Truly Indie | Release Date: June 15, 2007
Summary: Macbeth, a loyal henchman to his crime boss, Duncan, is told by teenage witches that he will one day assume great power. Driven by their prophecy, he plots with his wife to kill Duncan, and takes the leadership of the gang for himself. Maintaining his power will require more murders and violence, finally driving his surviving enemies to unite and destroy him. (Truly Indie)
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Runtime: 109 min
Production: Paradigm Hyde Films
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Country: Australia
Language: English
Director Credit
Geoffrey Wright Director
Writer Credit
Geoffrey Wright Writer
Victoria Hill Writer
William Shakespeare Writer
Cast Credit
Bob Franklin Siward
Chloe Armstrong 1st Witch
Damian Walshe-Howling Ross
Jonny Pasvolsky Lennox
Kate Bell 2nd Witch
Kevin Tran Macdonwald's Bagman
Lachy Hulme Macduff
Lance Anderson Henchman With Glasses
Matt Doran Malcolm
Miranda Nation 3rd Witch
Nash Edgerton Macdonwald
Sam Worthington Macbeth
Simon Scott Macbeth's Bagman
Steve Bastoni Banquo
Victoria Hill Lady Macbeth
Producer Credit
Antonio Zeccola Executive Producer
Gary Hamilton Executive Producer
Geoffrey Wright Co-Producer
Greg Sitch Executive Producer
Jenni Tosi Co-Producer
Martin Fabinyi Producer
Michael Gudinski Executive Producer
Michael Whyke Co-Executive Producer
Penny Teal Post-Production Producer
Peter Phelan Co-Executive Producer
Terrence Yason Co-Executive Producer
Victoria Hill Co-Producer