Wellspring Media | Release Date: June 7, 2002
Summary: Set in contemporary Africa, this film follows a trio of young women as they struggle to achieve their own personal goals.
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Runtime: 78 min
Countries: France, Burkina Faso
Home Release Date: Dec 17, 2002
Director Credit
Fanta RĂ©gina Nacro Director
Ingrid Sinclair Director
Zulfah Otto Sallies Director
Cast Credit
Alima Salouka (Segment "A Close-Up On Bintou")
Cindy Sampson Molly McBride (Segment "Riches")
Damien Chamley Peter (Segment "Riches")
Denise Newman (Segment "Raya")
Graham Weir (Segment "Raya")
Hyppolite Ouangrawa (Segment "A Close-Up On Bintou")
Ivan Lucas (Segment "Raya")
Oscar Petersen (Segment "Raya")
Rehane Abrahams Raya (Segment "Raya")
Producer Credit
Caroline Stevens Executive Producer
Claire Lajoumard Producer
Julie Goldman Executive Producer
Letebele Masemola-Jones Executive Producer
Platon Trakoshis Producer
Simon Bright Producer
Simon Onwurah Producer
Steven Markovitz Producer