their children alive. Putting aside their cultural differences, they give each other the strength to continue the search and maintain their faith in humanity. (Cinema Libre Studio)
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Runtime: 87 mins
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.londonriverthefilm.com/
Production: CNC
Genres: Drama, Mystery
Countries: UK, France, Algeria
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Director Credit
Rachid Bouchareb Director
Writer Credit
Olivier Lorelle Writer
Rachid Bouchareb Writer
Zoé Galeron Writer
Cast Credit
Aurélie Eltvedt Guide Chapelle
Bernard Blancan Ouvrier Forestier
Brenda Blethyn Elisabeth
Diveen Henry Female Inspector
Francis Magee Inspector 1
Gurdepak Chaggar Travel Agent
Marc Baylis Edward
Roschdy Zem Butcher
Sami Bouajila Imam
Sotigui Kouyaté Ousmane
Producer Credit
Bertrand Faivre Co-Producer
Jean Bréhat Producer
Matthieu de Braconier Co-Producer
Rachid Bouchareb Producer
Victoria Goodall Line Producer: UK