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  1. Aug 31, 2014
    "A good death is its own reward" - Faora

    A superhero movies ..not really what i like.Maybe this is why i give score "5".I don't know, not caught my attention.
  2. Jun 20, 2013
    I thought Man of Steel was a good Superman movie. A decent action movie. As far as the 2006 Superman Returns movie, Man of Steel was so much better. Henry Cavill makes a much better Superman then Brandon
    Routh did and Amy Adams a much better Lois Lane. Although Man of Steel downplays the chemistry between Cavill and Adams. I saw potential in them as a screen couple, but there wasn't
    enough of a buildup.
    to their first kiss. Hopefully the sequel.will play up more as a couple. The action was good. Somehow I felt disappointed though. Not by the acting. There was no bad acting in the movie. Everyone plays their part well. I just felt like there was something missing. Like there wasn't enough story or something. I guess I just expected more
  3. Dec 29, 2013
    Plot holes everywhere really story with some absolutely unbelievably good action sequences. Lois Lane should of been cut from the movie altogether her unlikely appearance at top secret military outposts, poorly written script and general blandness make her a totally forgettable character. You need to decide on the man your going to be??? you're going to be the sort of man that could save you earth father and doesn't? a man that stands their and does nothing and watches him die??? really???? WTF????? who writes this sh*t.

    Russell Crow as Jor-El however was epic
  4. Feb 17, 2014
    Great cast, brilliant effects, bad plot. Man of Steel is a rather generic superhero movie. We see his origins and randomly dive into the future, then constantly back and forth to his childhood and back to a fully grown Kal-El. It would've been interesting to see if the movie had actually brought these flashbacks in randomly for a reason, but unfortunately, the flashbacks usually happen and are then completely forgotten about. The writing also consistently talks about how special Superman is to the world, it's the only thing they ever seem to talk about throughout the entire movie leaving very little time for character development. While the ending is what most fans tend to rip apart, to me it seemed an interesting take on the dark role Superman now has to take in this much more serious adaptation of the comic books. Superman is put to the true test of questioning what is truly right and if he has the courage to pay the price to save the planet he was raised on. I felt this was the strong point of the movie, there should've been more focus on it. However, I found Johnathan Kent in this movie to be extremely frustrating. He often told Clark to do one thing, then sometime later he'd say to do the exact opposite. Like in the flashback when Clark saves kids from drowning in his school bus, one minute John tells Clark he could let them die to keep his identity safe, then he shows him the ship he arrived in and tells him 'You're the answer to "Are we alone in the universe?" and describes how big a change he will make to the world when he reveals himself, then in a later flashback he tells him he should never reveal himself and become a farmer as he is, *spoiler* his demise is pointless and feels terribly done as Superman reveals himself a few years later. Some see the point of what Johnathan was telling Superman, but I struggle to understand why he told him so many different things at once. The action sequences are gripping and blood pumping, this makes them extremely enjoyable to watch for any Superman fan, but these can't be used to sugarcoat the whole movie. Promotions are also used all the way through, for example when Superman and Zod fly into Sears for no apparent reason, it just demonstrates advertisers desperation to promote their products. Overall, the film isn't terrible, but neither is it the masterpiece it was promising many hopeful movie goers. It gives me very little hope for the Justice League movie (if it ever actually happens) if the makers keep following this formula. Expand
  5. Jun 30, 2013
    The tasteless need to explain every aspect of this film causes poorly written and artificial to dialogue to preside. As these explanations are given before the story has really begun, it is hard to care or even listen. Were it not for these problems, the film would amount to nothing more than a generic summer blockbuster. It's worse.
  6. May 1, 2014
    Actually i can't understand critic's bad scores for this movie! I do think it's too fantastic and could've been A LOT better but frankly' i enjoyed it a lot! Highly recommended
  7. Jun 24, 2013
    A good attempt to revive a classic, but just shy of a home run. The action scenes were fantastic, and you'll leave the theater thinking of how fantastic they were. But don't expect the movie to make any lasting marks. The film felt cliche' from start to finish, topped off with an eye rolling ending. The protagonist (need I say who) was extremely static and monotone throughout the whole film, along with every other oblivious character. Beyond these problems, Man of Steel is a decent film that nails a plethora of things like costume design, music, and special effects. I believe Super Man fans should feel lucky this came out at as good as it did. Expand
  8. Oct 19, 2013
    Never being a superman fan, I came into Man of Steel with no expectations and left feeling pretty awesome. The action scenes were great, the music was fitting the story was good too. All the actors; the Kryptonians, the army dudes, everyone, were really strong. However, the whole Superman and Lois Lane thing didn't work very well, and I felt like they were only hooking up because they were supposed to. Also, the action scenes, while impressive, got a bit out of hand towards the end, with the same superhumans braining each other against buildings for about five minutes straight, which surprisingly DOES get tiring after a while. But I felt the ending was very powerful and the whole washed-out atmosphere of the film worked really well. Any action film fan should see this. Expand
  9. Aug 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. *sigh* The Superman movie about how to not be superman... great...
    Lets get down to it right now: I hate superman as a character and no im not a stupid Batman fanboy yelling and cursing without thinking, i know what SUperman represents and i repect that (even like that) but Superman is just not my thing.

    Why i bring this up you may ask? well so you can think about why a Superman hater like me got that this movie doesnt represents superman at all and the thousand and one superman diehard fans love this movie.

    Another thing I am not the kind of poeple who knows alot about Acting so im not gonna judge the acting unless its so odvious that even i can notice it.

    Lets get the good things out of the way first, since they are fewer: The action, like everyone says, its amazing. Its full of intence moments and tons of blowing up and its all good until you realize your watching a SUperman movie, or at least your suposed to.

    What imtrying to say whit this? well if you dont get it right now let me explain: This is not Superman ok? i guess they tried to "Redeem" him from all the bad movies but instead of been a good redemption like the Dark Knight it feels more like a kick in the balls like the Green Lantern movie (live action one). Hell the Green Lantern movie at least got the idea of the hero better that this movie does.

    Lets point out the biggest plot holes:
    - The beguing in Krypton feels.... awkward, even out of place somehow. While the effects are cool most of the scene feels too fast to the point you dont really care whats happening or why it happens, mostly your looking at the scene for the effects. Also whats up whit Sup's mother? you know your son was sended to god knows where, your arny is reveling against the goverment and on top of all that the planet is about to blow up and you look bored like "oh here we go again". It really throws you out of the moment, if you where invested in it at all. Its sad when the villain is the one showing some feelings.

    - The Scene where the step-father saves the dog from the car but the gets injured and.... you know for some reason tells Clark not to save him.... even hough he had plenty of time to walk to them or Clark to run normally and save him... or... you know i could be all day pointing out ways Clark could have saved him without revealing his powers, or using them at all... next!

    - Oh yeah Superman kills Zod... because.... aparently this Superman is way too stupid to know other ways to defeat Zod without killing him like, you know Superman does. Oh wait yeah i forgot this is not SUperman, just some othe guy wearing his costume.

    Those where only my mayor plot holes but they bring up the mayor problem of this movie: THIS IS NOT SUPERMAN! sorry for caps but i had to do it... but yeah this is not Superman! Superman is a hero who has a warm heart, whos prescence is enough to inspire hope in the hearts of all around him and who is incredibly strong but its kind enough to let his oponents live.
    A Hero who care more about to protect the people and even the buildings of metropolis than his own life.

    As much as i hate to give prays to Superman im a man of honor and i know when my enemy deserves respect.

    My name is Krayserlols and If i understand it i hope you do too. Now if you excuse me i heard Lobo appeared in Young Justice.
  10. Jun 24, 2013
    The first half of "Man of Steel" (MoS) is well written and engaging. There are noteworthy, if not entirely believable performances from the cast in the first act. The second act is where the film begins to fall down, eschewing quality writing for rapid fire action sequences. These are over the top, but fitting considering the abilities and powers on display. The film tries at times to reach the quality of writing on display during the first act, but it never quite reaches it. That's by the by though, we're talking about a summer movie, it was never intended to be as heavy weighted toward drama as "A beautiful mind," it's aims squarely for entertainment, and it does entertain, and it manages to have a coherent story, with understandable motivations. As a superhero film it isn't as engaging as the Batman films, nor is it a standout like "The Avengers." It is as a summer film, decent enough, and it is in that milieu the score above should be viewed. Expand
  11. Jul 4, 2013
    Es algo básico teniendo en cuenta que es el super heroe mas importante de todos los tiempos, tiene sus momentos de gran accion y entretenimiento sin embargo aun falta mas trabajo no en efectos porque eso si lo destaco si no en el trayecto como tal de la pelicula
  12. GFC
    Aug 10, 2013
    A truely amazing film. Finally what the fans have been waiting for a truely amazing Superman movie. I highly reccomend it to everyone.

    Just some random text to fill the void.
  13. Jun 18, 2013
    I went into the theater with great expectations but what I am left with is just pure disappointment. So what went bad Snyder is more interested in blowing up things, things he come upon road, sky, etc. than establishing his characters to intimate levels. If people are to see the disintegration of skyscrapers and such, they can always have Michael Bay at their disposal. But why Superman This could have been
    a much better movie with little expansion of Clark's Kansas story and
    limiting the explosions for a few occasions. I tried to see through if
    there's anything more than just detonations but I couldn't possibly do.

    There is some serious lack of charm in Cavill's Kal-El and so does in
    Amy Adams' Lois Lane. In occupying the screen presence, only Costner
    seems to pull it off and Crowe in parts here and there. And there's
    this non-linear telling, which should have accounted for some
    fascination, actually back fires. Had the script been filled with some
    take-the-cake cliff-hanger moments, it could have worked. I am a fan of
    superman myself but, in all conscience, I cannot imagine me liking the
    movie despite its flaws, thanks to all the deafening things happening
    in the last hour.

    Not entirely soulless though. At least not until when Zimmer is around.
    The living legend with all his might gives this undirected thing a
    background score to rejoice. I cannot believe Nolan is a part of story
    credit. Rest in peace, Superman. and if you are to resurrect, I wish to
    god, let there be some less noise.
  14. Jun 11, 2014
    One of the better reboots. Well the movie isn't perfect, but its really good. The just two problems with it. 1: it feels to much like chrisopher nolan batman trilogy. 2: They needed to focus more on louis and superman relationship. Like in nolans, Clark is bruding and moping around the earth and having a serious of flash backs of his life. Sounds similar right? And the relationship between Clark and Louis needs work because to be honest you won't care about it. Overall it has good acting, story,plot, and GCI. Its worth the buy. Expand
  15. Jun 26, 2013
    Went yesterday to see it, and i was very excited about it! But it was a disappointment! Two hours of useless fight and meaningless words! I mean there was a basic story which i liked no Lex Louthor, the bad guy Zod was from Krypton etc.), but there was no script! Even the fights were hyper. I did not like the music, there was not any flow in the story. I only save the effects, and of course Kevin Costner, Russel Crow and Michael Shannon! The couple was not too convincing, and Henry Cavil was average but ''empty'' as Superman! Expand
  16. Jul 16, 2013
    This movie could have been so much better if it was just played out straight like a regular superhero movie instead of serenading us with some emotional piece-of-ass. The beginning honestly got me wondering if i was watching an amateur college-student-budget film project rather than, hello, a Superman movie from a big Hollywood Studio. The timeline stuff was and it wasn't until the action started that i felt a little comfortable. This movie did something I never thought possible: It made me dislike a superhero. Thanks a lot Zach Snyder. The whole emotional superhero thing worked for The Dark Knight Rises but only because Nolan was in charge and because Batman had been introduced to us earlier. In one word, let me summarize this movie: I only give it a 5 because the action was good and the back-story was nice as well. The execution- BLEH! Expand
  17. Jul 14, 2013
    I have come to expect more from Christopher Nolan's projects. Even ones he doesn't direct. The film is beautiful, it's sprawling, it's epic, it's personal but at a certain point it's just more Superman and I'm not sure that makes it better.
  18. Oct 24, 2014
    For Superman standards this is a bit of a let down. Henry Cavill's performance is average just like the film. It is a decent remake but certainly nothing to shout about.
  19. Feb 3, 2014
  20. Jun 25, 2013
    The film gets off to a slow start, but makes up for it later on with an 'almost' overly long action sequence but luckily the action scenes are well played out and are stunning to watch. This really is superman redesigned, if your a fan of the old superman and come here expecting the old superman, then your probably going to leave the cinema feeling disappointed. On the other hand, look at it in a brand spanking new superman and the effect is quite different. The story was basic but well delivered, but the narration could have used abit of work. Some characters didn't feel at all fleshed out and kind of bland at times, even superman himself at times. The biggest and liveliest character of the film was supermans enemy, Zod. Simply put, one of the best villains in a hero movie ever. Infact saying he was a villain would be almost unfair, if you actually get inside Zod's mind, you see that he isn't doing the things out of pure evil nature but for the good of his race and that is what he has been born for. I give this film a very strong 7 or a 7.5 if the rating system had it. Expand
  21. Jun 14, 2013
    Visually stunning and action was some of the best I have seen in a superhero action type genre (which literally saved me from giving this film a lower score). Story could have used a lot of help though. Pacing was really bad, too much jumping back and forth from and no real establishment of anything related to superman (you as the viewer are already expected to know the superman universe I guess). I do think that critics have given it a fairly low score though, although it could have used work I believe that the ratings should be much higher, especially higher than the latest Iron Man movie which was complete garbage. Expand
  22. Nov 14, 2013
    Man Of Steel is movie that will split the audience in two. Gone is the humor and the light coloring,what there is left is a serious take on Superman, one that takes also makes changes big and suttle.

    The basic superhero formula is gone, and if you expect Clark Kent, comes to town to save humanity, then you will be disappointed. Man Of Steel is about an Alien, that has to come to terms
    with this fact, to fit in and utimately make a choice good or bad.

    And just because you have these superpowers and could cause mayhem as in total annihalation or be that individual that helps other and humanity doesn't mean that you from birth is given this kind of morality nor commitment. And this is basically what this movie does. It makes us understand that Kal-EL is as complex as he is strong.

    The movie also shows us what his powers can actually do, and the destruction caused by these powers are more than huge they are out of this world.

    To me as an adult, Man Of Steel is finally the movie that gives me what I would expect from a Superman movie 2013.
    Superman is holier than thou material, and as such I can understand, some of the bad reviews, but they miss the fundamental fabric of this movie, that it isn't supposed to mimic or replace Donners movies.
  23. Jun 17, 2013
    Overall a fantastic superhero movie. But a little disappointment that General Zod the powerful enemy of superman dies in a little fight which should be extended for next part and there is disappointment from Henry Cavill's acting although he have a great body which is suitable for Superman but I think Superman Should at least looks like the "Captain America". I think this movie create new standards for action movies. Surely this is a next level of action in any action movie Expand
  24. Jun 15, 2013
    Well shot and beautiful to look at. However, as a superhero action movie it did not keep me entertained. The basic problem being Superman is basically a god on Earth, so how do you give him a weakness? How do you make him relatable; at least you could relate to Batman. MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD: I was really bored in the last 30 minutes when it was basically just a slugfest between Superman and General Zod. Expand
  25. Jul 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. To put it simply, Man Of Steel does for Superman what Batman Begins did for Batman.
    We're given our hero at the early stages of his career and we see grow and shape into what we believe the character to currently be. The film handles Superman's upbringing very well, but also at the same time setting up the final conflict of Earth's invasion.

    Also, the special effects are spectacular. It captures the essence of any Superman comic from my childhood! It just felt great to see two of my favorite characters face off in such a grandiose fashion.

    To sum it up, Man Of Steel is the perfect start to a new line of promising Superman films. I hope we see something even better come next.
  26. Jun 16, 2013
    The main problem with this film is that it contains an inordinate amount of essentially pointless content. Roughly 30 minutes is spent on exhaustive (if superbly rendered) fight scenes, all of which could be described as totally unnecessary given that the films ending is so obvious: good over evil, difficult moral choice, bright future et al. The Christopher Nolan touch is apparent in the quality of the film's production, but not in it's plot. Furthermore, at times the dialogue descends into superhero movie cliché, none of which is as rewarding as it is in say, the Tobey Maguire Spiderman series. Aside from this, the film makes for an enjoyable watch, with some genuinely moving, epic and humourous moments, and it provides an excellent platform for what could be a fitting followup series to the Dark Knight trilogy in the DC Universe. Expand
  27. Jun 17, 2013
    I really like the movie. It kind of let me down though. It was really dark, their was few comedy. The old supermans were not like that. And their was to much mass destruction. Their was more explosions in this film than all the marvel movies combined. Snyder has done 300 and watchmen. And those were just like this. It put me on the edge of my seat more than I can enjoy. I think they were trying to be to original. Their also wasn't enough interaction between lois and clark. One second he is saving her and the next they are kissing. It was to rushed. I wasnt to big of a fan of the shaky camera thing that he did. All in all. Casting for everyone was perfect. Story was great. I just really wish that Zack Snyder didn't do this movie. This movie had so much potential. But he I truly believe is the reason this movie doesn't have a metacritic score higher than 60 Expand
  28. Jun 17, 2013
    Just like any other movie written by Nolan, it will naturally have layers. And any movie directed by Snyder will look spectacular. But if it was edited differently, it might be more pleasing to the fans. Nevertheless, I thought it was fantastic! By far it is the best Superman film yet.
  29. Jun 18, 2013
    30 minutes too long. Battle scenes were repetitive and crushingly boring. Casting was odd. Somber with no humor at all. Superman in the original comics and on TV always had at least some tongue in cheek humor. Worst of all Clark Kent's identity story is distorted from the original comic. Here, goes to work at the Daily Planet at the end of the movie after Lois has found out who he really is. Really? Oh, and Jimmy Olsen is AWOL. This movie is another example of Hollywood's current propensity to create spectacle for the sake of creating spectacle and expecting the public to eat it up. Enough already. Try putting some emotion in the story and developing characters we'll care about. This was a real disappointment. Expand
  30. Jun 20, 2013
    This is one of those movies that is mostly good but has some glaring weaknesses. The direction and feel of the movie was stylish and the effects were phenomenal. The acting was good and the movie told a good story with a resolution. On the other hand, the dialogue in this movie was sub par. The lines felt like they belonged in a trailer and that is not the way that real people talk. The weak script led to a disconnect between the audience and characters. Also, I personally enjoyed the final action sequence, but I can see why some thought it was too long and drawn out. Expand
  31. Jul 3, 2013
    Man of Steel was good, no doubt, but I still left the theater somewhat unsatisfied. Why? Well, its hard to say really... most of my criticisms about the movie are nit-picky and circumstantial. A great amount of time was spent on a reinvented Krypton, introducing fans to new concepts about Superman's back-story, and providing rich content for those less avid superman fans, that is, until Krypton is destroyed and a young Kal-El is shipped off to Earth. There the story becomes a little convoluted. An adult Kal-El is now, all of a sudden introduced to the story, and what little information is provided about his childhood is presented in the form of flashbacks. While personally, I would have liked to see a bit more development in this area, I suppose it probably couldn't have been done much better. I mean, entire comic books and even a television series have been based solely on his adolescence. Proper development in this area would have taken another movie, and well, put simply, "aint nobody got time for that". The overall presentation of the movie was absolutely stunning, and Snyder does an excellent job of displaying Kryptonian power to scale, on Earth. The acting was pretty decent as well. It would be hard to not to with such a cast. Henry Cavill did an excellent job of portraying Superman's overall demeanor, almost seeming very Christopher Reeve like in is interpretation of the character. All in all, the only real complain I have about the movie was the lack of character development. If Lois Lane had died in the movie, not a tear would have been shed in the audience, simply because not enough time was spent developing her story, or anyone else's. Doing so, however, would have been a monumental task. This movie done right, would have been two different movies. So, in that sense the "Man of Steel" franchise seems a little incomplete. There is talk of a sequel, maybe then we'll see what this story, and this version of Superman is REALLY all about. Expand
  32. Nov 7, 2013
    Though fans might miss the levity that made Richard Donner's classic 1978 film Superman: The Movie such a game-changing joy, the thing that really sells this respectful reboot is the dramatic conviction underlying all the mega-scale mayhem.
  33. Jun 24, 2013
    Man of Steel is the breath of fresh air that's been so needed in the Superman film saga. It does its own thing respectively, completely ignoring the Donner films and instead, focusing more on the comic book material. At times a bit uneven with its pacing, and occasionally sacrificing character development/backstory for action, Man of Steel nevertheless is the crowd pleasing, action packed spectacle that Superman fans have been waiting years for. 3.5/5 Expand
  34. Jun 26, 2013
    Good movie. A bit too overblown on action in the third act, but the movie has a good story, good acting, a refreshingly new take on the origin story of Superman, beautiful visuals and incredible action-scenes. A good start to what is hopefully going to become a new Superman franchise with Henry Cavill as the Superman for generations to come.
  35. Feb 2, 2014
    Can't say i have ever seen anything superman related before this movie, so my review is solely based on the film itself rather than its place within its universe and to be honest i liked it.

    Sure there are some problems i kinda feel that the first section on Krypton should have been longer and it would have been interesting to see Clarke (or whatever you want to call him) growing up on
    earth in a more fleshed out manner but the film handles them well enough.

    What it really excels at however is the action scenes which if your into explosions and huge effects are pretty awesome and the music during these scenes is pretty good also, although it did remind me a lot of Mass Effect 3 with the world maker looking like a reaper and some of the same musical effects being shared. (thats not a fact they just sound really really similar in places) Louis's character is also pretty well fleshed out and although she does get saved a lot she handles herself pretty well overall.

    I feel like i'm missing what all the controversy is about, as far as i can tell Man of Steel is a good action movie that kept me enthralled throughout. Personally i enjoyed Man of Steel more than films like the avengers which i felt was massively overrated....then again it may just be me.
  36. Jun 27, 2013
    As an avid fan of superhero movies, I started this one with high hopes and expectations but was highly disappointed. There was really no character development with most of the movie being outrageous fight scenes that ran so long they frequently lost my attention. The dialogue was cheesy and filled with cliches and awkward attempts at humor. The acting itself wasn't overly terrible but the horrible script and jumbled mess of overused special effects make this move just not worth watching. Expand
  37. Nov 11, 2013
    Cavill is convincing as Superman, the visual effects are of top quality and there is a lot of destruction. Unfortunately the plot is predictable, the battles are more like a show than a dramatic struggle to save the Earth (Superman is completely unharmed, entire city blocks collapse but no civilians are killed) and Amy Smart is boring as Lois. It's a good Superman movie but it's not exciting.
  38. Jul 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Personally I thought this movie was going to be terrible, but every part of the movie seemed meticulous. I wanted a Superman movie that didn't cover his origin story but here it doesn't feel like an origin story because it takes place during the same day. What made me angry was everytime superman got tinto a fought he destroyed a lot of buildings and it took away the fact that he is a vigilante. Also it feels that superman evolves as a fighter which makes you way more invested into the character of superman. Expand
  39. Jun 29, 2013
    I wanted to like this movie as Superman was a mainstay around our old TV, but alas, it was not to be. This version, poorly written, acted, and presented was a great disappointment, filled with cliches and gratuitous violence. So sad. Left before it ended, thankfully.
  40. Jun 30, 2013
    I went into this movie not sure what to expect. I was impressed by the trailers but I knew that Zack Snyder has never made a good movie. I'm sad to say that this colossal disappointment is no exception. It seems Snyder was attempting to make an epic, soaring sci-fi film with a genuine sense of wonder, but the resulting movie falls flat on its face, weighed down by dreadful, tedious, overlong action scenes.

    If there's one thing the movie does get right, it's the casting. The lead actors are all fantastic, which helps the audience forgot how mediocre the script is for the first hour or so of the movie. After that point, everything is wall-to-wall building-crunching explosive action which seems to be catered specifically towards the Transformers crowd, but feels horrifically out of place in a Superman movie. For all its attempts to be "realistic", the movie glosses over the apocalyptic destruction and probably massive death toll wreaked by Superman and Zod over the course of what seems like four hours.

    The movie overall is extraordinarily unfaithful to Superman's character and lore. There are little mistakes throughout the movie, but the climax of the movie contains a betrayal so jaw-droppingly huge that I'm honestly surprised DC allowed it on screen. Perhaps the biggest problem the movie has is that it takes itself far too seriously. Superman has always had an aspect of silliness that the original films managed to capture nicely, but is completely absent from Man of Steel. Superman is a timeless character, and rebooting him isn't a bad idea, but it would take a director much more talented and intelligent than Zack Snyder.
  41. Jun 30, 2013
    Man of Steel is a decent beginning to a new series of films. The film is action packed, with a semi-boring back story and a Superman that does not feel quite like Superman
  42. Jul 2, 2013
    I'm going to review this professionally and efficiently. Here we go, man of steel sucks. Okay here are the things I like in that film. I liked the action scenes, the action scenes were good. The rest I found mediocre and stupid. The story was poorly executed, generic and boring as all hell. One of the problems I had with the story was what they did to the origin story and Lois. Basically they took them both of them and added super over the top action transformers crap They literally have Lois trapped in a pod crashing into earth and having superman dramatically float out of the ship and save her. And another thing I did not like about the film, the over dramatic feel of the film. I laughed when superman yelled when he killed Zod along with many other things that were unmemorable. The acting was the same equivalent of twilight with no emotion or life in it whatsoever. Most of the time you will be seeing a blank face for almost the entire movie. Another thing that bugged me was that it tried to capture the dark gritty feel of the batman films but failed in doing so. Overall very mediocre film, I suggest you don't watch it Expand
  43. Mar 13, 2014
    I will start this off by saying before this film I really did not care about Superman in anyway and did not think a modern movie could really make me care. I went to this only to appease my boyfriend and out of curiosity. This was a truly great film. It might not be oscar caliber but honestly it doesn't need to be to be great. Most hero origin movies are the "boring movies" in the trilogy and are handled very chronologically. You always have to deal with the hero having that awkward phase where they are trying to find themselves. It's a fine premise but most of the time it consumes way too much of the movie. The origin story in this movie is handled very well with the flashbacks of the past at appropriate times that last as long as they need to to get the point across while the main story in the present progresses. This film does have flaws that would take a long time for me to explain but flaws and all I enjoyed this film. It never bored me or made me hope it was gonna wrap up. I understand not every hero movie should take the Dark Knight formula of realism but it had a good balance of fantasy and realism. I dare say.... no I'm gonna say it I enjoyed this movie WAY more than Dark Knight Rises and think it's a superior movie (raise your pitchforks at me if you must). Expand
  44. Jul 16, 2013
    Overblown with tons of action-packed sequences, "Man of Steel" is able to slightly exceed its lack of humor and much joy in the film. While the film does feel hectic at times, the high flying spectacles and exhilarating action are interesting enough to exceed some faults.
  45. Jul 4, 2013
    Compared to Superman Returns this movie is a hundred times better and I'm surprised to see how it's getting such negative reviews from so many movie critics. Is it as good or better than the recent Batman movie? No but it doesn't have to be to be a good movie and I really like this modern re-telling of the Superman story. As well as the actors do a great job in the movie especially Louis and Superman's Dad were great in the movie. The fight scenes are also amazing in this movie as well with the fight in Smallville being my favorite in the whole movie. Overall it's a good movie worth seeing if your either a Superman or superhero fan with it only having one huge major fault. But I won't spoil anything but Superman does one huge thing that is very, very un-Superman like. Expand
  46. Aug 31, 2013
    Always the same things. The Superman movies have to stop someday. Do not see it, because it has nothing new to show. I am very disappointed. That's my opinion.
  47. Jul 5, 2013
    Movie started of good with a story then it went to Superman meets star wars that is when I lost interest it is to bad as far as I am concerned there is no more superman you ruined it for good.
  48. Jul 5, 2013
    What the film does well is set tone and deliver a story that is equally grounded, interesting, and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the film suffers from a number of technical shortcomings that may break the experience for some. After the film's opening sequence on Krypton, the Man of Steal focuses on Clark's journey to find a place in the only world he has ever known. To show the hardships that young Clark endured, flashbacks are used, generally showing different points in Clark's youth as he struggled to deal with his differences. The film then jumps back to adult Clark, as he wonders the United States, looking for some clue as to his origins and what his purpose in life may be. While both the past and present stories are interesting, the movie never stops to allow the audience time to really take in what is happening on screen. The scenes between young Clark and his Earth father are particularly endearing, but the audience is never really afforded time to absorb and appreciate the importance of their relationship. Instead, viewers are allowed a small sequence of dialogue, before they are jarred back in the present where adult Clark is in a completely different situation than he was the last time we saw him. In fact, the film plays leap frog over itself through half of the movie, trying to tell two stories at the cost of making both of them feel hollow.
    The second half of the movie is much more focused but highlights another major flaw in The Man of Steel: The action was disappointing. Some time in the production of the Man of Steel, Snyder and Co. decided that they needed action. Lots and LOTS of action. Bigger is better right? In this case, no. What starts off as over the top fighting, soon becomes a series of monotone action sequences lost in a white noise of fallen buildings and explosions. There came a point in the film's final battle where I became completely bored with the demi-gods that were battling on screen. Instead of fighting hand to hand, the Man of Steel's Superman (and its villains) generally just throw each other around. Usually through sky scrapers and chain restaurants. Seriously, if you watch it, count how many times somebody throws someone else through, into, or at a building. Though there is always a place for over the top action in the Super Hero genre, the inclusion of more technical hand-to-hand fighting (In addition to the 'splosions) would have broken up the action while making Superman seem like more of a fighter and less of a brutish brawler.
    So, action and story aside, who is the Man of Steel's Superman? To my surprise, he was surprisingly human. Though he is 100% good guy, Superman is not the virtuous boyscout you may know from other versions of the hero. TMOS presents a Superman that is man first and extraterrestrial super-hero second. He isn't completely sure of himself nor his actions. This leads to one of the most surprise (and controversial) endings to a Super Hero movie to date. Superman's ability to be fallible adds a texture to the character that is rarely seen and becomes easily one of the most enjoyable parts of the film.
    All in all, The Man of Steel is an Okay movie. It gets a lot of things right but never seems to overcome its glaring flaws. Superman has never been more relatable and perhaps with the origin out of the way, the next outing by Snyder and DC will be much more enjoyable.
  49. Aug 10, 2013
    My biggest issue with this movie is that the fight scenes went on way too long. Other than that, best Superman movie I’ve seen. It is what a Superman movie should be. Plenty action, great story, introduced Krypton nicely and flashbacks were really cool. Compared to Superman Returns, Man Of Steel is far superior. It's such a good elseworld movie, this is not the Superman of the comics, people die in this movie. Expand
  50. Jul 10, 2013
    'Man of Meh' in my opinion. Movie did not inspire much emotion to be honest, it feels like they took the recipe book for 'making a good comic type movie' ticked all boxes then moved on. The special affects were great as well as the sound, even though it was extremely loud at times. Overall the movie left me wanting some kind of connection with the character. It really does leave me thinking should there even be another one? To be honest I don't care either way. Expand
  51. Jul 18, 2013
    Man of Steel proves that Superman is only interesting when he has a decent adversary. Although the final act may be too reminiscent of Avengers Assemble, Man of Steel is well made and well played, especially by Crowe and Costner as the fathers. Too long, perhaps, but the movement between past and present generally work. Overall, much better than expected and reported. So long as Lex Luthor isn't the only villain in the sequel, the franchise may have a positive future. Expand
  52. Jul 28, 2013
    This is the best superman film to date, finally my childhood hero can be done justice in this awesome movie. I do not know why this movie is looked down upon, yes it is a different superman, but I find this one more believable. Not only that but this is a movie where superman actually FIGHTS unlike the GOD AWFUL Superman Returns crap which somehow scored higher. Any way the flashbacks rendition-ed in perfectly and I think that the action scenes were fantastic go out and see this movie you will not be disappointed. Even a hardcore superman fan like me can put up with a changed superman. It is worth every penny. Expand
  53. Aug 4, 2013
    I didn't have any doubts that Zack Snyder would disappoint me, in fact he didn't The whole movie is just a great portrait of the "man of steel", it's the Superman that I loved to watch and the story i just well-narrated.
    I don't understand all the hate to this film, but I just want to say that "the director of a movie is just the illustrator of his own comic", so don't pretend to watch
    a movie perfectly-copied-by-the-comic, honestly I would gave to this movie 3 or less instead of 9 Btw, Zakk Snyder made a perfect job with some Nolan's councils, I guess (I saw his paw xD) and when I watched it, my adrenaline began to flow Henry Cavill gave a face to the new Superman and he made a great acting, really great acting for this role and the whole cast made it the same, expecially for Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner (just amazing acting),Michael Shannon was a son of in this movie, only him could do a role like Zod haha !
    Conclusions The film is great, is a director's view of Supes and we can all enjoy this movie Cheers
  54. Jul 26, 2013
    As for the story, it was good, but could be better! The thoughtful characters, memorable performances, good music and effects. Its the new Superman, the best Man of Steel
  55. Jul 26, 2013
    The film begins with a fantastic action packed introduction on Krypton and it is truly a thrilling start to the film and the segment from when Kal-El arrives on earth to when he takes on the role of Superman succeeds in keeping the audience entertained through an origin story they have already seen before. One of the film's greatest attributes is the decisions and directions it takes in how to tell this iconic story. However the same cannot be said about the execution of these great ideas as there is not enough time given to develop them further. Once Kal-El finally puts on the suit things really start to pick up and the action really is outstanding despite occasionally dragging on for too long particularly in the final fight. Another gripe I had with the film is that there are only about four characters that get enough screen time and development which leaves actors such as Lawrence Fishburne not getting a chance to shine. All performances are good in this film and Henry Cavill does a great job in the lead but Russell Crowe's Jor-El is an obvious stand out here. Man of Steel is a good and much needed reboot of Superman that keeps the majority of the audience entertained. Despite a few flaws that hold the film back from being truly great Man of Steel is certainly lots of fun and could definitely be the launching pad for a franchise Expand
  56. Jul 28, 2013
    First viewing I came out conflicted. I had gone in with a few too many preconceived notions, and despite a deep admiration for Zack Snyder, I left the theater with mixed feelings.
    Namely, the overall tone of the film (fairly dark), the seeming portrayal of Pa Kent, and the end resolution of the final conflict of the film.

    On a second viewing, however, everything fit together nearly
    perfectly. It may not have been the Superman film I expected or wanted, but in the end it was an amazing film and a great introduction to the DC extended film universe.

    The action scenes are, of course, amazing this is Zack Snyder. The acting (with minor quibbles about Amy Adams) is excellent. The biggest fault to the film has to be the script it feels like an attempt to Dark Knight the Man of Steel but the director working with Cavill (Superman's actor) gave us a modern day but still very true-to-form Last Son of Krypton. The storytelling is great, but the plot itself is not what I would have necessarily wanted overall.

    To clarify, however, I'm not saying the plot is bad. I'm saying that, in a perfect world with me calling the shots, the plot would have been different. It's not a perfect world (part of the point of the film's story) and it's the plot we got. Snyder and crew make it more than work, they almost make it sing.

    The score grew on me with repeat viewings as well. It certainly adds perfectly to the emotions of the various scenes. If they continue to use it I expect it to fall into line with the classic Williams theme (though, to be fair, it will never supplant it.)

    Easily worth a 10 out of 10. Not quite Snyder's best work, but considering how much was riding on this and how constrained he surely was, this was a stellar piece of cinematic storytelling.
  57. Jul 29, 2013
    Nice plot, great actions, and good actors and actresses. It gives a new perspective of Superman movie. Started with giving a dream of making a superhero who can fly in the big screen to expanding it into a new atmosphere in it. Snyder completed two aspects, first to make Superman in reality, how the boy grew up with such powers and complexion, with how people would react his existence, and two....the limitation of his great power when fighting with his enemy. it's just so wow boom bang action indeed. These two are never been explored much in The Superman movie. The only thing that is lacking in this reboot is the love story. Lois' part is one gap that Snyder really doesn't know how to fill. So its quite a waste of Amy Adams' acting. Expand
  58. Oct 27, 2013
    amazing movie can't wait for the sequel superman is back general zod was awesome strong performance man of steel does have some flaws but it makes it up by giving new taste to the grandfather of superheroes
  59. Aug 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I personally loved this movie. It was a pleasure to see and to get engaged into the story and the characters Superman way better than the previous Superman in Superman returns and the others. I felt as if the story and the characters could have had a better thought process thought. Oh so Clark's dad thinks he an outcast and then kills himself for that idea (It was a marvelous scene which was very shocking and amazing) but that doesn't really excuse what humanity is like our survival instincts would have popped up in that situation. But I respect the character and the time they spent developing him. Excellent sci phi, The best I've seen in awhile in comparison to the other movies that came out (The purge,Evil dead) this one is amazing but due to the ending Superman kills Zod and the villans just being dumb. That's what keeps this movie from being a 10/10 100% recommend and I will be buying it when it comes out on Dvd Watch For game reviews movie reviews and a lot of comedy Expand
  60. Jul 30, 2013
    I absolutely loved this movie. Was it great scriptwise and with some acting?, no. Did it show the Superman I´ve always wanted to see?, ABSOLUTELY. This is Superman.
  61. Aug 18, 2013
    Despite its slightly unbalanced script, this superhero flick still hits its mark with plenty of grandiose special effects, intense action, and engaging performances, making for a highly entertaining Superman reboot.
  62. Aug 5, 2013
    "Man of Steel", in my opinion, has everything I wanted out of a superhero movie. Superman is decorated with darker shades as far as the overall atmosphere, and the plot seems so engaging. Though many critics have seen the "flaws" of this film, I was one of the lucky members of its audience to see the hard work put into making it.
  63. Aug 7, 2013
    A reboot is that, a reboot. An origin story tells the beginning of the character. I loved the new take on our classical and beloved Superman and while shocked by the ending I understand this is the explanation needed for Superman values and personality. There is a lot more to tell and I wish the creative group find its way the present us a modern mature all powered Superman in MOS2
  64. Aug 9, 2013
    First of all, I loved the movie. Zack Snyder and his team really did a great job with this movie. Henry Cavill is in my opinion the best Superman I have ever seen. I can't really say anything bad about this movie. To see Clack Kent on his journey, trying to find himself it was perfect. Great acting, great story. But you should not see this movie, and expect it is like the ones with Christopher Reeve. Those were good, but like many says, it is time to change something. Just the idea of using the suit from the new 52 was great. I couldn't have taken it serious, if he had the red underwear on
    In my opinion, this is the best "superhero" movie I have seen, together with The Dark Knight.
    No movie is perfect, but I can't see the reason why some can it is pure garbage. IT IS NOT. It is a MASTERPIECE in the comic-hero genre.
  65. May 25, 2014
    "You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders"

    Zack Snyder brings us the movie that we have been waiting for Man of steel is story about a young boy that discovers he has super power and is not from earth. This is the most fun
    iv'e had at the movies this year so far sorry Star Trek. Despite what the critics say about this movie I loved it. I just got out of the theater less then 20 minutes ago and let me say this is the best superman yet. I am a fan of Donners Superman movies 1&2 and I felt this just took it to the next level. This is the superman movie we have been waiting for i know everyone has their own opinion but seriously this the best one yet so glad that they nailed this movies because if they didn't i don't know how long it was going to be before they even tried to reboot the franchise.

    I was a little worried about the early reviews for this movie. I as sat through the movie I was waiting for the plot to go dull or the acting to become robotic or for the dialogue to die out but that moment never came. The action was never over the top and i didn't think that it was too heavy i'm not sure how the critics thought that this movie was just turned blockbuster blunder. The story was told perfect this is all you can think while watching it is " I have so many questions" and in way or from throughout the movie it get's told buy. The story was fluid and thought that the flash back never felt lost me nor ever did i feel confused as some of the critics have said about it. I also like how they triggered the flash backs they didn't just throw then in there like some movies have done.

    Lets get onto the action, oh man was the action so awesome there was so much destruction. Iv'e read the comics and Iv'e seen the animated movies and that is in those but this was just insane. For me this is the best comic book movie action yes the avengers had it's grand scale but this was another level so many great moments buildings falling all over the place, ships being blown out of the sky seeing krypton being blown up. At no point when i was watching it was i like ok let's tone back some of the action and get back into some story but no i that felt like it was too much that's just me though.

    I have been waiting for this movie since 08 and having to wait those five years to finally see it im so glad that it's everything I thought it would be. An amazing action film with hart and soul another thing that the critics thought that this movie didn't have. The cast overall did great and I can't complain about anyone. Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Kal-El) was perfect he killed it as Kal-El he looks the role, he's likable, he is relatable as a person you can still tell he has moral fiber he wants to be good person and he acts like it he is what i wanted superman to be. Amy Adams did a great Lois Lane, Kevin Costner did an amazing Jonathan Kent really glad they did great with character a lot of the heart felt moments were with him. Michael Shannon as General Zod was great though I was hoping for him to steal the show and take control of his role making it seem like he was the only one that could have done Zod. He doesn't do that but that doesn't take away from him big a super kickass villain.

    The visuals in this movie were amazing and it only dawned on me who was behind the special effects till the end of the movie of course it's Weta Digital. They have been seriously stepping up with each movie they been a part of the last couple years. Every time i watch a movie with amazing special effects i look to see who did it and most the time it's them. They have done the special effects for every comic book since X-Men: First Class and i don't need to tell you how great that movie looked not to mention they do all the Peter Jackson films so that's petty much tells how great these guys are. I guess i should mention that they also did James Cameron's Avatar.

    I know some people don't like Zack Snyder's but i like the guy his movies are great all but one that is. I also know that some people don't like Watchmen but for me that was one of the best comic book movies iv'e watched and now this one is maybe even going to beat watchmen for my most liked film by him. And really I know some people were maybe expecting a little more Christopher Nolan feel to it but no this is a Zack Snyder film for sure. Some of the shots that are in this movies are just really get the close up of the pencils, the close up on the butterfly on the swing those are some great shots especially the butterfly one that one was beautiful. Also another amazing thing about this film was the score it was breathtaking really some of Hans Zimmer's best work at least for me. I actually pre ordered the deluxe edition online i'm so glad I did that also thought it was better then any of the Dark Knight Trilogy scores.

  66. Aug 12, 2013
    The movie is great, performance, acting, effects, and the way they tell the story is very refreshing, of course people old or more than 30 years old and with little space in his heads cant undestand or acept that christofer reeves was great, but.... guys is other time, is a new movie, came on the effects here is extremilly more incredible that in the all movies ever made of this iconic heroe. i hate to allways see a superman who with a little crystal can be defeated, came on... inclusive in superman returns he can carrie out of earth a planet basically made of cryptonite.... how time he was expose to that and dont die... well of course all fans of batman will be not funny to se a superman who can kick ass of batman in a wisper but is the reallity of this universe. if existed. superman will be basically indestructible... and came on batman cant live for ever. and all forget basic things like supernan is not human so pls, dont thing in him like a human, because is not. Excelent job guys i know man of steel II will be a great movie and batman will be great too in this cross over. But pls!!! dont try batman like a person capable to defeat superman because all more tham imposible... and if you take lex on the bigscreen pls a lex like in smallville tv show will be great. Not an idiot like superman I, II, and others. Is a new world, we need new points of view and olders with close minds critic must be ignored. Expand
  67. Aug 15, 2013
    I'll start with the film's biggest flaw: it clearly can be split into 2 short films:

    1. A sci-fi character drama about an alien trying to fit into society while struggling to contain and control his superhuman abilities. So this is what the first 4/5 seasons of Smallville should've been. The fact that it's handled via non-chronological flashback gives it dynamism, so it never becomes
    stale or boring. We even see an awesome version of Krypton, which actually looks alien, unlike Michael Shannon's (General Zod) screaming tantrums. Also, Russell Crowe is a badass Jor-El.

    But that lasts for like 15 minutes; the real highlights are the Kents (played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane) and all the child actors whom I don't even want to kill. Good job, Warner! I know I haven't said much of Cavill up until this point, but he doesn't have much to do in this part of the movie, but when he's on screen, he's serviceable and the emphasis is more on the struggles of young/teenage Clark. We get to see the man (/boy) with godlike powers constantly get bullied and emotionally tortured by idiots, a**holes and kids, which makes us see his vulnerability and desire to distance himself from us.

    When he's an adult though he (sort of) loses his calm once.

    Also, some citizens of Smallville (sort) of know who Clark really is. That's actually a refreshing and, if you think about it, logical take on the situation. At the end of this almost masterfully put together first hour there's a strange death scene however, which is justified in the movie, but I can see people having an issue with it.

    2. Here come the problems (and not just the not ginger Jenny Alsen). This is basically an alien invasion/action movie in which Snyder lets his inner child blow s**t up, just without the slow mo.

    I'm just going to say: the action is great, made even better with the HD handheld camera perspective and the sound audio effects (along with Hans Zimmer's score of course) and the CGI is amazing. Thrown punches really do have impact and combatant characters don't look like rag dolls on ropes (I'm looking at you, X-Men Origins). Amy Adams is the best Lois Lane in a long time, Laurence Fishburne plays a great white (punpunpuuun) guy (note to Goyer: Perry NEVER says and never would've said "Now's not the time for journalistic integrity!"), Cavill is actually a perfect fit for the big blue boyscout and Shannon is (somehow) just serviceable; but the menacing Faora (played by Antje Traue) steals the show for the time she's on screen. Oh, and the Lois (at that point he didn't have the name, so let's call him) Hopeman interrogation scene was awesome.

    Not quite this awesome though.

    Now for the major (yet minor... Well, f***k you too!) flaws:

    - Superman punches Zod into Smallville when there's nothing but wide open (uninhabited) fields surrounding them. That's now very cost or human life friendly there, Clarkie. AND right after this Martha Kent remains with Faora and a Kryptonian Pain and Gain reject AND THEY DON'T KIDNAP HER; because who needs leverage against Superman?

    - Necessary (almost like racism in Transformers) military-bro eye bonding moments. Because nothing says America more than the good old (red, white Blue Steel.

    - Unnecessarily long action scene with a dubstep squid robot/ship, but I'm okay with that. Even spell check hates dubstep and so should Superman. If Skrillex is Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman, I'm giving it 10/10 right now, because yes, dubstep is humanity's biggest enemy. Right after Adam Sandler.

    - The only Kryptonian scientist has a (glorious and) heavy German accent; in case you haven't noticed that the genocidal aliens with superiority complex are space Nazis.

    - Another controversial death scene that really could have been executed, pun intended, better.

    - More people die than there are Justin Bieber fans in Kansas, yet they don't get any kind of a memorial service or ceremony and that's just cold. If the movie specified they really were Girl Wonder followers, it would be a different story.

    A final and omnipresent flaw of the movie is the lack of humor. It's unfortunate, but the character stuff evens that out. The guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders needs some light hearted moments every now and then.

    In all seriousness, as you may have noticed, most of the problems are minor and my biggest flaw (the easy separation in 2 parts) isn't even a one if you don't mind heavy, dense action. Maybe it might have been a good idea to mix punches with tears and words a little bit more often for the sake of more action-phobic movie goers. Irregardless, Snyder still does far more right than wrong and this is definitely a huge step forward for him as a director.

    So, Man of Steel soared mightily, stumbled a bit at the last few yards, but still reached the Sun without falling. It's one of my favorite movies of the year, along with Iron Man 3 (I’m guessing up until I see Elysium).
  68. Aug 20, 2013
    Although rather loosely based on the Superman story, this movie provides a fantastic kick start for a new superman. In a era of Iron Man and The Avengers for the superman story to survive it needs to adapt. I believe this movie is a step in that direction. Stunning special effects and strong performances from the leading actors makes for a must see movie.
  69. Nov 12, 2013
    Devoid of any real relation with the previous Reeve classics,but Amy Adams and Henry Cavill are an interesting couple for future films, and Michael Shannon's decent dramatic role helps with the scripts plot holes, which are more numerous than should be, and tedious pacing. I liked it, didn't love it.
  70. Aug 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I couldn't help but be disappointed. In all seriousness, the movie seemed eerily similar to the Transformers franchise. Apathy ensues as you stare at mindless action, minute-after-minute. What a shame that the producers made this movie so bland. One cannot help feel a sense of apathy when Clark Kent's father dies. Expand
  71. Aug 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. We start this re-boot of the Superman franchise respectively on Superman's home planet, Krypton. There we are told by Jor-El (Russel Crowe) that the Kyrptonians have used up their resources and that their planet won't last much longer. But their meeting is interrupted by a revolt, lead by the military General Zod (Michael Shannon). The planet is in turmoil, but during the revolution Jor-El manages to send his only son off the planet to escape the planet's doomed fate. Cut to thirty years later where we find Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) on a fishing vessel. An oil rig is on fire and he goes in to save the workers. We are told the rest of his story through a series of flashbacks as he continues on his journey to find his purpose. He was found by Martha and Jonathan Kent (Diane Lane and Kevin Costner respectively) and raised to hide his powers because his father believed the world wasn't ready for him. Clark now has to make the choice, whether he is ready for the responsibility or if he will continue to hide his true self.
    The script written by David S. Goyer (known for co-writing Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy) is very well done and the dialogue sounds very good. But the film falls with the performances, nearly all of them don't give the energy or emotion that should come out of a script like this. It's sad to see this script go to waste.
    On a visual aspect, the effects are very good for the most part but only when you can see them. The camera work in Man of Steel isn't all that great. If it's not a stationary shot then the camera is unbelievably shaky and the scenes are very hard to depict. Sadly though for being a film by director Zack Snyder, Man of Steel was rather lacking on great visuals, especially compared to his earlier films like Watchmen. Although we are left with one great moment that looks like it came straight out of a comic book and it's meaning sparked debate between my friends and myself.
    And even though I've been complaining about a lot of the aspects of the film, I did have a good time watching it. The action was very intense and the ending was absolutely stupendous. I'm really excited to see where they will go if the producers decide to make a sequel. Overall it was a joy to see and it outshines the last reboot, Superman Returns, by a long shot.
  72. Sep 1, 2013
    Over the years, the Superman movies have all had quite the sentimental hold on my heart. Of course I have had my favorites and my least favorites, beloved nonetheless, but there was always this sense of longing I felt at the end of them. When I first heard about the "Man of Steel" and it's epic, amazing, beautiful production team I absolutely knew that that wistful feeling would finally be sated. This was the take on Superman I had been waiting for since I had first seen the original. No longer confined by the limits of the technology of our time meant a vision that was unhindered by the laws of what was realistically attainable.

    Unfortunately, I knew that not everyone was going to give this movie the respect and appreciation it undoubtedly earned. Though Superman is a fictional character, he in fact receives very real factual scrutiny. I believe this is due to a number of different ill perceived reasons: As the most widely known, first and original superhero, his story has been told a great number of different times and people are easily desensitized, especially in this "golden age of superhero movies". Another reason, I believe, is that people love to tear down and criticize icons. They splash their names on them with abated acrimony, laced with obtuse accusations and fallacy just to create a controversy, all for a little attention. It's really such a shame.

    Entertainment Weekly is quoted saying, "...he's been transformed into the latest in a long line of soul-searching super-brooders." An article on says something similar stating, "The film wallows in sorrow more than soars. It lacks the fun and lightheartedness of previous (Superman) movies." Even Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun writes, "Very little joy or humor in this story. Leaves something to be wanted."

    Saying these allegations are preposterously incredulous is a severe understatement. I mean, do the critics actually try and understand the movie they are writing about? Is it not realistic that Clark would be "soul-searching" from the moment he not only found out he had not been born into his family, but also from an entirely different planet? Are you saying it isn't pragmatic for the film to lack "joyfulness and humor" when once the protagonist finally meets the handful of people from his obliterated home world he's been searching for the last 33 years, he is forced to banish them into an eternal prison dimension and beat the rest to death with his bare hands in order to protect the innocent people and his adopted home from utter destruction? Is he not allowed to "wallow in sorrow"? It's not like these are new-age ideas and story-theories in the Superman universe, the director just puts that event in a tangible, real world setting. How would you feel if you had to endure something as immeasurably agonizing as that?

    Despite some of it's extremely negligent, distasteful reviews, "Man of Steel" is the absolute greatest depiction of Superman I have ever seen. It's story telling is incredibly flawless and it moves between Clark's origin and the main theme of the movie with a graceful and fulfilling ease. From the breathtaking opening scene of the struggle on dying Krypton to the legendary, groundbreaking, afflicted battle between the Man of Steel and General Zod, it is an epic showcase of achievement. The cast is absolutely incredible and their talent is unsurpassed as every scene they will pull you in and make you feel like you are a part of the immeasurable grandeur of this awe-inspiring motion picture. I look forward to the sequel with the same tenacity and impatience that I held for this piece of history.
  73. Nov 1, 2013
    It's certainly not perfect, but Man Of Steel is a nonetheless an excellent reboot, to say the least. It completely changed my perspective of Superman (who I never had been a huge fan of) and adds many new additions to the Superman story. My only complaint is that Clark and Lois's relationship was very rushed; they start kissing after meeting each other for like only three days! I liked the beginning that showed us a glimpse of Krypton and developed Superman's backstory and origins. I liked the cast, especially Faora and General Zod.

    If you liked this review, read my other ones on a wide variety of movies and TV shows by clicking on my name and mark this review as helpful. Remember, every vote counts!
  74. Sep 9, 2013
    Finally after 3 months of its release, i am writing this review..MAN OF STEEL has become nothing but an underrated movie with low undeserving scores, true its not the best adaptation..but, one cannot simply deny the fact that it was the most successful adaptation of superman on the big screen..lots of exhilarating action..a darker tone on superman unlike the previous ones...we have to admit it..its the best we have got yet..from my side..its a green lit review for this film. Expand
  75. Sep 11, 2013
    This film could have been a great movie had they cut half of the action scenes which, by the way, were poorly directed and clumsily paced. I left the theater with a weird feeling of confusion...was it Superman or did I end up going to a Godzilla movie by mistake...
  76. Sep 16, 2013
    remember a time when having your main character make jokes wasn't something just reserved for iron man? sigh... me too

    is man of steel a good movie? yes. is it THE superman movie? no. in my opinion, the best superman movie will probably be reserved for one of those DC films that they release every year. you know, the ones that they only have on netflix and are drawn by the guys who made
    the justice league show? the one where the black green lantern was in a relationship with hawkgirl?

    getting back on track, Man of Steel is the big movie for DC this summer, and boy does it fall flat on those accusations. from the very beginning of the movie, i was instantly hooked in. the shots that they showed of planet krypton were beautiful. i loved the creativity with such an alien world and how the technology and society had a very organic metallic feel. everything was fun to watch and even more fun to see other characters interact with them. after what you all expect to happen, spoiler krypton won't be found on any maps anytime soon, the movie takes a very intelligent step by making the next 20 minutes or so all about clark being the hero that he is supposed to be. it's about him realizing that his powers are meant for good and that he has the possibility to do great. he isn't in a costume, he isn't flying across the sky, he is just a man.... of steel (i couldn't help myself)

    after that however, the movie takes a turn for the worse. once supes gets into his new suit, you'll realize that the filmmakers had a fondness for the color gray. every shot, every scene, every character has a grey color pallet. i'm sorry, but this is superman. this is a figure known globally as a figure of freedom, justice, and the american way. seeing him in this dark and gritty world is extremely out of place. is it nice to see that man of steel (hey, the don't call him superman in the movie...) doesn't have to be as dull as a gallon of cement? yes, but it makes later scenes of man of steel doing uncharacteristically dark actions even more out of place and awkward.

    in the end of the day, if you are a fan of superman (of steel), there could be worse superman films to watch (looking at you, superman returns...), but if you were really waiting for something great and original, better wait for the sequel.
  77. Dec 25, 2013
    I could care less about how many plot holes there are. Sure, after being written by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zach Snyder, I was expecting something truly amazing. Of coarse, I'm always wrong about these things. It was still good, but not by the crappy acting or the plot holes, but the action. I try to avoid looking at how well the characters are developed, and more onto how the film was directed. It was directed well. Expand
  78. Nov 13, 2013
    Man of Steel is a really good movie, it has the the best visuals ive ever seen, there where moments in the movie when my jaw dropped. Man of Steel is actually more believable than any other Superman movie ive seen. Henry Caville and Amy Adams are great as Superman and Lois Lane. This movie also has amazing music playing in the background for many of the serious or sad scenes. Man of Steel is a great movie overall, it has the best super hero fight ive ever seen and does not deserve all the negative reviews from the critics. Overall Score= 83/100 Expand
  79. Oct 13, 2013
    all around it was good with things like effects, action, dialog and so on but i fell that the back story about Clark's past was a bit rushed but at least it was not to long
  80. Oct 18, 2013
    It seems that DC has started something brand new in Zack Snyder's: Man of Steel. The movie packs a whole array of characters, suspense and action into its story. It upgrades from Superman Returns and brings a whole new array of elements to the DC Cinematic Universe; if there will be one that is.

    Man of Steel brings together a whole bunch of actors to the table and each one of them
    delivers exceptionally well. Henry Cavill as Superman nails the role perfectly, touching up on not only his physical side but his emotional side too. That's what I like to see, I'd love to see how emotional Superman, who is essentially a god, can touch up on his emotions if he has all this power.

    Amy Adams a Lois Lane and Diane Lane and Martha Kent are the leading ladies and boy do they deliver. Adams gives Lane that rough and tough feel about her that was present in comics and DC animated movies and that's what I like about her in this film. Diane Lane's the same who plays that overbearing mother who always cares for Clark/Kal/Supes throughout the whole film. The father figures in the movie are just as good too. Russel Crowe as Jor El and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent play a rather large role here as they both are great fatherly figures.

    However, the big actor in this film has to be that of Michael Shannon as General Zod. He easily stole the show when I watched it and I easily felt creeped whenever he was on the screen. He was menacing, cruel and some could argue that he was a little bit evil. One of the best parts of the film.

    However, amongst all the greatness of this movie I feel like there are some flaws that I should address. Superman is seen as the symbol of hope in the comics, animation and hell, even in the movie itself. The reason I'm saying this is because Man of Steel sometimes felt a bit too 'dark knight' for my taste. It's like Snyder and Goyer were trying to Batmanize Superman and that is a big no no. Another thing that bugged me quite a bit was that there was no break from the darkness and no humor was involved in the movie. Just a few light jokes could have easily broke up the Batman type mood that the movie was. But that's I really found wrong with it.

    Man of Steel rocks! It is a great film that really dives into what makes Superman who he is, granted there are a few mistakes here and there and one big occurrence that would split the fans down the middle but overall it's amazing. It is easily a contender for my movie of the year!

    -Amazing acting
    -Spectacular visuals
    -Superman is reborn!

    -Too dark in most stages
    -Little to no humor included
    -Scene that would divide the fans

  81. Oct 20, 2013
    Destroyed New York, ruined millions, (so much damage even mankind itself could not have caused, even starting a world war.) So how many exist olzhen world (I admit that Superman is immortal, will work tirelessly) to wreak damage, do not say more about the benefits of mankind. The film is not bad, but the story would be better.
  82. Oct 21, 2013
    After watching Man of Steel the first time I had mixed feelings, its was an amazing new take. Especially compared to the previous films. The was so much action going on throughout the film.
    But after watching it for the second time i really appreciate this movie in all its own glory. The time was ripe for the new take on the franchise, and Zack did it great, from the actors to the abrupt
    ending which only show how much the superman character cares about all life in general! Great Movie the more you watch it and can't wait for the sequel! Expand
  83. Oct 24, 2013
    Finally a Superman movie the way it's supposed to be. Sure I had some minor problems with it (Lois' character ends up becoming a sidekick, some continuity issues), but overall, the directors do a great job of showing why he is the 'Man' of Steel. There's moments of genuine tension because one actually doesn't know if Superman is going to be able to save the day. "How is he going to do it?" is a valid question in this film, unlike Brian Singer's 2006 martyr depicting disaster in which it was just assumed that Superman somehow wins (aside from the incredibly stupid plot). Focusing on the origin story also gives us insight into the superhero abilities of the character and the limits of his power; not the god like omnipotent Superman that critics love, but a superhero with abilities and powers that have weaknesses (otherwise Green Lantern would never be a match for Superman). This is a movie that will delight fans of the superhero and the comics, not over intellectualizing critics who love the 'idea' of Superman and what he represents. As for the action a nicely nefarious and destructive earth-destroying plot by the bad guys, fleshed out with some great graphics and art work. Good fight scenes that see Supe getting variously pummelled and also doling out some beatings. Again, that doesn't seem to appeal to the critics who slammed the film for 'too much action'. Dude, this is Superman; if you want character development, watch Pride and Prejudice. Ironically, the critics miss their own portentous pretentiousness when they at once claim the film is too sombre (I think it has an appropriately dark mood) and then ask why the characters and love story aren't the focus. Superman; action-film; ass kicking; excellent. They also seem to miss that Nolan and Snyder manage to masterfully highlight how being a child of two worlds is the central dichotomy of Superman's character and how it hurts him to be alone. It’s not a maudlin love for Lois Lane that’s tearing him apart, it’s the loss of his parents, his planet, his past, his people. He is evolutionarily superior to humans, but chooses to protect them out of love. That is the essence of the character, an idea that previous films have touched upon but never delved into, including the classic, but campy, 70's films. A lot of criticism focused on how the duality of Clark Superman is missing, while missing this obvious duality between the human and the alien that is actually what Superman is about. More to the point, comparisons to the previous ‘Nice-guy’ Superman of yore and the whole idea that the character has lost his ‘innocence’ are almost nauseating; the whole reason Superman is amazing is because he’s a bad-ass, not because he’s a nice guy. In the 70’s it was possible to be a nice guy, witty bad ass, like Chris Reeve, but that kind of humour is completely passé today. The film does have genuine moments of comedy, but they are situational and not forced or driven by an innate image of the character. This Superman is a genuine bad-ass, quite unlike Brendan Routh. Comparisons to The Avengers also miss the point; The Avengers’ quirky humour is a part of the Marvel universe; DC comics have always had a darker, more serious, tone to them that the producers put across well in this film. All in all, a film that critics are sure to hate but that audiences are sure to love. Expand
  84. Oct 27, 2013
    the best superman movie i've ever seen.....the origin of superman is so boldly represented at this movie which really is awesome. i like the appearance of superman very much. specially the costume is extraordinary than any other superman movies or series es. the actions were amazing. it sets superman as a real hero in each and every mind i think.......
  85. Nov 3, 2013
    Simply the best movie of the year, Man of Steel, based on the story that counts, unique special effects, great actors, great director, could only leave a great movie too, thought of every detail so that pleased everyone, with a beginning adventurer takes shape throughout the film breakneck action, battles worthy of a Superman story is consecrated with the flashbacks, Clark's parents, the planet Krypton, General. Eagerly looking forward to the sequel promises much more to come and the Justice League. Expand
  86. Feb 27, 2014
    Movie Is Not That Great But Its Good !!! ** Man Of Steel ** Positive : * This movie brings out the origin stories of the most iconic character of all the time " Super Man " .The movie display life of superman as he survives with so much hardship among the people he is living with . Since he is different from others he must try to hide himself until the time arrives and finally becoming a hero and savior when trouble arrives that will put lives in danger .The Story Arc that surrounds super man is complete dark theme you can say this by simply watching the movie during screen play its done perfectly .

    * This Movie has a cast of good actors and they have done great job of acting . Henry Cavill has done a good job of portraying super man in this movie but there are also other actors who were perfect in their respective roles such as Amy Adams as Lois Lane , Michael Shannon as General Zod and Russell Crowe as Jor-El etc .. This Movie has advantage of having good actors which they performed excellent in terms of acting .

    * The Hans Zimmer once again did a great job of composing back ground theme for this movie its very fantastic !! he is simply great !! .

    * The Director of this movie is Zack Snyder did a marvelous job of bringing super man in big screen by giving all the excitement and fire works but not only that this movie quite dramatic it clearly sparkles with all advantages its has gathered .

    * The Visual Effect did a perfect job in this movie during screen play we can even see how well this film utilized visual effects to its core and its beautiful to watch and enjoy .

    Negative :

    * The Story has multiple amount of errors or holes .The story for this movie should have been simple but they tried make it look very complex by adding more special features yet it didn't work out instead it made so much errors or plot holes !! .

    * The entire movie is very much predictable its destroys the surprise and mystery !!. You can even predict the outcome of the certain screen play when you are watching this movie which is a huge let down !! .

    * The Action Sequence in this movie is very hard to observe . The fighting scene in this movie like when a video is fast forwarded the scenes skips so fast like that !! its happens so fast its gets even difficult to watch a certain fight scene .

    * The Chemistry between super man and lois lane is so overly pushed their chemistry did not worked out during screen play .

    * The Movie is secretly agrees that is an updated version Superman(1978) and Superman 2(1980) since it has more visual effect and fireworks than these previous movies .

    Overall Result :

    * This movie worst for some people and huge entertainer for others i say its mixture of both !!!

    Man Of Steel :*****

    (5/10) Stars
  87. Dec 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was the best Superman movie I have ever watched. Snyder has given us a 2hr 15 min film filled with action, sentiment and most importantly grounding Superman in our 2013 world.

    The film starts off with Jor El, magnificently played by Russel Crowe, trying his best to send his son away from dying Krypton. He encounter general Zod whom would do anything to safeguard his people. A fist fight follows up and Crowe successfully sends Superman to earth. This whole sequence was shot with great spectacle by Snyder. The action when Crowe rides on the dragon and when he fights with Zod were shot fantastically. Hans's music stands out big time during these sequences as he follows a theme in the entire movie. I will come back to this later.

    After Superman is grounded in our world, we see him wandering around just like everyone else and meanwhile David S Goyer gives us an interlinked childhood life of Superman in his screenplay. He simultaneously shows us superman's childhood problems while still holding on to Superman's present stature. Screenplay wise, a great job by Goyer. Even the scene where a lorry driver pissing superman off in a bar he is working in shows us how bad humans can get as compared to superman. This makes us think are we worth it. Kudos to Christopher Nolan for this story. Then comes one of the most emotional scenes in the film where young superman asks his dad whether he can still pretend to be his son. And Costner says that 'you are my son', hugging him. Nolans scripts are always emotionally good with various shades of love and relationshps. The dad-son relationship between them was penned with perfection and the main reason for this is when Nolan writes off Costner. Costner dies in a tornado, beleiving that the world was not ready for superman to reveal himself. Cavil's acting in this particular scene deserves mention. This guy has talent.

    Fast forward and we see an action set piece in the middle of the road. Snyder has used fast action visuals to showcase superman's powers differently as the action is now much faster and quicker. Planes get blowed up,choppers get blatsed, glass shatters in every frame and explosions are vast in this sequence. The visual effects are top notch here as well.

    Now, moving on to the climax of the film which occupies nearly the last half an hour of the film. Superman has to stop a machine that's turning earth into krypton by general zod. He has to create a black hole so that zod and his team will get sucked in. Here is where Han's background score scores highly. His heavy drums together with the theme of the film gels well. I particularly loved the scene where superman rushes to save lois from free falling while zod's team get sucked into the black hole behind him. His acting in this sequence is very good.

    Even after all of theses ends, Nolan's touch of sentiment comes into play in the last 5 mins of the film. After crashing into a church after crazy fist fighting with superman, zod tries to kill a family with his laser eyes. Here, Zimmer's background score of just the piano works wonders as superman asks him to stop, only for Zod to say never. Cavil has huge talent and he cries in this scene so well that a tear drop fell from my eye in the theatre. Very rarely does someone cry in a superhero film, but Nolan shows us his quality of writing.

    So, in the end, this is definitely a 5-star rating from me. A must watch for me and you wont be disappointed.
  88. Nov 10, 2013
    The Superman comic book fans have been waiting for! First movie to truly depict his power in real world terms as close as visualized in its source material. This movie is not for the faint of heart or children, it has plenty of powerful action and violence, but it reflects what the amount of destruction comics have often in the comics (e.g., read: *Death of Superman* comic book arc) and necessary to give a sense of what a Kryptonian invasion could look like, if these characters were real.

    The story itself is unoriginal as origin stories go, but Superman has always been unoriginal since his conception. If you can stomach violent scenes, this movie is A Must See!
  89. Apr 3, 2014
    Lots of controversy over this film. In the end I did really enjoy it though. Sure, it wasn't as spectacular as The Dark Knight, but it had moments that were getting there. The CGI in this movie in phenomenal as well. I would recommend this movie to others, but please, don't compare it to Nolan's films.
  90. Dec 14, 2013
    A subpar reboot of an amazing film franchise. The effects and acting are quite good however the story is too complex and Superman is not a sympathetic character.
  91. Aug 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A good film, but sometimes i feel like if the screenplay was incoherent. however this fail is fixed thanks to the destructive scenes, the plot by Mr nolan, the music by mr zimmer and the most intense scenes of the film. I wish the sequels improve on the flaws in this movie. Expand
  92. Nov 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've always hated Superman, and didn't want to watch this. Don't listen to the haters on this one. It's fantastic. Easily in the top 3 comic book movies. The makers took all the lame, corny stuff out of Superman, and made him believable, humanly emotional, and gave him moral decisions to make. People need to realize that sometime in war people die, and the bad guy needs to be stopped no matter what. Expand
  93. Dec 27, 2013
    First of all I agree with critiqs, Secondly i refoosed to watch lis but my husband and wif bot me it 4 chrissmas. lis movie is new. whiich we all know means it's bad becoz lis genreation suks. in the steel boy there is a boy baby lat shoots into earth on rockit ship, len Peter Parker is at a farm len his unclile ben dies in tornado. len Loki coms up in new york and try blow up erth len he kills loki len he lovs Jean Grey and kiss her len a army gurl says he hot. movee ovur it new which mean it bad coz lis generateiotn sux coz i miss youth WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Say helpfool coz vry sarcasteec revyew. Expand
  94. Dec 2, 2013
    Let me first say this, if there's an action hero that I always disliked it was Superman. Superman stories were always a giant mess of gigantic nonsense and plot holes bigger than Yellowstone National Park. This movie manages to bring a superman that fits and while the movie isn't perfect at all, its a very good movie, I enjoyed it for the most part. Characters 6 They tried to get out of the 60's, 70's cliches, but its hard, the workarounds to get the characters into a more XXI's century culture didn't work in my opinion.

    Plot 6
    Maybe too much in one movie, maybe I'm wrong, but it just felt too much, still the plot is nice, doesn't have big holes in it, which for a superman movie is big achievement, things happens always at the right time for everyone that matters to be saved which in my opinion is what makes the plot a little weak, considering that the movie seems to attempt to bring "realism" into the story, it fails miserably, if you want to redefine superman into the new age, then don't be afraid of doing only half.
    SPOILER(stop this nonsense that only the grunts, the bad guys and some random civilians no one cares about will die.)

    Action 9
    Almost flawless, it achieves exactly what I think they wanted, the action sequences are brutal and well made, something that you can watch many times and not get tired of seeing them.

    Drama 8
    You know, its all about the search for humanity and so on, I think it has a little too much unnecessary drama, but its well made, you watch it without rolling your eyes, so its nice.

    Acting 7
    I'm not a good judge of this, but it didn't felt very good.

    Special Effects 10
    Simply put, extremely detailed perfection.

    Cinematography 8
    Its nice, its one of those movies where you don't really notice it, meaning it suits the movie well, but also means it wasn't extraordinary.

    Soundtrack and Sound Effects 7
    Just like Cinematography, nothing stands out, but there's some sound effects that stand out for the negative, its like they just placed them there because they sound very "cool", that is bad but not that bad since they were indeed, cool.

    This isn't a movie that I will watch again, probably ever, but, the action sequences where special effects excel, those I can watch over and over again, a good movie to see if you are in the mood for it, if you are not, then you won't like it very much.
  95. Nov 29, 2013
    Film so epic, awesome and spectacular, very good history, action script, all in general. It's a movie hated by many fans of films like Avengers or Iron Man 3 is envy because they have to Avengers has not even those battles.
  96. Dec 4, 2013
    That this is a great movie, it's epic, it's huge, a great story, great script. I found it very dynamic, flawless and is very good overall. I do not understand people who criticized simply are Marvelistas resentful.
  97. Dec 4, 2013
    I love this adaptation, is spectacular, the origin of clark seemed great, it's a good start. It has stunning fights, stunning battles. It is an epic masterpiece.
  98. Dec 8, 2013
    Excellent movie, well done, Zack Snyder does a great job. Hand Nolan and Goyer of emotional moments that was noticeable, and I hope the sequel with a lot of spirit.
  99. Dec 8, 2013
    Epic in scale but tight in focus, this is city-breaking action with a close eye on character and a great set-up for an exciting new franchise. Full review later.
  100. Dec 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A compelling gritty story and a different take on The Man Of Steel we've not seen on film before but closer to the comic book incarnation. You have to accept change and a different Superman to what you've seen in previous movies to like Man Of Steel a lot of critics have disliked this but gave Superman Return's a good review why i don't know because Man Of Steel cast wise, story and character interpretation and the new take of this character is so much more compelling, touching and action orientated. It's the Superman story and the musical score is brilliant not one minute of the movie do you think of the original score. I was amazed, you can't please all of the people. you get three set's of fan's the hardcore DC fan's who will understand this take and like and love the movie. The cinema goers who love Superhero movie's and will like this because they want to be entertained and come out and be wowed then the fan's who are picky, go to a cinema to be negative, go to a cinema to come out and say that was horrible i liked Superman return's even though a week they hated Superman Return's. Who ever hasn't seen Man Of Steel then ask the first & second category of movie goers. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 47
  2. Negative: 3 out of 47
  1. Reviewed by: Glen Weldon
    Jun 14, 2013
    What it fails to supply much of — surprisingly, it must be said — is fun. This is serious business, Snyder seems always to be saying. This is badass. And given the sheer logistical size of the spectacle on display, it's a position that's hard to argue with.
  2. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    Jun 14, 2013
    The most striking and curious aspect of Man of Steel is the way it minimizes and even shuts out women.
  3. Reviewed by: Lawrence Toppman
    Jun 13, 2013
    David Goyer, who wrote the script for Man of Steel from a story he concocted with Christopher Nolan, found a new way to make us care: The title character is disturbed by everything in his adopted home.