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Summary: The unearthing of human bones and a rusty sheriff's badge on a rifle range in a Texas border town resurrects painful memories for a young lawman (Cooper), drawing him into an intricate, fascingatingly woven web of ethical, familial, and intercultural conflicts.

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Runtime: 135 min
Rating: Rated R for brief language, sex and violence.
Production: Castle Rock Entertainment
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance, Western
Country: USA
Language: English
Home Release Date: Dec 21, 1999
Director Credit
John Sayles Director
Writer Credit
John Sayles Written By
Principal Cast Credit
Chris Cooper Sam
Elizabeth Peña Pilar
Cast Credit
Clifton James Hollis
Eleese Lester Molly
Gonzalo Castillo Amado
Jeff Monahan Young Hollis
Joe Stevens Deputy Travis
Kris Kristofferson Charlie Wade
Matthew McConaughey Buddy Deeds
Miriam Colon Mercedes Cruz
Oni Faida Lampley Celie
Richard Coca Enrique
Stephen J. Lang Mikey
Stephen Mendillo Cliff
Tony Frank Fenton
Producer Credit
Jan Foster Associate Producer
John Sloss Executive Producer
Maggie Renzi Producer
R. Paul Miller Producer
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