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  • Starring: ,
  • Summary: At the Berlin Conference of 1885, Europe divided up the African continent. The Congo became the personal property of King Leopold II of Belgium. On June 30, 1960, a young self-taught nationalist, Patrice Lumumba, became, at age 36, the first head of government of the new independent state. He would last two months in office. (Zeitgeist Films) Expand
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  1. 100
    Lumumba revives the tradition of Pontecorvo's "The Battle of Algiers" and Costa-Gavras' "Z" and "State of Siege." In substance and excitement, it joins their ranks.
  2. 90
    Mr. Peck's gambit works, and the result is a great film and a great performance.
  3. 90
    Genuine thriller -- with one crisis hurtling after another, heightened by hauntingly brief moments of peace.
  4. Writer/director Raoul Peck never gives us enough intimate moments to let us feel we know the man on a personal level, and he doesn't have the narrative skill to economize the necessary exposition or steer a clear storyline.
  5. 75
    The story is worth telling, one that begs the question: Has anything changed?
  6. Betrayal is at the heart of this story, but also dreams of liberty and a life where all people are treated with respect.
  7. The movie is visually stirring. And the locations, in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, imbue the story with eerie authenticity.

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  1. TahaC
    Mar 15, 2008
    A poignant and infomative film. Demomstrates how the machinations of Imperialism systematically destroy one of the few ethical statesmen who might have made Congo into a safe and orderly Republic. The same tactics were employed in other fledgling African countries as well, causing most of the countries in the dark continent to fall into banana republic mode or semi-anarchy. A very well acted and powerful film. Expand

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