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  1. May 31, 2014
    You can tell this film is directed by a visual effects person--the film is high on visual beauty (often to a superfluous degree) and very low on interesting or even logical storytelling. I would describe this film as "hilariously bad," with an emphasis on the hilarious and the bad. The audience I was sitting in at some all just let out a collective laugh (I think it was when she started floating people through the air), and after that it just went downhill, with people openly commenting on the nonsensical plot elements and heckling the characters on screen. Basically it takes elements of more successful movies (Lord of the Rings, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, etc) and tries to replicate their successful parts in a movie that adds very little to the story of Sleeping Beauty. The beginning of the film is the most successful; I wish they had drawn out the story of Maleficent as a child--the actress who played her was quite hypnotic. Expand
  2. May 31, 2014
    LOVE IT! I would definitely see it again. To the Top Critics: This is not American Hustle or The Wolf of Wall Street folks..THIS IS DISNEY. Treat it like a Disney movie. --- I thought they did a wonderful job recreating Maleficent! My whole family loved it.
  3. May 30, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Jolie is fantastic as Maleficent but this movie doesn't know what it's doing with itself. The plot is all over the place. Stick to an idea and go for it. The "Sleeping Beauty" is asleep for all of 5mins in this movie. Ellie Fanning who plays Aurora is terrible in this too. A noble attempt to come at a classic from a different angle but it ultimately falls flat on its face. Expand
  4. May 30, 2014
    Angelina Jolie made an amazing performance in this movie, but there's a lot of cliches predictable scenes... and despite there's a good new perspective of the story, and great visual effects... The movie is middling.
  5. May 30, 2014
    Maleficent could have been a Disney live-action film for the ages; it has some of the right pieces. But with a weak foundation and suspect direction, it’s just another dull kid-flick to slug through, with a story like a cursed spindle, ready to prick its viewers into a deep slumber.
  6. Jun 1, 2014
    If I had to compare this movie to another movie of it's kind, it would have to be Snow white and the huntsman. But jolie is not theron, and this movie just hovers right below huntsman but above mirror mirror. I understand that it's a re imagining, but the script could have used some re-editing. For me I give it a 3 out of 10.
  7. Jun 1, 2014
    Angelina Jolie steals every scene with her excellent performance .... The Disney movie has charming effects, but a poor and bad script.
    It is a cliche movie for this summer.
  8. Jun 3, 2014
    This film it's an abomination. Sorry for my english, but i fell betrayed by one of the most interesting plot of this years. The trailer it's a trap, and all the script (maybe the first part it's ok) is a big slap on the face of all the adults who grew up with the sleeping beauty and the terror for one of the most iconic villain in animation history.
  9. May 30, 2014
    Maleficent was truly amazing in my opinion. I loved the back story to Maleficent, it really seemed to make the original story make more sense. The casting was perfect, everyone seemed to fit each character from the original animation perfectly. The plot twists were great, I did not see them coming, as I do in most movies. I went with my wife, and her cousin, none of us expected it to be Great, but we all left deeply satisfied thinking it was one of the best movies this season. Maybe it was because we went in with low expectations that we felt so good about the movie. Maleficent is one of my favorite Disney villains of all time, and it actually makes me yearn for more villain back story movies, Maybe Ursula or Jafar. Expand
  10. May 30, 2014
    It's an enjoyable rewrite of the original story and a good movie. Some elements to the story feel unrefined, such as the starting arc which felt like it cut itself way too short, but the movie blossoms to high extents once Aurora steps into the plot and it goes strong from there, easily covering up those rough edges.

    It's the only movie that I feel would have been better off ending a
    minute earlier, because the sheer amount of cheesiness in the ending monologue before the movie cuts to black is so extremely cheesy, you could almost forget just how good the rest of the movie was. I have no idea how that is possible, but it left a very negative impression on me and my group of viewers.

    Acting is superb. Every actor does a good job selling their character, of course with Angelina Jolie being on the very top to nobody's surprise. Visually though, it can be rough. Some of the mosses CGI Fauna do look like they were ripped out of Disney's full CGI movies, and the hazy panning in action sequences mixed with 3D glasses leaves a lot of very interesting action sequences a blurry mess that severely obstructs all the work that went into modeling the enviroment and creatures, so I would recommend opting for watching this in 2D, if possible.
  11. May 30, 2014
    "Maleficent" was looking to create a dark magical tale based on "Sleeping Beauty", and even though it has its flaws, it did exactly that. Thankfully to its striking visuals and Angelina Jolie's magnetic performance.
  12. May 30, 2014
    Does what it set out to do... recreates sleeping beauty as a slightly darker live action film... Go in expecting this and be happy... it will not wow in any department but it is an all around good flick that delivers what it promised

    Again I don't know what people expect from these Disney reboots ... I mean they are retelling the same story ... we know that and expect it... why try and
    complain about it just don't go see it Expand
  13. Jun 1, 2014
    Entertaining movie. Angelina is wonderful! Not one thing about this movie that I didn't like. Really? People rating it below 60 are obviously haters of the star or weren't paying attention to the movie.
  14. May 30, 2014
    Really enjoyable film great effects and story Angelina Jolie is brilliant its Wicked meets Labyrinth which i think is a great compliment and its a PG film as well .
  15. May 30, 2014
    Based on 'The Sleeping Beauty', my favourite of the old style animated Disney Films, this is a credible and mainly satisfying re-imagining of that film's iconic villainess. This version benefits from a refreshing twist in the story's telling and an inspired casting choice in Angelina Jolie to play the malevolent titular character. Eschewing the campy humour that essentially ruined 'Mirror Mirror' and balancing its dark tone much more successfully than 'Snow White and the Huntsman', this latest fairy tale adaptation hits most of the right notes. The film looks great and the visual effects can take their place amongst the year's best. James Newton Howard's score never pauses for breath, but delivers everything that we have come to expect of his lush and sweepingly epic music. Also the narration that accompanies the story is strong and complimentary to the overall style. It's only really the temptation to resort to cutesy humour, as when the three tiny fairies become peasant women, that threatens to topple the film in to the realms of pantomime. Otherwise it's surprisingly good!
    On the negative side the flat and charmless performances of the two youngsters playing Maleficent and King Stefan as children demonstrate all the attributes to make even the most doting parents consider adoption an option.
    A plot point near the movie's end would seem to owe a debt to last year's Oscar winning 'Frozen'.
  16. May 30, 2014
    Consensus: Maleficent offers some laughs, action sequences and beautiful CGI creatures to satisfy some part of the audience. But it doesn't make any sense, some characters are dumb and has a thin and derivative script. 50/100 (C)

    I've had high expectations for this film because the trailers, they are so good, intense and very well made, i saw all the trailers and all the clips. But the
    movie was very different, it wasn't as dark as i thought, it was pretty average and a bit funny.

    All the characters were multifaceted and confusing, especially the King Stefan. The film does an excellent and masterfully job developing its main characters (Princess Aurora, Maleficent, Stefan and Diaval), but this film forgets some of the characters that are also important like the queen, the three fairies and the prince. They are important in the film and we don't know anything about them, they are just there, saying its little lines. Some of the characters are very cliche, but they are necessary, especially the Prince Philip performed by Brenton Thwaites (Oculus).

    The script is extremely thin, Robert Stromberg doesn't take risks in this film, he only puts some CGI action, an easy and derivative script, plus stunning visuals... that's "Maleficent", no more. Maleficent is movie for kids, a few teens and some adults will enjoy the action sequences but just that. The film is full of jokes and beautiful CGI creatures, Angelina Jolie was stunning there's a scene when she loses her wings, this scene was so dramatic and sad, she is multifacetic as i said and that's awesome she is definitly one of the best efforts in the film, in some parts she is evil, then she is funny, then she's mad, stuff like that, get it? Ok, let's move on.

    The performances are excellent, Elle Fanning perfectly matches with Aurora's character, she's always happy and charismatic. Prince Philip, (Brenton Thwaites) does a great job, The three fairies made me laugh so many times, they are very funny, the King Stephan was excellent too but Jolie steals the show.

    The film wasn't as predictable as i thought and the script and its execution it's pretty palpable, kids will love it, a few teens not much and adults forget it in 2 days. Maleficent is good entertainment for all the family, it's your average good looking non-sense blockbuster. So many things without sense happened here, in some parts the characters are dumb, especially in the third act, i don't want to spoil, but there's a part in its final act when all the problems of these characters are finally resolved but they still fighting!, that was dumb as hell but still thrilling. The musical score is pretty enjoyable (for the most part) i mean, in its final act there's a scene where the music was a bit annoying to me.

    The first act has some action sequences that are very violent and during the entire film also there's some violence but the film stays true to its PG rating. Not as violent as i expected, just a few slaps and some stunning CGI monsters fighting with humans. In the end there's a cameo that Sleeping Beauty fans will enjoy. Overall, Maleficent has enough gags, action sequences and beautiful CGI creatures to satisfy some part of the audience. But it doesn't make sense, some characters are dumb and the script is thin. Visit my blog:, Twitter @MemoBosque
  17. May 31, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am very mixed about this film. Firstly, as many critics have singled out, I must praise Angelica's acting, mainly as the first good then evil Maleficent. Now, while I could feel a little sorry for her being unable to bring this curse off Aurora, having to see Maleficent turn back into good is just unnatural. It ends up looking like a beloved Disney film that has been changed for the sake of young girls, who is only a little part of the audience, avoiding scary moments and risks. Parts of the film echoes parts of Wicked and Frozen. I start to wonder if I'm ever going to trust remakes again. If it wasn't for Disney with its stupid audience research, it could have easily looked even further into the darkness of Maleficent, which is almost no such thing in this film. Expand
  18. Jun 1, 2014
    Maleficent is a film that is very well made. Its not fast-paced which is a plus. Angelina Jolie is so good in the role as Maleficent, that words cannot even really describe how spectacular she is as Maleficent so spectacular is an understatement. She really got into the character 'Maleficent' excellently. Elle Fanning is perfect for the role as Princess Aurora, no other actress would have been better for the role as Princess Aurora then Elle Fanning, and no other actress would have been better for the role as Maleficent then Angelina Jolie. This film is perfectly paced and doesn't feel rushed in terms of running time. It's not fast paced and that's a plus in and of itself. It doesn't end too soon, it doesn't end too late. It's just a perfect 98 minute running time.

    What I liked about this film is the cast because they could not have picked a better cast then they did for this film. Another thing i like about this film is that the story is amazing and even with some new twists which makes it interesting as I have noticed with this film. The pacing is great because it doesn't feel rushed like some other movies around 98 minutes can feel. The acting is perfect. Not one movie star in this movie had any bad acting, so i was happily surprised with that not being an issue. Although, I shouldn't have been surprised about that, because the cast in this movie is just absolutely superb.

    The story and the visuals are also things that really stand out in this film like the cast does. I was very happily surprised at how amazing and good the story and visuals are in this film. They are just combined in this film perfectly. Not one time did I have a bored moment watching this film. It is an exciting and stunning film and definitely does not disappoint. I highly recommend this live action Disney take on Sleeping Beauty through Maleficent's point of view to everyone, except to really young children in the single digit ages.

    After my viewing of Disney's Maleficent live action film, I give it an A+ or in other words a 10 out of 10.
  19. May 31, 2014
    This is a terrific movie! Such a fine line between children's fairy tale and serious adult morality. Unparalleled graphics, great story, unmatched actors. 56 points? Metacritic sad.
  20. Jun 3, 2014
    Maleficent is the untold story of disney's most iconic villain, but does it do the icon justice? In my opinion, YES, it does. Is it a perfect movie, no it isn't the fairies look stupid, the story is a little in cohesive but thanks to Angelina Jolie's magnificent performance, as strong supporting cast, beautiful cinematography and a pretty good screenplay, Maleficent just passes into a fresh score. 710. Expand
  21. May 30, 2014
    This film was way better than I expected it to be. Jolie's performance was near perfect. I can see some of the criticism about the action sequences, but the story works and so do most of the performances. The way critics were talking pre-screening, I was expecting a real disaster. The film is good. I'd pay to see it again and I very rarely do that.
  22. May 31, 2014
    This was the best movie I have seen in quite a while! Everything was stunning, and I feel truly privileged that I was able to see such a wonderful film!
  23. Jun 2, 2014
    I absolutely loved this film. Every single thing about it. I am pretty sure that this will be a new halloween costume for me. I know I"ll buy the dvd.
  24. Jun 6, 2014
    Absolutely fantastic :)Perhaps the best movie I've ever seen!With the beginning and this kind of ending story is breathtaking.Angelina is BEAUTIFUL,and is definitely the right person to play Maleficent,and she pulled it off flawlessly:)One of the movies that I am going to watch many times!
  25. Jun 3, 2014
    Angelina Jolie gets crisply chiseled cheeks and a horned headdress as the villainous star of Disney's Sleeping Beauty legend. This is one of those origins stories that upends expectations and reveals the sad, touching truth behind the wicked profile. Luckily, Jolie is up to the demands. Her commanding performance is the film's strongest feature. The writing is not special, the visuals tend toward high-end animation and the 3 fairies that are supposed to provide comic relief don't. Luckily, its short running time (97 minutes), brisk pace and Jolie's presence help make this a moderately enjoyable film. Expand
  26. Sep 18, 2014
    I agree with Susan S. This film is almost hilariously bad. Far too visually focused, and even then the CG isn't that good, with terrible dialogue as well as acting. Not to mention it's incredibly cliched. By far the most over hyped film I've seen this year.
  27. May 31, 2014
    I found it rather good, an interesting take on an old story characters were likable and i left the cinema overly happy with the movie, i would watch it again. That alone says everything you need about it as per usual critics have no idea what the hell they are talking about.
  28. Jun 1, 2014
    While this maybe troublesome for people in love with the Sleeping Beauty tale, this is a more moving and creative story. Angelina Jolie is wonderful is every facet of her role as the scorned fairy. If not released during the height of summer movie blockbusters this film would easily meet movie goers expectations.
  29. May 31, 2014
    I found it very entertaining and one that you can take children to, probably 7+ years old. Angelina Jolie was very good and she definitely makes this movie better than it would have been without her. I also found it slow at the beginning until Jolie really gets involved in the story. The only criticism I have is that there are many elements of the story that are puzzling and unrealistic, but then this is based on a fairy tale so how can you expect that everything in the story is going to make perfect sense. I believe it has appeal for both boys and girls. The empowerment aspect for girls and sufficient action for boys. Expand
  30. May 31, 2014
    Wow! This movie is awesome! Just saw it last night and it was much better than I anticipated. The effects and visuals are great, the acting is great and the storyline has a few unexpected twists that make it so much more up to date and refreshing. My young niece said it was the best movie ever! Good for boys as well though, with dragons, creatures and fight scenes as well as a bit of tongue in cheek comedy. It also carries a subtle yet strong message with. it Will become a classic for sure, along the lines of the movies Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka (the original one). Expand
  31. Jun 8, 2014
    Great movie, haters gonna hate. Jolie plays an awesome role, lots of action to be had, cool effects, and it is a bit too violent for young kids which means it is a darker Disney film for those worried about too much cute. Best of singing!
  32. Jul 14, 2014
    Whilst Jolie’s performance is noteworthy, Maleficent is a wholly unnecessarily expensive affair offering little more than great spectacle and vivid action.
  33. Jun 4, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have to agree with most critics for this movie. Angelina Jolie is fantastic as ever, but as my friend said as soon as the movie ended, "I would re-cast pretty much everyone but Jolie, Riley, Manville, Temple, and Staunton. Everyone else needs to go." And that's exactly how I feel as well.

    The movie starts with a very good scene in which young Maleficent is depicted as a kind-hearted, powerful young fairy, protector of Moors. Young Stefan actually works for me, but not with the grown-up Stefan. The cast just doesn't work. As soon as Jolie starts wearing the costume, I feel like I'm watching Halle Berry in that horrible Cat Woman spandex costume all over again. It just didn't work. Her natural-looking appearance was perfect. I don't understand why she had to change her appearance after her wings are cut off (only to reattach again).

    Elle Fanning is lovely, but she's not doing her best in this movie. I'm excited to see Oculus tomorrow which Brenton Thwaites is starring in, but his Prince Phillip character is way too irrelevant and unnecessary.

    The scenes are also very predictable. I totally saw the "Maleficent is the true love" twist right after somewhere aroud the first time she connects with Aurora. It's Frozen all over again. To sum up, I think the movie would only please children and those who simply watch the movie for eye-pleasing visual. Even the climax did not get me excited.
  34. Jun 15, 2014
    I didn't expect to be as entertained as I was with this movie. So many of today's special-effects-movies seem to rely more on the computer and less on plot and story-telling. This movie was well thought-out and well-paced. Angelina gave a great performance. She could very easily have overacted the part. I can picture some other (unnamed) actresses giving over-the-top performances in such a familiar-type role. Jolie pulled off both characters, both the evil and ultimately good one, in believable fashion. And you can call me old-fashioned---I really liked this much more than that recent stinker of a movie about some Hotel in Budapest. Expand
  35. Jun 4, 2014
    I don't even know what to say.......
    I have never seen anything worse than this, well maybe movie 43, but this is disnay this was supposed to be for kids.
    This movie has no balls to show blood or say some words that were even in books, but it still manages to be more violant than some 90's thriller movies.
    Such a lack of interesting or atleast logical plot.
    Feels like Angelina Jolie
    came and said something like - I want to be a main hero of the movie, so I could smile from a big screen to my kids.
    Thats not how you make a movie, thats not how you make a movie for kids and it's not even how you make trash. HAND-------->FACE
    This movie should be banned and not be shown for kids anywhare.
  36. May 31, 2014
    Maleficent offers a novel and satisfying take on the Sleeping Beauty story. The updates are appropriate and highlight the importance of female relationships and the corrupting influence of power and ambition. The humor is light and the visuals are impressive. I would not recommend the 3D version, however, as the action is often too fast to get much out of the format.
  37. Jun 4, 2014
    I love the 1959 classic so this is the perfect tribute to the 1959 classic so whenever you get the chance go and see it before it's to late! I saw it!
  38. May 31, 2014
    Absolutely spectacular! Angelina Jolie played the role to perfection. The story was great. I do wish they would have made it a little more dark, but overall, spectacular movie!! Must go see!!!
  39. Jun 1, 2014
    Maleficent is a decent movie, but I wouldn't call it a classic. Angelina Jolie looks incredible as Maleficent, but I was hoping to see more of an origin story about how Maleficent became the evil witch we all know her to be and while there is an origin to her character, its really not very interesting.The only bad thing about the movie is the three pixies who take care of Princess Aurora. I guess they're supposed to be some sort of comic relief but they just obnoxious and get way too much screen time. Also, Elle Fanning plays Princess Aurora and she just doesn't have the beautiful look of a Princess. Its obvious the new generation is going to like this better than us older people so if you have the animated classic "Sleeping Beauty" you should probably just watch that. Expand
  40. Jun 2, 2014
    Actually a good deal of fun, or at least more than I'd expected. Jolie seems to be having a lot of fun with the character, and it makes me want to see more roles of this nature from her. The films looks nice, moves pretty fast and contained a good deal of humor, as well. And of top of it, its running time seemed just about right (going just over an hour and a half). The length is especially welcomed considering the overly long running times of so many other current films in this genre, many way out-staying their welcome at two and a half or more hours (or running almost three hours AND split into three movies *cough*Hobbit*cough*). As a relaxed, easy-to-swallow family pic with a somewhat classical, old-time Disney feel, sit back and enjoy it. Expand
  41. Jun 3, 2014
    Malefica es una película visualmente hermosa, es buena en ese sentido, la actuación de Jolie es por demás destacada, pero una trama de lo mas nefasta, hechos tan incongruentes y delirantes así como una narración bastante lenta e incomprensible hicieron que el padre de la niña que se había sentado a mi lado comenzara a roncar
  42. Jun 3, 2014
    I have seen Maleficent twice now, so obviously loved it. It had my attention the ENTIRE time. Very powerful movie...cried when I was happy, sad and humbled. Just emotional all around, but in a good way. It's Disney and it's a fairy tale. A nice conclusive ending which is how a fairy tale should be. I can't say enough good things about this movie. Absolutely loved it. So did my husband, my kids and my neighbors. Expand
  43. Jun 4, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This film is a very symbolic film and if you take the chance to sit and reflect upon what you have seen, I think you will agree with me in saying that the story is was intelligently written. Although fairy tales are fantasy, they often make comments on the real world, and this film establishes the fact that nobody is simply evil.

    This is not a recreation of Maleficent or Sleeping Beauty, it is a revision and it executes that perfectly. My only flaw with the film was that the cruelty of Maleficent did not really develop to the climax (Aurora's curse).
  44. Jun 4, 2014
    I found this movie delightful. It was beautiful to watch. Angelina is perfect in the roll. I've always been a Maleficent fan. I even have a really cool Disney costume I ware every few Holloween. Anyway, if you want to feel young at heart for 90 or so minutes. I recommend it. Disney should have made the story this cool.
  45. Jun 6, 2014
    As others have stated, the effects are amazing and Angelina Jolie is a great Maleficent. But there's more that makes this film worth-while. This movie modernizes an old, formerly-boring tale while adding depth to the most interesting characters. It blurs the lines between good and evil, exploring the fluid relationship between the two. Cons: Lack of humor (not that this was a comedy, but they could have done more) and an ending that left me a little dissatisfied. Expand
  46. Jun 7, 2014
    It was so disappointing to see how Disney allowed to destroy a Classic story like sleeping beauty. Even if the idea behind was to show why maleficent became a villain, the story changed so much that it becomes shallow and forced for the new story. The good are now the villains and the villains are now the heroes.....silly.
    No creativity at all.

    P.s. Seems that Disney parks in Orlando,
    California, París, etc. Will have to tear down their main castles, the sleeping beauty castle...ironic! Expand
  47. Jun 7, 2014
    Не плохая графика, точнее она на на столько хороша, что ее не видно, то есть кажется что так и должно быть, так и было. Радует актерская игра Джоли, как всегда на высшем уровне. Не очень обычная история и развязка, но что-то в этом всем не то, не привлекает. Так же не оправданная длинна фильма, растянули как целую эпопею.
    Мой вердикт: сходить с девушкой самое то)))
  48. Jun 10, 2014
    While it's fun to "make-believe" that frogs turn into Princes, Maleficent tells the untold tale of what happens when Princes turn into frogs. And it tells the tale from the viewpoint of the person who is physically traumatized and emotionally betrayed by the very person in whom they placed their deepest love and trust and the inner journey to heal from that horrific evil and reclaim your own capacity to love...from the least expected source. This is a brave and true tale, told with stunningly beautiful direction by Stromberg, an ingenious script by Woolverton and timeless, flawless performances by Jolie and Fanning. Reading most of the "negative" reviews of this film, it's pretty clear that many people 1) simply did not grasp the subtle philosophical messages of this film and 2) want to keep their "fairy tale" characters either black (evil) or white (good). But telling those simplistic tales to our children does not prepare them for the complexity of the real world. Congratulations to all involved for crafting a blockbuster masterpiece that will actually create a better world by teaching empathy, understanding and the true meaning of love. Expand
  49. Jun 10, 2014
    OK, so it's not sleeping beauty. It is a beautiful story with great effects and characters. I frickin' loved it. See it for yourself and don't let someone else make up your mind about the movie.
  50. Jun 11, 2014
    I was skeptical over the movie at first but once you get into it you actually start to make various connections to the characters. Its better than the original story because you get to see who Maleficent really is, you get her real back story, you know why she becomes evil, and you can really make connections to her. It has great special effects and great detail not just with the image but the storyline. The
    movie also is a great way to show and demonstrate what TRUE LOVE really
    is. I highly recommend you watch this movie and you'll get what i mean.
    And remember there's always a little bit of Maleficent in all of us.
  51. Jul 6, 2014
    Even with the solid and magical (no pun intended) performance from the star Angelina Jolie, the movie lacks a well thought out process. Instead of building off of a main role starring a someone sod Jolie’s caliber, it takes a turn and gives us dull supporting characters who left us bored for most of the movie. Although it had a fantastic lead and some beautiful visual effects, those couldn’t lift my spirits from the average and disappointment of a showing that Maleficent gave me. Expand
  52. Jul 13, 2014
    A very predictable movie with a little twist on the original. this movie is based from the movie "Sleeping Beauty." It is a Disney movie so i guess that is justified. it is intended for a younger audience. with some touching moments it was a movie i actually enjoyed, it brought a little hope after i was disappointed from the movie "Godzilla." The good acting brought the characters to life. 7.3/10
  53. Jun 17, 2014
    "Maleficent" is the debut feature for Robert Stromberg, after a career in production design and special effects (he won Oscars for both Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" and James Cameron's "Avatar").
    The film focuses on the story of a fairy named Maleficent. She lives in kingdom of magical creatures, which is surrounded by a kingdom of humans, governed by a greedy king who is adamant on
    taking over the magical surroundings. Upon seeing his army vanquished, he requests that one of his underlings vanquishes Maleficent and gains access to her kingdom. This request is taken by Stefan, an ambitious young man, whom Maleficent has loved since her young childhood. He takes advantage of her affections, and that drives her to a dark side and to seek revenge upon all the wrongs inflected on her and her kind.
    Robert Stromberg is clearly a talented technician, with a gift to create universes that are rich and support the vision from other filmmakers and storytellers. However, in his debut feature, he does not benefit from a rich enough screenplay, to actually provide a canvas for his story telling and universe to be brought to life. The central character, Maleficent, though larger than life and rich enough to have a film focused on her, fails to have much to do throughout the film, thanks to a reductive screenplay, where the trifecta of her motivations are love/revenge/redemption. In the hands of a more experienced director, that would be enough for a richly layered film, however Robert Stromberg merely illustrates the story in a decorative way, giving a hint of a certain darkness, never probing much deeper into the character of Maleficent. Angelina Jolie does a fantastic job, as usual, investing the character with a depth that the film never matches, however the supporting actors have little to do with characters that are basic archetypes. A missed opportunity.
  54. Jun 29, 2014
    Angelia Jolie makes this film watchable, despite its flaws. Honestly, its intentions outweigh its flaws in almost every way. And Sharlto Copley gave one of his better performances to date. If I were a little kid I would have really enjoyed it. Way better than Snow White and the Huntsman.
  55. Jun 20, 2014
    An interesting new take on the classic "Sleeping Beauty" tale, that all succeeds because of Angelina Jolie's fantastic performance. She really brings the character, and because of that the story, to life. It is equal parts humorous, dark, and emotional. It's also filled with that classic Disney magic. The only real complaint I have is that there are some things here that are going to make it hard for the younger audiences to get into it. I believe those who love and grew up with the Disney Sleeping Beauty movie will get the most out of this, but that's not to say it alienates any audience at all. Overall I found it to be a highly enjoyable take on the classic villain character and story, and I recommend you give it a watch. My total score for the film is an 8.8/10=Great. Expand
  56. Jun 8, 2014
    I was thoroughly shocked at the excellence of this film, having been dragged to it by my 8 year old daughter. It was visually stunning, and the faerie creatures were convincing and creative, but that's far down on my list of what makes a movie great in this day of increasingly impressive CGI. What I want is story, character development, acting, and good writing, and Maleficent delivers in a big way. Jolie was simply amazing in claiming this role. I hear they had to cast her daughter to fill the toddler scene because the other kids were too scared of her to perform. That's easy to believe. Maleficent simply radiates fear, power, and her need for vengeance as she seeks to revenge herself on her tormentor's child. She appears heartless, referring to the Aurora as a beastie, and seemingly roots for her death, at least when others are obviously watching. She is utterly 'maleficent,' or so she wants everyone to think. This movie exposes how poorly written Disney tales have always been and unlike the original sleeping beauty, feels like an actual enchantment and is presented as pure poetry. As a 43-year-old man, I didn't expect it to work on me, but like Maleficent herself, I found myself relent the deeper into the film I got. Simply a stupendous film. Expand
  57. Sep 7, 2014
    Jolie's performance so overshadows the rest of the cast (and the rest of the movie) that you sometimes feel as if the other characters are, like us, just standing around watching her.

    Also, the sleeping beaty wasnt that beautiful to begin with..

    Also, she had godlike powers and couldnt grow some new wings or go get her old ones back?

    Apart from that, yeah good movie
  58. Jun 6, 2014
    Maleficent works because of Angelina Jolie's amazing performance as the main character. Other than that, the movie has this weird pacing that feels off. The Director, while an Oscar winner for numerous Technical categories, is definitely a first timer. Sure it has great effects and this great matte painting quality to the visuals, but it sort of remind me of Joseph Kosinski's work, (of Oblivion's). Visually great but felt cobbled together. Expand
  59. Aug 24, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A classic story gets a remake where the villain, unsurprisingly, gets made into a hero (while still maintaining some villain-like tendencies, but ultimately the 'bad guy' isn't the enemy). I mean, would Angelina Jolie be in this role otherwise?

    The story is predictable once you get the idea, so it's good they focused on the events outside the "Sleeping Beauty". Still, it says something about the movie if the most interesting character was Maleficent's shape-changing crow Diaval and everyone else was quite annoying (Aurora was too perfect, her father too deranged (the rest of the on-screen humanity being cut from the same cloth as their greedy, mad king), the pixie trio was there just for the gags...)

    You can predict the endgame quite early on, and while the movie is pretty to look at with its up-to-date effects and it does put a spin on the familiar tale, I still wonder... why was this movie made? It left me with one single word in mind: "pointless".

    This is not an epic re-telling of a story, and it stumbles at making the story of its own worth.
  60. Jun 7, 2014
    A quite long absence from big screen, since THE TOURIST (2010, 7/10), Angelina Jolie is back with this unorthodox adaption of Grimm Brothers Sleeping Beauty fairytale, parades her overpowering belligerence and devilish look, retells the story from the angle of the villain Maleficent, an evil fairy (with two giant horns) who puts the sleeping spell on princess Aurora (Fanning) in order to pay back to her father King Stefan (Copley) for his brutal betrayal.
    continue to read my review on my blog: google cinema omnivore.
  61. May 31, 2014
    There is a lot to like in Maleficent. The problem is, taken as a whole, it's a series of interesting ideas shoehorned into a structure for a different story. This is the movie Jolie was born to play. Any second she is on screen as the villain from Sleeping Beauty, she is stealing the show. But the film goes out of it's way to remind you that she's not THAT character. She's an all together new Maleficent whose emotional twists and turns don't quite make sense and are directed largely by the fate of being beholden to a fairy tale. Maleficent, the film, stabs itself in the heart by saying "here's how the story REALLY happened", and then proceeds to tell a story not quite as great as the original. In doing so, it stabs Disney's Sleeping Beauty as well, which is kind of baffling.

    In the end, this film earns a "see it" automatically because it is REFRESHINGLY short. Almost all modern movies are about an hour too long and maleficent refuses to drag it's story on for no real purpose. As a result, it's a fantastic length, never boring, and a fun and egging story that pulls you into the emotions of it's characters even if they don't hold together as well as your imagination would paint them.
  62. Sep 3, 2014
    A new and entirely different look at Disney's Maleficent. They've taken influence from Wicked--but, unfortunately, were unable to match it. Angelina Jolie's performance as Maleficent is notable, and may even be recognized by the Globes.
  63. Jun 30, 2014
    Angelina Jolie was good but that is really the only positive thing to come out of Maleficent. Uninteresting characters, slow pacing and an anti-climatic final showdown provide little life in this boring film.
  64. Jul 13, 2014
    I really enjoyed this movie for what it is. Yes people, it is very different from the original and also different from the books in the 1800s or whatever. But the movie in and of itself with the material I thought was decent. It have very good acting by jolie and the plot was pretty interesting. The effects were also good.
  65. Jun 27, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Angelina Jolie carried it, even though she stayed evil for all of five minutes and the plot is as if a young unwed mother with an abusive ex boyfriend wrote a fairy tale. Teens fall in love, boy stabs girl in the back, or rather almost does, then changes his mind and just destroys the girl's ability to fly (someone cut off my wings, muahaha that's why I'm evil!) and soon, with the help of grandmotherly fairies, girl is raising boy's child while boy frolics in the palace and plots even more ways to destroy girl's life. But hark, girl realizes it's okay because the kid is just too cute for words. At least Maleficent wasn't condemned to a lifetime of working at McDonald's and living on food-stamps. So happily ever after in fairy land even if the kid's father does end up splattered all over the cobblestones. Expand
  66. Jun 28, 2014
    Fantastic film in every respect. Great twist on an old story: it's dark without being horrifying, and it's enchanting without being sappy or overly colourful. Good script, great actors, and a phenomenal performance by Jolie. Really reminded me of the old Hallmark Classics. Very entertaining and highly recommended.
  67. Jun 24, 2014
    Come on!! I mean come on this is the meanest deadliest witches of all we are talking about!! well that aside I've never believed in Angelina as a Superhero, Super Secret agent or any Epic character, she should stick to more complex and psychological characters, that's why I expected a memorable Maleficent but instead the movie kept me asking what and why and it never gave me the answer. But Disney you own the stories you can tare them apart as much as you want. Expand
  68. Jun 1, 2014
    An overall enjoyable time at the movies. Jolie was really good and there are some cool set pieces as well as creature designs. The movie was fairly predictable and the rest of the performances were just ok, but all in all the movie was solid.
  69. Jun 15, 2014
    I can't say that I liked Maleficent, but can say that it was over hyped. If you have watched Sleeping beauty, there is no premise in Maleficent that is different from the original classic. But it's slow, dark and rubbish storytelling with mind numbing effects and a not-so-bad looking Angelina Jolie, Maleficent is disappointing. I know, I know its a Disney film and I shouldn't treat it like the other movies I review but there is no hint of Disney fun here. If you'd like to see Jolie try something new, go for this film but keep in mind- it is pretty bad. Expand
  70. Aug 21, 2014
    The twisting of a classic fairy-tale is never easy - and it definitely shows how Disney is running out of original ideas, but the film in itself is not that bad, although completely dependent on Angelina Jolie's acting.

    Indeed the other actors are not quite up to the task, with the weird accent changes (I suppose the growingly Scottish accent of Stephan symbolizes his embitterment) and
    the exaggerated facial expressions... but if you have in mind it's a fairy-tale, it's all quite forgivable and forgettable. And Angelina looks like she could get a couple more pounds on her legs and neck, to be fair.

    This film has a grand plot hole - I'm sure some have noticed. In my opinion, 10 to 20 minutes more of duration added to the ending could have fixed it, and would have probably made Maleficent a much better movie, but as we know, Disney don't like their movies to be more than 100 minutes long.

    I wasn't expecting intelligent writing, big plot twists, witty dialogue, so I wasn't disappointed when I found none of those: again, the perspective is that of a fairy-tale, and it is, after all, a film meant for children. I just hope they have watched the animated Sleeping Beauty, or even better read the fairy-tale, before they watch Maleficent.
  71. Jun 3, 2014
    Disney combined story aspects from Frozen,Beauty and the beast and Pocahontas .. and this is the result.. decent movie with great acting...6/10 , just because of Jolie's outstanding performance!
  72. Sep 13, 2014
    Magnificent! It is like a dream. Such a wonderful remake of a story of Sleeping Beauty. Awesome special effects. Jolie's play is superb, her cheeks, her smile. I will definitely show this movie to my mother.
  73. Rem
    Jun 2, 2014
    When I first saw the "Dream Trailer" for Maleficent a couple months back, I was instantly hyped for the movie. Disney was on a roll recently, and it seemed they could continue bombarding us with great films, however, Maleficent is anything but great. To start off, the movie is painstakingly predictable, and the movie even pulls a "Frozen" twist near the end. IT doesn't help that the humor falls between forced and empty. That doesn't deny the fact that the effects of the movie were indeed impressive. But the one thing I had gripes with was Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, she simply does not deliver as she seems like she's holding back from what seems to be a fantastic villain. People will certainly enjoy this movie, but for others like me who had big expectations from this movie, it just doesn't save it from the fact that Ella Fanning plays a terrible Aurora. Just go and rewatch Frozen, you'll love that one more. Expand
  74. Jun 24, 2014
    Maleficent is a cinematic pleasure, which falls short from extra sugar coating and some average performances. Having a range of characters with little to no skill really weaken the movie and overall quality of this high budget film. There are a collection of laughs, which were great, but the story is ever so predictable. I would skip seeing this movie at the cinemas and maybe wait for a dvd hire.
  75. Jun 2, 2014
    There is one word that can be used to sufficiently describe Robert Stromberg’s directorial efforts in his debut Maleficent, and that word is amateurish. He starts off with a spin on a classic childhood movie that places the focus on the original supposed antagonist – a concept that is both clever and somewhat uninspired (refer to Wicked and more recently, Oz the Great and Powerful). He then employs a plot so painfully simple and straightforward, it even manages to make 97 minutes feel like a stretch. He tosses in some straight-from-the-source dialogue and a few awkwardly fitting characters – Maleficent’s crow, who also doubles as her eternally indebted shape-shifting cohort; an irrelevant generic Prince Charming who occupies roughly five minutes of screen time; and the three pixies who more closely resemble the klutzy comical witches of Hocus Pocus than their original counterparts. Finally, he blends everything together, applies a fantastical, Alice In Wonderland-esque visual aesthetic filter, and slaps the Disney logo on top to create an expensive blockbuster that never feels even remotely unique. The only aspect of this movie that stands out ¬¬(and makes you wonder whose movie this truly is) is the riveting, spot on performance from Angelina Jolie.
    There is no doubt that Jolie’s performance – heck, even her presence – enhances Maleficent. However, I would take it one step further and argue that, without Jolie, Maleficent would be nothing (sorry, Stromberg). Maleficent works for Jolie in two ways. Firstly, it serves as a safe and reliable investment for an executive producer who also happens to be the lead actress. I concede that Maleficent isn’t a flat-out bomb; it would really take a lot to screw up such a straightforward and tasty (if not fresh) film. Jolie hopped onto this film with the assurance that it would not scar her reputation in the financial world of film. Secondly, Maleficent works as a steadfast vehicle for a prominent actress who hasn’t flaunted her fabulous lips and cheekbones on the big screen for almost four years. This title role allows her to slip back into theaters without having to devote herself to a heavy and overly involving dramatic role, while at the same time not scarring her reputation in the acting world of film. Simply put, Jolie is a beautiful genius, and while Maleficent surely isn’t her “best” work, it does what it needs to without shedding any blood.
    While Maleficent fails to succeed on many fronts, it is necessary to discuss one of the largest aspects the film miraculously manages to get just right. Maleficent looks just as glorious as it should – and I am referring to both the film and its powerful protagonist. It is actually not too much of a surprise to find that Stromberg gets the visual effects right. Before Maleficent, Stromberg worked in the visual effects departments of such films as Pan’s Labyrinth, The Golden Compass, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, as well as a production designer for Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, and Oz the Great and Powerful. In Maleficent, Stromberg achieves clean equilibriums in his visual aesthetic between dark and light, somber and wonderful, and dynamic and static. He expresses emotion best not through dialogue and acting, but through color and atmosphere, a laudable feat for a man who worked so long in the visual department. Maleficent the fairy also represents the epitome of bringing fiction to life through exceptional production design and costume and makeup. In the film, Jolie is never masked or dressed up to be someone else. Instead, her accessories enhance her being and elevate her persona into the most intimidating fairy I’ve seen on the big screen in quite some time. In fantasy film, little is more important that ensuring that the larger-than-life characters still resemble reality and humanity, and Maleficent pulls this off flawlessly.
    In the end, Maleficent will undoubtedly appeal to its target audience, as well as garner Jolie some new (probably younger) fans. It will also make Jolie a mountain of money. So while Maleficent may not be a cinematic success (on almost all levels), it does effectively serve its two main purposes; it allows Stromberg to take more control of his artistic visions with his own film, and it acts as a sufficient vehicle for Angelina Jolie to show her gorgeous face on the big screen after almost four years.

    FINAL SCORE: 2½ out of 5 stars (raw score: 52.5, between “OK” and “a decent watch”)
  76. Oct 19, 2014
    It’s not like Frozen, not even close.

    Angelina Joline is the best thing with Malefecient, she is so great and no one could replace her and perform better! There are some entertaining moments in this movie that I truly enjoy and it’s both unique and groovy. But when it comes to the story and the bad CGI isn’t Malefecient a great movie. Malefecient doesn’t got the "Disney Magic” like
    Frozen or other big movies, it felt like a mix between a Disney movie and a reality based movie. The klimax of the film is another aspect that they could have done better, and there are some boring scenes. The worst thing is Sharlto Copley, the worst actor you could choose to play a king!

    Malefecient is Disney's weakest installment of the year.

    Malefecient get a 6/10.
  77. Jul 17, 2014
    A rather dull and unimaginative story line, made up for entirely by the brilliant acting performance of Jolie.
    Still an entertaining movie to watch, if not only for her grin personifying maleficence itself.
  78. Jun 7, 2014
    Maleficent serves as a great return back to the screen for Angelina Jolie, but it doesn't go much farther than that. The story does nothing interesting to adapt the original tale, and the movie never moves past average. The special effects are good, and the musical score is on par, but the real reason to see this movie is Jolie. She plays a great Maleficent.
  79. Oct 5, 2014
    I cannot stress enough my dislike and contempt for this film. MALEFICENT is one more overproduced piece of crap from the Disney machine. Angelina Jolie, who I actually like a lot, needs to get back to real acting which she has proven most capable at. MALEFICENT is a sad indication of what some audience members actually want and we'll keep getting as long as the BO is strong (pun intended).
  80. Jun 24, 2014
    This unfortunate vanity project for Angelina Jolie could have been a thing of greatness. Not only does it suffer from complete lack of character development but it also fails to create any interest in anyone beyond the title character. We get a glimmer into Princess Aurora’s mind and energy but as quickly as we start to gain interest, Maleficent casts a sleeping spell; much like this film does to its audience. Expand
  81. Jun 17, 2014
    A spellbinding performance from Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and brilliant visual effects can't save the movie from its flaws which consists of: shoehorned characters (Prince Philip), slow pacing and an anti-climatic final showdown.
  82. Jun 30, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A very standard feeling film. The whole concept is to switch around the story and make the evil witch into a good character. It is not bad at all. It is entertaining. I am not knocking it. Lots of cool effects and Joile is great. They could have picked a better Aurora. She is supposed to be beautiful. Very standard looking. They should have shown more of the king and queen. Expand
  83. Aug 23, 2014
    If anyone ever asks you for an example of a great idea turning into a very mediocre movie - point this title out, I'm sure the will get the idea. If not, they should watch the original Sleeping Beauty and then watch this. Better? Yeah.
    This movie indeed has the potential to turn around the whole Sleeping Beauty story into something much better - more intricate, cooler and even thought
    The main problem I have with this movie lays withing the writing and directing. Writers Linda Woolverton and Charles Perrault simply don't give the actors anything worthwhile to work with. Constantly the movie is preoccupied with transition scenes that literally tell us what has or is going on - too obvious, even for a children's movie. I believe it isn't in Disney's style.
    Director Robert Stromberg went along with it and tried to make something of it, including some beautiful scenes, and other scenes that are as if ripped out from other fantasy flicks. He has done some pretty good work in the past, however here we see mediocrity and literacy, but I'm pretty sure that came out mainly from the script.
    I have to note out that this movie contains some of the worst camerawork I've ever seen - awkward zooming and totally worthless scenes included.
    Other than that, actors starring here had nothing to work with to begin with, so no one is even worth mentioning. Jolie tried to make Maleficent faithful and memorable, but ultimately fails, due to reasons already mentioned.
    And there is nothing more to say. It's a pretty movie, it had the potential to be a masterpiece, however it falls short to be classified as even a Disney kid film.
    It can be entertaining to watch if you have nothing else to do, but that's about it.
  84. Jun 19, 2014
    The film exceeded expectations in all, the story was very well written and in my opinion this version became greater than the original. The special effects were used well, the acting is mostly perfect in the role of Angelina Jolie, this is definitely one of the best Disney movies. Forget everything you know about Sleeping Beauty and start afresh. This movie teaches you the true backstory of sleeping beauty with lots of twists and awesome effects. Watching it in 3D is perfect. Expand
  85. Sep 18, 2014
    Very good movie an amazing update on sleeping beauty with all its plot so interestingly made .The visual effects were breath taking though i can say that disney has done an amazing job.
  86. Jun 11, 2014
    When you know about a project this big, you totally have very high expectations. Everything Maleficent does is to bore until the end, with nothing but a Frozen-Cliché ending. Jolie's performance was good as a loving villain, but that's definitely what I wasn't waiting for, the story is in it's self bad.
    It does have some cool shots in a very boring nonsense battle.
  87. Jun 11, 2014
    Dark and gripping, Maleficent gives us a better, more realistic vision of the all-time classic and also one of the best movies I've seen this 2014. Highly recommendable.
  88. Jul 24, 2014
    I just saw "Maleficent" and I liked it. It was an okay movie. Dazzling special effects, a great performance from Angelina Jolie but the movie itself could been a lot better. Such a shame really.
  89. May 31, 2014
    From the start of the movie it was very nice and all but up until the preclimax of the movie did it reach its peak of the mountain. Something tells me that the director held back because the rating of this movie is G (Suitable for all) and not PG (Parantel Guidance is advised). I was greatly disapointed with how this movie ended but it seems that that was the only flaw I found in this movie.
    Overall, it's an okay movie. Not very good or good sadly. It could've been better if the current writer gave a little more time to write it then it would've been thrilling.
  90. Jun 2, 2014
    Forget everything you know about Sleeping Beauty and start afresh. This movie teaches you the true backstory of sleeping beauty with lots of twists and awesome effects. Watching it in 3D is perfect.
  91. May 31, 2014
    Every true fan of the original Sleeping Beauty (1959) were skeptical about this and how much it had to deviate from the actual movie, and as more of the movie was revealed, it was only proving to be another female empowerment, victimized villain kind of a movie. But I'm glad I was wrong, for I'm sure only by watching the whole movie can we truly appreciate and understand the very convincing back story and development the character was subject to. Need I mention the perfect casting of Angelina Jolie, Maleficent truly comes to life in full form by Angelina's stunning skills and presence. A twist that's not cliché, sentiments that are deep, humor that's ever so natural and action that always keeps you at the edge of your seat! Maleficent in this movie is not exactly as we know of her from the few minutes we got to see her in the original movie, but let me tell you she's every bit deliciously evil. It was amusing to see Angelina play a role that requires a lot of nuances to pull of this character with a lot of depth as opposed to the one-dimensional character from the movie. Never letting off the grip, she carried the movie on her shoulders. Nothing to take away from the beauty of the rest of the movie which takes breath with excellent direction and visual effects that will truly transport you to another world, and the amazing work by all the 'supporting' actors. Yes, the other characters weren't as fleshed out as Maleficent, but I see that as good thing, given the title and theme. A spectacular balance. I'd also like to bring light on the enchanting score, thanks to James Newton Howard, this maestro is underrated.

    A comprehensive movie, truly a masterpiece.
  92. Jun 1, 2014
    Great visual effects, but the develop of the principal character is poor. A cruel villain that actually never was a cruel villain? I recognize however, the effort that Angeline put into her character but, it was simply bad written.
  93. Jun 14, 2014
    There is no doubt this is a good film for younger types but it follows in the more recent pattern of big budget films taking ideas from popular artists and acting as if it was their own work-in this case another British artist's work has been pilfered-Patrick Woodroffe, the creator of Mythpoeticon-an artist who also did many album covers like Roger Dean, whose work was pilfered for the SF flick Avatar several years ago. Not much else to say about it except the main theme of the film is betrayal. How ironic. Expand
  94. Jun 8, 2014
    I really enjoyed this movie. The special effects are amazing! Disney did not disappoint! Angelina Jolie was perfect with great acting. I loved the little changes to the traditional Sleeping Beauty storyline. The story of Maleficent is one that anyone, boys or girls, any age will love! I highly recommend the movie but would advise that at times it can be quite scary!
  95. Jun 5, 2014
    Lazy writing along with poor direction is not a great combination. This CGI disaster has nothing good to offer other than a few smiles and an impressive performance by Angelina Jolie
  96. Jun 8, 2014
    Eu sou muito parcial em se tratando de filmes clássicos da Disney. E, mais uma vez não me desapontei. Malévola traz uma releitura da história da A bela adormecida, sob a perspectiva da então vilã do conto. Acho interessante esboçar este lado, em que o mal pode não decorrer do mal pura e simplesmente. Às vezes, pode ser fruto de uma injustiça ou de ausência de tolerância com o que é diferente do usual. Neste aspecto, o filme passa a mensagem perfeitamente. Ainda alude à questão, que vem se tornando uma freqüente, de que a princesa não depende de um personagem masculino para resolver sua vida. Há questões mais profundas, como o amor fraterno e o amor de mãe. Tão importante quanto o amor entre homem e mulher. Acho bacana ilustrar essa mudança de paradigma dentro das histórias juvenis. Angelina Jolie, como sempre, estonteante. Redundância falar sobre o talento dela. Os demais personagens ficaram apagados, infelizmente. De resto, figurino, arte visual, perfeitos. Bem como, trilha sonora, principalmente com a música tema, do filme clássico, cantada pela atriz ao final. Expand
  97. Jun 9, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Immediately as the film starts, a narrator tells us about Maleficent's back story. We are shown who she is, but most of what the audience knows is delivered through narration. We meet Stephen shortly afterwards. Maleficent falls in love with him because the narrator says so. However, Stephen is "ambitious" because the narrator says so. Stephen leaves Maleficent behind. She is sad because the narrator says so... The narrator eventually eases off halfway through the film. This is a poor way to impart exposition to the audience in a film, and the rest of the narrative is unfortunately weak due to further poor characterization of the antagonist and supporting characters. Jolie's performance as Maleficent saves her character somewhat. I DID like the feminist message at the end, clumsily executed as it was. Ultimately, this film suffers from very basic narrative and character deficiencies resulting from poor exposition and cliche overuse. This film is not necessarily terrible, but one should not expect to find a profound feminist narrative here. Expand
  98. Jun 15, 2014
    Saw it yesterday. I don't even know what to say. It was absolutely incredible. Some people say it was a bit cliche-ish but all Disney movies are like that, and this is so unique I am sure if it didn't have to follow the initial story of sleeping beauty this would have been different. The visuals were incredible. I especially loved the flying and battle scenes near the beginning (I think you can probably tell why because of my user). Certainly one of the most unique and interesting Disney movies yet. I would recommend it to anyone! 10/10 for sure. Expand
  99. Jun 23, 2014
    Pienso volver a verla, iba pensando en un desastre y me encontré con una película que hasta hizo que se me saltasen las lagrimas con muchas partes. Grandiosa la actuación de Angelina
  100. Jun 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This movie is just another of the female empowerment villain victimization rewrites that has lost all of the originality of the genre. Although visually stunning the movie could not compensate for a banal plot line. The movie unnecessarily changed details about the curse that only took away from the original story without adding anything. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 44
  2. Negative: 4 out of 44
  1. Reviewed by: Louis Black
    Jun 9, 2014
    Imaginatively, it places all the known elements of the story in different contexts, completely recasting this familiar fairy tale into a more poignant and resonant work.
  2. Reviewed by: Richard Roeper
    Jun 2, 2014
    Maleficent is an admittedly great-looking, sometimes creepy, often plodding and utterly unconvincing re-imagining of a famous romantic fairy tale as a female empowerment metaphor.
  3. Reviewed by: Olly Richards
    Jun 2, 2014
    If this tiresome yarn is the ‘true’ story of one of Disney’s most popular villains then, please, give us colourful lies and happy ignorance.