Film Movement | Release Date: April 11, 2003
Summary: This film speaks volumes about sibling and parental relationships with a beautifully realized tale of loss, healing and humor. (Film Movement)
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Runtime: 90 min
Rating: Unrated
Production: Sienna Films
Genres: Drama
Country: Canada
Language: English
Director Credit
Wiebke von Carolsfeld Director
Writer Credit
Daniel MacIvor Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Marguerite McNeil Rose
Molly Parker Agnes
Rebecca Jenkins Theresa
Stacey Smith Louise
Cast Credit
Ashley MacIsaac Mickey
Ellen Page Joanie
Emmy Alcorn Dory
Heather Rankin Sue
Hollis McLaren Chrissy
Jackie Torrens Marlene
Joseph Rutten Ken
Kevin Curran Sandy
Linda Busby Evie
Nicola Lipman Valerie
Stephen Manuel Tavern Bartender
Producer Credit
Bill Niven Producer
Brent Barclay Co-Producer
Jennifer Kawaja Producer
Julia Sereny Producer