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  1. Jun 16, 2013
    And yet again, Superman franchise is reborn! The best thing about this movie is Henry Cavill, fits his role perfectly, actually all actors did amazing job! Main plot is good, but the story progression isn't. Action part is probably the best this year so far. It's a ok start for Superman saga, even though it's not flawless!
  2. Jun 16, 2013
    I've loved the movie. It's a nice well dine reboot of superman with many details improved from previous versions. I liked it more than many of the Avenger's films (teamed or solo) even more than Spider-Man.
    It lacks the twists of Dark Knight but still effective entertainment.
    Some times the special effects are way too cluttered near the end but let's salute the quality of them.
  3. Jun 16, 2013
    This movie was truly fantastic. The common grievances regarding too many stories packed into one film are legitimate which is what holds this review back. But truth be told, the movie was a fantastic re-imagining of the series. The DC universe is being made darker and people should be prepared for that going into the movie. If you, like many critics, are going in expecting charming "save my cat, mister" or Christopher Reeve-era Superman then you are looking for a different movie and should readjust your expectations. This is an impressive film that explores a truly "human" alien and his evolution into a new version of the shining light we all know and love. It's a new Superman for a new age. Bring on the sequel, Snyder and Goyer! Expand
  4. Jun 16, 2013
    Good, but not perfect. A decent Superman movie at the very least, but i've seen better superHERO movies. If I could give you one tip? Don't expect too much from Lois Lane. She's basically there to be stared at.
  5. Jun 16, 2013
    As a lifelong fan of Superman I had been waiting for a movie which captured the character I saw in my head when reading a Superman comic. The Donner films were great, don't get me wrong, but that was silver age Superman. Where was the post-crisis, Byrne Superman. Thanks to Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill and company I now have my Superman. The cast was spot on in their interpretation and despite what some "professional" critics claim the character development was was engaging. I absolutely can't wait to see where the story goes from here. Congratulations to all involved, to you I tip my hat and offer a very gracious Thank You. Expand
  6. Jun 16, 2013
    The movie is great! I felt like I'd seen quite a bit going into the theatre and, I was correct! From watching all the trailers you get the sense that you see alot before going to the big screen but, believe me, the movie was worth it! Great action, awesome soundtrack, and the acting is right on par from each character. For some reason though, there were another of characters from Battle Star Galactica... LOL! Anyway, go see it! Expand
  7. Jun 16, 2013
    I walked into this movie with high hopes provided I love a good movie. Being produced by Christopher Nolan and a huge fan of generally speaking all of his work, I really expected alot from this movie. I came in expecting a movie that really dwelved deep into superman's character, but unfortunately none of my hopes manifested themselves. It ended up being a movie where the important character development was explained in its entirety in promotional trailer of the movie. Another problem I had coming into this was my expectations for a modern superhero movie with semi-interesting plot and some character development, but instead felt as though I was left with 300:Superman Edition. The first 40 minutes kept throwing new information at me that I hoped would go somewhere. Hope that it would become something more, but those hopes quickly died. after the first 40 minutes the movie turns into that epic battle scene that lasts 2 hours too long. Beyond that, the story was faced with many plot holes, a superman that fails to be connected with, an a love interest that feels forced and rather stale. If you go to a movie simply to see a plethora of CGI, by all means, this is the movie for you, but if you are looking for a movie with any level of development your money would be better spent purchasing rope and an afternoon in your garage. Expand
  8. Jun 16, 2013
    Superman? More like superboy. An after spending the first 20 min establishing an irrelevant relationship with his father and nemesis, an early scene shows what this version is really made of. Our hero is confronted by an ignorant truck driver and humiliated. Superboy's solution is to walk away without saying a word. Very shortly we find out that he walked out and committed an obviously adolescent act by destroying the truck of the driver. The rest of the movie is built around justifications for superman behaving like a boy while all the women and men in uniform treat him like the second coming of christ. At one point he is even juxtaposed with the image of jesus as if the messiah message was to subtle. Visually satisfying at some moments is the best i can say about this movie. Wait for netflix. Expand
  9. Jun 16, 2013
    P.s do not trust the critics review here it is complete bull. Obviously the user reviews here are far more reliable than the critics. It doesn't matter what the critics think, it matters more what the people thinks. Again this movie is amazing, do not let a couple of bad user reviews and critics review stop from watching man of steel.
  10. Jun 16, 2013
    Something tells me that many of the high scores and posts are from some PR firm hired by Warner Bros., because this movie was a train wreck. Anybody with a modicum of taste in a well scripted, paced and directed film would agree. Attempting to bring a Batman-like seriousness to Man of Steel was an EPIC FAILURE! "Batman" had a well executed story! True, it's my opinion...although my teenage boys didn't even like it! That's pretty telling. It's not an awful movie, it just seems to be two distinctly different movies in one. One part, life of a young boy dealing with being different while being raised in a small town (which, was not bad story telling in this film), and the other part, this over the top Michael Bay "Transformers" battle to the death, chock full of extraneous dialogue. Cavill is a "good looking" Superman for the eye candy crowd, in fact in the movie a character of a female cop sheepishly admits to this. However, this Superman is not a lot of fun, in fact he's pretty bland. Perhaps this Clark Kent should spend some time hanging out with "Iron Man" Tony Stark for a lesson in loosening up a bit. Expand
  11. Jun 16, 2013
    Don't listen to the critics, Man of Steel is an epic Superhero MASTERPIECE !!!

    Best comic book movie of ALL TIME, I loved this movie.

    10/10 need JLA
  12. Jun 16, 2013
    I feel this movie was lacking in heart and wholesomeness, something that I would have expected to find in a Superman origin story. This movie also failed to properly immerse me into, or even introduce me to, the world of Superman... and by "world" I mean Metropolis and Smallville. However, neither of these are my primary complaint. For a first installment of a franchise, this movie went overboard on its plot and action. My main complaint is that they needed to start on a smaller scale and give the sequels room to up the ante. Expand
  13. Jun 16, 2013
    Man of Steel=The GREATEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE EVER!!! Best Movie this Year Overall. I was waiting for something like this for so many years and finally we have it!
  14. Jun 16, 2013
    While mainstream critics are correct in saying the much of the movie is a action spectacle, I believe most of the general audience already had a solid footing on who Superman is and his origin. Warner Bros. picked up from where the whole idea of Superman has always left off. They gave Superman something to fight for but didn't take an hour to set it all up and it worked.
  15. Jun 16, 2013
    Thus was a great movie the performances were good there were very good fight scenes. I have given the movie a 9 because i think that the movie went on a little long and the use of 3D was not that great but apart from that great movie one of the best of this year
  16. Jun 16, 2013
    Man of Steel is a great summer movie that makes up for all the action and spectacle not seen in Superman Returns. All of the characters are great and performances. The action is a lot of fun and Snyder's visuals are of coarse stunning. Hans Zimmer's score is PHENOMENAL! Man of Steel has a little choppy editing but nonetheless is still a great Superman film. Man of Steel: A-
  17. Jun 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. MoS es una película donde se ve claramente el estilo ya marcado de David.S.goyer con el inicio justificando las motivaciones de Superman y esos falsos clímax. La única actuación que no me convenció fue la madre alienigena que al ver a su esposo muerto, tardo en reaccionar. No le doy 10 por problemas con el montaje, el inicio es confuso, y esos saltos entre presente y pasado hace que la historia no la termina de asimilar, he incluso la transición entre escenas es inmediata perdiéndome por no saber cuanto tiempo ha pasado Con respecto a Louis Lane, es un personaje creíble, intrépida como son los periodistas y con una excelente personificación por parte de Amy Adams, pero en el guion por tratar de ponerla como protagonista queda en situaciones forzadas, ella es humana, no puede estar en todas partes. Como por ejemplo cuando la gente de Zod se la lleva al espacio sin justificación y cuando en la pelea final, luego de Superman y Zod pelear por toda la ciudad, alejándose por km de donde empezaron, Louis llega a los minutos al sitio. El hecho de planificar la película como un unitario fue lo que hizo que fuera extensa tratando de abarcar toda la historia, por lo que fácilmente se puede dividir la película en dos, una donde muestra a Jor-El luchando por sacar a su hijo de Krypton y la infancia de Kal-El y la otra donde por fin vemos que Zod amenaza a la tierra. El papel de Crowe que pensábamos que seria olvidado luego de su muerte tiene una importancia incluso mayor que las que tuvieron los padres adoptivos. Shannon hace de villano espectacularmente, sera todo un reto conseguir un villano más fuerte que él para la 2da entrega. Los padres adoptivos de Clark- Kent entre salto y salto en el montaje hace que se pierda su objetivo que es ser la parte nostálgica y reflexiva de la película. Cavill como Superman mostró un gran carisma que Routh no pudo lograr en Superma Return. La maldición de Superman se ha roto! Creo que puliendo estos detalles( un montaje más ordenado, Lane en situaciones propias a sus limitaciones como humana, consiguiendo un villano cruel) la segunda parte será igual o mejor que The Dark Knight Expand
  18. Jun 16, 2013
    This movie isnt perfect but it definitely is a good start for where they want to head with this. I am happy to say that it is in the right direction.

    The ACTING was superb by everyone, just the actors on Krypton had be engaged. I like how they world builded Krypton instead of it being a boring white planet like the past movies...

    The ACTION was great but I dont understand the hate
    for the too much when it was Zod vs Superman; I'm sorry but if you have two or more Kryptonians fight, the environment around them id bound to get immensely destroyed.

    The STORY was a great origin story, but I can understand some people not on board with the whole flashback way but for me it workds. The way it was intertwined with present events worked well imo.

    My only complaint will have to be some of the pacing, it wasnt awful but it could be improved, there were just some parts when you are waiting for things to happen but it wasnt that bad. The pacing was just fine.

    I think the critics are wrong for comparing this to Donner bc
    1) Its a reboot,
    2)Donner didnt make Superman.
    You should definitely walk in with an open mind forgetting Donner and instead expect a movie that goes by the comics instead of the Donner films for once.
  19. Jun 16, 2013
    Having seen the poor scores posted by the critics here on Metacritic I honestly thought this was going to be a really poor and lackluster affair. Fortunately, for me at least, this was not the case. I loved the references to Batman, Lex Luthor and to a much lesser extent Aquaman. All in all I thought it was a fantastic film.

    I'd advise people not to judge this film by the score the
    critics have given it. Man of Steel, at the time of writing this review is sitting at 55 while Fast and Furious 6 is sitting at 61. Having seen both "Man of Steel" and "Fast and Furious 6" I find this strange to say the least. It's most definitely the last time I trust a "critic" to judge a film for me. Expand
  20. Jun 16, 2013
    This is by far the best Superman movie. And one of the best superhero films. It's not perfect; there are some plot holes, the fight scenes are a little long and it's put together a little choppy. None the less; the casting is fantastic, the music is top notch, the story is compelling and the action is intense. I left the theatre with tears of joy and an excitement for the future of Superman films.
  21. Jun 16, 2013
    Great movie, and great origin story. the movie didn't feel like 2.5 hours long. the pacing was great, and I loved Henry Cavill as Superman. This movie had everything, good story telling, serious tone and hints of humor.
  22. Jun 16, 2013
    Extreme disappointment to say the least. After a rocking Iron Man 3, Amazing Spiderman and Avengers, this is the exact opposite. Pathetic direction by Zack Snyder the film lacks soul and actors mouth dialogues for the sake of saying it, without any emotional connect. Dialogues are ridiculous and childish, and the action/special effects is quite boring/repetitive actually. Nothing earth-breaking or new for those of us who have seen Avengers, Spiderman or Iron Man. Screenplay is very haphazard, going to and fro between flashbacks and present day without clarity. Some scenes appear out of nowhere. Most disappointing is the climax...after lots of punching and destroying buildings, Superman kills the villian by twisting his head!! Couldn't he have done it the minute he met this guy? The Superman series is clearly not in safe hands. Someone like David Fincher could breath fresh life into it. Please hire him for the next. Expand
  23. Jun 16, 2013
    The fans have spoken. This is how to make a superman movie. This is how u showcase his superpowers, his awesome strength and abilities. By giving u scenes you havent seen in any superhero movie yet. By making you pick up your jaw from the floor by the movies end. Maybe character isnt really supermans strong point unlike batman but it never really was even in the comics. Superman is all about taking things to a whole superhuman level and this film delivers in spades. Expand
  24. Jun 16, 2013
    To first put my perspective of Superman in check would be to inform you of what I've seen before. There are of course the first two Christopher Reeve movies (I skipped out on III and IV simply because I've heard nothing but terrible things) from which I moved onto Bryan Singer's 2006 Superman Returns. I enjoyed the romanticism and meditation of that film despite it now being panned by pretty much any fan boy you talk to. I've never seen an episode of "Smallville" and sans for a couple of animated features my knowledge of the DC mainstay is somewhat limited. Thus it was with great anticipation that I looked forward to a new vision, a re-booted film interpretation in line with Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy that has defined the space that films based on DC comics characters will occupy in this Marvel world. Personally, and as much as I enjoy the Marvel movies, I was more intrigued and engaged by the bleak and more serious moods that hung over the Nolan films as they were appropriate to the central characters tone. Though I was slightly concerned with this same tone not applying to the guy commonly referred to as the ultimate boy scout it seems that persona was not always true and director Zack Snyder along with Nolan as a producer and David Goyer (who also penned the screenplay for Batman Begins) have adapted the Superman story to not only exist in a similar universe with Nolan's Batman films, but within his own, more realistic world that doesn't simply pit the classic superhero against a bad guy in order to champion truth, justice and the American way. What they have done here and what makes me appreciate the film all the more is that while keeping in step with the kind of movies Nolan has made DC could attempt a Justice League movie in the future with this as a good place to start, but it also doesn't limit itself to that same completely realistic world of what we know because Superman is an alien and with that they ask the question of what would happen in a real world setting if Superman were to show up. It is that basic set-up that guides the film throughout and, despite a few flaws, had me gushing with excitement for what may come next.

    read the whole review at
  25. Jun 16, 2013
    My youngest son fell asleep before the end. After Avengers he told me it was the bes t movie ever My oldest one told me that if they were not blowing up a building every few seconds at the end he would have probably fell asleep too. Why not let the material speak for itself used bad guys that were never on the big screen before and DC might get a shot at this. Those movies are sci-fi stories they are human stories. Warner should be hand off and create a DC movie division and let them do what they do with their cartoon movie. Is it that hard Marvel has given them the formula and they can't get it right Expand
  26. Jun 16, 2013
    Man of Steel is finally here and what can I say… it was as entertaining as it was disappointing. In this film Clarke Kent seeks answers about t his home world, Krypton, and tries to grapple with his responsibilities here on Earth. Of-course, while all this is going on, the evil (and programmed) General Zod threatens Earth’s very existence. The first part of the film is filled with some excellent Clarke Kent and Krypton back stories that were elevated by the performances of Kevin Costner (Jonathon Kent) and Russell Crowe (Jor-El); the two father’s of this film. I must give Henry Cavill a hand for maintaining the win streak of fantastic Superman performances. While Christopher Reeve captured the charm of Superman and Brandon Routh did a slightly brooding interpretation, Cavill excelled at capturing the physicality of the Man of Steel. With all these high marks remaining constant; the beautiful introduction gave way to bloated, explosive action sequences. The action was unhinged and needed some serious taming, because it didn’t afford the filmmakers anytime to develop our other characters or elevate the plot. And the story itself, as effective as it may be, didn’t really cover any new ground. This Zack Snyder is a director who can always create a nice looking film, the world of Krypton in particularly is brought beautifully to the screen. He’s also always able to focus on those minute visual details like those frame-for-frame shots from Watchmen and 300 that were taken straight from the comic book. In this case I-Hop restaurants and other familiar settings litter the background of every scene to make the audience aware of the ‘real world’ setting in which this movie takes place. These are all nice splashes, but ultimately he is never able to look at the big picture: Story, Plot and Character! These are the things that truly determine the strength of a film, everything else is secondary. It’s unfortunate that the action and aesthetics took precedence, but this was decent summer entertainment that should be seen on the big screen. Expand
  27. Jun 16, 2013
    Crappy screenplay overblown piece of junk. Highly disappointed. Could have been so much better. Superman looks like wonder women with short hair. A disaster to DC and anyone who was apart of this movie
  28. Jun 16, 2013
    It's a shame people are so eager to hate in today's society. This move was a great retelling of a classic hero. Period. Haters keep on hating. I think some critics would simply prefer all movies be reality based romantic dramas, sorry for your lack of imagination.
  29. Jun 16, 2013
    In a time when Comic-book characters showing their prime in celluloid, Superman, I believe, is bit outdated; out of the league. One of the first superhero of this genre, Superman gradually became an American icon and a symbol of hope and courage. But in recent times nobody really seemed to care about Superman a man in shining blue-red suit. Young generation now hardly relate with Superman when they have more realistic gadget oriented Batman or Iron man. This was the most important part for Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer How to present Superman in current time? Okay, lets show him not as a Superman rather show him as an outcast, struggling between two worlds. An alien who still searches his roots. There Snyder, Nolan and Goyer wins the race.

    Richard Donner showed the world that we're going to believe a man can fly. But for what price? Donner made a Superman which is still now a confusing piece of work as far Superman is concerned. He never tried to show struggles of Superman; he just went with the flow and tried hard to give goosebumps to audience showing some 'there he is' type moments. That is why in 1978 Superman was a hit and in modern times it mostly criticised by modern audiences.

    Nolan knew one thing "we cannot afford to show the same origin story again and again'. So with Snyder and Goyer he comes up with a brilliant idea. Snyder shows that this is Kal-El and he's no Superman. He has powers but he cannot show them. This is hard time, Govt. officials are looking for alien specimens, so showing off powers and then moving on as Clark Kent sounds extremely stupid. They made Kal-El more human material, more grounded. His powers are not a matter of pride, those are his biggest problems of his life. Man of Steel is a story about an alien who lives among the humans and struggles with his powers.

    Man of Steel just showed what can happen when alien powers collide. Ripping off White House's head is not what they do. Complete destruction is what happens. The fight between Kal-El and Faora & her partner showed that this is what Donner was missing out. Extreme level action. Who cares about the surroundings? Donner did!

    Everything made absolute sense. Why Zod, why Kal, why Krypton exploded i mean everything. No half chances in this movie. Henry Cavill is the most suitable Superman I have ever seen. He is 1000 times better than any Superman be it Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh (that's not Superman), George Reeve, etc. Cavill is the best. He has that expression of agony being an outcast alien. Others were just happy to be a Superman! Duh!

    Overall this is the best rendition of Superman in big screen. Go for it!
  30. Jun 16, 2013
    I was disappointed by Superman movies expect the first one. He was always a whimp in those movies He never had a great fight scene. He was not badass as he should have. Those dreams have come true. This is the ultimate Superman movie. It is epic. the cast is great. the effects are amazing. Everything falls into place. Paceing is not very good, and maybe there are lot of stuff going on but you see epic moments. There is a couple of problems. First it needed to be longer in order to have General Zod in it because it to good of a enemy to be used in the first film. He needed to be included in the second film when Superman is already known and is the guardian on Earth. But this is not the reason to not see the movie. I loved it and I think it i the best Superman movie ever. Expand
  31. Jun 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have never been a big fan of Superman. I even would go so far as to say he is my least favorite superhero. Is it being heroic to risk nothing to save an ant? Not quite. And to superman we would all be ants. So any movie about him has traditionally played up his two weaknesses most of the time. This movie does a good job of not making Lois Lane a weakness at all. As to the krypton stuff. There were no glowing green rocks in this one although that got substituted for a "foreign atmosphere" thing which, in a way, is more believable.
    The villain general Zod is both logical and convincing. His "evil" plot is not overly complex and is rational at all times. So even if the actor brought nothing extra to the role it would be "good enough" in the villain department. Certainly a lot better than some previous films that don't deserve mention.
    The bulk of the film is a smash fest with Superman and general Zod's army of 5 or 6 loyal henchmen duking it out. Quite often while they are being shot at by people from the army who don't realize after the first clip how ineffective bullets are. People who came to watch destruction are sure to get their fill.
    I also have to give top marks to the scenes at the beginning with Krypton. They do a good job making the world alien but still familiar. The technology and politics are top notch sci fi and not some cheesy throw away as they have been previously.
    With regards to supporting cast Kevin Costner does a good job playing Superman's "dad." He almost gives more to the roll than Russel Crowe puts into his surprisingly large roll as Jor-El. Both of them are a credit to the film. Laurence Fishburne is also a surprising face playing Lois's boss (name?) though he is little more than a bit player in the film he adds warmth to it. Him and Costner are the only two to do so.
    That would be my main criticism of the film. It's cut together OK. Shot a bit stylistically, but visually quite good CG'd up the wazoo. Top marks to the 600+ artists who worked full time on that. But in the end all the flashbacks add sadness and darkness for the most part and are not the inspirational warmth they are intended to be.
    It may be the impossible, a "good" superman movie. But it isn't great and I have a hard time imagining it spawning any sequels. Although I wouldn't mind seeing a prequel starring Russel Crowe.
  32. Jun 16, 2013
    Man of Steel is an excellent movie. I enjoyed the movie the entire time and loved every second of it. The story was great, the action was awesome, and the cast was superb. Do not listen to any of these idiotic critics who gave this film a negative score. It does not deserve any of the negativity that its been getting for whatever unbelievable reason. Just do yourself a favor and watch this film, you will not regret it. Expand
  33. Jun 16, 2013
    Mature, intelligent, and polished. The planet Krypton chapter was so interesting I could of watched a whole 2 hour movie just in that world. Many familiar faces make a show and it works. Fight scenes are quick and exciting. Certainly worth a franchise reborn.
  34. Jun 16, 2013
    This is the worst movie I have seen in years. It is over the top noise and blowing up stuff. It was grey and noisy at best and the dialog was almost pathetic. It was chopped up, badly edited, horribly written. I can not understand all the good reviews written for this film. It has been years since I walked out on a movie, but I walked out on this one. I could not stand the over the top battle scenes one second longer. Way too dragged out. Horrible movie! Absolutely horrible. Expand
  35. Jun 16, 2013
    I was quite sceptical because of the previous Superman movies, which were mostly flops. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the plot, the intense action, and the character development in the movie. The Man of Steel did feel like he had that 'superhuman' factor, and the way little snippets of his past are revealed to us made him feel much more complicated, and we are able to empathize with him. I also liked how General Zod came across almost as half a good person, because his motivations behind his actions were understandable, and I found myself wondering if I would have done the same as he did if my planet was in trouble. I'm talking about Earth, that is. As for the special effects, they were spectacular and simply struck something in you. I particularly loved the portrayal of the love between Clark and his foster father. The scenes weren't very cheesy but managed to pull off a sense of deep love between the two. Overall, everything came together to create one hell of a masterpiece. I agree with the Captain too. Henry was a huge chunk of eye-candy. But of course, that's only a tiny part of what's spurring me on to catch another bite of that wholesome goodness. Expand
  36. Jun 15, 2013
    The movie suffers from its own arrogance really. It simply tries waaaay too hard to be epic in almost every scene and honestly it really takes away from the story. The plot is a sort of modern day twist on superman 2 and uses flashbacks to tell superman's past/childhood. The whole scheme really doesn't work all that well. In any case the move is overly dramatic to the greatest extent. It's as if the director, writer, and producer were so caught up in their idea that the movie would be sooo epic that they looked past the fact that it really wasn't epic at all... Expand
  37. Jun 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Man of Steel- one of the best superhero movies ever! It's all we have been waiting for. The new take of Superman and Clark is convincing. Henry Cavill IS the Superman of our generation. He and the rest of crews did a great job! As for the action and the music, EPIC!!!!!! I've already watched it twice since Wednesday. I love it so much!! Expand
  38. Jun 15, 2013
    I had high expectations going into this movie, then got a little skeptical when seeing all the critic reviews. But after seeing it all I can say it wow. The movie from the start keeps your heart going and you engaged. The story was brilliant and more scientific then the older superman movies. The action was a lot more than I expected but it was good because it all made sense. The special effects were magnificent. The actors that they casted were just great. Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, and Kevin costner did just spectacular jobs. The music is perfectly done by Hanz Zimmer and fits this movie really nicely. Go and see this movie. You will not be disappointed. Expand
  39. Jun 15, 2013
    This is one of my candidates for all time greatest movie experiences. Wow. Amazing. Great acting, story and effects. Of course they must fight for 45 minutes, it's four super men fighting it out, they don't die easy, and the city being destroyed was realistic and exciting. Too bad critics just look for negatives, being a critic does not mean be critical.
  40. Jun 15, 2013
    I had low expectations going into "Man of Steel" given the mediocre reviews (57% on RottenTomatoes) and Zack Snyder's track record that started to look a bit like M. Night Shyamalan's. After his break-out debut with the "Dawn of the Dead" re-make and followed by the eye-popping "300," he started to stumble with the mind-bending "The Watchmen," a cartoon movie about owls, and the disposable "Sucker Punch." But I was hopeful given the guiding hand of producer/screenwriter Christopher Nolan and screenwriter David S. Goyer.

    Man of Steel was a pleasant surprised and vigorously entertaining.

    Russell Crowe nearly resurrects his Gladiator greatness as Kal-El's/Clark's/Superman's reserved but badass father on Krypton. The deeper dive into the chapter of Krypton's demise is absolutely captivating with the addition of a ton of science fiction elements.

    Instead of re-treading Superman's back-story on earth which has been covered abundantly already, the use of flashbacks between the adult and young Clark works really well. Henry Cavill as Superman does a decent job switching from brooding to giddy to serious, although when he's not in his suit his sculpted body looks totally unreal. Amy Adams as Lois Lane plays the part of a strong female lead well while putting the character, as always, in completely ridiculous situations requiring the classic save by Superman.

    Michael Shannon from HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" is solid as the maniacal and ethnocentric General Zod.

    Unfortunately, the movie falls into tedium and redundancy during the "smash-things" climax where Superman and Zod (and his minions) do 20-times more smashing and destruction than all of "The Hulk" movies combined. The Avengers smash-things climax was even longer (I think) but 20-times more entertaining because they smashed things in very different ways. There is a limit to how many times you can watch invincible beings get hurled through buildings.

    Ultimately, even these flaws can't diminish a well-crafted reboot of the oldest super hero of all time. Zack Snyder may have just got his mojo back.
  41. Jun 15, 2013
    While Man of Steel promises to have a good story and characters instead we get a lot of action and not enough story. Had the film given us a more character driven film and focused less on the action we could have really had something great here. As it is Man of Steel is good. It has some fun action, some epic moments, and a couple nice character moments. While it may not have wowed me as much as I thought it was it did keep me more engaged than Superman Returns. If you are a fan of action movies and just want to see Superman beat the sh*t out of guys for the majority of the movie, or at least it feels like it, I think you will enjoy Superman. If you are looking for a more character driven superhero movie then go watch X-Men,Spider-Man 2,The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Superman I & II and even to a certain extent Superman Returns, which while lacking in action does have a story. As it is though Man of Steel is entertaining with enough action, epicness, and character development to make it worth a watch for any superhero fan. Expand
  42. Jun 15, 2013
    Want to get pumped up for Man of Steel? Do yourself a favor and watch Superman Returns right before watching Man of Steel.

    I watched Superman Returns when it came out in 2006 and thought it was boring. Never understood why it was highly rated by critics. I watched it again yesterday to compare it with Man of Steel today. Holy crap, Man of Steel was awesome. Action was amazing and story
    was well thought out. Things weren't perfect and a common complaint was lack of character development, but I honestly think they probably left some of the developing to an inevitable sequel.

    The tone of the movie was serious, but not emo and super sad like the critics say. I think critics are just way too used to the somewhat lightheartedness of Marvel movies, especially Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. If you're one of the many that were disappointed with Iron Man 3 because there was too much Tony Stark being a detective or whatever and not enough Iron Man, then you'll love and appreciate Man of Steel.

    Ending of the movie was a bit shocking to me, but I definitely didn't hate it. All in all, the BEST movie of the summer for me. The critics' ratings for this movie pretty much solidifies my theory that they generally can't be trusted except for maybe comedies and Oscar type movies. I think critics liked Superman Returns because it reminded them of Superman I and II and they liked Iron Man 3 because they like them some Robert Downey Jr. If you want to look at ratings for summer blockbusters, then go look at the user scores. Currently 8.7 for Man of Steel and 6.6 for Iron Man 3. Enough said.

    P.S. If you can, then watch the movie in IMAX like I did. NOT IMAX 3D or regular 3D. Always thought 3D was pointless and just not good, realistic enough. IMAX does somewhat enhance the overall clarity of watching an action movie and the sound is better.
  43. Jun 15, 2013
    I LOVE Superman.... I grew up loving Superman. Perhaps its that fact that made watching this film so difficult. It is a 2 and a half hour disaster. There is so little dialogue that the film is basically overblown fight scenes followed by repeated action shots of people who seem too stupid to run away from entire buildings blowing up.

    The film is so mindless that the only spoiler is
    to tell you that after two and a half hours you will be two and a half hours older and ten dollars poorer....

    This film did accomplish one thing however... it managed to make Bryan Singer's Superman look like brilliant. Stay away...
  44. Jun 15, 2013
    Man of Steel was a total disappointment on every level. Perhaps my expectations were too high knowing it was made by the same people as 300 and Dark Knight. The preview was better than the movie.
  45. Jun 15, 2013
    There is no way to explain the critics' panning of this other than pure Zack Snyder bias. It was exhilarating from start to finish. There was enough absurdity to pay homage to the printed canon as well as enough emotional performances and painstaking attention to visual detail to suspend disbelief even in the most unbelievable moments. It's not tongue-in-cheek Marvelesque, it's definitely somewhat dark and in the same vein as Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. My only complaint is the "he's kinda hot" line. You'll know it when you hear it.

    I was luke-warm on 300, hated Sucker Punch, and kinda liked Watchmen, but this film made me a big ZS fan and I can't wait for what comes next. His reverence for the source material is apparent in every frame and his visual brilliance with the medium is breathtaking. Almost makes me think a Justice League film could work.
  46. Jun 15, 2013
    Minutes before going to Man of Steel I checked Metacritic to get an idea what I was in store for. After reading all the negative reviews I got nervous. Now, 2 hours later I ask: What movie were those critics watching? Man of Steel was great! It's a compelling story about one of the most icon figures in the DC universe and it is ACTION PACKED. Furthermore, what's this nonsense about poor acting? The acting was fine (in fact, beyond just "fine") and I, not known to cry ever, teared up on multiple occasions. Beyond on that, a beautiful and chilling score accompanies this fine movie making it the blockbuster we've been hoping for from the Superman franchise. Go see this movie and forget what the critics are saying. Expand
  47. Jun 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. (To cut to the chase, I copy and pasted a conversation I had with a friend on another site so it may sound like a one sided talk)

    I've seen it twice already and while the third act is action intensive, they keep it unique because they make Superman as powerful as he should be rather than toning him down, so you never lose interest because the fight scenes are unlike anything you've ever seen. The story/character building is flawless imo, or at least as good as you can get. Everyone cheered after the showdown between Zod and Superman and after the movie was over, several people gave it a standing ovation, with everyone else giving a rousing round of applause. It was unique, emotionally engaging, and had easily the best superhero action you will ever see. They truly capture Superman in both his power and his struggles.

    There was definitely some overt religious parallels, the obvious examples being when Jor-El sends him to earth and says "he will be a god to them," but also in that he is a miracle birth, being the only naturally born Kryptonian in centuries. There is also an obvious juxtaposition with Christ in a stained glass window (especially in that Jesus is wearing a red cloak in the image) when he asks a priest for advice. He is also 33 when he reveals himself to the world and fights for humanity, as Jesus was 33 when he made his sacrifice. Think of it as him sacrificing his anonymity, the only thing that's really allowed him to live a semi-normal life up to that point, for the greater good of his people; they even touch on his having a bit of a crisis of faith, not in God necessarily but humanity as a whole, when he tells the priest "Zod can't be trusted, but I'm not sure humanity can either." The movie handles the messianic archetype well--it's not obvious and in your face, and neither does it insult the concept.

    Nature v. Nurture can be argued to be one of the center themes of the story. You have the Kents and humanity as a whole pulling Superman in one direction, and Zod and the Kryptonians pulling him in another. And Zod himself isn't just all "for the evulz," he actually makes a lot of sense; he really DOES care for his people and is willing to destroy humanity for them, just as Superman is willing to defend humanity under any cost. Neither side is technically more right than the other since one side winning means the other side doesn't exist anymore, meaning SOMEONE is basically committing genocide be it them or humanity.

    And they put Superman in some really troubling positions as well. There are times where people threaten him and he barely controls his anger lest he lash out and turn them to dust. And I won't spoil it, but the ending puts Supes in a position I don't think we've seen him in too often, if ever.

    The movie is obviously a most serious big screen depiction of Superman, but it isn't without its humor. The only time they actually call him Superman--and they do refer to him as such only once--is great. We're not talking The Avengers styled humor, but there are several times where the whole audience was laughing. And I think the seriousness of the movie serves to that effect better; it allows the fewer laughs to have more of an impact. Forgive me but I am going to spoil one small scene to make a larger point, but when they call him Superman it's in the last act of the movie and I had a noticeable "oh yeah!" moment because I had stopped thinking of him as Superman and more as Kal-El, or Clark. So when they do call him Superman, it serves as a reminder of who this guy is or maybe more importantly what he'll become. He isn't Superman yet, he's just Kal-El, Superman is a title he's yet to earn. So when the guy drops the name "Superman" everyone pauses and says "Superman?" in a disbelieving tone. "Yeah, sir, the alien, that's...that's what they're calling him." As if the name is completely ridiculous. It's great self-referential humor, but I think it serves to show that the icon of Superman has not come into his own yet. They call him Kal or Clark in this movie, or the alien, but Superman is an idea, "an ideal to strive towards." And I'm pretty sure that is what the second Man of Steel will touch on.

    I'd say his acting is perfect for this role, but not for the 1970's version. The Reeves version was much more light hearted than this one, some might even say campy. In a good way I suppose, and Reeves was definitely THE Superman, but if Reeves was THE Superman, then I think it's fair to say that Cavill is THE Kal-El. He's much more grounded and subtle, but not without his charm and friendliness. To be sure this isn't Batman with Superman's powers, it's very much still Superman, but a Superman with a more realistic psychology, more believable and in that Cavill does a great job. I don't think it's fair to compare him to Reeves in part because Reeves gave an iconic performance 40 years ago, and in part that his version was much more kid-friendly. This is a Superman for adults.
  48. Jun 15, 2013
    Very skeptical..just like I was with Batman Begins...
    Finally Superman done right! this one has hit the mark dead on! I was so sick of the cheesy, lovesick movies of the past. This is a great representation of the comic book Superman, well done!
  49. Jun 15, 2013
    This is an epic, action adventure tale of one of comics finest heroes, and Snyder and Nolan have presented him in fine form. For years fans have been clamoring for a Superman film that adequately presented the character and presented him with the formidable challenges he would experience in the pages of the storied comic book series and now they have that Superman on film. While many people consider the first Christopher Reeve Richard Donner film to be the 'genuine article' when it comes to seeing this character on film, they fail to realize that within the pages of the comic lies the TRUE Superman he has had many arcs told presenting many different sides to his personality, and one of the biggest criticisms of this film that it is too dark has also been portrayed within the pages of the comics from which he was born. The entire 'Death of Superman' storyline gave a dark gravitas and weight to the character and thrust him into more modern times. So why so upset that this film takes a more 'serious' approach to the story of Kal El Clark Kent? Perhaps it's that most critics still revel in the joy of the first true superhero movie made by Reeve Donner so long ago that they have skipped decades of comics which flesh the character out in a more serious and somber tone more often than people would think. If you are unwilling to accept this fact, that Man of Steel is a modern, real, and serious take on this character, then you should own the first two Superman films on Blu-ray and maybe read some of his might be surprised with what you find.

    The acting is outstanding with notable performances from Amy Adams and Kevin Costner. When Costner's Jonathan Kent tells a confused and lonely Clark that he will always be his son you believe it the weight of emotion on his face showing feelings many a parent has often felt. The other actors and actresses do a fine job, Russell Crowe putting in a note worthy performance as Jor El, brilliant Kryptonian scientist and father to Superman. We get more of Jor El in this film than previous incarnations, and this may be the 'definitive article' when it comes to this character appearing on screen. Crowe gives an outstanding performance as a father driven to protect his child, while preserving the legacy of his dying world. The same can be said for Michael Shannon. His turn as the Kryptonian General Zod provides an element missing in the character, and not necessarily cannon in the lore of Superman empathy. He is on a race to save his people and his planet, and while his actions are deplorable, his expressed reasons make you empathize with him...even if only momentarily...and Shannon brings this emotional core to light.

    Henry Cavill the man was BORN to play Superman. Simply put, here is an actor whose skills have yet to be truly tested, and if I have one complaint about this film it is this we don't get enough dialogue from the Man of Steel. But what Cavill does have he executes with a calm, strong, centered reserve. Loneliness, isolationism, bullying, and a commitment to just and moral action are all themes this version of Superman embody and Cavill does a great job bringing these emotions to the screen. With the success of this film assured, and a sequel already green lit by Warner Brothers, Cavill's rise to fame is just beginning, and it will be this film that marks the breakaway point of an already well established acting career.

    Bottom line this is a modern day take on a classic hero. And it's one that many fans have been waiting a long time for. While the Christopher Reeve era Superman was a character that embodied hope and was lighthearted in scope, this is a Superman that is more rounded in modern day society we all feel loneliness and yearn for acceptance in a society that is less personal that the one that accepted Superman on the big screen so long ago. The Superman we have now, may in fact be more human than ever before, and this story is a fitting first chapter in what is surely going to be a multiple film arc for the character. Snyder, Goyer, and Nolan have all done a remarkable job and I for one am looking forward to the stories they will bring us in the forthcoming chapter of the life of Kal El. Welcome back Superman it's a changed world, but then you have changed with us. All told we're very glad you're here.
  50. Jun 15, 2013
    From its lusciously rich score, its tear-inducincly powerful performances, its brilliantly vast set pieces, its offbeat yet thrillingly structured story, or its commandingly auteurist direction, "Man Of Steel" is not only the greatest and most relatable Superman film, but it is easily one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen. Absolutely immaculate.
  51. Jun 15, 2013
    Bottom line, if you've always hoped for a more epic, action-packed Superman movie, then you have to give Man of Steel a try. But, if you really liked the character-driven Superman Returns (the previous Superman movie), then this movie may not be for you. Personally, I was really disappointed with Superman Returns. I thought it was way too slow, and quite frankly, boring. No one wants to see a heartless Superman who solely exists to fight bad guys and save the world, but I think the reason so many people feel in love with Superman, in the comics, was because of his abilities (and his "rescues"). And this movie, unlike Superman Returns, thrived on showing them off. Yet, with that said, it did not fail to provide like-able characters. They may not have had much depth, but when they came on-screen, they succeeded in fulfilling their roles. As a result, in my opinion, Man of Steel perfectly blended the action and plot needed to achieve an epic film within a 2 hour time-frame. Superman spent plenty of time saving people in this film, but you never had those cheesy moments in between that were simply unnecessary. There was very little Clark Kent, the reporter. And I liked that. Ultimately, this was exactly the kind of Superman film I wanted. Action-wise, it captured Superman in a way he's never been seen before, the script provided a down-to-earth Superman that was very believable, and the score, provided by Hans Zimmer, perfectly set the tone for the movie. It's early but I loved this film, and I think it may be one of my favorites. Expand
  52. Jun 15, 2013
    Man of Steel is much more of a special effects fiasco than it is a Superman movie.

    Such liberties are taken with the characters, his background, his world and the people in it that this movie is almost indistinguishable from the Superman of comics and Reeves/Reeves/Roth.

    The movie itself is much more of an action movie with explosions and collateral damage, so much so that it is more
    similar to a Michael Bay movie than something with an interesting or good story.

    If I had never heard of Superman before, and they didn't call this Superman, I would say it's not for me. Since it IS a Superman movie, it falls even shorter.
  53. Jun 15, 2013
    (More of a 9.5) Awesome movie, critics are just being stupid. They believe this movie is too dark but its not. If you were to put superman in the situations he's been growing up, this is how it would be. Acting was amazing and story was very well written. Characters had so much layers to them, which made it all the better. The script is probably hands down one of the best. The gems in the script bring smiles to your face. Critics just don't understand this movie. I forgot about one thing, THE ACTION! The action scenes in the movie are far by one of the best I've ever seen. SO, PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE! It's amazing. Expand
  54. Jun 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Just pure beauty....coming from a marvel man myself. I loved how Snyder captures the connection between Clark and his earth dad...and how its over ins tornado he watched his dad needlessly die even though he could help his dad risked his life for clarks safety PURE BEAUTY Expand
  55. Jun 15, 2013
    The best superman movie ever. Full of action and great acting, this is the superman movie we've always needed. Zack Snyder has done a wonderful job bring superman into the real world and making him human
  56. Jun 15, 2013
    Probably one of the best movies I've seen in recent memory. Henry Cavill was great as Superman and Michael Shannon played a convincing General Zod. The entire story was believable and every aspect of the movie more than delivered its fair share for me.

    I will be seeing this movie maybe two or three more times. GO SEE IT!
  57. Jun 15, 2013
    This movie was quite enjoyable. I think that indeed it was the best superman movie to be created and didn't have very many plot holes in it as some previous superman movies had. It was very different from the same old telling of superman: Start with him being shot off of Krypton, have him grow up, learning his abilities one by one, then killing Lex Luther in the end. No, it was very different from that (not going to spoil). I enjoy at the beginning how Krypton was a war torn world instead of a heaven like planet. I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning and the end of the movie. The middle was alright so that is why I give this movie a 7/10, Expand
  58. Jun 15, 2013
    Well shot and beautiful to look at. However, as a superhero action movie it did not keep me entertained. The basic problem being Superman is basically a god on Earth, so how do you give him a weakness? How do you make him relatable; at least you could relate to Batman. MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD: I was really bored in the last 30 minutes when it was basically just a slugfest between Superman and General Zod. Expand
  59. Jun 15, 2013
    This movie was an incredible experience, hands down. The action was amazing, the story was intriguing and all the parts were well acted and engaging. Criticism's of "too much action"? Ok, fine, but it's all top notch, they didn't get lazy or rely on cliches or action tropes for a second of it.
  60. Jun 15, 2013
    This movie was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. I've been waiting my whole life for a Superman movie like this one. I thought the back story was great. I've read other reviews that COMPLAINING that there is too much action and its too loud and you'll leave the theater blind and deaf (these are clearly over aged movie critics who are judging this like its Cannes film festival). IT'S SUPERMAN, IT'S AN ACTION MOVIE. It's supposed to have explosions and intense scene.

    Ranting aside, Henry Cavill delivered a great Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman. With seriousness, a dash of humor and the best Superman physique ever delivered by an actor in this franchise, you can count on this movie being appealing to you if you're a Superman fan or even just a movie fan. This movie caters to people who may not even like comics because it was an entertaining action/drama for all audiences. People keep getting on Snyder about too much CGI. TOO MUCH CGI? IT'S SUPERMAN AND ZOD FIGHTING! I suppose we should have had a casting call for real aliens who look like humans and had them have a realistic fight scene so CGI wouldn't have to be used.

    I've heard people saying we didn't have enough time to get into a character to be able to really care about them. well if you're a fan of Superman then you already know all these characters. Do we really need to develop Perry White? No. This movie is everything it needed to be. The pretentious prick who gave this movie a score of zero is an idiot. Not even a point for the acting? Really? Get a life dude

    Great movie. Go see it. I'll see it at least two more times in theater and then I'll buy the blu ray. So good, you won't be disappointed.
  61. Jun 15, 2013
    As a huge Superman fan i went into this movie with astronomical expectations. So high, that i really thought there was no way they could be met. Im happy to say that this movie blew them away. Superman was handled so perfectly in this film. He's not the big blue boyscout, but is actually a conflicted man that's tired of always having to hide who he really is. I loved the characters in this movie. Jor El was great, The Kents were great, and Zod and Faora were mazing! I loved the new backstory for Kal, it was a very interesting take on a story we've all heard before. Now, where this movie really wowed me was the action. Never before have we seen a Superman movie like this. Heck, in the previous films he hardly punched anything. So to have about an hour of super good epic actiony goodness was amazing. The effects were great, the fight was epic, and the fallout from the battle is incredible. I really don't know where they can go from here, because this movie really pulled out everything. The movie, however is not without it's issues. The Lois Lane relationship feels a bit forced and the final ending sequence has some things that i would have changed to more properly follow the tone set up but the conclusion of the epic battle. Overall though, i really think this movie will make a believer out of anyone and i hope more people can finally enjoy my favorite hero of all time, Superman. Expand
  62. Jun 15, 2013
    The critics are funny.... A superhero or comic book adaptation will never seem to have the plot that most of your run-of-the-mill critics will enjoy.

    If you're looking for Eat-Pray-Love then this is not the movie for you.

    It's a must for an legitimate comic book fan that has a great balance of plot, storyline and incredible action. Henry Cavill does a solid performance of playing
    the humble Superman but a great hero needs a great villian. General Zod (MIchael Shannon) and his second command Faora-Ul (Antje Traue) do a great job in the battle scenes, plot and dialogue.

    I'm not sure where they go from here as movie almost leaves no idea on where it might go next (Luthor?) but as long as Nolan and Snyder are at the helm then I'll be in line to see the movie.
  63. Jun 15, 2013
    This film was two and a half hours of relentless HOLY F**K. It was “you sure you really want Superman? Well here’s your god damned Superman. Hope you’re happy now.”

    There were a few parts of the script that didn’t make sense, and they didn’t really bother having a lot of character relationship building. But that was besides the point. This movie was all about: if a superhuman alien
    really grew up in our world, what would that look like? As a raw visual portrayal of that awesome p
    ower, the film just blows you away. Definitely a film worth going the IMAX 3D route.

    It has decent casting for the side characters, and they are treated respectfully, but they exist only in service to the perspective of Superman himself and the story of his emergence onto the world stage. And there are some clever nods to past Superman stories as well as other movies and tropes there is in particular a lot of similarities with Prometheus both in themes and aesthetics.

    But if you are looking for a really cohesive story, or a compelling drama beyond the core theme of the burden, responsibility, and joy of having super powers, you won’t find it here. The film just isn’t about anything more than that. But if you want a realistic visceral experience of being super, you’ll get more than you could ever hope for.

    In short: this film does some things poorly, but the things it does well, it does so astonishingly ground-breakingly well, that it is well worth picking out the few grains of sand to experience the tour de force within.
  64. Jun 15, 2013
    Man of steel brings the superman mythos into the 21st and firmly places him back on top. From the performances to the action directions Zack Snyder brought to the table. A brilliant telling of the first and greatest superhero to ever grace the big screen and comics. nuff said
  65. Jun 15, 2013
    As a long time fan of Superman, I was not disappointed. In fact, this movie actually surprised me by being better than I anticipated it. This is how you make a Superman movie! It's time to let go of the Donner films. That version of our hero simply does not work for our time. This is a raw Supes who can kick some serious butt. As a matter of fact, I wish the last fight was longer... That's how good it was. Ignore the critics and go enjoy this amazing film. Expand
  66. Jun 15, 2013
    This movie is amazing, seriously is the best Superman Movie ever made, great acting, great characters developed, great villain, and so incredible action scenes, the best movie of Mr. Snyder, the Man of Steel is the move fans were waiting to see all their life.
  67. Jun 15, 2013
    Wow. This is the Superman movie I've been waiting over 20 years to see. I was 6 years old when I first saw Superman the movie, of course I already knew of him from Superfriends. Christopher Reeve made Superman come alive was real for me, and yes, I truly did believe a man could fly. However, time has made such vast improvements on film technology, the older films really don't hold up as well as they once did. Not to mention that resolving the first movie by reversing time was one of the sloppiest laziest ideas ever.

    This new movie evolves the story of Superman's origin, but in new and interesting ways. I watched most of this movie with my mouth in an open smile, seeing Superman so alive and real, it was like I was a kid again. The acting is all top notch, and Henry Cavill looks and feels every bit the hero we want him to be. Zod is incredible and menacing, and Superman is battling for the fate of humanity, not against some billionaire with a real estate scheme, so the gravitas of this film is palpable. Kevin Costner is amazing as Superman's Earth father, and continues the long tradition of making me tear up for Jonathan Kent.

    Special effects are so life like, and Snyder is a master of action, so fight scenes are creative, and the action is grand in scale yet shown in a way that makes it easy to follow. I was blown away when a Kryptonian took out a squad of solders at super speed, it was so cool looking! Superman's battles are amazingly choreographed with the fight scenes covering miles and twisting through the air and flying through exploding buildings. (Our group did feel somewhat disturbed by the amount of civilian casualties, both seen and unseen, couldn't Superman have fought them in a desert or something? We forgive him because it's his first battle though).

    Man of Steel was an amazing experience, and despite what some say, I found it had just enough lighthearted and endearing moments to break the tension, and an ending that left he whole theater with smiles on their faces. I think I may go see it again in IMAX, just so I can see it even larger than life. I don't really understand the critics panning this movie so harshly. Then again, they were wrong about the Hobbit too, IMO.

    Man of Steel leaves the door wide open for it's sequel, and I think we can expect to see more of the Clark Superman dynamic, as well as a better love story forming with Lois Lane (who I loved in this flick, even if she is a little underused). 9/10, a near perfect movie, and the best Superman movie of all.
  68. Jun 15, 2013
    Great performances all around and some of the best effects I've seen in any comic book film. This is the Superman movie I've wanted to see for a long time.

    Henry Cavil gives a breakout performance while Russell Crowe gives us the best version of Jor-El I've ever seen in film, comics or otherwise. And make no mistake, this movie is all about Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El.

    I was very
    happy the filmmakers didn't attempt to just remake the Richard Donner films of the 70s and 80s. That was tried in 2006's Superman Returns to much critical acclaim and not much in the way of box office numbers.

    MoS really gives us an in-depth picture of who Clark Kent is, not so much in his dialog, but in his actions and sometimes inaction. From the time he's a kid to the time he's an adult he's faced with some really tough decisions. That's a running theme of this film and, yes, it's a familiar one: With great power, comes great responsibility. Is it an old trope? Sure, but it's still relevant to the superhero conversation.

    Unlike Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, this movie takes a darker world and puts a modern Superman in it. Is the movie gritty? Not really. There are plenty of dark characters and moments, but Superman himself (along with Lois Lane, Perry White, The Kents and especially Jor-El) gives off great amounts of hope. The world around them seems harsh and cynical, but there is a light in the darkness.

    Unlike Batman, Superman makes the decision to step out of the shadows and make himself known. Granted, there wasn't much choice in the matter, but when push comes to shove, this Superman makes the choice he feels is right, even when it takes a tremendous emotional toll on him.

    I usually don't like a lot of time spent on Krypton when it comes to Superman films or TV shows, but this movie actually made that part seem interesting. It even works in some cool effects and action, which was very unexpected.

    Is the movie perfect? Of course not, there's no such thing as a perfect film. Amy Adams shows so much potential to be the best on-screen Lois Lane there's ever been, but she doesn't get enough development in this movie to show us that completely. Kevin Costner gives such a tear-inducing performance, you can't help but feel his part was underwritten. Same with Diane Lane's Martha Kent, but at least that lady gets to be a real firecracker in one scene I'm going to remember as one of the all-time greats from any superhero film.

    Lawrence Fishburne just barely scratched the surface of his Perry White, but he's definitely the right choice for the role. Way better than what we got in Superman Returns. This Perry White is a take-charge, hard-news man. And he gets his own hero moment when things get really crazy toward the end.

    The humor in the movie is kept to a lower level than the Richard Donner films, but that's to its benefit in my view. Campy humor can be lots of fun and is in the Donner films. I love Otis probably more than any person should. But, for the modern screen, that type of things just doesn't work. Especially not if DC/Warner Bros. is really planning to compete with Marvel/Disney.

    Still, a sequel (now pretty much inevitable) could use with a little more comic relief. Not a ton, but that's where some good banter between Clark and Lois might help, along with maybe the introduction of Jimmy Olsen.

    But if the story/acting/effects don't give you chills, I don't see how Hans Zimmer's score could do anything less. One of the best movie scores of the last decade, possibly ever.

    I'm one of those people that liked Iron Man 3. I say that as a preface to this: I LOVED Man of Steel! It's certainly going to divide the fans as it has the critics, but I think this is the way to go for cinematic DC Universe. I can't wait to see where this leads next.
  69. Jun 15, 2013
    So I’ve been gunning for this reboot ever since Zach ‘my films are what they use to break people in Gitmo’ Snyder was announced as the director. Which is why it’s so hard to admit that the latest chapter in the DC cannon is actually quite good.

    However, it is some small consolation that this appears to be the direct result of Batman saviours Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer keeping
    Snyder’s most garish excesses in check. Instead, they’ve crafted an origin story that is both familiar and new, from an overlong opener on a dying Krypton to a childhood in Kansas told in flashback to the rise of a superhero pitted against the only surviving members of his race as warmongering zealot General Zod tracks him down.

    Without doubt, Man of Steel is weakest when Snyder’s hyperkinetic style is unleashed. The jittery camerawork and occasionally half-baked effects detract from the otherwise bone-crunching hurly burly as near immortals throw each other across small towns and bustling Metropoli as DC seem determined to outdo their Marvel rivals in terms of onscreen destruction.

    It’s no surprise that Michael Shannon wears the cloak of relentlessly genocidal psychopath like a glove in yet another role that he seems to have been born to play. Like Shannon, Russell Crowe sidelines memories of his predecessor as noble Jor-El. Acquitting himself with equal aplomb despite even greater scrutiny is Henry Cavill as the titular Man of Steel. Unlike the let’s face it, terminally dull goody two shoes Supermen of previous incarnations, Cavill’s Superman is good to his core thanks to his upbringing, but also unmistakably human to boot. Not for him endless martyrdom and humble forgiveness this Supes has a temper.

    The rest of the cast (largely quality character actors plucked from primetime TV) put their backs into necessarily one dimensional characters. Oddly, only the usually likeable Amy Adams fails to light up the screen, leaving Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane the as yet unsurpassed benchmark.

    Some will miss the underpants (that’s right, they’ve been banished, at least from the outside), Jimmy Olsen, and other much-loved tropes, not least John Williams’ iconic theme music. But, nostalgic as I am for the Superman of old, it’s hard to deny that Hans Zimmer’s effort are at least as stirring.

    It’s clear from the grounded look of the film (only the heat vision jars) that Nolan’s Batman will not form part of the much vaunted Justice League movie. This isn’t just a Superman reboot the fate of the entire DC multiverse rests on Man of Steel’s box office. And so it is grudgingly that this sceptic must confess to being very keen to see more.
  70. Jun 15, 2013
    Man of Steel was a great film. There was the origins of the hero's life, intense builds and tons and tons of insane action sequences. The film really showed just how heroic and powerful Sherman can really be, with enough seriousness and geekyness for an awesome fanboy joyride.
  71. Jun 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First of all i understand some of the negative feelings towards the movie from a lot of the critics,and i agree to some extend that the pace are a little off.The big problem isn't exactly in this pacing,but more because some of the backstory felt rushed and chopped that could easily be explained in more scenes.I feel like the flashbacks should be much longer to explain why Clark is what he is,a humble,kind kid with extraordinary powers that could easily be arrogant,selfish,and bullies his way into life.And a few cutscenes shouldn't and couldn't explain this well enough for us mere mortals to believe it.

    Second of all the Fighting scene was quite incredible to say the least,the Beating that he dealt(and take) is literally earth shattering and that is completely fine by me,even if the metropolis/south pacific fight was a little too fast to follow,what can you expect from superman? And i do notice a lot of critics who rated it low because of this,and its stupid because comicbook is a fantasy and how can you show the immense power that this being held without showing them? It should be embraced and the movie should not be judged by it.

    I give this movie an 8.5/10 but i round it up as a 9 because it is still a must see movie with small flaws that should be overlooked.Its a new take on the superman story and should be looked as its own and not a reboot.
  72. Jun 15, 2013
    As a lifelong Superman fan who read the comics, grew up on reruns of the 50's TV series and the Donner films, I was primed for another reinvention of the character. After reading lackluster reviews I went into the theater expecting to be disappointed. Once I saw how the Krypton sequences unfolded I was hooked! Critics be damned! This is everything I wanted in a Superman movie. The effects are amazing. The fight and flight scenes are beautifully realized and the emotional punch of the flashbacks are an inspired way to build the foundation of our hero's journey. Henry Cavill was the perfect choice for the suit and gives Clark a more grounded and morally conflicted soul. Amy Adams as Lois Lane infuses the character with more intelligence and bravery than previous incarnations and is given more to do than just get into trouble. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane shine as Ma & Pa Kent and deliver the most emotional scenes in the film. I only wish they could've spent a little more time on the Kents as a family. Russell Crowe is exceptional as Jor-El and Micheal Shannon's Zod a wholly different interpretaion of the character. His motivation is driven more by genetic predisposition than a megalomaniacal mind. You can tell that a lot of love was poured into this film, and the layers will keep me coming back again and again. Superman is back and better then ever! Expand
  73. Jun 15, 2013
    (Has minor spoilers:) Zero emotion, no humor, no soul, you care about absolutely no one in this film except Clark as a boy that kid damn near carried the film. Cavill is totally unconvincing. Its a combo of maudlin flashbacks and boring effects sequences. After you've seen 4 or 5 skyscrapers topple over (LOL, F science) you just don't care anymore. Every FX gimmick is stolen directly from an earlier film or video game. The Kryptonians apparently contracted a Reaver from Mass Effect, because they have one. Jor-El the great scientist is somehow also a badass who can take on a platoon of soldiers singlehanded. The Kryptonians haven't discovered color TV yet they use low-res liquid metal for their communications.The horrible "action news" cinematography has no place in a superhero film...or ANY film, honestly. While there were a few clever effects shots, mostly it was Michael Bay levels of CG for 3D's sake here. So many things go unexplained that it feels like Dark Knight Rises all over again. When we DO get cause-and-effect, the story contradicts itself so many times that its obvious Snyder and Nolan had no idea which version they wanted to go with. I heard so many "huhs??" from the audience at each new realtime reconning that it I couldn't help laughing at it after a while. The mood at credit role was somber. The loyalists in their capes walked out staring at the floor wondering the same as myself if we'll ever get another good DC superhero film, let alone a good Superman one. Oh, and did I mention that there was a MAKING OF mini-documentary that ran right before the movie started?? I kid you not. At my Regal Cinema they also ran the Pacific Rim trailer *twice*. It was a painful experience that gave me a greater appreciation of Smallville. Bottom line: everything this film contains you've seen before and done better. I truly hope this movie starts a backlash against gratuitous CG. Mark Hamill is right: its a big reason that Hollywood refuses to do anything original. Expand
  74. Jun 15, 2013
    Great movie This show to us The human side of Superman Great visual efects, great score, plenty of action! I saw it in imax and it was amazing!! Dont bother to see it in 3D not worth your extra bucks
  75. Jun 15, 2013
    This was not only the best superhero movie to date but also the most thrilling summer movie in memory. Fans of Superman will be very pleased by his treatment in this film and hopefully chase any lingering angst from the previous debacle .This is also a movie for anime fans as this is the Dragonball movie they deserve. I can not give a higher recomendation. See this movie!
  76. Jun 15, 2013
    I'll preface this by saying that I don't like Zack Snyder, so I think I went into this movie with an unfair bias against him. That said, this movie was terrible. The opening scene on Krypton actually looked really cool, if you could see it. The cinematography was so shaky that you couldn't actually concentrate on what was happening. I don't mind the dark tone that Snyder takes, but he just can't pull it off. The script was terrible, it became either a laugh or cringe fest whenever anyone opened their mouth. The action looked like a video game, unrealistic, much too fast, and entirely over the top. I don't even want to talk about the science...just awful. And of course, the acting. I love Amy Adams but what the heck? All she did was scream and cry and she was some of the better acting. Russel Crowe was tolerable, Kevin Costner was mediocre, Henry Cavill doesn't pull off the inner struggle that Snyder wants him to have, and everyone else is absolutely horrid. Micheal Shannon was the absolute worst part of the film, and his portrayal of General Zod was soul-less without Superman taking it from him. Do not go and see this unless you enjoy bad movies or have a unique sense of humor. I was lucky that I got my ticket for free, and I'd certainly hate to see anyone actually spend money on this. Expand
  77. Jun 15, 2013
    The final battle is Too long and the result is the leveling of major portions of Metropolis. The Superman I remember would have done anything to minimize the destruction (including surrender). I’m weary of these bloodless post 9/11 comic book city destruction scenes and they really wrecked the movie for me. Film makers please watch a few minutes of the post Boston Marathon coverage and stop trivializing this kind of violence. If the destruction depicted in this film were “real” we’d be talking casualties in the tens of thousands. Expand
  78. Jun 15, 2013
    I cannot believe how negative the critic reviews are on this site, this movie deserves a minimum of an 8 for quality alone, a 5.5(at the time of writing) is just wrong to me. I understand that you don't have to like a movie if you don't want to, but such a mediocre score for a movie I consider fantastic is just jarring. To make this brief, this movie has wonderful writing, wonderful acting, amazing effects, beautiful sets and costumes, a great amount of weight to the world and its people, deep characterization, and a conflict that actually takes some thought. There is only a couple of flaws with this movie, which is why i have given it a 9 as opposed to a 10. 1: Zod chewed the scenery too much for such a serious movie. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE some cheese every once in a while, but when the entire world takes everything so seriously, Zods overacting at points in the movie is kind of out of place and silly at times. 2: A couple of times people will say information before they know about it, like when a general says "Krypton" before Superman has mentioned that he is Kryptonian or from Krypton.
    Aside from those 2 nit picks, the movie is a very fun movie, and a very smart one too. But what else would you expect from such an amazing team as Snyder and Nolan.
  79. Jun 15, 2013
    Went into this expecting to be disappointed, honestly. With all the super hero movies coming out I didn't expect much. Man of Steel was shockingly good though. Lots of early buildup, an amazing soundtrack, and the last half hour of the movie was raw action. I don't know how in the world any critics rate this lower than a 65 or 70...
  80. Jun 15, 2013
    Man of Steel introduces us to the world of Superman like no movie has ever done before. With an emotionally engaging story and an amazing soundtrack it really is the movie superman fans have waited for. Snyder, Goyer and Nolan are a team that shouldn't disband anytime soon Hoping for a Man of Steel trilogy, because the story of this particular incarnation of Superman is just too good to let go.
  81. Jun 15, 2013
    Very disappointed! Having been a fan since the first movie in 1978, enjoyed the 2nd movie immensely and even Superman Returns which I watched again last night before seeing Man of Steel.
    The hype said realism (which I know with the universe is a stretch) but the other movies felt more realistic and this was a jumble of noise and CGI like Transformers, however even those movies felt more
    coherent than this mess.
    There were some sparks of interesting layout to the movie like Clark growing up and Lois showing integrity by not exposing him to the world, but really this is not in the same league as other superhero movies over the past few years.
    I would have preferred a sequel to Superman Returns than this...
  82. Jun 15, 2013
    Kudos to a well done Superman film. The movie was far more intense than I was expecting. Kal-el faces serious decisions throughout, and the damage done by Zod and crew is not sugared down. Lois was presented as a risk taking real journalist, and the first non-family person Kal-el was able to trust. I am looking forward to the sequels where Clark is able to form more meaningful relationships now that he has chosen to really enter human society. Expand
  83. Jun 15, 2013
    Finally Superman was given a just reboot! Henry Cavill plays the role well and is perfectly fit for the it. The screenplay was well-written, decent. Visual effects were fantastic while sound and editing were well done. The cast delivered beyond satisfactory. A motion picture-of-the-year material. Man of Steel is this decade's The Dark Knight (2008).
  84. Jun 15, 2013
    A+. Critics are wrong this is really good. First off Superman Returns sucked period. This movie was way better. These critics are idiotic snobs, I mean seriously the loved that pile of crap called Superman Returns more than this movie. I don't know how that is possible they are blind or maybe saw Superman Returns of the first time.

    Everyone in this movie, except the young Henry Cavill,
    is an oscar winner or nominee and it shows, acting superb. Henry is the perfect Superman.

    Action is amazing and engaging. Yes it's all huge and you might get sensory overload but the amazing thing is, I didn't take my eyes off the screen the whole time it was happening. This story was well written, everything happened for a reason and was had a purpose.

    I saw in 3D, I didn't really see anything popping out of the screen, but I have glasses and have to wear 3D glasses on top maybe that messed it up. My friends thought the 3D was amazing he swore hey saw stuff flying out of the screen. So the 3D in my view is a little mixed.

    I will watch this 2 more times, once in IMAX and once more in big 2D screen.

  85. Jun 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Easy steps to a better movie:

    1. Don't try to pack so much stuff in on Krypton. Put the societal and environmental decay in the background, as context. Then, have Zod and Maximus argue about the best way forward, give us some touching dialog between the man and his wife with the mismatched accent, and then have Kal's Superpod lift off to a backdrop of the pseudo-nuclear beginnings of civil war. That way we don't see Zod LOSING both militarily and in a fist fight against a scientist in the first 20 minutes of film. Fill in the other stuff with the hologram and Zod's speeches later.

    2. Have little Clark try to help, somehow, and screw up. If the bully had bothered other kids, and Clark had decided to scare him or respond when nobody was looking only to accidentally almost seriously injure the would have added a lot of weight and gravitas to both Bill Durham's otherwise alarming speeches and the kid's later frustrated efforts to remain passive. The oil rig would then be a pivotal moment in his character growth. "Oh, wow....I really can save these people, if I'm careful."

    3. Make it rain. Even in Kansas, tornado out of nowhere is not a typical event. Why was it deemed a bad idea to have it be raining? Also, when has there even been that much traffic in a place where a Kevin Costner character might believably live? I grew up in South Dakota, and not even a high school football game creates that much traffic (and that's about the biggest thing that happens in those areas). Does he have a field of dreams opening up nearby, perhaps? Put a storm in there, lose half the cars from the shot, and have his foot get caught when the approaching disaster whips a car while he's helping the mother...the whole "going back at the last minute to save the dog" stuff is as tired as it is corny. Please.

    4. Shoo the kids away from the closet. It's bad enough that the teachers just let them stand around gossiping while the child has a breakdown....but then his mom doesn't care, either? It's a weird backdrop for what could be a very touching scene. It's not like Clark couldn't HEAR and SEE them mock him if they were in the classroom, right? You gained nothing from having them there.

    5. Have somebody else kill Zod. Maybe, as Zod taunts and dares him to finish him off and Superman howls in frustration, torn between not wanting to kill and needing to save that family, Lois Kryptoknifes the guy and resolves the issue. That gives us somewhere to go in the next film. If Superman is willing to kill when the need arrives, you've really just ditched one of the primary psychological facets that informs his internal drama (the other being his loneliness, which you've also ditched). Now, all he has is a fear of cloudy days and a whole lot of superpowers.

    6. Reduce the destruction by 50%. If you only wrecked 11 buildings, and only killed a baker's dozen of soldiers and civies, none of us would have walked out going "Wow...lame!" How are you going to up the stakes in a sequel? You've killed thousands (at least), had Superman purposefully end a villain with his bare hands and make choices in battle that intentionally put humans at risk (including grabbing a bad guy from a remote location and willingly hurling him through various populated buildings in a nearby town). What's left to do?

    7. Don't explain everything. The scene with the scientist looking at the circle (earth, natch) and the squiggly lines and immediately intuiting (with lots of scientific babble) that they were terraforming earth was a Michael Bay-level cheeseball of a moment, and unneeded. The machine is called something like a World Engine or something. You've already told us what it does. Don't try to explain how...please. And don't tell us how Zod modded his ride to get to earth, either. It's a spaceship, built by a race that colonized the stars. We wouldn't have rolled our eyes if you'd left that out. All the explaining helped make "alien weird" look and feel a lot more just "future earth"y.

    Do these things, and you'd have a much better movie methinks.
  86. Jun 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Man of Steel is a great movie, except for a few flaws that come to light when you closely look at its narrative structure. The cast was, simply put, amazing. Henry Cavil looks the part and acts like the sort of humble, polite, qualities that come with Superman. Amy Adam's Lois Lane is for the first time important to the story, she is given things to do and she does them well. No longer is she a "damsel in distress" but rather, an important part of Kal-El's journey to accepting his identity as Superman. The two fathers Russel Crowe as Jor-El and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent are convincing and truly want the best for their son. Kevin Costner, in particular, moved me to tears. The only member of the main cast who I felt was slightly weak and out-shadowed by the others was Michael Shannon as General Zod. Sure, he was menacing, powerful, and a physical threat to Superman, but he was not on the level of great comic book villains in film such as Loki, Joker, or even Ra's Al Ghul to name a few. I would liken General Zod to Bane the actors did a good job but both characters were given too little to do. Although Michael Shannon tried to convince the audience of his point of view, Antje Traue's Faora ultimately overshadows him as being a threat, deadpan delivery and utter ruthlessness makes her much more than a pawn. The special effects are amazing. Zack Snyder just knows how to make epic and whether you take to his style or not is personal preference. Speaking of the director, Nolan's touches are obviously in this film. The noir color palette, the story, and the dialogue is very much Nolan but infused with Snyder's style as well. A couple of lines made me cringe, such as the army officer saying that Superman is "hot" and the controversial ending where (SPOILER) Superman kills Zod. Lines like those prevented me from fully immersing myself into the film. David Goyer's story is very much a comic book story, with twists and turns, exploring the psyche of Superman. However, I doubt if he should have attempted to stuff so many themes in a 130 minute(?) running time. In the end, not one theme resonated with me and the actor/actress's performances stuck with me. Overall, Man of Steel is the best film since the original Superman visually impressive, strong performances, and some action (ahem Superman Returns) makes this easily the summer blockbuster of the year. Expand
  87. Jun 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. (Sorry for bad English. If i have bad English or you cannot understand some of them)

    Man of Steel is a movie that i have been waiting since it was announced. I always loved the old Donner classics (the first 2 atleast) and this movie delivers of what is to be the best Superman movie yet. I am quite disappointed by all the negative reviews. I mean critics complain about too much action, too serious, too long of a story before it gets to all the 'I must be Superman' part of the story. One of the things I love about this movie is that how young Clark has troubles fitting into society with all of his powers. After all he is an alien, this is one of the key elements of the movie. Its about how Superman can fit in the modern world. How people will react to him if they found out he was superhuman. Of course, people are saying that they explore this too much. About how from child to adulthood he is still suffering or pretty much him searching on how to be human. Well let me tell you something, this is life it has some difficult stages and specially if you are a alien from another planet. This film really captures that image. It captures how a man will fell like if they could fly. Superman wouldn't be just "Hey, I know how to fly from the first time I lift off" Realisticly he would be "OHHH YEAH I'M FLYING *CRASHES*" This must be non-related but that scene in which Clark was in the church was just emotional, i dont know why. I mean this movie didnt just make Krypton this super sci-fi planet. They actually gave it a culture, animals, and traditional suits.

    Well the main plot of the movie asides the Superman getting to set to Earth is that Kal-El (Superman) is different from other Kryptonians. He is a natural ospring. According to Krypton tradition(In the movie), each child is breed for a specific occupation. A baby can be meant to be born to be a warrior, a worker, or a enginner. But Kal-El differs from the rest, because as soon as he was born he was sent to Earth and thats why Zod is out to find him. Henry Cavil did amazing as Superman, Amy Adams bring a more realistic Lois Lane which isn't just a damsel in distress but a strong character and ultimately daring. Micheal Shannon brought a faithful character. Russel Crow did great as Jor-El

    The other thing that is big, huge element is that this movie starts the DC Cinematic Universe. There was alot of easter eggs in the movie. From the satellite with the Wayne Enterprises logo to the mentioning of S.T.A.R labs, this movie just makes comic book fans shat with excitement. This is the first movie that will eventually lead to the Justice League movie. Rumors are unclear if they are going to directly make a Justice League movie with no team up or standalone movies first like Wonder Woman, Flash, or a Superman/Batman movie.

    Soundtrack All I can say is WOW! Han Zimmer really delivered a amazing soundtrack into the movie. The intro of the movie just gave me goosebumps from the trumpets to the pianos.

    Effects There is alot of action and effects in this movie. Hey, Superman was meant to be an violent person. His first comic book was called "Action Comics" for good sakes. So all the critics saying Superman is too violent go off. There were alot of destruction and explosions in this movie. The CGI in this film is not the greatest but extremely realistic. From the building exploding, to Superman launching into the air.

    Anyway in a nutshell It explains the real-life problems of Superman, alot of action, more Dark Knight less Green Lantern and is the best summer blockbuster movie you can go see.
  88. Jun 15, 2013
    The positive reception from the users on this site just goes to show how easily entertained people are. This movie is completely souless. Every character feels like a cardboard cut out, which is unforgivable when you cast the likes of Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Diane Lane. Man of Steel tries to be dark, and at times it is, but the movie is a little too corny to be taken seriously. It's basically a slightly better version of a Michael Bay film, and that is obviously not meant as a compliment. I can't remember the last time I was more dissapointed in a movie, but I suppose that's my own fault for getting excited for a Superman movie. Expand
  89. Jun 15, 2013
    Zack Snyder created the Superman film we needed. He gives us some jaw-dropping visuals and an engaging and emotional story about loneliness and finding your mission in life that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    Henry Cavill totally nailed the role of Superman in every possible way. He has a strong screen presence and gives the character a naivety that makes you relate to him. He has
    morals, but still can get angry, sad and desperate. The rest of the cast is great as well.
    General Zod was written in a very intelligent way because even though he was a force of destruction and violence, you can still understand his motivations.
    Man of Steel has everything to please both comic book aficionados and average movie goers, and is the perfect Superman movie.
  90. Jun 15, 2013
    “Man of Steel” could have/should have been called “Superman: Everything You Know About Him, Everything You Don’t Know About Him Along With Many Things You Didn’t Want To Or Need To Know About Him!” Should you be familiar with the comic book Superman or his many TV shows and movies the only reason for seeing this movie is to feast your eyes on a new, hunky, extremely well built, dazzling actor, named Henry Cavill, who flies into stardom with this role which will lead to interesting comparisons of Cavill versus Christopher Reeve. Along those lines I can picture a panel at a future Superman convention not only discussing the Supermans but Margot Kidder versus Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and Marlon Brando versus Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Phyllis Thaxter, Eva Marie Saint versus Diane Lane as Martha Kent and who would win as the better adopted father Glenn Ford or Kevin Costner, the latter in the latest version. Perry White has gone from Jackie Cooper to Frank Langella and now Laurence Fishburne not to forget the question of how does the latest film score by Hans Zimmer stand up against John Williams scores?

    The Superman movies have never been known for memorable villains, say like Batman, and Michael Shannon, also from the planet Krypton, does a good job but he is over- shadowed by the mayhem that ensues his battle against Superman. The last hour is glass shattering, cars being tossed around and crushed, buildings being destroyed, shootings, killings and all that makes a movie soar during the summer and it isn’t even summer yet!

    After seeing “Iron Man 3”, “Oblivion”, “Fast and Furious 6”, “Star Trek Into Darkness” and now “Man of Steel” there isn’t much in the way of CGI effects that the remaining ‘blockbusters’ can offer so, unless you are a glutton for punishment you can avoid “After Earth”, “World War Z”, “Elysium” and “White House Down” just to name a few.

    There is nothing wrong with “Man Of Steel”, except its 2 hour and 23 minutes running time, but there is nothing new in the screenplay by David S. Goyer while the direction is pedestrian. The film goes back and forth between Superman’s childhood on the planet Kyrpton, his being a child in Kansas and the present day. All the actors do good jobs and the film will definitely make Henry Cavill a star. Did I mention how well Superman’s outfit fits him? Or how hunky he looks bare chested?

    Oh yes, a reason for seeing this movie may be that you don’t know what you think is an S on his costume and if Lois Lane knows who Superman is. You may or may not know the answer to the first and you may not be sure of the answer to the second but do you really want to know?
  91. Jun 15, 2013
    I'm a bit baffled by the general panning of this movie by the critics, because I thought it was a hell of a movie to watch. The action sequences were all very well orchestrated and never became boring; along those lines, I thought Snyder did a great job of melding a sci-fi movie with a big summer action movie. I was a little worried before I saw it, given all of the bad reviews, but I would highly recommend it. Great action movie, well worth the money. Expand
  92. Jun 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Best superman film yet!! The story was pretty dark, serious, and kinda emotional-thanks to Nolan of course. The action was amazing, the last 25-30 mins were non-stop over the top action-thank you Zack Snyder. The story of course was really good, talked about krypton which was good, how Superman/Clark Kent learn about his origin and how his step father taught him to be a better person when he was young. Lots of moral lesson in this film which I like. The pacing of the film was okay..I wished they took their time talking more about Superman/Clark when he was young. Overall the film was awesome, action was intense, cgi was top notch, and the story was dark and serious. Can't wait for a sequel. Expand
  93. Jun 15, 2013
    This film is the Superman film we've all been waiting for. A lot of these reviews by the critics claim there is too much action or that it's not like the previous instalments of Superman like Superman Returns, STOP. This film was made with the intention that it was the first Superman movie of it's kind, It's a reboot not a sequel to a past film, it takes it's on twist on the the well know origin story and i have to give it praise for being the complete opposite that Superman returns was which was a complete snooze fest. Man of steel has a lot of talent and well directed sequences and i cannot fathom why this movie isn't getting the rating it truly deserves... Overall it made me believe a man could truly fly. Expand
  94. Jun 15, 2013
    This is already the best movie of this year! Much better than othesr superhero movies! Excellent special effects, soundtrack, and very, very good action scenes! You REALLY must see the movie in 3D! Nothing more to say, it's just the most amazing action movie EVER!
  95. Jun 15, 2013
    I really wanted to enjoy this film. Truly. I even wrestled with the score of 0. Really 0 You give it nothing So I tried to think of something in the film I could give it a point for. Surely the special effects Well, no. Because the special effects are exactly what you've seen before in every other summer blockbuster. Nice, colourful, but without any heft, without any hinge into reality. A HD cartoon. Well then, story. Nope. No points for story. Because frankly, there is NO story telling here. You can't put people in peril and expect us to care if you haven't got us invested in them. Peril Yes. Care No. Ok, the acting. God, so wanted to give it 1 for Russell, but frankly, he's wasted here.

    I knew within 5 minutes it was going to be bad. Leaden direction, no through line, no pacing, no fluidity. Exactly like A.N.Other big budget SFX heavy film. A series of "Whoa!" moments without any reason to go whoa. A massive special effect and a blaring piece of sinister music does not drama make.

    The main crime here is that you won't care about anyone in the film and it will, no matter how fast it goes, bore you.
  96. Jun 15, 2013
    The movie was awesome, to say it was a bore you simply aren't a superman fan, excellent job, I hate how critics act like every movie has to have corny jokes, it had a fitting serious tone.
  97. Jun 15, 2013
    PLEASE DO NOT LET THE CRITICS STRAY YOU FROM SEEING THIS MOVIE....go to it and be the judge of it yourself as I did. What I will say next is strictly my own opinion and pretty much is in line as to what the majority of user reviews have been saying. This movie is great, not without it's flaws but these things can be improved upon in a sequel and In no way take away from the movie enough to make it deserve a score of 55....this just boggles my mind. A few cheesy lines from military personnel and sometimes not clear action sequences are not enough to make this movie a fail. And after rewatching Superman 2 and Superman Returns last night I can fully say that Henry Cavill IS superman and Snyder has done a great job. I'm not going to rant on about anything else, just got watch the movie yourself especially if the critics have turned you off from it...I think you will be a bit surprised. Expand
  98. Jun 15, 2013
    Freaking Amazing! Proper superhero fighting scene, haven't had this much fun watching people beat each other up since Dragon Ball Z. The story was intriguing and for the first time ever, they showed Krypton and it's people. The Action in this movie deserves a 15/10.
  99. Jun 15, 2013
    What a brilliant movie it is up there with The Dark Night for me it is that good. There is a great cast some amazing special effects loads of action for a 2 hour plus movie it never drags and there is some nice additions to the story ,Michael Shannon is just becoming one of my favorite actors he plays the role of General Zod so well, all in all this is a must see movie its a easy 10 out of 10.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 47
  2. Negative: 3 out of 47
  1. Reviewed by: Glen Weldon
    Jun 14, 2013
    What it fails to supply much of — surprisingly, it must be said — is fun. This is serious business, Snyder seems always to be saying. This is badass. And given the sheer logistical size of the spectacle on display, it's a position that's hard to argue with.
  2. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    Jun 14, 2013
    The most striking and curious aspect of Man of Steel is the way it minimizes and even shuts out women.
  3. Reviewed by: Lawrence Toppman
    Jun 13, 2013
    David Goyer, who wrote the script for Man of Steel from a story he concocted with Christopher Nolan, found a new way to make us care: The title character is disturbed by everything in his adopted home.