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  • Summary: Based on the true story of Juana de Castilla, daughter of Queen Isabella of Spain. When her mother and older brothers die in 1504, Juana becomes Queen, but her cheating husband sees the opportunity to become king himself, and has her declared "insane" and banished to a monastery.


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  1. Sexy, peculiar and always entertaining.
  2. Ayala gives Joan a fiery, full-blooded passion and Aranda challenges Pedro Almodovar in the arena of self-destructive love, obsessive passion and sweaty cinematic sex. It's the lustiest costume drama in years.
  3. Succeeds as a full-bodied diversion because it takes even its silly elements seriously. If you're in the mood for impressive castles and sumptuous costumes, torch-lit processions and decorative nudity, this is the place to turn.
  4. Lavishly costumed and shot largely on location, the film benefits from a phenomenal central performance by Lopez de Ayala.
  5. 60
    At heart it's a randy, oversexed soap opera in period garb.
  6. Nothing more or less than an outright bodice-ripper -- it should have ditched the artsy pretensions and revelled in the entertaining shallows.
  7. Pretty to look at, tamely racy, and fairly fluffy, despite its two-hour running time.

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