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  1. It's a weird movie, in that spooky/sicko, deadpan way that Lynch's movies always are, and it's guaranteed to repel anyone who likes entertainment wrapped in tidy resolutions and optimistic fade- outs.
  2. 63
    Lost Highway is unusually bizarre even for this atypical director. Co-written by Barry Gifford, the film ventures deeper into the nearly psychotic supernatural than any feature Lynch has previous overseen.
  3. 50
    It's a shaggy ghost story, an exercise in style, a film made with a certain breezy contempt for audiences.
  4. The film actually deserves four stars for its imaginative style and astonishing suspense, zero stars for its shameless exploitation of violent shocks and loveless sensuality.
  5. David Lynch's eye-popping imagery is buried under an avalanche of self-indulgence.
  6. Reviewed by: Christopher Hemblade
    This is delightfully bonkers; an eerie and edgy outpouring that makes Twin Peaks look like Moonlighting.
  7. 40
    A feature-length Twilight Zone episode, filtered -- not entirely successfully -- though the sensibilities of David Lynch and his Wild at Heart collaborator, Barry Gifford.
  8. 50
    Lynch, who penned the screenplay with novelist Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart), seems to be attempting to capture not just a sense of place and time (it never works -- Lost Highway is wholly, irrevocably, out of place and without any linear time or time line to speak of), but also a sense of madness.
  9. Lost Highway has scattered moments of Lynch's poetry, but the film's ultimate shock is that it isn't shocking at all.
  10. 80
    His most thoroughly surreal work since Eraserhead, this two-hour-plus fever dream is more of one piece than Fire Walk with Me and less desperate and jokey than Wild at Heart.
  11. Reviewed by: Michael Sragow
    The first half of this 1997 movie suffers from abstraction. Still, it's a compelling erotic nightmare.
  12. Properly speaking, this isn't a movie with characters but with figures, each of them as overblown as a plastic inner tube.
  13. Beautifully made but emotionally empty, it exists only for the sensation of its provocative moments.
  14. Lost Highway, an elaborate hallucination that could never be mistaken for the work of anyone else, finds Mr. Lynch echoing the perversity of "Blue Velvet," the earlier film of his that this most closely resembles.
  15. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    Although uneven and too deliberately obscure in meaning to be entirely satisfying, result remains sufficiently intriguing and startling to bring many of Lynch's old fans back on board for this careening ride.
  16. 50
    Here, Lynch has traded some of his disturbing originality for noir formula and schticky weirdness.
  17. 50
    It's a soulless and dull bit of showmanship, but it sure sounds profound.
  18. Reviewed by: Jack Kroll
    In Lost Highway, reality has become a dream. But Lynch has forgotten how boring it is listening to someone else's dream.
  19. In Lost Highway, David Lynch dabbles in spooky, chilly implication and a sort of hip incoherence.
  20. 40
    A slow, ponderous, ultimately unsuccessful exercise in cerebral nihilism.
  21. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    Lost Highway, David Lynch's first movie in five years, is a virtuoso symphony of bad vibes.
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  1. Mar 31, 2014
    52? Seriously? This movie is absolutely brilliant. If you're someone who enjoys being fed meaning then it's simply not for you. Those prepared to feel their own way and drop the barriers between dream and "reality" will find an intangible joy in unusual and familiar dark places. When I first watched Mulholland Drive I felt cheated, disturbed and confused. I've since learned to give in to the confusion and explore all the gaps between my stupid expectations. I find it rather offensive that Mulholland Drive has such a high rating in comparison to Lost Highway and can only assume that it's due to the nudity and lesbian scenes. I really hope that isn't true. David Lynch uses sex as a vehicle for something far more erotic and devastatingly honest. His movies leave me twisting for truth and dreaming within dreams that turn on themselves and walk their way "back" into life. I will always have a sincere love and respect for the artist that showed me what I want by failing to deliver what I learned to need. Thank you for denying me this and granting me so much more. Full Review »
  2. Oct 17, 2013
    "Lost Highway" is an example about most experimental David Lynch's films. A possible Doppelg√§nger lead character, Fred, and a mysterious unsolved crime. It's very difficult to understand this film with first view. It's necessary to watch again. Interesting film no logic. It's an avant-garde movie. Full Review »
  3. Sep 15, 2013
    I find it amusing when people say something like Inception is "confusing". Nobody does it like David Lynch. Lost Highway is one of the most polarizing movies ever made. It's weird,abnormal,confusing, nightmarish', and doesn't follow the typical A-B-C narrative structure. It's definitely a wild ride. Lost Highway isn't Lynch's greatest film, that honor would go to Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive. But If your looking for an insane movie experience,this is it. Complete off the wall insanity. Full Review »