New Yorker Films | Release Date: January 13, 2012
Summary: Born into extreme poverty in 1945, Lula was guided by a strong mother who faced overwhelming obstacles to raise her children with the drive and courage to live life without fear. Lindu, who was abandoned by her husband just before Lula’s birth, never wavered from her strict commitment to seeing that her kids live a better life. She raised eight children on her own, and with an unbridled tenacity, she saw to it that each child lived life to the fullest. Lula spent the better part of his childhood growing up just outside of Santos, Brazil. When he wasn't in school, he helped support the family. He hustled — shining shoes, selling fruit, working as a delivery boy… Life got better and, as fate would have it, he was soon accepted to study at Senai, a technical school from which he graduated in 1963. As a full-fledged member of the union, Lula found his path to a life in politics. However it wasn’t until he experienced an intense personal transformation following the startling death of his first wife and unborn son, that Lula found the courage and ambition he needed to take full control of his destiny. This “common man” who overcame incredible adversity would soon rise to become one of the world’s most extraordinary men. (New Yorker Films)
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Runtime: 130 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.lulasonofbrazil.com/
Production: Globo Filmes
Genres: Drama
Countries: Argentina, Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Director Credit
Fábio Barreto Director
Marcelo Santiago Director
Writer Credit
Daniel Tendler Writer
Denise Paraná Writer
Fernando Bonassi Writer
Cast Credit
Antonio Saboia Vava
Cléo Pires Lurdes
Glória Pires Dona Lindu
Juliana Baroni Marisa Leticia
Lucélia Santos Professora
Marcos Cesana Feitosa
Milhem Cortaz Aristides
Rui Ricardo Diaz Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva
Producer Credit
Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Associate Producer
Eduardo Costantini Co-Producer
Paula Barreto Producer
Rômulo Marinho Jr. Producer