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  1. Negative: 42 out of 240

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  1. Sep 26, 2011
    What I sure know is that they have the crappiest script of the year...
  2. Mar 26, 2012
    There were some great actors in this movie, but everything else was the mot bizarre piece of film work I had ever seen. It certainly seemed like everybody in the movie was having fun, but I wanted to find the nearest match so I could set the T.V. on fire. Weird as hell.
  3. Oct 6, 2010
    I don't like Abba's music and I really don't like this film. How cheesy and boring the musical genre has become. How degrading this must of been for the cool and calm 007 Piers Brosnan, give the man a medal for actually singing. Give me any other film (Seriously,anything?) to watch cause this one is shocking.
  4. Jul 30, 2011
    Mix one part Streep, four parts Abba, and two parts fun. Stir vigorously. Baked for 2 hours. Let cool and serve cold. Very cold. Very very cold. How could so many good ingredients combine to produce what is best described as tofu? This movie was like a juggler taking 5 very shiny and mezmerizing balls and tossing them in the air one at a time - never engaging with each other, trying to convince you that some spectacular feat has just occured. Upbeat? Yes. Disjointed? Yes. The most forgettable Meryl Streep character ever? Possibly. Expand
  5. Jul 29, 2011
    In 2008, the famous broadway musical, â
  6. Jul 10, 2013
    De un momento a otro sale Mamma mia reviviendo el genero del musical, un genero que no aparecia o vivia hace aƱos y que se remonta en una pelicula, resalto cosas como los grandes actores, sin embargo hace falta un poco mas de cosas

Mixed or average reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 37
  2. Negative: 3 out of 37
  1. It's a delightful piece of filmmaking with a marvelous cast topped by Meryl Streep in one of her smartest and most entertaining performances ever.
  2. Reviewed by: Jordan Mintzer
    Scribe-creator Catherine Johnson (also in her first screen outing) and theater-opera vet Lloyd can't seem to find the right tone or style for their globally celebrated material.
  3. Seyfried (of Big Love and Mean Girls) is a radiant object and can sing, but I'd like to forget the others--especially Brosnan, whose singing is the best imitation I've heard of a water buffalo.