Global Film Initiative | Release Date: November 13, 2003
Summary: The lives of a Brazilian quartet interweave in Cláudio Assis's drama about a butcher, a barmaid, a sadist and a gay flophouse manager who try to make a living in a small coastal town.
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Runtime: 103 min
Production: Olhos de Cão Produções Cinematográficas
Genres: Drama
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Home Release Date: Mar 22, 2005
Director Credit
Cláudio Assis Director
Writer Credit
Hilton Lacerda Writer
Cast Credit
Chico Díaz Wellinton Kanibal
Conceição Camaroti Aurora
Cosme Soares Cast
Dira Paes Kika
Everaldo Pontes Cast
Jonas Bloch Isaac
Jones Melo Padre
Leona Cavalli Lígia
Magdale Alves Dayse
Matheus Nachtergaele Dunga
Taveira Júnior Taxi Driver
Producer Credit
Cláudio Assis Producer
Paulo Sacramento Producer